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Senate polls marred by controversies
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
Touted as the elections of the intellectual, the Senate elections were marred by controversies ovaer bogus voting and unfair means to influence voters.

While 95 per cent voting was recorded in the teachers’ constituency, over 30 per cent voters turned up at the polling stations for in the graduates’ constituency.

High drama was witnessed at Guru Nanak College in Model Town here in the morning when a contestant, Kuldeep Singh, alleged that the college authorities had installed CCTV cameras to monitor polling. Following the complaint, the CCTV camera was covered with a cloth and the constituency was shifted from the graduates’ constituency to teachers’ constituency.

Tension escalated when the election observer, Nahar Singh Gill, raised an objection, stating that ballot boxes were not sealed till 9.13 am. He claimed that no votes were polled.

Owing to such controversies, the casting of vote was delayed by 45 minutes and polling started at 9.45 am.

Kuldeep Singh further alleged that the Principal of the college, Dr Charanjit Kaur Mahal, was favouring a particular candidate and kept sitting in a room where polling was taking place. Dr Mahal termed the allegations as baseless and flayed Kuldeep for indulging in cheap political gimmicks.

There were reports of bogus polling at Government Model Senior Secondary School (PAU).

Sources said supporters of a particular candidate had procured fake identity cards in order to cast votes.

However, no formal complaint was lodged and voting went on peacefully.

According to experts, the Senate election results can spring a surprise this time around as many new faces from non-academic background, including businessmen, have tried their luck.

Prof Tarsem Bahia said the voters’ turnout could upset the poll calculations and it could usher the entry of the corporate sector.

“This election has witnessed both money and muscle powers. It appeared that the Senate elections were overtaken by some small and big political parties,” said Bahia.

A section of academicians expressed disappointment over the entry of candidates from non-academic background.

“I am not stating that people from non-teaching department should not be allowed to fight the elections. My only concern is that the entry of non-teaching candidates should not affect development of education system,” said former Professor KBS Sodhi.

The style of campaigning was just the same as it was witnessed during the time of the Municipal Corporation (MC) and Assembly elections.

Candidates did not leave any stone unturned to drawing voters to the polling booths.

Providing chauffeur-driven cars and exerting pressure on voters through their near and dears ones were some of tactics that were use by the candidates.

Sodhi expressed satisfaction on the scrutiny of voters’ identity cards.

Prof Bahia, who had fought the Senate elections from 1976 to 2008, also expressed satisfaction over the polling process. “I visited the polling stations in Khanna and Samrala. The polling was conducted in a transparent manner.”


Deceased voters on poll rolls

Mandi Ahmedgarh: Families of registered graduate voters, who died long ago, received appeals for vote and support from candidates. Communication from even the university authorities were also received by these families.

While the appeals through pamphlets were less upsetting, telephonic calls and personal visits made by candidates were more disturbing for the families of the deceased voters.

"It was really upsetting for me when one of the candidates rang me up to seek vote of my wife who died five years ago," said a local resident, adding that he had received a large number of communications in the name of his wife from a number of candidates.

A perusal of the list of voters of the town and its adjoining areas, which fall in Sangrur and Ludhiana districts, revealed that the names of dozens of persons who have died continue to figure on the lists of registered graduate voters. The deceased voters included late Uggar Sain (BA) who died in 1984. — OC



Voters spend sleepless nights
Lovleen Bains

Doraha,September 23
It is but natural for candidates to pass sleepless night a day before elections, but it sounds strange if voters have to have the same experience. It was very true a night before the senate elections.

The calls and SMSes sent by candidates to voters throughout the night, not once, twice and thrice but for a number of times, forced them to either put their cellphones on the silent mode or switch them off for the night.

“Convincing a person once or twice is acceptable but thinking that a voter should be ever ready to spare time and read the messages sent again and again by the same candidate, is in no way wise,” said a teacher.

“Only I know what my position was last evening. I was busy preparing food, helping my child in studies and putting my mobile phone on the charger at the same time. The message tone was disturbing me time and again. It is really ridiculous on the part of the candidates. After all, how many times do they have to remind voters to cast vote in their favour?” said an irritated voter.

“Although I have seen that this hardly makes a difference as a voter already makes up his mind to cast vote for a particular candidate. So asking the voters to vote in their favour time and again makes the former stiffer enough not to vote for such candidates at least,” said another voter.

“Not only candidates, their relatives, friends, neighbours, street mates, etc, all will give you a ring and send

you messages again and again reminding you not to forget the particular serial number on the D-Day,” said a voter.

“My child had fever last night. Every time I tried to make him sleep, he would wake up to the sound of the message tone of my cellphone. One of the candidates crossed all limits of decency by sending a message after every half an hour and then ringing me personally and giving my number to his relatives and known ones. Although I had thought of giving the candidate some preference, his repeated calls irritated me to the extent that I did not give him any consideration,” said a teacher of a local college.



Teachers block highway again
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
The day was again hectic for the city police as Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) pass teachers protested at the Grain Market and blocked the national highway to pres for their demands. The commuters faced inconvenience due to the blockade on the highway. The police diverted the traffic to the Jagraon bridge but commuter who took the Ludhiana bypass or approach the Samrala Chowk faced sheer inconvenience.

The police tried to dissuade the unemployed teachers from holding the protest, but to no avail. The unemployed teachers started gathering at the Grain Market at 11 am and left for the highway at 1.30.

They raised anti-government slogans while marching towards the Jalandhar bypass chowk. The police had installed barricades on the way where administrative officials tried to arrange their talks with the higher authorities.

Nilambri Jagdale, ADCP-1, asked the teachers to exercise restrain till 3.15 pm. But when they did not get any favourable response till the given time they tried to cross the barricades. There was a scuffle between policemen and the teachers where the president of the teachers’ union suffered minor injuries.

After some time, the ADCP-1 told the teachers that their meeting had fixed with the Deputy Chief Minister but the teachers refused to meet him.

The teachers rushed towards the Karabara Chowk and block all the ways at 4.30 pm.

Police officials tried to convince them to meet the Deputy Chief Minister but the teachers were adamant on meeting the Chief Minister instead.



Moga folk singer joins TET protest
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
GS Peter, a folk singer from Moga, participated in the TET pass unemployed teachers' protest at the national highway here today. GS Peter is a postgraduate in Punjabi and political science and has done BEd. He had passed the TET test in 2011 and is now seeking a job.

GS Peter has recorded seven music albums and is an established name in the Punjabi music industry. His Album "Guriyan Preetan" was highly appreciated by Punjabi music lovers.

According to Peter, he joined the protest as he is eligible for the post of a teacher after passing the test and it is his right. His wife too has the same qualification and also participated in protest.

"It is a fight for rights. I am established in singing. But I also qualified for the teaching job. It is my right to get a job," said Peter.

Peter has recently released a music album "Degreean" in which he has recorded a song about the unemployment in Punjab.

Peter recorded his first album in year 2000 when he was a college student. He has performed abroad also.



Customers to get only 3 subsidised LPG cylinders till March
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
Amid a lot of hue and cry about the norm of giving only six susbsidised LPG cylinders to a customer in a year, the Centre has finally issued a notification to LPG dealers in this regard.

Harsimarjit Kaur, president of the All-India LPG Distribution Federation of Punjab State, said: "We received this notification of the Government of India through our respective oil companies on our e-mails only two days ago. We have been instructed to issue only three subsidised LPG cylinders to each consumer till March 31. It is because the current financial year (which will end on March 31, 2013) has only six months to go”.

So we will now check as to how many cylinders a consumer has been delivered till date. But, we will give only three subsidised LPG cylinders till March 31. This notification comes into effect from September 4."

When asked as how much a consumer will have to shell out for getting the fourth cylinder, she said:

"We are still waiting for an e-mail in this regard. But most probably a consumer will have to pay more than Rs 700 per cylinder in such cases." There are more than 500 LPG dealers of different oil companies in Punjab, including Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum.

Naveen Talwar, president of the Ludhiana LPG Distributors Association, said: "The number of cylinders is too low. There should be at least 12 subsidised cylinders given to a consumer per year. The new notification of the Government of India will affect the LPG dealers’ business."

Appeal to consumers

We appeal to all the LPG consumers to maintain their "blue books", which are issued to consumers by LPG agencies for booking and delivery of cylinders. As LPG cylinders are booked through the IVRS system these days, the consumers should note down the voucher number, which is issued to them at the time of booking. They should also get the books signed by delivery boys when they deliver cylinders and sign the voucher.

— Harsimarjit Kaur, president, All-India LPG Distribution Federation, Punjab



Treated by quack, man dies
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, September 23
A treatment from a quack, operating in the area, proved costly for an elderly person who finally died after allegedly being administrated a wrong medication by the quack. The victim has been identified as Harjinder Singh of Jalaldiwal village near Raikot.

As per the information, Harjinder was living alone at his house and was suffering from a stomach disease for the last several days. Following which some of accomplices of Harjinder took him to a quack, who administrated some medicines to him.

But after some days, Harjinder’s condition started deteriorating and he was then admitted to the Civil Hospital, Raikot. But the doctors at Civil Hospital, Raikot, referred him to the Civil Hospital, Ludhiana, from where he was further shifted to Rajindra Hospital, Patiala, due to his continually deteriorating condition.

Beant Singh, a companion of the victim, said who had accompanied him during his treatment, the doctors at Patiala told him that the condition of Harjinder Singh was too bad and to treat him. “After this, Harjinder was released from the hospital and we brought him back to the Civil Hospital, Raikot, where he finally died last evening,” stated Beant Singh.

Following the death of Harjinder Singh, Beant Singh and victim’s another companion Gulzar Singh lodged a complaint against the quack, who had earlier, administrated medicines to him at the Raikot police station. A copy of the complaint has also been sent to SMO Raikot Dr Sanjeev Hans demanding an action against the said quack.

The SMO Raikot, Dr Sanjeev Hans, said that he has recommended the Raikot police to register a case against the said quack. Though no case was registered till the filing of this report.

Investigating officer ASI, Rajinder Kumar, stated that the police the postmortem of the victim has been conducted and and has been sent for further laboratory examination. “An appropriate action will be taken against the accused after it is confirmed that Harjinder Singh died because of being administrated wrong medication,” he added.



Quacks’ business booms despite ban
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, September 23
At a time when the medical science has been advancing at a high speed and the scientists have achieved major breakthroughs in treating various kind of diseases which were not possible in earlier times, it is surprising to see the large presence of quacks and people doing unauthorised medical practices in various areas including the major cities of Punjab.

There are large number of quacks operating in Jagraon and that of the surrounding areas. The number of these quacks is also increasing and their business is mushrooming. Seeing the already existing quacks doing a good business, several other quacks from different places have also started their business in the area and more and more quackery shops are flourishing in the area.

The business of quacks is booming, as there are still a large number of people specially those from the rural backgrounds who are visiting these quacks for treatment of various ailments. Most of the people who fall prey to such quacks are villagers and majority of them are uneducated. Such quacks claim of treating almost every disease and then exploit the innocent rural people suffering from different ailments.

One can often see people visiting these quacks for getting treatment of various kinds of diseases. A large number of people also prefer quacks for treatment on qualified and expert doctors.

The local administration too seems to have turned a blind eye towards this and the practice is going unchecked at various locations of the city despite various awareness programmes being conducted by the government on time to time.

Interestingly, these quacks are not active in rural areas. Some of these quacks even have their makeshift ‘clinics’ located near the local Civil Hospital and are selling their remedy to the people without any fear.

Unfortunately, nobody from the health department has so far taken any notice of this practice, which is posing a serious threat to lives of the people. Despite there is a strict ban on quacks and the government instructions to the health department officials to check the menace of quackery, the evil is still going unchecked in this area.

The hoardings put on by these quacks outside their shops claim to treat almost every disease including orthopaedic diseases, dentistry, masculinity weakness, skin ailments and many others diseases including cancer.

Despite the fact that a number of people have fallen victims to such quacks in the past and their disease turned more serious after they were treated by the quacks, many people still prefer to visit these quacks for treatment.

Apart from inaction on part of the health department, the major reasons behind people preferring these quacks over qualified doctors for treatment is the lesser money charged by these quacks.

SMO Civil Hospital, Jagraon, Dr Raj Karkara says, “We launch time to time drives to check these quacks. Whenever we get any complaint, an immediately action is taken against the quack if he is found unauthorised. But even if the quacks are still thriving in the area, we will make sure that a strict action is taken against such quacks.”



Woman dies in accident
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
A pal of gloom descended on Sanjiv Kumar’s (34) house in Bharat Nagar Chowk area. His parents, who lost their daughter-in-law Manisha Gupta (32) in a road accident this morning, were in for another shock when they learnt that the condition of Sanjiv and his two-year-old son Ridham was critical.

While Sanjiv suffered multiple injuries, Ridham sustained a serious head injury.

The anxious family members were seen shuttling between Khanna, Chandigarh and Ludhiana for the whole day.

The family was returning home from Jagdhari after attending the wedding ceremony of Manisha's niece.

Ashish Thamman, Sanjiv Kumar’s neighbour, said the accident took place around 7 am today.

"Certain people say that the vehicle in which the family was travelling collided with a canter while others say it was involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer. The exact cause of the accident would be known after Sanjiv regains consciousness. His condition is stated to be critical," said Thamman.

Sanjiv, who runs a unit where tractor spare parts are manufactured, got married nearly eight years ago.

According to Sanjiv's elder brother Jaghmohan, the family came to know about the incident around 9 am. Manisha’s body was kept in the civil hospital at Khanna. The cremation was performed in the evening after the arrival of Manisha's brother.



pu senate elections
Voters face problems
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, Sept 23
Married women registered in the electorate of the graduate constituency of Panjab University Senate faced a lot of problems while voting at Guru Nanak Khalsa Kanya Mahavidialya today.

Investigations revealed that women voters, who had been registered under their maiden names, without mentioning names of their husbands, were a harried lot. While their identity proofs were prepared according to their addresses in ration cards and service records, the polling staff insisted on production of identity cards carrying names of their fathers. A large number of women preferred to skip voting after they came to know about the problems being faced by married women voters.

Rekha Kumra, a permanent teacher of a local private recognised school , who like hundreds of other women graduates was registered along with her father's name, was asked to prove her identity with her father's name. Another local, Ravinder Kumar regretted that he had to convince his wife to surrender her right to cast her vote as all her identity cards prepared after marriage contained his name a spouse, but the staff insisted to bring either the roll number slips carrying her photo or an identity proof having her father's name.

Manav Karer, a social activist, alleged that his mother had not been allowed to cast votes as she could produce identity card with her maiden name. Male voters, whose identity cards were prepared with the initials of their names, were also faced problems as the electorate list contained full names.

Harried voters also alleged that genuine voters were made to wait while fake ones were allowed to cast votes.

However polling agents of certain candidates succeeded in getting fake votes polled. Although they denied any favouritism, the staff posted by the university admitted that some voters had to be returned as their votes were polled before they came. The staff also admitted that somebody had succeeded in casting vote as Raghbir Singh Grewal, registered at serial number 639, in his absence. The voter is presently out of the country.

Out of a total 945 voters from the local area, 378 cast their vote. Bhupinder Kaur, said, "We tried our best to resolve all issues. However, we would apprise the university authorities with all the problems faced during the polls."



Low turnout in Doraha
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, September 23
The elections to the 31 seats of Panjab University Senate, including 15 in the registered graduates’ constituency and eight each in those of teachers of affiliated colleges and principals of affiliated colleges, went off peacefully here today.

At both the polling booths at Guru Nanak National College here, around 30 per cent polling was recorded. Prof Gursharan Kaur, presiding officer for booth number 156 at the college, said polling was peaceful and a total of 259 votes were polled (total votes 882). Prof Gursharanjit Singh, presiding officer of booth number 155, said 285 votes were polled out of a total of 944 votes.

Polling percentage, however, disappointed the candidates. Their relentless efforts to woo voters and persuade them to come to the polling booths had not yielded a good response. The graduate voters, it seemed, showed no great zeal in coming to the polling booths to cast their vote. “Are these elections going to benefit us in any way? Then why should we leave our important chores to vote for those whose coming into power shall make no difference for us?” said a voter who was in no mood to cast vote.



Admn doing little to prevent mishaps
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, September 23
The Administration is yet to take steps to prevent mishaps in the town.

Though in-charges of various police stations of the area have more than once written to the authorities concerned about accident-prone sites falling under their respective areas, nothing concrete has been done so far.

Not even a single department has ever tried to assess the number of lives lost in accidents.

Apprehending spurt in accidents due to an increased vehicular traffic, residents of the area have urged the authorities to do the needful.

As per the official website of the Punjab Police, the authorities have identified over 400 accident-prone areas on the GT Road and other highways.

Sources said the department had earmarked these points on the basis of records pertaining to the number of accidents that had taken place at these places in the past.

T-points, crossings, bridges and village bus stands situated on the highways were on the list of accident-prone areas.

There are 60 such points in Sangrur, Barnala, Khanna, Ludhiana (rural) and Ludhiana police districts. The four-laning of Ludhiana-Malerkotla road has aggravated the problem.

A number of fatal accidents have taken place at Daheru village at the GT Road, Bija Chowk, Barmalipur Cut, Kadon Chowk, Jagera and Gurthali bridges, Bhogiwal, Kup Kalan, Bhasaur, Sanghala and Sanghera to Mehal Kalan.

The police has called upon people to help it in preventing accidents and rescuing victims.

Khanna SSP Mandeep Singh had advised beat officers posted at Payal, Malaudh, Sihar, Dehlon and Bija to identify accident-prone areas in their respective jurisdiction.

Comprehensive reports were then prepared and forwarded to departments like the PWD (roads and bridges) and civic bodies for necessary action at their end.

The police has identified a few more vulnerable points such as Jagera bridge, Pohir Chowk, Gill village roundabout, Gopalpur, Lehra, Jandali T-Point, Kaind Bridge and Sarinh.

Dehlon SHO Amandeep Brar said,"I have sent a detailed report to the authorities concerned about the vulnerable points between Jaghera bridge and Gill Village."



Institute observes World Alzheimer's Day

Ludhiana, September 23
To mark the World Alzheimer's Day, first year students of MSc (Nursing) from the College of Nursing, CMC, organised an exhibition on the theme "'Dementia: living together" in the medical OPD. The chief guest on this occasion was deputy director Dr Vijay Obed and the guest speaker was Dr Arvind Sharma, psychiatrist, CMC & Hospital. Dr Vijay Obed addressed the audience and explained them about the disease.

Prof Triza Jiwan, head of the psychiatric nursing department introduced the theme to the audience. She said it is estimated that about 10 per cent of adults are affected with Alzheimer's disease at the age of 60 plus and there are also cases from the 30-45 age group. Every year 3,50,000 new cases are identified. She explained about the symptoms of the disease and emphasised on the ned of family support and care.

Dr Arvind Sharma, psychiatrist, CMC & Hospital, informed the audience about the early identification and prevention of the progression of the disease. The students of BSc (Nursing)-III also presented a role play on the theme. There was a poster exhibition on the Alzheimer's disease as well which was inaugurated by Dr Vijay Obed. The students of MSc (Nursing)-I explained the messages coveyed in the posters to the approximately 180 patients and their relatives who attended the event. — TNS



GADVASU scientist presents paper in Chennai
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
Senior veterinary pathologist and noted expert Dr Charan Kamal Singh from Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU)recently presented a lead paper on "Latest advances in approaches of diagnosis of rabies" on the invitation by Indian Association of Veterinary Microbiologists, Immunologists and Specialists in Infectious Diseases at Madras Veterinary College, Chennai.

Dr Singh's presentation was followed by a discussion and was appreciated by national and inter-national scientists participating in the event. Dr Singh was also bestowed with the honour to chair a technical session of this national conference.

Dr Singh has presented lead papers on rabies on invitation by many premier institutions including the National Institute of Virology, Pune, National Centre for Disease Control, New Delhi, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Animal Husbandry, Srinagar, and College of Veterinary Science, Tirupati.



reporter’s diary
Pen is mightier than sword

Politicians and journalists share an interesting relation. The politicians often have their quota of 'quote-misquote' stories that they narrate at the opportune moment. If their 'quote' lands them in hot waters, they keep harping on the 'misquote' angle. However, when they want to strike the right note with scribes, the 'quote-misquote' story becomes 'pen is mightier than sword'. This is what the city scribes learnt from the comment of the district chief of a political party recently. At a press meet, this district chief of a political party told mediapersons that they have the power to make and unmake things and events and therefore their help has to be solicited to make any event successful!

Strange demand!

It is the duty of a responsible journalist not to be biased or compromising with the facts. They have to report the right or wrongs being done in the society or in government departments in an unbiased manner. However, in reality reporters are considered "good journalists" by government officials only till the time they do not report negative stories against their departments. As soon as this happens, officials stop answering phone calls, labelling the reporters as "biased" and "irresponsible". As true professionals, government officials must realise that it is the duty of a journalist to report issues in an unbiased manner. Rather than ignoring the phone calls or avoiding the reporter, the officials must give convincing replies.

Going down memory lane

Yesterday, I got to know that my polling booth for voting for the Punjab University Senate Elections held on Sunday was at my alma mater SCD Government College. It was in the afternoon that I went to caste my vote. To reach the college, I took the same route which I used to take in my college days. Remarkably, the polling booth was in the same lecture room where I attended english literature classes. As I came out after casting my vote, I could not help recalling the wonderful lectures I attended on TS Eliot, WB Yeats, and William Shakespeare.

Wish no "Bharat Bandh"

Due to the call of "Bharat Bandh" on September 20, almost all the city schools were closed. Although there was a reason behind this call of Bharat Bandh, the students who were to appear in examinations on the day had it postponed to September 29. One of them said, "We wish, in future there is no Bharat Bandh on any of our exam days as it really upset our whole schedule."

With inputs from Minna Zutshi, Shivani Bhakoo, Anupam Bhagria



Govt decision irks marriage palace owners
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
While the state government has asked marriage palace owners to "regularise" their palaces by paying the fee as per the norms formulated by the authorities, the marriage palace owners are up in arms against the decision. They contend that the state government should not have given them the go ahead when they were constructing the palaces if they did not fulfil the required conditions.

The owners said that the new conditions must be imposed only on those marriage palaces which are under construction, while those which are already running for the past 8-10 years should not be fined as they got the no- objections certificates (NOCs) from all the concerned authorities when they were constructed. However, it is also being said such problems could have been avoided if Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) had framed the policies regarding electric connections (domestic and non-residential) in urban areas.

Saurabh Aggarwal, dealing in real estate business, said that the electricity manual clearly says that there is no need for NOC from Municipal Councils/Corporations/Nagar Councils etc in urban areas for power connections.

"Its high time that that Punjab Government orders PSPCL to frame a policy for providing electric connections in urban areas, as the PSPCL, by not framing any policy, is causing violations of the master plan, Punjab Apartment and Property Regulation Act,1995, and Punjab Regional Town Planning and Development Act ,1995. We agree that most of the marriage palace owners have not taken NOCs from the MC/GLADA/PUDA etc, but had the PSPCL refused them power connection at that time itself, things would have been different," said Aggarwal.

Gulshan Kumar, former president, Punjab Marriage Palace and Resort Association, said that said if someone had built a marriage palace 10 years back, he must have got the NOCs by the concerned departments. If that was not the case, then the authorities could have demolished their structures. "We constructed the palaces as per norms of the time. The new amendments should be made for new marriage palaces," he said.



Veggies become costlier as mandi closed on Sundays
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
A state-of-art sabzi mandi got operational in the city in the second week of September with a motive to provide fresh vegetables to consumers at nominal rates. But this mandi remains closed on Sunday due to which the rates of vegetables suddenly see a rise. No supplies from other districts or states arrive on Sunday to this new mandi. Seeing the huge demand of vegetables in the city, the vendors leave no opportunity to make profit by selling veggies at higher prices.

Gurmeet Singh, a vegetable dealer, said that they faced problems on Sunday as due to closure of the mandi, vendors who have vegetables available, sell it at much higher prices. "The old sabzi mandi was never closed and we got regular supply of veggies, but now on Sundays, we face lot of problems," said Singh.

Meanwhile, the rates of peas and mushroom have touched new heights. Peas is available for Rs 125 per kilogram while mushrooms are being sold at Rs 150 per kg. A few days back, mushrooms were available for just Rs 70-80 per kg. The rate of capsicum has also seen an increase, it is being sold for Rs 60 per kg. While beans are available for Rs 50 per kg, the rates of potatoes and onions are stable at Rs 20 per kg and Rs 15 per kg respectively.



Early puberty: Experts blame it on exposure
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 23
Sitting depressed with her 10-year-old daughter who witnessed menarche (onset of mensuration) a mother asked the gynaecologist as why her daughter faced it at an early age. The simple answer of the doctor was, “More exposure to he modern world.”

This is a general question which keeps haunting mothers these days as the age of puberty among girls has come down to 9 to 12 years from 13 to 16 years. Dr Anshu Vatsayan, a city based gynaecologist said, “I attend to many mothers who literally cry for their daughters who get menarche at early age. But I keep telling them not to worry as these days there is more freedom and exposure to children due to which hormonal changes occur promptly.

Another possible reason behind this is the side effect of oxytocin injections which are given to fruits, vegetables and milch animals.”

She further said that the main problem being faced by parents is due to less mental maturity and more physical maturity.

City's leading gynecologist Dr Iqbal Ahuja said, “Of course the age of puberty has advanced. The reason behind this is these days, children get nutritious diet and parents take care of their health in better way as compared to old times. Moreover, children get more opportunity of getting more awareness about sex and related subjects. So when kids get his type of exposure, they become mature at early stage.”

She further ad that this psychological exposure leads to early puberty. Moreover, these days there are no much outdoor activities of kids, no outdoor physical activity or play which can reduce stress among kids. Happy feeling which comes from playing is not there.

Suggestions for parents

  • Children should be exposed to more balanced lifestyle
  • There should be better bonding with parents
  • Physical activities like playing with friends is must
  • Channelise their energy in better way rather than watching TV or surfing on Internet
  • No excessive homework and tuitions should be there
  • Helping kids to balance pressure of academic and personal life.



Film stars in city to promote movie
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana September 23
The star cast of Punjabi film 'Pinky Moge Wali' was in the city today. Actress Neeru Bajwa, who is playing the lead role in the film, said she liked Ludhiana city and had a special affinity with the Punjabi culture. She added that though she had acted in Bollywood films yet her first preference was acting in Punjabi films. Actor Gavie Chahal was also present on the occasion.

Meanwhile, star cast of the upcoming Punjabi Movie “Aish Kar Lai” kept a date with the city on Saturday.

Punjabi film actor Yograj Singh, Daljit Kaur, Aman Randhawa, Aman Badwal were here to promote the film. Balvir Atwal, director of the film, said they are have been starting the promotion of film before the shooting of film and they are going to start the shooting of movie within some days.

Talking about the movie, actress Aman Badwal said, “It's my first Punjabi movie and I am very passionate about it. I have listened the story of film and found it is a youth oriented film and I am in lead role. So it's a great opportunity for me.”

“I am playing a role of a boxing player and it is a story about the courage of a woman,” she added.

Meanwhile, Aman Randhawa, an actor in lead role said, “It's clear from the title of film “Aish Kar Lai” that movie is about the fun loving youth. But the movie has a good message about the female foeticide. The movie will encourage the youth toward the social responsibilities.”

Daljit Kaur said the Punjabi cinema is on good track. There are number of good films produced in last some years. We hope that this film will include another name in the successful Punjabi movies.

Talking to the media, Yograj Singh, noted Punjabi film actor reveled that he is playing role of Milkha's father in upcoming Hindi Movie "Baagh Milkha Baagh".

“I have some other assignments of Bollywood. But I cannot stay away from Punjabi cinema. But I am very choosy about the films and this is a good movie,” said he.



Ludhiana scan

Pioneer Club

The Pioneer Club, Ludhiana, started a Traffic Awareness Drive. In this campaign, members of the club and volunteers made people aware about different problems i.e. “Give side to ambulance, don’t use phones while driving, don't drive while you are drunk and park your vehicles properly”. The members also distributed pamphlets to make the masses aware.

Function held

Swami Vivekanand 150th Jayanti Samaroh Samiti held a function at Bhartiy Vidya MAndir. Addressing the gathering Chandershekhar Talwar IAS officer (retd) inspired the youngsters to follow the path show by Swami Vivekanand. While the Police Commissioner Isher Singh that youngsters will have to come forward in enthusiastic way to help the country in facing chalanges.


Kavneet Aggarwal the proposer of artizen held an interaction with Rotarians and the Rotary Club last evening. She talked about a new chapter on Feng Shui and Vaastu art. They were inquisitive to learn about science of energies, how these energies can be harnessed to bring good health, wealth and relationships. People asked questions liked placement of water tank, kitchen direction, door direction, basements etc.and questions were asked satisfactorily. She effectively explained to control, direct and concentrate/harmonise the energies in the space to create positive environment for healthy and lasting relationship in family & work place environment. In the end Kavneet aggarwal was hourned by rotary club.

General body meeting

The Rotary Club, Ludhiana Midtown, invited Padam Bhushan Dr SS Johl, Chancellor, Central University, in their general body meeting held at a hotel. Dr Johl, who spoke on the topic “Government-Industry partnership for growth and employment on Japanese lines” suggested to implement the Japanese model where majority of the workforce is maintaining their farms part time after finishing their job in factories. President RD Sharma also spoke on the occasion and expressed his fear that due to lack of power, basic infrastructure, quality education, basic health facilities, disadvantage of being away from sea port, economic package to neighbouring states, deteriorating law and order and lack of social security

Ganpati Mahotsav celebrated

The fourth day of Ganpati Mahotsav organised by ‘Sidh Data Sewa Society (regd)’ was celebrated with religious enthusiasm. It is being celebrated in the temple Sidh Data temple near Green Land Senior Secondary Public School, Jalandhar Bye Pass, Ludhiana, where a 101-feet tall idol of Lord Ganesha has been installed. The second phase of 'Pran Prathishtha' ceremony was completed with Vedic rituals amidst the chanting of mantras.

Annual meeting

Annual general meeting of the Ludhiana Focal Point Association Phase IV-A was held at a hotel here on Sunday. General discussions were held regarding the problems being faced by the members of the association in particular like dumping of domestic/household garbage by sweepers/safai karamcharis on 100' wide road in Sherpur leading to phase IV-A, unscheduled power cuts/trippings/load shedding being imposed on consumers getting power supply from 11 kv kundan tv, 11 kv nicks India and Tushar feeder were discussed and members raised their concern and urged to get these problems solved. Election of the president were held in this meeting. Rajan Gupta was unanimously elected president for the two years term, in recognition of his performance as president solving the problem faced by the members. He was elected president consecutively for 10th term of 2 years. — TNS



From schools


As a part of the ongoing ‘Learning Series’, Indus World School, Ludhiana, organised a workshop titled “In how many ways is your child intelligent..Understanding the multiple intelligences of your child”. R Sreenivasan, a wellknown career consultant, conducted this seminar. The interactive session was an eye-opener for parents who tend to impose their own preferences upon their children. Sreenivasan narrated several stories and anecdotes to make his point. He emphasised the point that children learn from their parent and learning happens through experience and it is very important to ‘bring’ the ‘outside world’ into the classrooms. The parents found the session very interesting and insightful. They also got an insight into the activities that could be done to nurture and hone their talents

Statue unveiled

A statue of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore was unveiled at Tagore Public School today by chief guest Ashok Aggarwal, Advocate General Punjab. A fountain, installed on the other side of the ground, to beautify the school premises was inaugurated by Amrit Lal Aggarwal, president, Punjab Pardesh Aggarwal Sammelan and manager of the school. This was followed by a cultural fest. Various folk dances of different states including Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab were presented. A speech on “Save Earth, Save Environment” was delivered by Guneet Kaur of Class X.

School event

Rising Stars Playway organised an outdoor activity, "Nature Walk" for the school children who went for walk in their own school big garden. They enjoyed the fresh air, playing, and watering plants. They also collected dry leaves and enjoyed looking at new leaves on the trees.

Daughter's day celebrated

Kids Quest Preschool celebrated Daughter's Day with fervour and enthusiasm. Priyanka Singla, Assistant Comissioner, Income Tax Department and Dr Nidhi Arora were guest of honours. The aim of celebrating daughters day was to emphasise the need to remove gender inequality and female feoticide.

Students participate in wrestling tourney

Budding players of Bhartiya Vidya Mandir, Udham Singh Nagar, participated in the wrestling tournament (zonal Level) held at Sacred Heart Convent School, Dhandra Road, today. The budding wrestlers brought laurels to the school as Tushar, Gautam Dhir and Keshav won gold, silver and bronze medals respectively in the under-17 category. The team of under-19 boys, comprising Rajat, Shubham, Abhishek Bhatia, Abhishek and Updesh, aslo bagged gold medals and the success saga was continued by Krishna and Harvinder who got silver medals.The U-14 boys team got third position in handball tournament (zonal level) which was held at the PAU. Girls also bagged the third position in the zonal-level football tournament held at the BVM (Kitchlu Nagar). Principal Banadana Sethi and the school manager MM Bamba congratulated the students and their coach.

Tribune Reporters



Police arrests three bookies in city
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana September 23
The city police has arrested three punters (bookies) for betting on cricket match at Anand Nagar, Haibowal area.

The police also recovered 16 mobile phones and Rs 6.42 lakh cash from their possession. The accused were identified as Harminder, a resident of Jamalpur and brothers Sanjeev Kumar and Vaneet Kumar, residents of Anand Nagar.

The trio was betting on a T-20 match of Australia v/s West Indies on Saturday evening. Harpal Singh Grewal, incharge CIA-I said, “ASI Lakhveer CIA-I had raided a house at Anand Nagar after getting information.

The police party raided the house and found that three persons were running the racket of betting. We have recovered 16 mobile phones from their possession.

“The accused had been collecting money from people and providing them phone lines to international bookies for betting on T-20 matches. We are still to investigate that how they were doing the business and who was the kingpin in the country or in abroad,” said Harpal Singh.

The police has registered a case under Sections 420 of the IPC and 13-A and 3/67 of the Gambling Act.



Theft at mobile phone store
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana September 23
Mobile phones have been stolen from a showroom at the Ishmeet Chowk in the Model Town area today afternoon.

Gaurav Bedi, a resident of Pakhowal Road owns the mobile store named 'Cellular'. Bedi said, "When one of our employee reached the store, he found that the shutter locks were broken. He informed me and I rushed to the store. Bedi had opened the store two and a half month ago with the partnership of his friend Manjit Singh.

"I haven't yet calculated the overall loss of mobile phones stolen. The thieves also took away my laptops and Rs 11000 in cash from the store," informed Bedi.



Betting during T-20 World Cup matches rampant
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, September 23
With the Cricket ICC Cricket Twenty-20 World Cup-2012 getting underway, it is raining money for the bookies active in the area. As the Twenty-20 World Cup is moving ahead and all the matches getting more excited, the betting on cricket matches has also increased manifolds.

But as most of the bookies run this business from outer cities and some hotels to avoid police action, it is difficult for the police to keep a tab on bookies. Besides, the persons involved in this trade keep changing their mobile numbers on regular basis so that they cannot be traced.

Sources said as many as half a dozen bookies are active in the area, who have their connections with major bookies in cities like New Delhi and Mumbai. “These bookies act through some middlemen who arrange betters for the bookies. These middlemen are given two per cent commission no matter if the better loses or wins,” say the sources.

But the responsibility of extorting payment from the betters if they lose lies on the middlemen and if the better do not pay the money the middlemen have to pay it from their pocket, the sources say. There are many middlemen working in Jagraon for searching betters, add the sources.

It was learnt that crores of rupees are being spent on betting on cricket matches in Jagraon only. But only a few win and most of them lose their bets, which benefits bookies who are making lakhs of rupees through this illegal trade.

Sources added, South Africa and India are the favourite teams and most of the betters are putting their money on these two teams.

The Jagraon police has also pulled up its socks to keep a check on the betting during the World Cup matches.

DSP Jagraon, Surinder Kumar, said the police is keeping a close watch on the betting during the ongoing cricket World Cup. “We have instructed all the police officials in the area to be extra caution during the World Cup. We are keeping a check on this,” said he.



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