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Staff crunch galore at Civil Hospital
No one to attend to injured patients at unknown patients’ ward at night 
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
In the silence of the night when city residents were asleep, patients admitted to the Lord Mahavir Civil Hospital were being attended by their relatives and some were trying to sleep after having the last dose of their medicine.

The Tribune team visited the hospital on Friday at 10 pm and found the premises comparatively clean, but the problem of staff shortage was clearly visible. There was only one nurse in the female ward for 50 patients. Same was the situation in the male ward.

There was no one at the nursing station on the second floor. A patient in the male ward said: "The nurse on duty has gone downstairs for some work after attending to the patients here."

There were four patients at the 'unknown patient ward'. Out of these, an accident victim was lying on the floor with big wound on his left thigh. The bandage on his thigh was completely soaked in blood. He was later shifted to a bed. As he was bleeding profusely, the bed sheet was also soaked in blood.

He identified himself as Gopi and asked for water. Shiv Ram Saroy, a member of the Rogi Kalyan Samiti and founder of the 'An Jal Sewa Trust' helped him sit and offered him water. He had a few sips of water and again fell on the floor. Seeing no hospital employee there, Saroy informed emergency medical officer Dr Jasbeer Kaur. The medical officer, who was already attending to a patient with a back injury, said: "Some other doctor is appointed for the ward. But I will send someone as the patient's condition is not deteriorating."

She immediately called an employee, asked him to check the patient and shift him to the emergency if he needed immediate treatment. Following this, the patient was shifted to the emergency ward.

Unfortunately, the patient breathed his last around midnight. His body was kept at the mortuary as no one from his family approached the hospital authorities to claim his body.

Shiv Ram Saroy said: "The unknown accident victims who are brought here by the 108 Ambulance do not get proper treatment due to staff crunch. The state government should deploy more staff in this hospital."

When contacted, Chief Medical Officer, Ludhiana, Dr Subhash Batta said: "It's a serious issue. I will look into the matter."

One nurse for 22 patients

Staff crunch was visible at the hospital as there was only one staff nurse in the trauma ward for 22 patients. At 10.20 pm, a safai worker on duty was busy cleaning floors of the ward. There were two staff nurses - Sonia and Kanwaljeet - in the gynaecology ward. They were busy attending to patients. Sonia said: "We have 34 delivery cases in this ward." 

Stray dog menace

A pack of stray dogs has become a menace at the hospital, which seems to have become their second home. Stray dogs can be found roaming on the hospital premises spreading fear among patients, their relatives and hospital workers. It was around 10.30 pm when an elderly couple was having dinner in the open. Within no time, Stray dogs roam freely at the Civil Hospital on Friday night. Photo: Inderjeet Verma they were surrounded by stray dogs. When asked as why they are sitting in the open, the elderly woman, who was taking care of her grandson said: "There is no space to sit inside. Our daughter-in-law has undergone a caesarean section at 11 am." SMO Dr Karamvir Goyal said: "We have written to Ludhiana Municipal Corporation about the stray dog menace at the hospital, but to no avail. However, we will ask the security personnel to keep a check of stray dogs.”

Stray dogs roam freely at the Civil Hospital on Friday night. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Inquiry ordered

I have asked Dr Tarshinder Singh to conduct an inquiry into the case submit the report in two days. This is a secondary-level hospital. We do not have enough staff and the doctor cannot be in the ward for 24 hours. An emergency medical officer and a gynaecologist are always present at the ward during night. Besides, a specialist doctor is called if required. — Dr Karamvir Goyal, Senior Medical Officer

Official speak Patient was fine

The accident victim came to us on September 6 at 8.20 pm. He was critically injured and was having compound fractures. He was under hemorrhagic shock. We transfused one unit of blood to him from the hospital's blood bank on the first day. On September 7, his haemoglobin count came down to 8 grams, so we transfused one more unit of blood to him. He became stable and we shifted him to the unknown patient ward from the emergency as we had to accommodate other patients there. I checked up at 8 pm on September 6 before I left for the day. — Dr Mandeep Singh, Head, Orthopaedics Department


Get your vehicle registered or face action, says traffic police 
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
The city traffic police has given one week's time to vehicle owners who have not registered their vehicles within the stipulated time to complete the documents within one week's time.

The traffic police said the vehicles of residents who fail complete the formalities would be impounded. The drive to impound the new vehicles without registration papers will start from Saturday (September 15). Giving details about the drive, traffic in charge Beant Juneja said it had come to the notice that many residents have not got their vehicles registered with the District Transport Department even after six months.

"Top on the defaulters' list is owners of two-wheelers. Besides, owners of four-wheelers too adopt a callous approach in getting their vehicles registered. But now, we are not going to spare anyone. We are giving them one week's time to complete the documents, else we will be forced to impound the vehicles," said Juneja. He said some residents retain vanity registration numbers even after selling their vehicles without informing or seeking permission from the DTO, which was an offence. "We will register a case of fraud against those found guilty. These days, fancy numbers are allotted through auction and many people retain the old VIP numbers. This also leads to loss of revenue.” said Juneja. 



Where councillors need no education
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
Is formal education necessary for becoming the first citizen of the industrial and financial capital of the state?

Educationists say that formal education should not be the only criteria for becoming a Mayor, but the councillors themselves admit that formal education is necessary.

Interestingly, some of the councillors who are lobbying hard for the top post are not even matriculates. Even the outgoing Mayor, Hakam Singh Giaspura, is under matriculate.

While checking the educational qualifications mentioned in nomination papers filed by the councillors, several interesting facts came to light.

The newly elected Ludhiana Municipal Ccorporation House (which is yet to be administered oath) is having seven councillors who are postgraduates, 20 are graduates, two are undergraduates, 11 have studied till Class XII, 19 are matriculates, one is Class XI passout, five have studied till Class VIII (middle standard), two are Class V passouts, one is Class IV passout, two have mentioned under matriculation as their educational qualification while three have not mentioned their educational qualification.

Other Mayoral aspirants, Paramjit Kaur Shivalik, SAD councillor from ward number 58, has studied up to Class V while Kamaljit Singh Karwal, SAD councillor from ward number 45, is a matriculate.

The other aspirants, Pal Singh Grewal from ward number 10 and Jagbir Singh Sokhi from ward number 63, have completed graduation.

Good communication skills must

Dr SP Singh, former Vice-Chancellor of Guru Nanak Dev University, said, “I admit that formal education should not be the main criteria when it comes to becoming the Mayor of Ludhiana, but the Mayor should have good communication skills. He should have a good command over the language so that he can interact with everyone, including foreign delegates. He should have a good personality and an alert mind. So far, Apinder Singh Grewal has been the only Mayor who had all these qualities. And I feel that city residents deserve a well-educated Mayor.”

Councillors take

Educational qualification is a must for the Mayor. Times are changing and apart from just clearing files while sitting in office, the Mayor should have a proactive approach. Besides, he should understand all technicalities as far as development works are concerned. The Mayor should also have a good command over the language. — Pal Singh Grewal 

I feel that the Mayor should at least be a graduate or apostgraduate. He should have a good command over Punjabi, Hindi and English and should be able to speak these languages fluently. He should be able to interact with youngsters on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. — Jagbir Singh Sokhi 

I admit that educational qualification is necessary, but if the person is not committed and hardworking, education is of no use. Due to some personal reason, I had to give up studies. At the age of 17, I had to join my family business, the annual turnover of which at that time was around Rs 25 lakh. Due to my hard work, dedication and commitment, my turnover is now in crores, besides I do business in the US, Europe and Canada. But yes, the Mayor should have good communication skills. — Kamaljit Singh Karwal 

Formal education is certainly important for the Mayor. As a child, I wanted to study but due to some family problem, I had to leave my education in-between. Even now, sometimes I feel that education is a must. The Mayor should be hardworking so that he or she can understand and solve problems of city residents. — Paramjit Kaur Shivalik



Politics behind Street?
Rival party supporters accuse panchayat of step-motherly treatment
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, September 8
The street that passes from the rear of the gurdwara at Landa village has inconvenienced the residents. While other streets in the village have been paved, this particular street continues to be neglected. Villagers complain that politics has lead to this plight of the street.

“Party politics is playing its ignoble role here. Most of the villagers on this side of the village support the non-ruling party. Does it mean that we should be left in the lurch?” rued Harjinder Singh, a resident. This step-motherly treatment was being meted to the villagers for the past many years, he said. Harjinder said he had approached the sarpanch as well as the panchayat secretary many times, but failed to get anything done.

He complained the street inconvenienced the villagers especially in the rainy days. “The other day my wife got her wrist fractured as she fell from the scooter while we were passing the street,” he said.

Panchayat secretary Kamal Bharti said the work was pending due to insufficient funds. “We have written to the authorities regarding this, but until the funds are released, we are helpless,” he said.

Another villager, however, said: “The panchayat says it has no funds for the purpose. Then how come all the other streets of the village have been constructed?”



No check on commercial activity
Illegal practice goes unchecked at residential areas in city
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
Commercial activity continues to go unchecked in residential areas of the city. Even the posh localities such as Sarabha Nagar, Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, Model Town and others, are bearing the brunt of the menace, with the “vigilant” Ludhiana municipal corporation turning a blind eye, either “intentionally” or “unintentionally”.

Even in a reply to an RTI reply, the MC has confirmed that no commercial activity can take place in the area, but still nothing has been done to check the menace.

Not only the common man, but also law enforcers are accused of running commercial activities from their own house.

A retired bank manager, Kirpal Singh, who is a resident of J Block of Sarabha Nagar, has brought one such matter to the notice of senior Ludhiana municipal corporation officials, but to no avail.

“I have been living in the house since 1980. Due to some commercial activities in our neighbourhood, tranquility has completely vanished. Sadly, the house where illegal commercial activity is going on is owned by two-time Congress councillor Amrit Varsha Rampal,” alleged Kirpal Singh.

Kirpal Singh is so perturbed over the illegal commercial activity near his house that he has even installed a banner outside his house. The banner reads, “For making money and disturbing the life of peace loving, unimportant citizens, some illegal business centres are opening shortly. To break the tranquility, facility of blowing loud horns and parking of vehicles haphazardly, will be provided free of cost. A lot of space, occupied unofficially, is available for the purpose. By Reputed Law Breakers.”

Kirpal Singh stated that when he filed an application under the Right to Information Act, he was surprised to know that the road in front of his house could not be used for parking vehicles. “But people visiting Rampal’s house park their vehicles haphazardly on the road, which leads to traffic congestion. Even the MC (in its reply) clarified that as per rules, no commercial activity can take place in Sarabha Nagar, but still nothing has been done to check the menace,” claimed Singh. When contacted, BK Rampal, Amrit Varsha Rampal's husband refuted these allegations.

“Kirpal Singh is close to councillor Bhupinder Singh Bhinda, who won the recently held MC elections. As we have filed an election petition against Bhinda, he is asking his men to file false complaints against us. Moreover, we have not received any notice from the MC in this regard,” he claimed.



Indian and international flavours rule fish festival
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
With the arrival of fresh fish of the season after the monsoon, Ludhianvis got the opportunity to taste fish delicacies from various parts of the world. The venue was a restaurant at MBD Neopolis where a food festival “Bite Your Fish” was organised. A variety of fish including Singara, Sole and Basa were part of the platter on the occasion. 

Visitors enjoyed coated Sole fish grilled just like Punjabi grilled ‘macchi’, South Indian flavours in Meen Varuval -- Singara fish marinated with Indian spices, Bengali dish Fish Paturi and Sarson Mahi Mahi presenting the Amritsari touch with mustard, garlic, ginger and yoghurt on Sole glazed in ‘tandoor’. Other delicacies including Basa fish tossed in salt and pepper, Pan Fried Sichuan Fish, Mexican-style Cajun spiced fish fingers with garlic dip brought international flavours on the platter. These different preparations of the fish, as well as prawns, will be served during a 10-day festival at Gigabite restaurant.

As breeding season of fish is over, fish festival is the perfect way to bring the connoisseurs of the seafood back to the dining tables, said Rakesh Rawat, general manager of MBD Neopolis. 



Weddings: Changing trends with time 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
The city is known for its sumptuous, lavish and expansive weddings. And the wedding industry has been catering to and thriving on the love for spending big on the specialday. 

And market renting out jewellery and dresses has also been feeding on to this trend. But for the relatively well-off section of society, taking the rented jewellery has been considered downmarket.

But with the changing times, rising inflation and high wedding costs, the taboo about taking suits on rent has also been wearing off.

Such factors are leading to proliferation of shops renting out garments, jewellery and wedding-related articles.

"The market is doing well," says Rajat Batra, from such a store at Ghumar Mandi. Many new stores have come up in the past couple of years, he says. "The market for the wedding rental is expanding," says another store owner at Model Town. Many new stores are coming up. There are now at least 50 to 60 such stores in the city now, he says.

High prices have made bridal dresses more and more difficult to purchase. "Everything is becoming out of reach. Generally, the starting prices of the bridal lehngas of decent quality are Rs 30, 000," says Ritu Sharma.

"Wearing a rented-out lehnga is the only viable and practical option these days," she says.

The limited utility of the bridal dresses also add to the growing trend.



Admn told to lend help to farmers
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
As Punjab is an agrarian state and a majority of rural population is into agriculture, the Centre for Communication and International Linkages, Punjab Agricultural University, has asked the Administration to lend a helping hand to villagers.

The PAU stated that since the Administration had direct contacts with various departments, the monthly magazine published by the farm varsity should be distributed among the masses through these departments so that farmers could get maximum benefits out of it.

Taking an immediate action on the request made by the university authorities, Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari has reportedly asked the officials concerned to get the magazine "Changi-Kheti" distributed among all villagers through various mediums and also to inform the ruralities about it through announcements in gurdwaras.

Jagtar Dhiman, additional director, communication, PAU, in a recent letter had written to the Deputy Commissioner that the panchayats, government schools, cooperative societies, youth clubs, sports club and aanganwari workers had a direct contact with the Administration officials.

All these departments must be provided with a copy of "Changi Kheti", published by the PAU to improve farming techniques and keep farmers updated with latest technologies. The additional director said if the Administration extended a helping hand, it would be of great help for farmers/farm women.



Police launches special checking drive in city
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
A special checking drive was carried out by the police for three hours in the city today. Considered to be a "routine exercise", at almost all the chowks, major markets and crossings, police personnel were deputed to keep a tab on the activities of commuters.

Markets and malls witness a huge rush on Saturdays and Sundays here.

Senior officials, too, were present at nakas to take stock of the situation.

Commissioner Ishwar Singh said there was nothing particular about the checking and it was a routine affair. But he said such drives would be carried out in the city in future as well.

While the ACP said drive aimed at keeping a tab on the activities of "mischievous" persons. "Besides, the residents should know that the police is there for their security," he added.



Jewellery, bridal garments, gifts, it’s all there
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
As the wedding season is round the corner, markets are abuzz with activities promoting wedding products and events. Exhibitors are holding exhibitions. A two-day wedding exhibition, the Grand Asian Wedding Week, is being organised at Park Plaza.

Stalls at the exhibition showcased various jewellery, bridal garments, footwear, accessories, gifts, décor and photo studios which are in trend.

“Wedding exhibitions have started becoming very common nowadays,” says Ritu, a visitor at the exhibition. "Although, one does find something of utility every time, but the craze for such exhibitions has now started waning, because almost every month, there is some exhibition or the other taking place. So, the novelty factor is no longer the reason for visiting such exhibitions, she said.

Because weddings are so big and lavish in Ludhiana, event organisers want to cash in on big weddings in the city, says Seema, a resident. So, it is a win-win for all, the organisers, exhibitors and city residents, she says.

Another lifestyle exhibition at Sutlej Club had designer pots, vases, flower arrangements, trousseau packings, fresh flowers in addition to home-made chocolates, wedding cards and boxes, designer trays and platters. Designer suits, kurtis, western wear, wedding wears, hard machine embroidery and block printing were also part of the exhibition. 



Chemist body to stop sale of habit-forming drugs from Sept 30
Anti-corruption group to oppose move as it will be unfair to patients
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
The Punjab Chemists Association has decided to stop sale of habit-forming drugs from September 30.

Tikka Dalip Singh Duggal, general secretary of the Punjab Chemists Association, said ,"While keeping in view the increasing drug addiction among youth of Punjab a unanimous decision has been taken not to sell these drugs from October 1 onwards. These medicines are prepared by using eight salts, inlcuding codeine, diphenoxylate, dextroproxyphene, nitrasepam, pentazocine, buprinorphine, alprozelam and diazepam. Although the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act is not implemented on these medicines, yet keeping in view the drug addiction in the state we have decided to stop their sale.''

While Surjit Mehta said, "Many times during raids, police personnel harass chemists for keeping these medicines. So we have decided not to sell such drugs from September 30 onwards."

Approving their decision, Amandeep Ahuja, president, Retail Chemists Association, Luhdiana, said, "We fully support the decision of the Punjab Chemists Association, as the youth of Punjab are fast taking to drugs. We appeal to the state government to strictly ban the entry of these drugs. I appeal to the retail chemists of the district not to buy these drugs from whole sellers.''

However, the Active Anti-Corruption Group held a press conference here today and condemned the statement issued by Punjab Chemists Association that police harasses chemists under the NDPS Act for selling these drugs. Ramesh Bangar, president of the Active Anti Corruption Group, said, "The Punjab Chemists Association has decided not sell these drugs from September 30 even on the prescription of a doctor. It is not fair. We will not tolerate if any patient is harassed. We will hold a protest outside chemist shops. We will honour those police personnel who will arrest chemists selling drugs. We demand that licences of chemist shops be cancelled from where the drugs have been seized and their shops be closed."

He further said that there were many qualified pharmacists who were unemployed, however, many chemists are running chemists shops without licence. The pharmacists with proper degrees and diplomas should be issued licences to open chemist shops.



Terrorism exists where govts have not done enough: Republican Congman
Minna Zutshi
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana,September 8
Sensitising the Americans for what the Sikhs stand for is imperative. Republican Congressman Curt Weldon from the US said this while interacting with mediapersons at Guru Nanak Girls College here today.

"We have to safeguard the Sikh interests. I believe that 68,000 Sikhs (in the USA) have to keep their own organisation strong. They have to speak for themselves." He added that the people in the USA lived in an overwrought environment. They sometimes did not have time to understand the (different) cultures.

His visit to Punjab, he thinks, would help in promoting a better understanding of identity of the Sikhs.

The Congressman, known for his insightful perspective on issues related to intelligence, foreign policy and defence, is quick to eschew any quick-fix solutions when it comes to global terrorism. He does not believe in foisting any ready-made solutions on other nations. Neither does he believe in an isolationist approach.

The social, the economic and the political are inextricably linked together, he believes. "You have to deal with (socio-economic) underpinnings of terrorism - you have to eliminate these conditions (to eliminate terrorism). Wherever you have (the problem of) terrorism, it's because the governments have not done enough for the basic mechanism to feed families. When the people are stuck in poverty and there's no hope, frustration creeps in and terrorist groups take advantage of this."

"Our goal should be to avoid war. At the end of the war, everyone loses," adds the Congressman who, from 1987 to 2007, represented the seventh Congressional District of Pennsylvania.

Drawing a parallel between the Wisconsin gurdwara attack, the Beslan school hostage shootout in Russia and the Columbine high school shooting incident in Colorado in the USA, he says the people of a nation don't want a conflict. They want a peaceful resolution.

Stressing on synergy, he says, "We (India and the US) can both learn from each other. India is a new capitalist country. We want India to continue to be a beacon of light. Not that it's perfect; there are problems in all democracies."

On the Indo-Pak relations, he says opening up the trade relations is a step in the right direction. "The people of (Indian) Punjab can help us (the Americans) to understand better our role (vis-à-vis Pakistan), as Indians know the history and cultural sensitivities of their neighbour." 

‘We need to work more with India’

China, India and the US are three economic powers. We (the Americans) need to work more with India…China is a dictatorship. You cannot suppress human rights and be a successful economy in the long run. I wish China looks at India's model. India's strategic position makes it a key player in West Asia’s stability. Bring in more investment to Punjab

Let us bring in more investment to Punjab. When you manage someone's money, you are in a fiduciary relation - you cannot abuse or corrupt that money. Instead of dictating solutions, we (the Americans) should be friends with you (the people of Punjab).Curt Welden, Republican Congressman from the United States of America



Some happy, while common man stays at bay as gold prices rise

Ludhiana, September 7
Gold having crossed the Rs 32,000 mark is causing flutter amongst residents. As the yellow metal is further going out of reach of commoners, those who are well-off or have already invested in gold are jubilant.

Purchasing gold is turning out to be a far cry for most of the population. The high prices are keeping buyers of jewellery at bay. Anand Sikri, president of the Jewellers Association, said the gold was expected to touch the Rs 35,000 mark by the end of December.

Most of the jewellers are apprehending a dry and vapid wedding season as the prices of gold continue to soar.

Residents rue that as the prices of gold continue to rise unabated, wearing gold has become a costly affair. As gold is considered to be auspicious during the wedding season, people do purchase jewellery, but the quantity in terms of weight has gone down significantly, another jeweller said. There is little hope for gold jewellery business, until the prices are rolled back, he said.

But for investors, it is turning out to be a good bet. People are purchasing gold as an investment, a businessman said. — TNS



Infant abandoned
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
An infant girl child was found abandoned near the main gate of the Garib Dasi Ashram, Talwandi Khurd, last night.

Kuldeep Singh Maan, secretary of Swami Ganga Nand Bhuri Wale International Foundation Dham, Talwandi Khurd, said, "It was around at midnight when our “sewadar” who was sleeping near the gate heard the cries of an infant. After waking up, he saw a child crying wrapped up in a cloth. He immediately informed the members of the management. It was found that the baby was born just few hours ago. The girl is however healthy."

He further said that they had informed the Model Police Station, Dakha, about the baby.

Earlier too, a new-born girl child was found abandoned near the Sidhwan Canal soon after her birth on July 9. And later she died at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital on August 14 due to some health problem. 



Lighting up someone's life
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
As National Eye Donation Day was observed today, there still exist many misconceptions and superstitions about donating eyes.

But due to awareness, some have moved on and donated eyes. Although there is a resistance about donating eyes, the knowledge has to be passed on to the next generation.

"Can you live by closing your eyes the whole day? There seems to be no life. Imagine the pain of those living without eyes for years. If donating eyes can light up someone's life, one should come forward for the cause," said Iqbal Singh, a resident of Bhattiyan village.

His parents donated their eyes. He said there was no point in wasting eyes. "If someone can get the gift of sight through something that is not going to be of any use, why not give someone a new lease of life through eyes, he said. "After my father died, the one who had got my father's eyes, came at his "bhog" a week later and paid homage to my father. He was full of gratitude to my father for the gift of sight," he said.

It is important for those donating eyes to convince and make their relatives aware about the importance of donating eyes, he added.

Jagmohan Singh, a resident of SAS Nagar, whose father had donated his eyes, said, "I work at a place at Focal Point. "Everyday, I see someone who cannot see, and feel if he had eyes. My father donated his eyes, and feel the satisfaction that someone is seeing with those," he said. "My father has a bit of problem with his sight and feels uncomfortable. It is disconcerting to realise the state of those who cannot see at all,” said Priyanka Arora, a BCom student. "I learnt that while our heart and brain stop functioning after death, the eyes can be donated in 5 to 6 hours. I have resolved to donate my eyes," she added. 

Rangoli making marks day

At a state-level ‘Thanks Ceremony’, Punarjot Eye Bank Society showed its gratitude to families of 299 persons whose eyes were donated this year. Secretary Subhash Malik apprised the attendees of the work done by the society and thanked the families in helping to restore the vision of the needy. On the occasion, students from various colleges also participated in declamation, skit and rangoli-making competitions on the theme of eye donation.



Physiotherapists conduct check-up camp
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of Dayanand Medical College and Hospital organised a free medical check-up camp as part of World Physical Therapy Day here today.

The theme of this year's World Physical Therapy Day was "Movement
for Health".

During the camp, patients were also informed about various measures to prevent many health-related problems caused by pain, illness, disability and disease, sports and work related injuries, ageing and long period of inactivity.

Dr Puneet Minhas, department incharge, said the day was an opportunity for physical therapists from all over the world to raise awareness about the crucial contribution made by the profession of physiotherapy in keeping people healthy, mobile and independent.

The camp was inaugurated by Principal Dr Daljit Singh along with Dean Academics Dr Rajoo Singh Chhina, Medical Superintendent Dr Sandeep Puri and Dr Ashwini Chaudhary. Consultants from the departments of orthopaedics and anaesthesia were also present on the occasion.



High prevalence of anaemia a cause of concern: Expert
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
Raising concern over prevalence of anaemia among adoloscent girls on the conclusion of National Nutrition Week, Dr Balwinder Sadana, head of the food and nutrition department at the Punjab Agricultural University, said about 75 per cent of girls in this age group were suffering from anaemia. Dr Sadana attributed the high prevalence of the disease to low dietary intake of iron and poor absorption of iron from the cereal-based vegetarian diet as well as poor hygienic conditions. It affected the working capability and learning ability of the girls, Dr Sadana added. National Nutrition Week that commenced on September 1 saw various activities such as lectures, demonstrations, poster-making and quiz competitions organised by the department at Khalsa Girls Senior Secondary School and Government Middle School, College Road, Ludhiana. On this occasion, awareness regarding causes, consequences, prevention and management of anaemia through dietary intervention in the form of supplementation, sprouting, fermentation, value addition and food fortification was spread, Dr Sadana said.

Scientists showcase latest technologies

Scientists from the Punjab Agricultural University showcased latest farm technologies for the ensuing Rabi crops and the standing Kharif crops at a ‘kisan mela” at its Regional Research Station in Faridkot. Dr SS Gill, Vice-Chancellor of Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot, inaugurated the fair. Addressing a huge gathering of farmers, Dr Gill said the PAU had done exemplary research and extension linkages and developed a good rapport with farmers as well as the government. He appreciated the PAU for the pivotal role it had played in evolving improved crop varieties and developing need-based technologies for agriculture in the state.



Canvassing intensifies 
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, September 8
With barely two weeks left for the Senate elections at Punjab University, Chandigarh, candidates from registered graduates' constituency are leaving no stone unturned to woo voters.

While candidates from the region are using their clout to organise meetings at educational, social and religious institutes, those from other areas are using the influence of their friends, relatives and students.

Supporters of Prof Arvind Kumar Malhotra from the department of commerce at Arya College Ludhiana, organised meetings at various institutes in the town and surrounding localities and sought votes for him.

Trustees of Shanti Tara College along with a religious sect also campaigned for Malhotra.

Meanwhile, supporters of Prof Jagpal Singh of Ludhiana also organised meetings at some private schools and the children park today.

Dr Kailash Nath Kaul from the DAV College, Amritsar, also made his presence felt through his old students led by Amit Sharma.

Interestingly, only a fraction of supporters of almost all the candidates are registered graduates. Even political parties are supporting various candidates including Pawan Gupta, Ramesh Ghaie and Yadwinder Singh Phalewal.

The traditional method of canvassing through letters and written appeals is also being used by some candidates from far-flung areas.

The PU Senate elections are scheduled for September 23.



School notes

A couple celebrates Grandparents’ Day at ABC Montessori School in Ludhiana on Saturday. A Tribune photographGrandparents’ Day

A free health check-up camp for the elderly was organised as part of Grandparents’ Day celebrations at ABC Montessori School, Bhai Randhir Singh Nahar, on Saturday. A team of Doctors from Dayanand Medical College and Hospital visited the school to conduct sthe camp. Speaking on the occasion, the school director Amanpreet Singh Arora said: “Grandparents are important to children in so many ways. They have patience and time when parents are often busy. They have stories to tell and interesting games to play.”

A couple celebrates Grandparents’ Day at ABC Montessori School in Ludhiana on Saturday. A Tribune photograph

Inter-playway school competition

Over 300 students participated in Melange-2012, an inter-playway school competition that concluded at Jesus’ Sacred Heart School on Saturday. The second phase of the competition saw a huge participation in various events such as Rhyme Time, Show and Tell, Tease the Brain, Healthy Baby Show and colouring for children in the age group of 2-4. About 30 teams from preschools all over the region participated in the events. Bachpan School was declared the overall winner.

Story-telling contest

The pre-primary section of Saraswati Modern School, Civil Lines, organised a story-telling competition on Saturday. Students of Playway, Nursery, LKG and UKG participated in the competition. In their innocent voice, they gave messages such as “do not tell a lie”, “be polite”, “be educated”, “be united” and “save water”. Jasmeet, Sumair, Ridhima, Vaani Jain, Rohit, Angel, Pranav and Deepanshu were declared winners at the end of the competition. School officials gave away prizes to encourage the students.

World Education Day

World Education Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm on the premises of Guru Gobind Singh Public School, Pakhowal Road, Daad, on Saturday. Teachers as well as students visited slums to distribute books, note books, pens, pencils and other stationery among underprivileged children. Principal Manjit Kaur said the school gave Rs. 500 per month as a scholarship to the eight students from financially weak families. She said education was the basic right of every individual as it helped every human being in facing and solving his day-to-day problems.

Recitation competition

The Kindergarten section of Guru Nanak Public School organised a recitation competition on Saturday. A total of 250 students from the nursery and LKG classes participated in the competition. The contest aimed at motivating the young speakers and boost their self confidence. The children came dressed as characters from the poems they recited.

Literacy Day celebrations

A plethora of activities kept the BCM School vibrant throughout the day. The Beas House celebrated Literacy Day by teaching alphabets to the Class-IV employees of the school. The students trained maids and sweepers to fill leave forms. Children also made them aware of health and hygiene. The school counsellor gave useful tips to the students of Class X on the occasion.

New wing inaugurated

The new administrative wing of Don Bosco Global School was inaugurated on Saturday. Chairman Dr GS Nagpal, accompanied by Principal Mr Vinay Sharma and all the staff members were present on the occasion. — TNS



Ludhiana scan

Dancing get-together

A local studio of performing arts organised "Salsa Social" at Blackpearl on Saturday. The agenda of the event was to dance for harmony and community collaboration. The main attraction of the event was "Rueda De Bachata" performed by students.

Legal aid clinic inaugurated

KK Singla, chief judicial magistrate-cum-secretary of District Legal Services Authority inaugurated a legal aid clinic at Gujjarwal village on Saturday. He said free legal aid would be provided to people earning less than Rs 1 lakh annually.

Workshop on energy efficiency

Over 130 industrialists representing various sectors of the industry from different parts of Punjab attended a workshop on financing of clean production measures in Indian engineering and auto sector. The workshop was organised at CICU Complex. — TNS



4 held with charas, poppy husk
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
The Focal Point police has arrested four persons, including a woman, with 2.5 kg of charas and 13 kgs of poppy husk in separate incidents.

Devinder Chaudhry, station house officer, Focal Point, said 2.5 kg of charas was recovered from Mohammad Feroz, alias Dilbar, and Promod Raj, both the residents of Samastipur, Bihar, and Draupadi Devi, alias Rani, a resident of Motihari district in Bihari. The three accused were nabbed from near the railway tracks at the Yaarh area, Dhandari Chowk.

In another incident, Chandeshwar Kumar, a resident of Muzaffarnagar in Bihar, was arrested and 13 kg of poppy husk. “Chandeshwar Kumar lives in the Dhandari area in the city. The accused had procured drugs from Bihar,” said Chaudhry. 



10-tola gold snatched

Phillaur, September 8
Three motorcyclists snatched a rich haul of precious metals and cash from a gold smith in Noormahal yesterday.

While some passers-by managed to nab a miscreant and handed-over him to the police, the other two succeeded to flee along with the loot that included 10-tola gold, two-kilogram silver, and a cash of Rs 6,000.

The victim, Ram Dass, was on his way to his shop when the miscreants struck him and decamped with his bag containing the valuables. The police has registered a case. — OC



Two held with drugs
Gurminder S Grewal

Khanna, September 8
The Khanna police has claimed to have arrested two persons and recovered a rich haul of habit-forming drugs from their possession in two different incidents here today.

In the first incident, the police apprehended one Prince Sharma near Lalheri village. Giving the details, Senior Superintendent of Police, Khanna, Ravcharan Singh Brar said the accused was carrying a black plastic bag. On seeing the police party, he tried to run away but was overpowered. The police recovered 16 packets of Parvon Spas capsules and 1,000 tablets of phenotil from his possession.

In another incident, the police stopped a person near Rasulra village, and during his search 40 bottles of Recodex, 25,000 tablets of phenotil and 1,800 capsules of Parvon Spas were recovered.

The police has booked the accused under NDPS Act and is inquiring into the matter. The SSP warned that drug sellers would not be spared. He appealed to the public to come forward and give information about drug peddlers in order to save the youth.



Five arrested for planning robbery 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
The Mullanpur police has arrested five persons and recovered five motorcycles, two pistols, sharp-edged weapon and habit-forming drugs from their possession.

DSP Navrit Singh Virk said following a tip-off, a police party conducted a raid at New Dana Mandi and arrested five persons, who were planning a robbery.

The police arrested Ranjit Singh, alias Gora, and recovered 12 bore pistol, two cartridges, one motorcycle from him while habit-forming drugs and sharp-edged weapons were recovered from Kuldeep Singh, alias Shaga, Sandeep Singh, alias Sunny, Dilwara Singh, alias Dara and Kulwinder Singh.

A case under Sections 399, 402, 379, 411 and 22-54-59 IPC has been registered against the accused. 



Five theft cases in 24 hours
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
In two separate incidents, thieves decamped with cash and jewellery from four shops and a house in the city in past 24 hours.

Four shops were burgled in Pratap Singh Wala, Haibowal area. In another incident, thieves decamped with cash and jewellery from a residence in the Shivpuri area.

Thieves also targeted four shops in the Partap Singh Wala area. They decamped with mobile recharge coupons worth Rs 40,000 and Rs 20,000 cash. A clinic of a medical professional near Lucky General Store was burgled and Rs 10,000 were stolen. The thieves entered another shop and decamped with five LCDs. Besides, an office of a property dealer was also ransacked in the same area. The police is investigating into the matter.

In a separate incident, thieves decamped with Rs 70,000 and gold ornaments from a house. Owner of the house Surjit Kaur had gone to her relative's house while her son had gone to Delhi for some work when the incident took place. Surjit Kaur’s sister-in-law, who lives nearby, got to know about the broken locks in the morning and told Surjit Kaur about the incident on telephone.



Chakar village nurturing promising sportsmen: National coach

Ludhiana, September 8
Tarsem Lal Gupta, chief national coach (academics) from the National Institute of Sports (NIS), Patiala, today visited the Sher-e-Punjab Sports Academy at Chakar village, near here.

While interacting with students, Gupta said that a good sportsman should work hard, take good coaching, maintain a good diet and have social recognition. “We need to provide such an atmosphere to our children so that the country produces international-level sportspersons,” he said.

International boxing coach Harpreet Singh also accompanied Tarsem Lal Gupta to the academy. He said, “I am happy that Chakar village is providing good sporting atmosphere to sportspersons. The day is not far when sportspersons from the village will win accolades at the international level,” he said. — TNS



Mansa eves crowned sub-junior champions
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 8
Mansa were crowned the girls sub-junior champions in the Mahindra NBA Challenge (MNC) after they edged Moga 26-23 in a nail-biting final at the Guru Nanak Stadium here today.

The penultimate day of the seven-week long event also saw Sangrur win the boys sub-junior title as they defeated Sports School, Gudhe, 40-35, in another dramatic encounter.

In the girls sub-junior final, it was set to be a close contest between Mansa and Moga, the two most impressive teams in the division. But eventually, Mansa demonstrated better control of their nerves to seal victory with Prabhjot top scoring with seven points.

Similarly, there was little that separated Sangrur and Sports School, Gudhe, in the boys’ sub-junior finale. At the interval, Sangrur led their opponents by fivepoints at 15-10, and went on to win the game by that same margin. They were however, undoubtedly helped by a stellar performance from Gurwinder who finished with 14 points.

Meanwhile, a 30-point shooting effort from Samriti saw Amritsar overpower APJ, Jalandhar, 73-42, to win the girls final. The game began in a promising manner but soon turned into a one-sided affair as APJ struggled to keep the inspired Samriti in check.

Sunday marks the final day of MNC, Ludhiana.


Boys sub-junior final

Sangrur bt Sports School, Gudhe 40-35 (top Scorer: Gurwinder 14 pts)

Girls sub-junior final

Mansa bt Moga 26-23 (Top Scorer: Prabhjot 7 pts) Girls finalAmritsar bt APJ Jalandhar 73-42 (Samriti 30 pts) 



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