Asiaó The big unwind

Itís a pressure-cooker world out there where we juggle the demands of business and family 24 hours a day. Everyone needs to take time out to recharge their batteries. So where do you go? What do you do? Lonely Planet Stressbuster every Monday at 9 pm on TLC travels across Asia to explore some very different ways to kick up your heels and kick start your motor. Activities range from boot camp with the Thai army to diving with great white sharks in Australia, detoxing at a yoga ashram in India to studying ancient martial arts in China.

A chefís journey

Heís a footloose chef on a mission to discover new and exotic cuisines. Bobby Chinnís World Cafe Asia, on Mondays 9.30 pm on TLC, is back for the second season where he goes out making more discoveries about local cuisines and people. Join him as he travels across Asia, exploring the best food and cultural experiences that cities like Kolkata, Manila, Malacca and Jakarta have to offer. With his half-Chinese, half-Egyptian heritage, he blends in and gets along famously well with the multi-cultural Asians. ó NF