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Grooms Wanted

PQM for USA Citizen, Jat Sikh Doctor girl from very reputed & high status family. She is slim, very fair, beautiful 5-3 Dec. 1980 born. Born & broughtup in India. Done residency (M.D.) from USA. She is issueless & innocent divorcee. Respond with photos & biodata at. C2-69636

A very well known respectable & high status business family seeks alliance for their slim, beautiful, cultured, professionally qualified daughter, convent educated 24/ 5-5, working as Assistant Professor. We are looking for educated smart well settled boy well employed in MNC/ Business/Govt. (only A-Class Officer) from similar family background. Prefereably from Punjab. Please respond with photograph & biodata to 98550-10203. C2-86219

Highly qualified match Army officer/businessman preferred for very
beautiful girl Oct. 88 born, 5'-5", MBA (Mkt.), preparing for IAS., C2- 83959

Suitable match for Khatri Arora girl, 25/5', M.Tech (Bio-Tech). C2-84183B

Suitable match for 1976 born M.A. B.Ed girl, 5'-2", getting Rs.23000/-pm. 94172-49703, 94178-70953, Box 1524F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Chandigarh based Punjabi parents invite Tricity preferred suitable match for 26/5'-4", fair, well educated, MBA (Medical) daughter, settled in Canada as R.N. Visiting India in January. 81469-28528. Email: NA2-62538

Suitable match for Australia settled Sikh girl, 5'-7", July 1987, BBC, MIB, working Service Supervisor, well versed household work. Parents Australian Government jobs. Younger brother Civil Engineering. Girl now in Chandigarh (India) till 06-11-2012. Contact 096389- 78278, 098153-52113. E-mail: C2-84143

Tonk-kashatriya alliance invited for Convent educated 5'-2", 34 years, fair & beautiful Sikh girl, have done Masters in Business Administration from America. Early marriage. American/ NRI preferred, caste no bar. M. No. 99149-06660. C2-84413

Suitable match for Giri/Bawa girl, 26/5'-5", MCA, working in reputed IT company. Giri/Bawa IT Professional preferred. Contact: 098880-09756, Email: C2-84441

Australian Sikh family looking a suitable professional match for beautiful girl Australian born 22 year old 5'-3", currently studying density. Family well settled in Australia. Please send biodata with photo to or 61403301205. C2-84675

Suitable Sikh match for beautiful, slim Nai Sikh girl, 29/5'-6", BE, MBA, working in MNC Hydrabad, 13 LPA. Caste no bar. Contact: 094241-05593, 098729-88848. E- mail: C2-84989

Professionally qualifed match for smart slim 88 born 5'-5'' Nai Sikh girl . M.Tech. Asstt. Professor in Engg. College. Elder brother married settled in Australia 08872368081. C2-86871

Match for fair, slim, beautiful Sikh girl, 5'-4", 34, looks younger than 30, MA Diploma Ecommerce, younger brother, sister studying abroad. Father AGM in Bank. Mob: 98152-87445, 81467-38660. Email: NA2-63463

PQM for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, Oct 81, 5'-4", MBA, wkng as Manager in top MNC Bank in Delhi, Delhi-based Randhawa family. Call 8802403151. Mail: C2-73634

Affluent Jat Sikh US settled family seeking highly educated compatible professional cultured match in US or willing to settle in US for 33/5'-4", very fair, beautiful India born US citizen engineer girl. Handsome salary. Short marriage annulled. Email biodata and recent picture to C2-76305

Jat Sikh Gill parents seeking a suitable match for their beautiful and well educated daughter 1982 born, 5'-6" tall. The boy should be clean shaven, well educated & professionally employed. Email biodata and recent photo to C2-78462

US well-established Jatt Sikh family invites match for very beautiful, 5'-5", intelligent, US-raised, cultured Lawyer daughter. Boy should be MD/JD/highly educated professional between ages 28-35 from US/Canada/UK from good family. Please respond with picture to: C2-80997

Jatt Sikh parents seek suitable match for their beautiful 23 yr old/ 5'-3", daughter. A recent graduate in B.Sc. Nursing from Ludhiana. Seeking an educated professional from a good family w/ no previous marriages. Serious inquiries only, preferably a non- drinker. Permanant resident of US, Canada or Australia should contact by emailing C2- 82017

Suitable match for beautiful Jat-Sikh girl, 5'-6", Sept. 80, MBA from top tier US business school and MCA from India. Working for top 100 Fortune company as Senior Product Manager. Issueless and innocently divorced. Father retd. Army Officer, only brother well settled in US, looking for qualified professional in US. Respond with recent photo and details at mob: 9988090309. C2-83237

Convent educated 1984/5'-4", USA Software Engineer, MBA, employed multinational New York. Father Army Officer retired. 098727-75788. C2-84145

Alliance for fair & beautiful Jat-Sikh Doctor girl, 25 yrs. 5'-5", doing Masters in Hospital Administration after B.D.S. Well-educated and affluent family background. +9198966-87066. Box 1494F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Seeking educated, teetotaler , cleanshaven Jat Sikh for USA based citizen, 36 yrs. (look much younger than age), 5'-4", B.A., Nursing Diploma, legally divorced with one male child. Send biodata with phone # and photo to C2-84339B

Match for Jat Sikh beautiful girl June 83/5'-5", MCA Regular Computer Teacher in Govt. School. Well settled family in Mohali. Chandigarh, Mohali, Tricity preferred. Contact: 98555-15644. Email: C2-84511B

USA based Grewal Jat Sikh family seeks Doctor/Engineer/IT professional match for an early 30 year old USA Doctor, 5'-3", very fair, slim girl. Girl and parents visiting India Dec. 23 Jan., 6. Contact at C2-84559

Seeking match for 25 yr., 5'-7", slim, beautiful and intelligent Jat Sikh girl, just finished B.Sc. Nursing in India. From respected family in Ferozepur. Looking for a well-settled boy in the UK, must be educated and from a Gursikh family. Contact C2-84571

Qualified match for Canadian PR Jat Sikh Virk convent educated girl,
28/5'-7", fair complexion, Diploma in French Language, Degree in Physiotherapy (5 years). Brother in New Zealand. Parents retired Govt service. Urbanized family. E-mail: 9780358383, 98551-24383. C2-84859

Suitable match for Jat Sikh girl, 1984, 5'-5", MA, LLB, now preparing PCS Executive. Looking fair, well educated and settled boy. E-mail: Contact: 84274-89332. C2-84977

Jat Sikh parents seek professionally qualified match for their, 30/5'-6", Canadian PR, MS (Electrical & Computer Science), working Electrical Engineer. Respond with biodata/recent pictures. Email: ; 9888031179, 0014168397440. C2- 85319

Match for Hundal Jatt Sikh beautiful girl, B.Sc. Nursing, 27/5'-4", mother father Class-I Officer retired, brother Canada, Canada-America preferred. 98157-21704. Email: C2-85407

Wanted really handsome clean shaven NRI, Businessman boy for very beautiful Jat Sikh Mann girl, 5'-5", 27 years. Having simple, sober and jolly nature. Makeup and Fashion Artist diploma from abroad, Cosmotologist diploma from VLCC Institute Chandigarh. Boy living in Chandigarh or nearby will be preferred. Please contact on Email : Mobile: 098724- 44736, 0066-820146460 (Bangkok). C2-85957

Looking for Suitable match for Jat Sikh educated, smart, homely girl, MA (Eng), B.Ed, PGDCA, working Adhoc (Lec) in college. She is 5'-5", Oct 1976 born, belonging to educated well settled family. 9478626171. E-mail: C2-86085

Jat Sikh parents looking for tall, handsome, professionally qualified groom for Canadian Citizen 28, 5'-8", M.S. Comp. Engg. (USA), Software Engineer daughter. Please respond with recent pictures and bio- data at C2-86123

Suitable match for convent educated Chahal girl, BDS, 29/ 5'-2". Father and Mother retd. from Govt. service. Brother Pilot in reputed Airline. 8054276119. C2-86331

Alliance invited for beautiful, fair, slim, 5'-4", 29 years, B.Com., PGDCA, MAACE Animation course. Father reputed Businessman. Chandigarh, tricity and Delhi boy preferred. Phone: 09425300407. Email id: C2-86473

High Status Educated Jat Sikh Canadian Parents seek match for Canadian born & raised Doctor daughter 5'-7'' tall 26, exceptionally fair and beautiful with very slim figure. Looking for tall handsome clean shaven Medico or professional match between 25& 30 years old from Canada or USA With strong and educated family background. Please E.Mail , particulars along with boy's Photo. C2-86645

Similar status match for NZ PR Jat Sikh girl 5'-8", 24, doing Ph.D. Parents Class I officer, intelligent, educated, 6' boy. R/U property. Send biodata, photograph 098786-24885. NA2-62837

Jat Sikh Sidhu girl, 1977, 5'-7", MA, B.Ed., M.Phil. Working as Asstt. Professor (permanent) in Dev Samaj College of Education. Father class-I officer (retd.) one sister, one brother (both married and working) respectable and landlord family. 097846-83520. NA2-62921

Suitable Jat Sikh match for Canadian PR 1985 born, 5'- 6", sober, beautiful girl, doing DDS in prestigious USA University. Boy should preferably be Dentist/Medico, well settled in Canada/USA. Respond at or call at 89680-80026. NA2-62923

PQM for Jatt Sikh 28/5'-6", BDS girl. Canada PR preferred. Early marriage. NA2- 63115

Professionally qualified match for India, Canada/USA for beautiful, slim, fair Jat Sikh girl 81 born, 5'-4", M.Sc. (Chemistry), B.Ed. 98723-39702. NA2-63982

Suitable Manglik/non-Manglik Hindu Saini match for Manglik Hindu Saini beautiful slim girl, 14.3.86, 00.37 a.m. 5'-7", Ambala, MA, B.Ed. Haryana Teacher, eligibility test qualified, working Teacher in Public School at Ambala. 089013-21058. C2-83957

Professionally qualified match for Hindu Manglik Saini girl 9 April, 1986,
5.16 pm Ludhiana, 5'-3", M.Sc. Nursing, working as Lecturer in College Jalandhar. Father businessman. Apply with photo and biodata. Kundli matching first. E.mail: 98142-95430. C2-84141

Hindu Saini Manglik girl never married, 15 Sept. 1975/5'-3", MA, DCA, NTT, Fashion Designing, Govt. job Chandigarh. Early marriage. Divorcee excuse. C2-85953

Professionally qualified match for beautiful Saini girl 28/ 5'-4", B.Tech. (Textile Tech) PGD in Fashion Designing from reputed Institute. Well educated family. Upper caste no bar. C2-86031

Suitable match for Australian permanent resident 27, 5'-6", Saini Sikh girl, highly qualified, Govt job. Boy in Sydney preferred. Email: C2-86063

Professionally qualified Doctor/Engineer/Accountant Hindu match for Ravidasia Hindu girl, wheatish, 1991 born, 5'-6", BA, Store Manager, Green Card holder, well settled in USA with parents. Send particulars/photo. 1-224-210-2908. C2-81173

Professionally qualified, only Jat Sikh match for fair, beautiful Jat Sikh Dhillon girl, 1986/5'-5", B.Tech Biomedical Engg. (India), Two years Advance Study (Canada). Presently Govt. job Canada (Technologist). Likely to be PR Canada. Canadian immigrant preferred. 98728-87299, 001-6477023070. C2- 84757

Australian Citizen Saraswat Brahmin, 26/5'-3" girl, M.Tech., working in
Govt. Sector. Looking for professionally qualified Groom from well settled family in Australia/America. Brahmin/Khatri welcome. 98763- 35750. E-mail: C2-84907

PQM from America preferably from New Jersy/New York for Sikh Ahluwalia beautiful girl, Jan. 83, 5'-4", B.Tech Punjab, M.S (America), Regular job, Senior System Analyst, package one lac dollar per annum. Greencard in process. Contact: 94635-81621. E-mail: C2-84991

US beautiful girl 33/5'-7", seeks well-educated professional. No bar.
Contact with photo. NA2-62036

Match for beautiful, slim, tall Dubai born 1985/5'-11", professional girl with Canadian education and citizenship boy should be professionally qualified from America/Canada and from Sikh family, 28-30 years old 6 feet and above. email: Tel.: 9198149-03663, 00971566558091. NA2-62805

SM for Sood girl 4.4.81, 4 pm, 5'-4", B.Com., B.Ed. Master of Accounting in Australia PR holder. 98558-42500, 98144-24474. NA2- 63896

Suitable match for Chaudhary Ghirth girl, 5'-6", 16.04.1986, 11:40 pm, Chandigarh,, MBA, IT Officer in bank. Preferred tricity. Dowry seekers please excuse. 098153-15173. C2-84117

Suitable match for fair beautiful Himachali Ghirath/ Chaudhary girl 05.09.1983, 3-31 PM at Amritsar, 5'-4", MBA, M.Com. Parents settled at Chandigarh. 98159-17108. C2-85927

Match for Rajput girl, 28/5', Post Graduate presently working Chandigarh. Upper caste no bar. 94179-36498. C2-83815

Match for Delhi born (Settled in Chandigarh) Himachali Rajput fair girl,
Dec. 22, 1977, 12.50 pm, 154 cm., B.Sc., LL.M., working as Manager (Legal) with MNC Mohali, 5 LPA. Father retired Officer. 09478912555. C2-83913

Match for Maid Rajput girl, December 1977, M.A., B.Ed., 5'-6", working in MNC, Mohali. 7500/- PM. Contact 098151-90814. Box 1495F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professional match for Punjabi Hindu Kashyap Rajput (Mehra) girl 28, 5'-2", diploma Staff Nursing, employed in Hospital in Virginia USA. Proposals invited from same caste US citizen, Green Card holder on student visa or desirous of coming to USA. Send profile and photograph, C2-84669

Mair Rajput girl, 5'-4", 28 May 1983, 2.15 am, Jalandhar, M.Sc. Computer B.Ed. E-mail: 9501559880. C2-86515

Medico/Dentico/other professionally qualified suitable match in India/USA/Canada for fair, beautiful, intelligent Punjab, Doaba Bhatti Rajput girl, convent educated, BDS, 26, 5'-5", taking NBDE Exam. TOEFL cleared. Reputed and highly educated family. Apply with recent photograph and detailed/complete biodata. Contact: 98780-10901. E-mail: Box 1502F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for beautiful, slim, cultured Saraswat Brahmin Bhardwaj working girl 5'-7", 13.09.1987, 03.50 am, Karnal, B.Tech. (ECE). Tricity family preferred. 98156- 03409, C2-84175

Seeking Professionally qualified match from decent, educated family for fair, beautiful, Brahmin girl, August 83 born, 5'-4", BAMS, PGDHHM, Anshik Manglik, Madhya Nadi, working in Private Sector in Panchkula. Father retired eminent Scientist. 09418025995. C2-84323

Professionally qualified match for Graduate Web Tech. expert slim,
beautiful, 15 Feb. 1982, 01:10 am, Chandigarh, 5'-4", working with semi govt. reputed organisation in Chandigarh. 9988124350, C2-84345

Professionally qualified non-smoking veg. teetotaller match for Saraswat beautiful girl. Fair, slim, convent educated. B.E. (C.S.) (Gold) PEC. 5'-4", 03.05.1984, 09:00 am, Chandigarh. Presently Technology Analyst Infosys, Chandigarh. 7 lacs p.a. Send B.H.P. 9878507057. C2-85583

Professionally qualified Bangalore based boy for NM Brahmin Aug. 86 born, convent educated, slim, fair, smart girl 5'-3", MBA, working MNC, Bangalore, from Panchkula based status family. Mail BHP. Call: 098884-85752. NA2-63949

Hindu Khatri handsome match for German PR 24 years/5'- 4", beautiful, fair complexioned girl, M.Sc. Business Economics. 98158-91925. C2-83939

Match for Hindu Khatri Suri girl based B.Com., MBA, 30.10.1989, 11:55 pm, Ambala, 5'-3". C2-84095

Hindu Khatri beautiful, slim, homely girl, B.Tech. (Last Sem), 5'-2", 15.11.1988, Kurukshetra. 097290- 63789. Box 1501F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Defence Officer professionally qualified match for Khatri girl 26/5'-5",
MCA (Oracle) serving MNC NCR. Phone: 097295-76666. C2-84971

Suitable qualified match for 79 born Walia girl, fair, 5'-2", M.A., M.M.C. Contact with photo @ Email: C2-86589

M4 Probationary Officer in State Bank Post Graduate CAIIB, Pb. Kh.
extremely beautiful, slim girl 27/5'-4" highly educated reputed officers family Prefer officer in Govt. Job C2-86689

Suitable match for Ramgarhia fair, beautiful girl 29/5'-4", issueless,
divorcee, Graduation, professionally qualified. Preferred NRI unmarried, issueless, divorcee between 29-32. 95305-44032. C2-85397

Well settled, qualified match for fair, slim, beautiful Ramgarhia girl,
16.12.86, 5'-2", M.Com, doing Company Secretary and doing job as educator in reputed school. Doaba preferred. Contact: 9815966283. E-mail: C2-86311

Match for Ramgarhia beautiful Sikh girl, 30.05.1978, 08:05 am, Chandigarh, 5'-3", Graduate in Arts, Diploma in Medical Transcription. Caste no bar. 94172-89128. C2-86757

PQM for TT Gursikh family of 5'-4", July 85, B.Com., PGDBM. Girl working in MNC Bank. Early simple marriage. Email: C2-84149

Sikh Khatri beautiful, slim 1987 born Jalandhar 5'-4", B.Tech, MBA, UGC, NET clear. Seeking Govt. officer, Doctor, Businessman in Punjab. 98153-45367. sesh- NA2-62210

Sikh Khatri widow (2 years daughter) 27.7.1981, 11.45 a.m., 5'-1", M.Tech., working MC Delhi, seeks teetotaller/vegetarian serviceman. Upper caste no bar. Dowry seekers excuse. 095017-23001. NA2-62502

Teetotaller, handsome Punjabi cleanshaven suitably educated match for Ad-dharmi, 31/5'-4" fair girl, MA (Eng.), M.Ed. NET lecturer in college. Father retd class-II officer. Cont: 98780-45397. C2-83923

Match for Chamar Sikh Advocate girl, B.A., LL.B, 1982, height 5', doing
LL.M. IInd year. Contact: 099917- 78840. C2-84247

Match for Balmiki B.Sc. Nursing girl, working in P.G.I. Chandigarh, 35/5'-2", salary 45000/- PM. 9780909214. C2-85425

Chandigarh-based Himachali Chamar family looking alliance for there b'ful, 5'-2", 84 born daughter, working as Manager with Nationalised Bank. Contact: 98761-82088, C2-85439

Match for Ramdasia Sikh (Julaha) girl 26/5'-3", M.A., B.Ed. Preferred Tricity only. Contact: 99149-03885. E- mail: C2-85565

Suitable match for Khatri slim, fair, Law Graduate, LL.M., November 1986. 98143- 29098. C2-86581

Sikh Tonk-Kashatriya family seeks Vaishnoo match for 10.9.81, 11.35 a.m., Amritsar, 5'-4", Post-Graduate girl. Father retd. Class-II Officer. Tricity preferred. Cleanshaven welcome. Contact 98886-88960. Box 1491F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Tonk Kashatriy 25, 4'-11" Sikh girl, B.Tech., working in MNC at Noida, educated family, caste no bar, no dowry. Contact 09818278998. E-mail: C2-86693

PQ, very well settled match for Sikh Khatri 32/5'-6", very beautiful,
Manager Nationalized Bank, innocent issueless divorcee (few days). Boy should be upto 37 issueless divorcee only. (Unmarried, clean shaven preferred. ). Genuine proposals invited. 94632-01980. E-mail: C2-84925

Wanted Arora/ Khatri Gursikh handsome, well settled ( high status job/ business) boy for beautiful, slim, B.Tech (Elec.& Comm.) from highly reputed Arora family, 23/ 5'-3'' complexion fair. Father (reputed builder & colonisers) Suratgarh (Rajasthan) 094140-92150. C2-86867

SM4 Extmly b'ful slim NM girl/May 83/5'-6", MA, B.Ed. Brother B.Tech.+ MBA in reputed MNC in Delhi. 088606- 02026. C2-84243B

MDS/MD/MS match for Garg MDS Oral Surgery girl, 29, 5'- 4". Upper caste
no bar. Mob: 09888785739. C2-84365

Slim, fair, convented, NM, Goyal 5.4.84, 5'-4", B.Tech., MBA, serving MNC Noida. Father Senior officer. E-mail: C2-84639

Suitable match for Amritdhari Arora girl, 31/5'-0", Graduate, MNC working Mohali, package 5 LPA. 98726- 73881. C2-85445B

Wanted Canadian Doctor/Engineer boy, having PR for slim, beautiful
Punjabi BDS Arora girl, 5'-2", 22, now in Canada on study visa. 98880-52937. E-mail: C2-86869

SM for Canadian PR Kamboj Sikh girl, 1983, 5 feet 7 inch, BDS, preferred Kamboj Doctor or Engineer in Canada. Contact: 98552-55252. Email: A2-74298-OL



Most Genuine, Logical, Scientific Horoscope Consultation. Only by appointment. Guaranteed Satisfaction. V. Kumar: 98551-50789, 95920-95234. C2- 80469


40 Acres land in Village-Nimbuan, Teh. Derabassi available for Godown/Warehouse/any other purpose. Fully/Partially, will be developed accordingly. 9815608885, 9876699910. C2-83743


Nayagaon : One and Two beds, Drawing Dining Flats with Parking - 3 Floors each. Ready to shift. Shivalik Vihar, adjoining Sector - 1, Chandigarh. 098789-47177. C2-85275


Approx. 34 bighas land (7 acres) available for sale at Chail Koti on Shimla Chail road. 30 km from Shimla and 40 km from Kandaghat Solan. Surrounded by thick forest. Excellent view. Most suitable for Resort/Cottages. Persons/parties interested in partnership may also contact. Mobile No. 086798-72324, 094184-89789. Email: C2-86837


PG accommodation student/working boys and girls AC/non- AC Rs. 3000/- per bed, TV/fridge, water filter, Sector 41-D, 45, 47-C, 50, Sector 61, Chandigarh. Also best Tolet service in Chandigarh. 98884-97023, 98722-35003, 98148-22730. NA2-62292


Location Location Location Mohali, Phase-6. Corner, 16 marla, double
storey with park, beautiful home. Dealers excuse. Owner 95018-65451. C2-85411

One kanal 4 storey (with basement) builtup Industrial plot for sale in Phase-8B, Mohali. Rent One lac per month. 9878525080. C2-86761


Showroom available for rent area 1077 sq. ft. in Omax Mall on Kali Devi Mandir Road, Patiala, very busy and crowded area. Only serious parties can contact 97797- 64900 or email C2-76299


Ten Marla corner house Sector-26 Panchkula available for lease/rent. Ground, first floors, recent construction. Contact: 9968416382, 9417058832. C2-84815

New One kanal ground floor Sector-15, main road, 3 bedrooms D/D, Ultra modern. MNC/PSU/Professionals. Bagga: 9872211509. C2-86584


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