Shoot a wow wedding film
Mriganka Dadwal

Read on to know the secrets of shooting a great wedding movie:

1Crisp is Cool: People insist on increasing the duration of shots in general and movie in particular. This only makes their movie look drab and never-ending. Trust your wedding film-maker when he/she tells you to keep it crisp. Anyway, you will not be watching those never-ending repetitive videos so why make them in first place?

2Look Candid: While it is a great idea to beam your smile and look straight into the camera for your photo shoot, you ruin your video shots by peeping into the camera frequently. Being unsure of what to do, many people make this classic mistake. Instead remain candid and carry on with whatever you are doing and your film-maker will get amazing shots.

3Go High Definition: Most of the wedding films in India are shot on standard format. There is no point watching these low resolution videos on your HD lcds or plasma TVs. Spend a little more and get your video shoot done in High Definition format. Trust us, you’ll love what you see.

4Get regular touch-ups: Book a make-up artist/hair stylist for entire day. With time, your make-up tends to melt, hair gets disarrayed. By taking regular touch ups you’ll look picture perfect till the end of the ceremonies.

5Compliment not Contradict: Have you noticed how on celluloid the charming couples smile into each others eyes . . . their outfits always coordinated? This is the big secret of that "larger than life romanticism". Make sure when you both pose as a couple the colour, texture and style of your outfits compliments, not contradicts each other.