Karuna Goswamy


1 What every child should have the right to

5 A cougar in other words

7 Edith ___, legendary French singer

8 Baked delicacy

9 Close by; not far

10 Hindmost portion of an army

11 Yoko ___, the Beatle George Lennon's widow; social activist

12 ___the Terrible, Russian Czar

14 The one who fiddled while Rome burnt

16 Bulbous plant with exquisitely fragrant flowers


1 Increase in extent; growth

2 Site of famous Napoleonic battle

3 __ Amin, infamous dictator of Uganda

4 Extremely wicked; infamous

6 What nurses often wear

7 Eva ___, Argentina's First Lady

13 How Amritsar is often abbreviated as

15 Term relating to space in printing