good motoring
H. Kishie Singh
Beware of tyres that bulge

IN a previous column we had discussed the importance of tyres, your only contact with terra firma. Loss of traction will make your car a high-speed hurtling missile. A blow out in the front tyre will render the steering useless. A blow out at the rear will lift the car into the air. Disaster follows.

Tubeless radial tyres are long-lasting, give a smooth drive, improve fuel average. The main portion of the tyre that touches the tarmac, the centre is very strong. It is reinforced by nylon and steel wires. The side walls are not strong. They are designed to give you that luxurious ride. Thatís why the radial tyre looks under inflated when at rest. It is designed that way. The side wall is the Achilles heel of a radial tyre.

In a parking lot, keep moving back and forth, try and keep the car in motion. It is common practice to reverse, stop and swing the steering wheel, then move again. If the car is stationary, the entire weight is on one spot and by turning the steering wheel, you are twisting the tyre with the weight of the car. Keep the car in motion while going to full lock, not stationary. While in motion the twisting force will be distributed over a larger area,. This should be done while executing a three-point or four-point turn.If the side wall is damaged it will show up as a bulge. Watch out! It is going to burst and cause a blow out. Our roads are designed to damage tyres. Pot holes, bricks and other building debris is scattered on roads. While parking in a tight spot, the tyre may scrape the kerb. This will also damage the side wall. Harman Sandhu had a bulge in his car's tyre. Tto assess the damage to the tyre, he drove to the agent. The salesman was present, checked the tyre and gave his assessment. It's a gem ! He said: "Its ok for city driving but be careful on the highway." Very good advice. An option: "Kill yourself in the city or on the highway." A ttyre with a bulge in the side wall will burst. Anytime, anywhere, at any speed. In the city it will cause the car to veer into the path of a speeding bus or a stationary car, scooter or rickshaw. You may suffer the same fate as the BMW on the Yamuna E-way. with worn-out tyres or a damaged tyre (bulge on the sidewall) or incorrect tyre pressure. There cannot be another reason. Happy Motoring.