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Safety drink
Jaspal Bhatti

Jaspal BhattiRaids by the food safety and standards authority on milk producing units confirm that in most parts of India the milk we drink is adulterated. Hydrogen peroxide, urea and detergents are some of the most commonly used adulterants in milk. Probably adulterators think that with the detergents, like the ‘chamchamati safedi’ of our clothes and shine of utensils, our intestines will also become sparkling clean.

Earlier, mothers ran after their children with a glass of milk in hand shouting, "Beta, dhoodh pee lo". Now if your children ask for a glass of milk, you are in dilemma whether you should hand over that glass of adulterated milk or not.

Despite the protests, rallies and raids nobody actually is behind bars for this heinous crime. With the real culprits’ going scot free, one day may be cows, buffaloes and goat will be put behind bars for producing adulterated milk.

Baba Ramdev says no to coke, doctors advise shunning alcohol as it affects liver, and the adulteration in milk makes it a no-no drink too. So what is safe to drink?

 Dharam paaji has immortalised this dialogue in Hindi films. To his famous dialogue, "Kuttey, main tera khoon pee jayunga" today a villain may just answer, "Go ahead and drink my blood paaji, but I’m anemic." And Dharam paaji may scratch his head and say in exasperation "Aaj kal samajh nahi aata, peeyein to kya peeyein!"

(Jaspal Bhatti, who started his career as a columnist with The Tribune, wrote his last column for the newspaper just days before his death on October 25)