Karuna Goswamy


1. Minute particle; trace

6. ___ Khusro, great poet

8. One of the cardinal points of compass

11. Neecha ___, Chetan Anand ís film

12. A distinct piece of land

13. Go wrong; make a mistake

14. Build; set up

17. Great goddess in Buddhism

19. Impose a tax etc.

21. Barack Obama is one again



2. England river flowing by Cambridge

3. Great Buddhist city in Japan

4. A thought; concept

5.__ Vegas, great gambling city

6. Set apart; dedicate

7. Bury; place in a grave

9. Aggregate of qualities making up good character

10. Rest; stop

15. Old Indian appellation for a rich man

16. Lump of earth or clay

18. In music, a tune or melody

20. Large transport vehicle