Karuna Goswamy


1. Belonging to the ways of an ancient Chinese philosopher

5. Biblical figure whose wife was changed into a pillar of salt

6. Objective; goal

7. Smell; scent, stench

11. In photography, a film has this, so does the shutter.

14. In marketing, the thing that sets your product apart from all others (inits.)

15. To put in this of yours is to meddle

16. Inheritance; money or estate


1. Unruffled; unperturbed

2. International body that arose from the post-war Atlantic pact (inits.)

3. India’s premier body dealing with agricultural research (inits.)

4. “Finding ___” popular animation film

8. Immerse; plunge

9. Utilize; take advantage of

10. You use this to inflate tyres

11. Petty quarrel

12. Extinct, flightless bird

13. Helen, who came from here, was the one that launched a thousand ships

15. Swiss river, a tributary of the Rhine

16. The Japanese parliament is so called