Karuna Goswamy


1. ___ Hutton, great cricketer

5. The golden __ of ancient India was, possibly, that of the Guptas

7. Mehboob Khan s famous early film

8. A major oasis-city in Central Asia once

10. Ancient Rome s great poet

13. Jonathan ___, director of Silence of the Lambs

14. It was Pandit Nehru who thought of the First Five Year ___ in 1951.

16. Used as a stage direction when a character goes off stage

18. Famous institute at Lucknow (inits.)

20. A kind of bank account that NRIs can open in an Indian bank (inits.)

21. Famous lion sanctuary in Gujarat



1. The act of fermentation through an agent

2. Age; period

3. One billionth of a meter

4. Insect that is currently under threat of extinction

6. The ___ Granth, great scripture

8. What a cartographer makes

9. The allowance of vitamins etc that a person requires (inits.)

11. Provoke; annoy

12. Is often followed by a com now

15. Circuit of a course in racing

17. The last __ Age ended long long ago

19. A kind of silk in India