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bank of baroda fire
Documents in lockers damaged
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
The claims of Bank of Baroda authorities of having water-proof bank lockers at their Sector-22 branch, where a fire broke out on Friday, appear doubtful as many locker holders say they found their articles damaged as water seeped into their lockers.

Many lockers holders were surprised when they found their crucial documents damaged due to water seepage into their lockers. It came to light when the customers were allowed to operate their lockers. They found that the documents kept in the lockers, particularly in the lower row were damaged.

“I went to the bank in the morning to confirm that my articles kept in the locker were safe. However, I was shocked to find the locker in my name was full of water and the documents, including two passports, were damaged completely”, said Joginder Khetarpal, a resident of Sector 48. There were others too whose documents, including property registration and agreements, were damaged, he said.

The deputy division head of the bank, SP Prasad, said, “Keeping the worries of clients under consideration, the branch of the bank remained open today and 125 clients operated their lockers. The lockers were airtight and fire proof. However, the water in the lockers might have entered through the key hole,” he said. He would look in to the matter, said Prasad.

On Friday, a major fire broke out in the basement of the bank building. The basement was housing lockers. Firefighters had to struggle for more than five hours to control the fire. Three "water tenders and two water boozers" were pressed into service. Following this, water accumulated in the basement of building.

Since yesterday, the panicked clients had been flocking to the bank to know the fate of their goods deposited in the lockers. The authorities, however, denied the access to lockers on the pretext that forensic science experts were investigating the scene. The bank officials, however, kept the branch open for such clients to operate their lockers.



2 of a family killed in accident
Victims were returning from Vaishno Devi pilgrimage
Parmod Mehta

Zirakpur, October 7
Two persons were killed and four seriously injured in a road accident near Zirakpur on this morning. The accident occurred when a Mahindra Jeep carrying five members of a family returning from Vaishno Devi temple rammed in to a parked truck alongside the Ambala -Chandigarh National Highway near a Best Price store in Zirakpur.

The family belongs to Gaziabad in Uttar Pardesh. The deceased have been identified Vishnoo Gupta and his 10-year-old daughter, Komal. Those injured have been identified as Vishnoo’s 32-year-old wife Vanita Gupta, their two sons Kartik and Dhurv and driver Joginder Rana. All injured have been admitted to GMCH, Sector 32, Chandigarh. Their condition is stated to be out of danger.

Bodies of the victims were handed over to the relatives after conducting a postmortem examination at the Civil Hospital, Dera Bassi.

The police said the driver suddenly lost control of the vehicle and rammed it into a parked truck, which was loaded with iron rods. The Zirakpur police reached the spot immediately and shifted the injured to the hospital.

The police has registered a case against the truck driver under Sections 283,304A, 337 and 427 of the IPC and started the investigation.

The police said the family was returning after paying obeisance at the Vaishno Devi temple and other religious places in Jammu and Himachal Pardesh. Victim Vishnoo Gupta owns restaurants in Gaziabad and Delhi.



RLA pays Rs 10 lakh extra for outsourced services
Excess payment was made due to poor maintenance of records; general finance rules not being followed
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
Officials at the Registration and Licensing Authority (RLA) paid an excess amount of Rs 10 lakh for the services outsourced by the Chandigarh Administration. The excess payment was made due to poor maintenance of record at the RLA.

Pointing the glaring anomaly, the Principal Accountant General (Audit), UT, has said the excess amount was paid for services like deployment of staff from the Red Cross Society and preparing smart cards for driving licence (DL) and registration documents (RC) outsourced to the Society for Promotion of IT in Chandigarh (SPIC).

The anomaly occurred even after the detection of two scams at the RLA involving alleged embezzlement of Rs 6 lakh and Rs 23.68 lakh, respectively, which revealed that the cash collected at the counters were not being deposited daily with the treasury.

In a scathing observation over the functioning of the RLA, the AG has pointed out that the general financial rules were not being followed. The Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO) was required to obtain the consolidated treasury receipts of payment made in to the treasury and should be acknowledged by the treasury officer.

In the current financial year, Rs 68.94 crore collected at the RLA was remitted in to the treasury but had not reconciled with the treasury officer, resulting in chances of undetected embezzlement as had occurred during 2010-2011. It has also been observed that the DDO was not signing the cashbooks at the close of the day.

Not only this, the department was found not maintaining the record of smart cards received and used in preparing the driving licence (DL) and registration certificate (RC). As result, the RLA made excess payment to the contractor engaged to prepare the DLs and RCs.

Sources said the similar observations was made in the special audit conducted during 2010-2011, when it was found that the supervising officer allowed a data entry operator and peon to deposit the cash with the treasury daily. Data entry operators, appointed on contract basis, were allowed to collect and deposit the cash, but the supervisory officer ignored the glaring anomaly. The delay in depositing the cash ranged from three to 20 days.


The anomaly occurred even after the detection of two scams at the RLA involving alleged embezzlement of Rs 6 lakh and Rs 23.68 lakh, respectively, which revealed that the cash collected at the counters were not being deposited daily with the treasury.



There’s nip in the air
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
Nights in Chandigarh are turning out to be a little cold much before the arrival of the winter season. Some nip in the air has been felt during nights after the minimum temperature in the city has dropped by two-three degrees in the last three days.

On October 1, the minimum temperature in the city was around 22.2 degree Celsius, which has come down to around 20 degree on October 7. On Friday, the temperature recorded in the city was 19.4 degree. The maximum temperature, too, has decreased by one degree.

The average minimum temperature of the first five days in October, this year, is around 20.9 degree Celsius, which is the lowest in the last three years. The average temperature of the corresponding period in 2009 was 24.6 degree, followed by 21.9 degree in 2010 and 23.1 degree in 2011. Officials of the Chandigarh meteorological department, however, said the temperature kept on fluctuating in October.

Surinder Pal, regional officer, meteorological department, said the wave movement had brought down the temperature in last two days, indicating the fall of summer season. While the temperature would remain low in the next three-four days, it could again fluctuate.

“The past trend in October shows that it is towards the end of the month that the temperature comes down to the lowest,” he said.



Most eve-teasing cases are not reported in Panchkula
Since April, only four cases registered in district
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 7
If senior officials of Panchkula Police think that Chandigarh is the only place infected by the bug called ‘eve-teasing’, they need to cross-check their facts. A reality check at four points in the vicinity of Government College, Sector 1, Panchkula, revealed that girls were being teased at will by the eve-teasers.

Embarrassing and lewd remarks, hooting, commenting on their dress sense, driving the vehicle at a high speed close to the girls, whistling and singing love numbers was what the eve-teasers were seen doing at these points in Panchkula. On the other hand, not a single policeman was seen there to ward off the eve-teasers.

Parul Kush, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), said, “I convened a meeting of all officials and emphasised that crime against women, CCTV cameras and general crime control were the main issues. If this is happening outside the college, I will surely look into the matter.”

A girl student of the college who became a victim of eve-teasing, on the condition of anonymity, said, “We have to bear with the harassment daily, as we have to walk down to the nearest bus stop to board a bus. It really becomes difficult for us to even cover that distance. The worst part is that not even a single policeman is seen in the vicinity of the college who can provide us security.”

A girl student requesting anonymity, said, “Once I had just come out of the college on my scooty when some boys coming on a motorcycle began hooting and passed by me at a high speed. I lost balance and my vehicle skidded. I suffered injuries too”. She further added, “My friends and I have no option but to bear with the same.”

“We had written to the police department to deploy some policemen outside our college. The policemen stood there for a few days and after that they were not seen. When we asked them, they said that it was not possible for them to be there all the time,” said SP Singh, Principal of Government College, Sector 1, Panchkula.

Just shut your ears, says police

In the words of the Panchkula Police, eve-teasing can best be avoided by shutting one’s ears. This is what the police is advising the girls who approach them with their complaints on eve-teasing. Sharing her experience, a girl student from Panchkula Government College, said when she approached the police, they said, ‘Just shut your ears and don’t listen to what the boys say’. Since April, just four eve-teasing cases have been registered in the whole district. Two cases were registered at the Sector-16 police post. Not only this, the girls were asked to look down and walk when they were being eve-teased. “I was being eve-teased by a boy. A policeman was passing by the college and when I stopped him and told about the incident, he told me to look down and walk, when ever I was being eve-teased.

3 arrested in city

Chandigarh, October 7
The police has arrested three persons on the charges of eve-teasing and threatening a girl. The incident took place in Mani Majra. The arrested include Twinkle, Vikram and Himanshu, all residents of Mani Majra. They allegedly passed lewd remarks at a school girl near Pipli Wala Town. — TNS



open house response
Harsher punishment will act as deterrent

It is really sad and shameful that the cases of eve-teasing and molestation are on the rise in the City Beautiful. Every day, we hear about women and young girls being followed by “loafers", belonging mostly to the student community, who pass lewd remarks at them. They do it so daringly as if there is no law to punish them.

Surely, life for women in the city is fast becoming miserable. There are also cases of chain and purse snatchings by youths on two-wheelers, who never get caught. To check the crime of eve-teasing, the Chandigarh Police has deputed policewomen in civil dresses at markets and on local buses and have achieved some success. The punishment for the eve-teasers, however, should be harsh and exemplary so that no man dares to indulge in such heinous crime against women. Simply catching the eve-teaser and letting him off with a warning will not have the desired effect. They should be kept in the prison for at least two weeks so that even their neighbours come to know about them. Until the punishment for an eve-teaser is harsh, women will continue to face this menace.

— RK Kapoor, Chandigarh

Intensify patrolling of vulnerable areas

The City Beautiful no longer seems to be so, with its murkier side rearing its head every now and then. With incidents of eve-teasing on the rise, Chandigarh is increasingly becoming more and more unsafe for women. Eve-teasing cases, even during broad daylight, are going on unchecked. Failure of the police to effectively tackle such cases is also responsible for such incidents occurring again and again. In the wake of this worrying trend, the police patrolling needs to be intensified at vulnerable areas such as bus stops, educational institutes and eating joints. Policemen must be deployed in civil clothes at these places, especially during the hours when eve-teasers become active. The accused in such cases should be tried under stricter laws and the punishment must be exemplary. Girls should learn self-defence techniques and must raise a voice in case they are victimised. Passers-by must also report the incidents to the police.

— Vineet Kapoor, Panchkula

Lock up eve-teasers for three to four days

There are many private educational institutes in the city and thousands of students have migrated to the city to pursue different courses or take coaching for competitive examinations. They stay at private PG accommodations where there is not much restriction on their movement. The City Police is doing its best to spread awareness and guide the girl students. This is appreciable but not enough; there is a need for stricter laws to punish eve-teasers. The offenders should also be treated harshly by the police. The patrolling of the police in sensitive areas such as Government College for Women in Sectors 42 and 11, Panjab University and other private educational institutes should be increased. The bail provision in such cases should also be amended and the offender must be sent to jail for at least for three to four days. The police should also warn the parents of the offenders. The girls should also avoid going alone in dark or to deserted areas. They should walk in groups. They should boldly face any untoward incident as they are not weak.

— Sukhpal Singh, Chandigarh

Unmask offenders in front of their family

Eve teasing is a menace that has grown to alarming proportions. These disturbing incidents usually take place on buses, streets, at offices and public places. School girls, college-going students, and working women regularly go through this humiliation. Eve-teasing can leave a permanent psychological scar on women. The thriving paying guest business in the city is responsible for the growing number of eve-teasing cases. Most victims do not come forward to get cases registered against their tormentors for fear of public humiliation, with the result that eve-teasers are encouraged. Every offender should be dealt with sternly. The best way to deter stubborn eve-teasers who defy and question authority is to produce them before their family and unmask their true instincts. The sense of shame will ensure that they never resort to such a thing again, and further this will serve as a severe warning for others who even think of indulging in it. The only way an eve teaser can be caught is if passers-by who witness him indulging in such an act also react. Policemen should be deployed in civil clothes at vulnerable spots.

— Dr Shruti K Chawla, Chandigarh

Girls should raise voices

The increasing cases of eve-teasing in the city have exposed the reality that women are not safe. It has brought to light the laidback attitude of the police and the way it is turning a blind eye to its duties. Harm to even one woman jeopardises the freedom and liberty of all others. Till the women of our society are not safe, their liberty will be restricted and our society will remain backward. Ignorance of police encourages the eve-teasers to continue with their unscrupulous activities because they know that their acts will have no consequence. The girls are to be equally blamed for their condition. Only when they themselves raise a voice against it, it can be stopped. The buttoned-up mouths of the women are giving the audacity to eve-teasers to harm them. The authorities need to wake up and take some strict measures. Patrolling should be done in all the sectors and markets. There should be a helpline number for women to report eve-teasing cases and immediate action should be taken. Women also need to openly protest against this injustice.

— Isha Dahiya, Panchkula

Drive lacks sincerity

Despite the media being proactive in reporting cases of eve-teasing, which are undoubtedly on the rise with each passing day, the culprits are set free by the police within a couple of hours after some “give and take”. Unless some concrete punitive actions taken against the habitual offenders are clearly visible, the media's efforts may not yield the desired results. Laws against eve-teasers are there, but the will to enforce them with dedication and sincerity is absent. This overall public perception needs an overhaul.

— S C Luthra, Mani Majra

SSP’s endeavours are exemplary

The incidents of eve-teasing that got reported in the media have made the parents anxious while they wait for their daughters to return home safely from their offices, schools or colleges. The incidents that took place in the city were enough to wake the conscience of the city residents. SSP Naunihal Singh’s endeavours in this direction are exemplary. Sensitising both girls and boys on the issue is a welcome step. Deploying lady constables on vulnerable bus routes to nab the scoundrels is also a welcome idea. However, the police alone can not do the needful. Non-governmental as well as governmental organisations have to work in tandem to curb the menace. The women of the city will have to show exemplary composure while dealing with the rogues and report such cases to the police.

— Satish Chandra Sharma, Chandigarh

Rich offenders get away easily

The rise in ugly cases of eve-teasing and molestation in the tricity is alarming. It seems that soft-pedalling by the Police and the Administration in the cases of eve-teasing is encouraging the anti-social elements to indulge in such heinous crimes. This helplessness of the police seems to be arising from the fact that in most cases the offenders are spoilt children of the influential strata of the society. They get away by misusing both the money power and the “right connections”. This not only emboldens them but also others to indulge in the crime.

— Ak Sharma, Chandigarh

Even female constables not safe

With incidents of eve-teasing on the rise, Chandigarh is increasingly becoming more and more unsafe for women. Eve-teasing cases, even during broad daylight, are going on unchecked. Not only women in general but even policewomen are not safe as in two instances in June, female constables were targeted by some youngsters. Women who have been recognised as the most beautiful creation of the God in this world are living under a threat in the City Beautiful. The Chandigarh Police carried out an exhaustive survey in the last 12-15 months and found various vulnerable areas; accordingly, they have deployed policemen and increased patrolling. The police should also tell the girls to wear traditional dresses.

— Sachin Sharma, Chandigarh

Girls hesitate to report

It is true that the crime of eve-teasing is on the rise in the tricity. No doubt, Chandigarh is turning out to be another Delhi. The public especially girls and women are no longer safe here. The situation is becoming from bad to worse with each passing day. Due to the indifferent attitude of the police, girls usually hesitate to narrate such incidents to them. The eve-teasers who target the girls and women travelling on local buses or standing outside cinema halls should be checked on a priority basis. The police should also regularly monitor the local markets and periphery of colleges to catch the eve-teasers.

— Sumesh K Badhwar, Mohali

Girls should dress decently

With the rise of eve-teasing incidents, the City Beautiful is not safe anymore. The girls as well as general public who witness such incidents must bring the matter to the notice of the police. The SSP of the City Police has already assured the department’s help in his interaction with students. However, the girls too must wear decent clothes and avoid being in deserted places.

— OP Garg, Patiala

Check migration to the city

It is the general opinion that the people from other states and migrants are responsible for all this mess of eve-teasing and other crimes. Migration from other states must be checked strictly to keep the City Beautiful safe. The residents of Chandigarh should also take the responsibility.

— Amarbir Singh, Chandigarh

Open House Question

In the last general house meeting of the Chandigarh MC, the officials staged a walkout in protest against the objectionable language used on the floor of the house. There have been instances when officials have staged a walkout against the councillors. Is it right on part of the officials to stage a walkout while the elected representatives are debating various issues on the floor of the house? What needs to be done to improve the liaison between the officials and the councillors?

Write your suggestions to openhouse@tribunemail.com


CHB to miss 2013 deadline
Tenders for 338 two-bedroom flats yet to be floated
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
With tenders for 338 two-bedroom flats in one of the blocks at the Sector 63 General Housing Scheme yet to be floated, the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) is all set to miss the May, 2013, deadline to complete the project.

Though the construction of other blocks of one bedroom, two bedrooms and three-bedroom category flats is in advanced stage, the CHB is yet to float the tenders for laying of storm water, water supply line, power cables, roads, street lighting, firefighting equipment, lifts and solar system.

“Once allotted, it would take at least a year to complete the works. It takes at least six months to allot the tenders,” said an official of the CHB.

Delay in the appointment of a regular chief engineer in the board is also affecting the pace of the development of various ongoing works. It results in delays in taking decision on the technical issues like approving designs of structures, technical sanction of estimates, approval of rates and floating of tenders.

In the past also, the scheme has been in controversy due to one or the other reason. Initially, there was a delay in the demarcation of land, as the land for the project was not found enough. Then there was inordinate delay in getting environmental clearance.

Due to the delay in the completion of the project, the allotment prices of different categories of flats being constructed by the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) under the self-financing housing scheme at Sector 63 are likely to be revised, following changes in the area allotted for the construction of economically weaker section (EWS), one room, two room and three-room flats.

In 2004, around 60,000 square yards were allotted to the CHB for the construction of 2,108 flats. But after the revision of the layout plans and relocation of greenbelts adjoining the UT boundary with Mohali, the land left with the CHB was 48,000 square yards, which meant a reduction of 12,153 square yards. The land with the CHB was earlier short by two acres, when it found that over 200 houses at Phase IX had been allotted by GMADA. To construct the specified number of flats, greenbelts were relocated.

A senior CHB official said the area for the EWS flats was reduced from 8,164.692 square yards to 4,591.339 square yards and the area for one-room flats was increased from 12,271.24 square yards to 13,361.24 square yards. The official added that the area for two-room flats was increased from 21,975 square yards to 32,975 square yards and the area for three-room flats was decreased from 17,009 square yards to 16,385 square yards. Though the final cost of the flats would be calculated on completion, the variation would reflect in the final allotment price. Against the total initial cost of Rs 33.64 crore, the cost was now being projected at Rs 38.48 crore.



First instance of MHA role in inspectors’ suspension
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
It is first time in the history of the UT police that two inspectors have been suspended following orders by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). The departmental inquiry against Inspector Amanjot Singh and Inspector Neeraj Sarna will be conducted by SP RS Ghumman.

The two were suspended yesterday after the MHA’s communication reached the police department.

The episode, which had caused much embarrassment to the police, had earlier made headlines in June when Inspector Amanjot had resigned in protest following initiation of the departmental inquiry against him. He had later withdrawn his resignation after a deal was stuck with senior officers.

The two inspectors are in dock for their insubordination during the visit of Vice-President of India Ahmid Ansari.

They were suspended yesterday after the police department received a communique from the MHA, which acted on a report by the intelligence bureau. The two had allegedly disobeyed the orders of then ASP Central, Desraj Singh, during the Vice-President’s visit to the city in May this year.

Sources said the MHA had sought a detailed report of an incident, which was being probed internally by the Chandigarh Police.

Inspector Amanjot, former crime branch in charge, and Neeraj Sarna, former SHO of Sector 3 police station, have been sent to the Police Lines with an immediate effect.

The issue had exposed rifts within the department, as officials of the crime branch and SP Desraj Singh have been in the news for differences and arguments between each other in the past too.



Nehru memorial in a state of neglect
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
As the city observed Le Corbusier’s birth anniversary yesterday, no special decoration or lighting arrangements were made at the Sector 9 Lily Garden that houses a memorial, dedicated to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1989, his birth centenary year.

The site of location for this sculptural form was specifically chosen by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanerette, who conceived its design collectively. The inspiration behind the monument was that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had first inspected the layout plan and site of Chandigarh from a tower at this chosen location. One of the plagues at the monuments is missing and other structures needed a fresh lease of life.

It is strange when the city has been talking about the heritage, they need to preserve the monuments too, said an official.

In fact, the Lily Garden was developed not just as a garden, but as a place of importance because it housed this precious memorial. Perched in the middle of the garden, the said monument today tells a tale of neglect.

Instead the monument was found to be a safe haven for addicts, said officials associated with the city’s heritage.



Phase-VI market in need of facelift
Our Correspondent

Mohali, October 7
The parking facility and green belts in the Phase-VI market continue to be in a poor condition with the Municipal Corporation ignoring the repeated pleas of the shopkeepers.

Shopkeepers had earlier complained to the civic body that the parking lot had potholes and the approach roads to the market were also in a bad shape. Besides, the green belts were infested with wild growth, they said. It was adversely affecting their business, they lamented.

Rajinder Sharma, former Municipal Councillor of the ward under which the market falls, said that even garbage was dumped in the parking lot, making matters worse. Moreover, the part of the market in which booths were located had no approach road.

He said that the civic body had invited tenders for maintenance work some months ago, but contractors failed to show any interest. Premix had been laid only in one pocket of the market, while three pockets were in a state of neglect, he said. The market being located at the entry to the residential area marred its look too, he said.

He said his repeated complaints to the MC had resulted in nothing. He demanded that the market area be given a facelift on a priority basis.



‘The Bureaucrat’ to be staged in Chandigarh on October 12
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
A play capturing the predicaments of bureaucracy is all set to be staged at the Tagore Theatre in Chandigarh on October 12. Directed by Mumbai-based senior theatre director Rahul da Cunha, the play is titled ‘The Bureaucrat’.

‘The Bureaucrat’ is set in the year 2011. An ageing bureaucrat is called in to counter a massive campaign which threatens to embarrass the Indian government as it hosts a prominent international dignitary.

Through a campaign, titled ‘Kapra Utaro’, the middle class demands action against the corrupt, failing which the protesters would take out a nude march bang in the middle of the VVIP’s convoy. The panic stricken government watches the campaign gain momentum through the social media and is forced to look for options to stall it. This includes reaching out to a retired bureaucrat who happens to be the father of the young man leading the campaign.

The 135-minute production, brought to the city by the Durga Das Foundation, has hilarious situational episodes and some great acting. It keeps the audience in splits all through and creates an instant connect with the times we live in.

The play combines the best of ‘Yes Prime Minister’ and ‘Aap Ki Adalat’and keeps the audience engaged. The cast includes Bugs Bhargava Krishna, Jaswinder Singh, Neil Bhoopalam, Shivani Tanksale, Aseem Hattangady, Natasha Azad and Sukant Goel. The entry to the play is by invitation.





Annual day celebrated

The Kangra Valley Welfare Association today celebrated its eighth annual day at the IMA hall in Sector 35 B. A captivating cultural programme comprising pahari songs, among other items, was presented on the occasion. Kangra heritage quiz earned a wide applause. A new executive committee was also chosen on the occasion. The programme was followed by traditional Kangri community lunch.

Eye camp

The sixth free eye operation camp of Lions Club Chandigarh was held at Prachin Shiv Mandir, Sector 24 A, in association with the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Sector 32, today. Around 250 patients were examined at the OPD conducted by eminent doctors from the GMCH-32. Free medicines were also given to patients suffering from different kinds of eye ailments. 65 patients with cataract were diagnosed for IOL (intra ocular lens) surgeries. All operations will be done with IOL lenses free of cost at the GMCH.


BB Bahl, president, Chandigarh Territorial Congress Committee, today appointed Mahipal Pal Sharma as president of Mani Majra Block Congress Committee. Mahipal Sharma, runs a school at Mani Majra. Presently he is general secretary, District Congress Committee. Sharma has also been president of trader association of Mani Majra for 15 years.

Le Corbusier Day

To commemorate Le Corbusier’s anniversary, Surya World- Institutions of Academic Excellence, organised a function on its campus in Bapror village near Chandigarh today. The function was presided over by Saanya Verma, director, Surya World. Others present on the occasion included Prof Rajnish Wattas, Renu Saigal, principal, Surya School of Architecture, senior faculty members and students. As a befitting tribute to the legendary architect, the students of Surya World dedicated a mural to the master architect depicting the City Beautiful. The mural was unveiled by Saanya Verma. Conceptualised and painted by students of the architecture department, the mural showcased the Open Hand Monument, Capital Complex, Sector 17 Plaza, Sukhna Lake, Shivalik Hills and the Leisure Valley.

Conference concludes

On the concluding day of the three-day Annual National Conference of Private Psychiatry, a meeting between the representatives of medicine manufacturers was organised to discuss “Pharma Interface-Public perception of the industry and professional relationship”. Dr Abhay Matkar and Dr Rajeev Jain chaired the meeting. Psychiatrists attending the conference stressed upon medicine manufacturers to cut down costs, so that the benefits of medicines can reach the maximum number patients. The representatives of manufactures said that now-a-days, medicines used for treatment of psychiatric disorders used in developed countries like USA are also available in the Indian market at much cheaper costs.

Digital printing innovations

Apsom Infotex, a pioneer in the field of format digital printing, today organised a day-long event in a hotel in the Industrial Area, phase I, to showcase latest innovation in eco solvent printing. The event was attended by over 100 delegates hailing from the industry. The primary objective of this event was to promote the printing industry by arranging an interface between all segments of printing fraternity.


It was yet another day that saw speakers give a dispaly of their oratory skills. In a humorous speech and evaluation contest held at Infosys, IT park, Chandigarh, rib-tickling phrases, blended with dramatic modulation of the pitch, literary diction and metaphoric vocabulary marked the speeches. The event was organised by Toastmasters International, Area B4 of District 41. Toastmaster International is a non-profit educational organisation that helps people in improving their communication and leadership skills. Around 20 winners from various Toastmasters clubs of Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Ludhiana and Jallandhar participated in the contest.

Blood donation

Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation organised a blood donation camp here at Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan, Morinda, in which as many as 168 volunteers, including 16 women, donated blood. The camp was a part of the ongoing chain of annual blood donation camps being held as per the directions of Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Maharaj. A team of doctors and other staff, led by Dr Ponam from the GMCH, Sector 32, and Dr Ravpreet from General Hospital, Sector 16, Chandigarh, conducted the blood donation camp.


Teacher’s Day

A function to mark World Teachers’ Day was celebrated at the Aryans College of Education. On this occasion, various people from the nearby villages were honoured for spreading awareness about the need of education among the villagers. Speaking on this occasion, Dr Manjula Kataria, principal, Aryans College of Education, said that a teacher is not only the person who teaches in the class, but anyone who spread awareness about literacy.

Foundation day

To celebrate the 60th foundation day of International Planned Parenthood Federation, (parent organisation of the Family Planning Association of India, a rally was organised by the Mohali branch of Family Planning Association of India. Dr Satnam Singh, president of the branch, flagged off the rally. The rally passed through the main streets of Sector 52, Phase 7 and 3-A of Mohali. More than 100 people, including community leaders, beneficiaries, stake holders, youth volunteers, members of the Mohali Branch and staff members, took part in the rally. Slogans on small family norms, safe motherhood, child survival, prevention of female foeticide and value of the girl child, prevention of HIV and drug abuse were raised by the participants. Literature on the above issues was also distributed among the public.


Baldev Singh, who served for more than two years as District Education Officer (Elementary and Secondary), Moga, and as principal, District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Jagraon, took over the charge as Deputy Director, Elementary Education, Punjab.

Freshers’ party

A freshers’ party to welcome the newly admitted students of BTech and MBA programmes was held at the the Quest Group of Intuitions. A cultural programme was also organised to mark the event. DS Sekhon, chairman of the group, welcomed the chief guest RK Gupta, joint commissioner-cum-secretary, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh.


Silver jubilee celebrated

To commemorate two and a half decades of succes in the education field, St Xavier’s High School, Sector 20, Panchkula, celebrated a function to mark its silver jubilee and staged a show on “The Saga of Education” at Indradhanush Auditorium, Sector-5, Panchkula. The show was presided over by Rev Jose Aikara, chairman of the council of ICSE, Delhi, and by Rev Dominic Bosco, vicar general, Christ the King Cathedral, Chandigarh.

School event

Woodland High School, Sector 8, Panchkula organised a function to display creative items made by the schoolchildren on October 6. These included art works, painting, experiments, projects, and craft items.

— Tribune Reporters



Panjab university
Teachers may not have to take PhD test
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
Panjab University is mulling a proposal to exempt the college teachers from appearing in the entrance for PhD programme. The issue was raised in the Syndicate meeting held on Saturday and it was decided to work out the modalities for the proposal.

The issue of exempting all regular teachers in around 180 Panjab University affiliated colleges from appearing in the entrance exam is once again under consideration and the house has in principle decided to go ahead with the proposal.

The issue was raised by Dinesh Talwar during the zero hour in the Syndicate meting. He said that the teachers who have been taking undergraduate and postgraduate classes should be allowed to enrol for PhD. "College teachers are being selected by the selection committees constituted by the PU in which professors of the university are subject experts. When the teachers are approved by the university to teach and evaluate undergraduate and post graduate students, what is the need for them to appear in the entrance?" Talwar said.

In 2009, the university had announced that it would be compulsory for all the candidates to appear in the entrance for pursuing research at the university. This was done after the fresh UGC norms were introduced which recommended entrance exams as the mode of admission to PhD courses in all universities.

Talwar said that the there was another clause allowing universities to deviate from the new rule and exempt teachers from entrance test. "The Vice-Chancellor and the house accepted the proposal in principal and mentioned that PhD cases of college teachers can be considered under the regular faculty improvement program.

Another issue which the teachers are continuously raising is exemption from the six-months of course work before the PhD. As per this requirement, the candidates have to attend regular classes for six months before the PhD begins. A number of teachers, especially in Punjab colleges, face difficulties in leaving their own teaching work and attend classes.



Experts to dwell on nanotech at PU
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 7
A seminar on the theme “Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery: Promises and Concerns” is being organised from October 8 to 13 at the University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS), Panjab University, for the mid-level faculty in pharmaceutical sciences.

Dr Pradip K Bhatnagar, president, Daiichi Sankyo Life Science Research Centre, will be the chief guest on the occasion and will deliver the inaugural cecture on the topic ‘Nanotechnology/Medicine: Why Pharma Industry is Sitting on Fence’.

Eminent speakers with expertise in diverse disciplines of nanotechnology, along with the UIPS faculty will train the participants from different states of the country. Highly qualified experts from institutes like IIT-Kharagpur and NIPER Mohali, IISER, PGIMER and the industries will deliberate on topics like the applications of nanodelivery in the design of pharmaceuticals.



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