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MC set to auction ‘controversial’ site
Residents say land is a green belt and should not be used for commercial purpose
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

The Ludhiana master plan downloaded from the GLADA website clearly shows the site (encircled in red) as a green belt.
The Ludhiana master plan downloaded from the GLADA website clearly shows the site (encircled in red) as a green belt. A Tribune photograph

Ludhiana, November 25
Residents of Housefed Flats have resented the move of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (LMC) to auction a site for the construction of 30 shop-cum-offices (SCOs) near Keys Hotel on Pakhowal Road. They have alleged that the land in question is a green belt and cannot be put to use for some other purpose.

Interestingly, even the map of the Ludhiana master plan that was checked from the website of Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (www.glada.gov.in/masterplan) shows the particular chunk of land comes under the "recreational" category, which includes "regional park", "city park/major open space", "city ground/green belt/stadium and sports complex" and "historical/archaeological monuments".

But the officials from the LMC as well as the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) maintain that this property can be put to commercial use and it is not a green belt.

As per information, the land was a part of the 475-acre Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar Scheme developed by LIT. At that time, the road adjoining the site was 300 feet wide, but later, its width was decreased to 200 feet. It was in 2008, when the land (where MC is to auction land for constructing SCOs) was handed over to the LMC.

While speaking to The Tribune, Pritpal Singh, president, Pakhowal Housing Complex Cooperative House Building Society Ltd, alleged that the particular piece of land (adjoining the Housefed Flats part 2) had always been a green belt.

"When we checked the map of the Ludhiana master plan on the website of GLADA, we became sure about the fact. We all know that green cover in the city has already decreased and instead of starting a plantation drive, the MC is trying to auction green belts now, which is totally wrong," alleged Pritpal Singh.

When the members of Pakhowal Housing Complex Cooperative House Building Society Ltd sought information under the RTI Act from the MC about the "change of land use" of the property, if any, from green belt to commercial, the MC gave a strange reply (a copy of which is in possession of The Tribune) on November 19.

"It stated in its reply that the particular property falls under the 475-acre scheme of LIT, which has not been handed over to the MC yet. So if the property has not been handed over to the MC, how can it auction the same land? It means either the reply given by the MC under the RTI Act is wrong or the MC is auctioning property owned by LIT," said another resident of the Housefed Flats.

When contacted, Sukhbir Singh Jakhar,Trust engineer, LIT, maintained that this property was never a green belt. "Moreover, we have already handed over the property to the MC," he said.

MC Commissioner Rakesh Kumar Verma too said that they had checked the status of the property before putting it to auction. "This is a commercial site and that is why we are auctioning it. It is not a green belt," claimed Verma.

But the Ludhiana master plan on the GLADA website definitely, does not mention it as a commercial property.

Earlier too, MC had flouted norms
When the auction of four residential plots measuring 150 sq yards each was carried out by the MC in the Jawaddi area on November 15, it had tried to violate the building bylaws itself. As per the building bylaws, whenever residential plots are auctioned, the minimum width of the internal road should be 25 feet while that of outer road should be 35 feet. Whereas when these plots were put to auction, the MC was providing 20 feet inner road and 22 feet outer road, which was in violation of the building bylaws. When the MC officials realised that this could snowball into a controversy, the auction was cancelled.


Contract killing
Two more accused held, 2 absconding
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
With the arrest of four persons, the city police has claimed to have cracked the shootout incident that took place at Peeru Banda Colony in Salem Tabri.

Bholi Mahant, an eunuch leader, was shot at in the incident. She is currently undergoing treatment at DMCH.

Giving details about supari killing (contract killing) bid, ACP Swapan Sharma, said that it was Tejo, a resident of Fathegarh Mohalla near the Chand Cinema, who had hired Singhania and her accomplices to kill Bholi Mahant.

Tejo had promised to pay Rs 2 lakh to Singhania for killing Bholi. The weapon used in the crime was procured from Uttar Pradesh (UP).

The police, who had arrested both the contract killers Imtiaz Ahmed, alias Bhola and Ramji Paswan, on Friday, arrested Singhania and Tejo from Chaura Bazar and Fathegarh Mohalla respectively today.

While the other two accused Vijay and Sonu are still on the run. It is learnt that they were sharing the room with Singhania and were not aware about the incident.

It was on Friday that Singhania, Bhola and Ramji Paswan had arrived at the house of Bholi Mahant. Bhola and Ramjit had entered the dera on the pretext of paying obeisance to Bholi Mahant. One of the youths touched Bholi's feet while the other opened fire.

Two shots were fired, while one missed the target the other went on to hit Bholi’s stomach. Both the accused were arrested by the police, while Singhania managed to escape.

Discord over division of area
The reason of the attack is discord over the division of area among eunuchs. Tejo had a long standing dispute over boundaries with Bholi.
Bholi was visiting the houses falling in the area of Tejo to receive shaguns at the time of marriages and childbirth.
Tejo claimed that she had reported the matter to the police and took up the issue at the Mahant Panchayat, but Bholi kept violating the orders of the panchayat. Tejo said finding no other option she hired contract killers to eliminate Bholi.



anti encroachment drive
Six rehris, 40 farhis confiscated from Hambran Road
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
The Ludhiana Municipal Corporation's tehbazaari wing today confiscated six rehris and more than 40 farhis from the Hambran Road area of the city. The MC officials even visited the Gian Singh Rarewala Market and did not let the car bazaar operate from the area.

After getting orders from the Punjab and Haryana High Court, the MC is not allowing car bazaar owners to sell or purchase vehicles from the Gian Singh Rarewala Market, located near Preet Palace, here. The MC has even got notice boards installed on the market premises, directing the car bazaar owners as well as the residents not to sell or purchase vehicles from this part of the city.

"Every Sunday, we depute policemen on the spot so that the area remains free from encroachments," informed Naveen Malhotra, superintendent, Tehbazaari Wing of the MC.

The MC officials also took a round of the Model Town area and cleared encroachments from there.

The temporary encroachments on the Hambran Road were also cleared. "We confiscated close to half dozen rehris and more than 40 farhis from this road. This drive would continue in coming days as well," informed Malhotra.

For bringing relief to the residents of New Chander Nagar, Raghbir Park, Naveen Nagar and other adjoining areas, a newly constructed bridge on Budha Nullah was inaugurated today. The bridge will connect these areas with Hambran Road.



MC on a cleaning spree ahead of President’s visit
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
The Ludhiana Municipal Corporation seems to have gone on a cleanliness overdrive ahead of President Pranab Mukherjee’s visit to the city on November 27.

While the MC health branch is maintaining cleanliness on city roads, the bridges and roads (B&R) branch has been told to be on a standby as Mukherjee's travel route has not been disclosed so far.

The President will attend functions at Punjab Agricultural University and Sat Paul Mittal School.

MC officials said that though there were no written orders, the senior officials had communicated to the staff that they should remain on a standby mode and keep themselves prepared for re-carpeting or repairing any road, besides cleaning it.

He is likely to reach PAU on a chopper, from where he will go straight to the function inside the university campus. Later, he is expected to attend a function in Sat Paul Mittal School.

While speaking to The Tribune, Dr Vipul Malhotra, health officer, MC, said that Ferozepur Road has already been cleaned and Malhar Road and other adjoining roads were in the process being cleaned. "All other prominent roads of the city have already been cleaned under the ongoing cleanliness drive," said Malhotra.

Another MC official from the B&R branch, on condition of anonymity, said that they were yet to receive the President's route plan. "Once we get the route plan, we will get all the roads falling on his route either re-carpeted or repaired. We will start the repair work tomorrow as we might get to know about his route plan tomorrow," said the official.

After becoming the president of India, Pranab Mukherjee is on his first visit to the city.



12 more test positive for dengue
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
In the last five days, 12 more confirmed cases of dengue have been reported at various hospitals in the city. Out of these, eight are from Ludhiana and belong to Haibowal Kalan (Pavittar Nagar, Durga Puri), Upkar Nagar, New Upkar Nagar, Partap Bazar, Civil Lines and Salim Tabri. So far, Ludhiana district has received 189 confirmed cases of dengue this season.

The total number of cases from other districts but hospitalised in hospitals of Ludhiana are 156.The total number of cases from other states hospitalised in Ludhiana are 35.



Two youths found dead at Kidwai Nagar
Police suspects drug overdose as the cause of death
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
Two persons were found dead in a one-room apartment at Kadwai Nagar today. Drug overdose is suspected to be the reason behind the death. The police collected heroin from the room and sent it for chemical analysis.

The police has not ruled out any foul play behind the incident and has sent the body of the duo to the Civil Hospital for a post-mortem examination.

The deceased has been identified as Sonu (42) and Rinku (40), both residents of Bhamia road. They use to visit the area to consume drugs.

The incident came to light this afternoon when a resident spotted the body of the two in a room and informed the police.

Giving details, Gurpreet Singh, SHO, Division No 2, said the postmortem had been conducted and the report was awaited. The SHO said the duo were chronic drug addicts.

Earlier, they used to consume drugs at a park in Kadwai Nagar. Last night, they entered the room of a resident and asked him for shelter as it was cold. It is suspected that at midnight they again began consuming drugs and died in the morning. The police has also launched a hunt for the drug peddler who used to supply drugs.

Kadwai Nagar and its surrounding area has been in the grip of the drug menace.

Non-government organisations (NGOs) blame the politician and the police for spreading the menace.

They complain that the drug peddlers are thriving in the area due to political patronage. The police also avoid taking action against the culprits.

Police sources said that Sonu and Rinku, were married and had children They tried to leave drugs but failed in their effort to do so.



reporters’ diary
It’s nightmare for commuters on city roads

Ever since a down ramp for the railway overbridge, in place of “Lakkar Pul”, was constructed on the road from Deepak Cinema Road towards Mata Rani Chowk, almost two-third width of the road has been used for construction of pillars on which the flyover has been erected. As a result, the busy commercial hub of Bhadaur House and the AC Market located on the other side of the road has become a commuter’s nightmare. With buyers visiting the AC Market, a wholesale market of clothes, textile and garments, this stretch of road witnesses extended traffic jams several times during the day, as both parts of the truncated road are occupied by haphazardly parked two-wheelers, rickshaws and carriages, used for transportation of packages. With three-wheelers also using the road to ferry passengers, the situation is abysmal. Shopkeepers say that even after visits of several traffic police officials, no solution has yet been found for the traffic bottleneck that people using this particular road continue to face.

Who cares!

The traffic police makes tall claims about intensifying tow-away drives in the city, but in the interior parts, there is no respite from the traffic chaos. Vehicles -- be it bicycles, motor cycles, cars, auto rickshaws, rickshaws or mule carts -- all keep banging into each other, especially near Mata Rani Chowk, Bhadaur House, Deepak Cinema Road and Old GT Road, but the traffic police keeps looking the other way. On Saturdays and Sundays, the situation worsens with incidents of road rage creating ugly scenes. Repeated pleas made with the department to depute personnel to streamline the traffic movement go unheeded. Taking advantage of this lackadaisical attitude of the traffic police, shopkeepers at the AC Market have started loading and unloading their stocks on the main road itself, thereby further adding to the woes of the commuters.

Long live the ‘rickshawala’

Saturday evening, due to a religious procession near Mata Rani Chowk, there were traffic jams on almost all the roads leading to our office. Many people got stuck in these jams. I was also one of them, unable to cross the road. I had to reach the office early to file my story on time. This kept bothering me. After waiting for the traffic to get clear, I saw a rickshaw that was standing in the middle of the road without any passenger. I jumped onto the rickshaw and alight from the other side. I thanked the rickshaw puller before leave. He said, "Chalo koi to apni jagah pahunch jaye is jamghat mein; 20 minute se kataar mein khade hain (Good that someone will be able to get to the destination on time; we are stuck in this jam for last 20 minutes)".

Stress busters!

Gone are the days when only children used to be crazy about video games on mobile phones. These days, even elder people are getting hooked to video games. Even some politicians are getting hooked to this gaming world. Few days back, when I was sitting at the house of a friend, an MLA's son reached there. He looks after the day-to-day functioning of his father's constituency. While we were chatting about the routine stuff, the MLA's son was busy playing "Temple Run" game on his i-phone. As we all looked at him curiously, he started discussing the "stress busting" merits of this mobile game. "Gone are the days when people used to read books to relax. I would suggest that they should start playing video games on their mobile phones as they are big stress busters," he said. As he again got busy playing “Temple Run”, all of us were left with no option but to look towards each other and smile sheepishly.

Contributed by Kuldip Bhatia, Shivani Bhakoo, Anupam Bhagria and Puneet Pal Singh Gill.



2,232 paramedical, nursing students gear up for cancer census
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, November 25
As many as 2,232 students of over fifteen nursing colleges and paramedical institutes were trained for conducted the census on cancer, which will cover over two lakh households falling under the jurisdiction of 14 civil hospitals and heath centers of Sangrur district.

Supervised by civil surgeon Dr HS Bali and district media mass officer Raghbir Singh, a team of medical experts led by Dr Nazar Singh and Dr Jasbir Singh, SMOs at Fatehgarh block and local civil hospital, gave tips to field workers on various aspects of the census. Actual work on the census will start from December 1.

Pardeep Sood, coordinator of the event, said all field workers including nursing students, Asha workers, GNMs and ANMs, were provided questionnaires and literature on the subject, besides being briefed on techniques to interview all members of families visited by them during the 12-day census.

The teams would be preparing data on incidents of diagnosed cancer under four age groups in both the sexes, and on those persons showing preliminary symptoms of the disease. Common symptoms for diagnosis of over ten types of cancer have been illustrated to the workers.

Focus will also be laid on collecting information about lifestyle of the probable cases of latent cancer. Education level, occupation, income group, source of drinking water and chemical fertilizer handled are among some of the questions to be asked from all family members.



2,000 patients examined at various medical camps
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
A number of medical check-up camps were organised in the city here today.

At one such camp near Jhammat village, more than 450 patients from rural areas were examined by a team of doctors, including Dr Ramesh, Dr Jaspal Singh and Dr Navdeep Singh.

The patients suffering from eye, dental and orthopaedic ailments were examined. Size for artificial limbs was also taken of some needy people. MLAs Manpreet Ayali and Darshan Singh Shiwalik were also present on the occasion.

Shree Raghunath Hospital also held a free medical camp on the hospital premises. Around 350 patients were checked free-of-cost in different departments including dental, skin, orthopaedics, ENT, gynaecology and paediatrics. Free medicines were also distributed to underprivileged patients.

Another free medical camp was held at Deepak Hospital, Sarabha Nagar, under the leadership of medical superintendent Dr Balbir Singh Shah. A team of doctors examined 286 patients. They even conducted free ECG, X-ray scans and blood tests. Medicines were provided for free to the needy patients. Ten patients were selected for free eye operations.

Meanwhile, an NGO, Aashiq-E-Khwaja (Old Age & Child Home) Society, Ludhiana, held a free homoeopathic medical camp at a marriage palace near Octroi Post. On this occasion 400 new patients were attended by the doctors, while over 600 patients visited for follow-up examination.



Punjabi singers captivate audience at cultural fair
Our Correspondent

Khamano, November 25
A cultural fair was organised in the memory of late Karamjit Singh, brother of famous folk singer Zelly Bilaspur, at Bilaspur village. Several famous Punjabi singers performed on the occasion.

K Saarthi captivated the audience with his popular songs including “Munda Chandigarh Jaawe” and “Chaala in Chandigarh”. Sherry Mann sang his hit song “Yaar Anmulle”.

Gippi Grewal enthralled the audience with his famous songs including “Main Pind Naanke Rehanda Se”.

Nachhatar Gill, Bhupinder Gill, Pammi Dhillon, Gurkirpal Soorapuri, Jassi Gill, Babbal Rai, Mintu Dhuri, Baljinder Rimpy and Gurbakhash Shounki also performed on the occasion to the delight of everyone present on the occasion.

Hardeep of “Munde Shehar Patiale de” fame was honoured during the fair. Ashwani Sharma and singer Kulwinder Dhillon were also honoured.

General secretary of Akali Dal Prof Prem Singh Chandumajra, MLA of the area Retired Justice Nirmal Singh, former MLA Jagjivan Singh Khirnia and district president of Akali Dal Jagdeep Singh Cheema, and SGPC member Avtar Singh Ria, felicitated the distinguished guests. 



Widows receive sewing machines, tricycles for physically challenged
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, November 25
“It is need of the hour to change our attitude towards the hardships of the underprivileged women,” said Jalandhar Police Range Inspector General Gurpreet Kaur at a function organised to distribute sewing machines to widows today.

Physically challenged persons also received tricycles at the function organised by the Nishkam Kirtan Sewa Society. The IG lauded the efforts of the NGO.



Say no to greasy food
High-calorie diet can cause stroke, diabetes, say doctors
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Sandeep Joshi
Sandeep Joshi

Ludhiana, November 25
In winter everyone loves to relish greasy food, including saag with dollops of desi ghee, stuffed pranthas with butter, gajar ka halwa and dry fruits.

People think that the greasy food keeps them warm and saves them from winter ailments. But they do not know that the myth can land them in hospital.

Those who eat high-calorie foods can become a victim of various heart ailments, diabetes and stroke.

Dr Jairaj Pandiyan, head of the neurosurgery department, CMCH, said, "Cold weather always aggravates problems of people with high blood pressure as they eat high-calorie food and hardly exercise."

Dr Gaurav Sachdeva, Medical Superintendent of Mediways Hospital, said,"In winter, the number of patients complaining of such problems increases. The intake of high-calorie food and no exercise result in diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. In winter, due to vasoconstriction (when arteries shrink), blood pressure increases and high-calorie food adds to the risk of heart ailments. So such foods should be avoided."



Admn putting in efforts to get illegally occupied land vacated
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
Though in the past few months, the district administration with the help of certain local leaders has been able to get back the possession of about 50 acres, more than 200 acres of government land is still in the possession of illegal occupants and efforts are being made to get the land vacated.

In the past five months, the officials got vacated 50 acres. Fourteen acres of land was vacated two days ago in Dakha while another 16 acres was vacated at Mattewara village. Though there had been protests and allegations of vindictiveness against the government officials, the administration got vacated the land successfully.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development) Rishipal Singh said at Roorka village, 34 acres was vacated about two months ago while at Jhameri village, another chunk of 10 acres was vacated.

"Still about 200 acres of prime land was in the possession of illegal occupants in the district and our aim is to get the land back from their possession. At present, about 95 acres in Jodhwal village is our main concern where illegal sand mining is going on. The practice has been stopped and we are hopeful of getting back the possession of the land," said Rishipal Singh.

However, there have been allegations, too, that the officials adopt "vindictive" attitude in getting the land vacated. Manpreet Singh Ayali, Akali MLA, and chairman, Zila Parishad, said it was wrong to say that a particular party/partymen were targeted as law was equal for everyone.

"In Dakha, we got the land vacated from Akalis only. The government will not adopt vindictive attitude. Instead the illegal occupants should voluntarily hand over the land to the government," he said. 



Fearing demolition, owners modify establishments in Mandi Ahmedgarh
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, November 25
Fearing demolition of illegal structures following the municipal council's orders, owners and managers of commercial establishments in various markets have started modifying their establishments.

Besides shifting extra stocks to godowns and deciding to park their own vehicles at vacant places, traders have reduced the size of showcases and pavements in front of their establishments.

Appreciating the role of the office-bearers of the trade and social organisation in solving the problem, Ravinder Puri, president, municipal council, said those supporting the move would be felicitated on Republic Day.

Admitting that the traffic congestion due to encroachments in front of business establishments had emerged as a major factor behind a decline in business in otherwise busy markets such as Tarsem Garg, an office-bearer of the Social Welfare Organisation confirmed that a large number of members of trade organisations had come forward to ease traffic congestion.

"Members of various organisations have advised their staff to stop parking their bicycles and motorcycles in front of their establishments," said Garg while adding that special parking places had been arranged in vacant plots near certain markets.

The members of trade and social organisations had vowed to support the municipal council during the concluding session of a joint meeting of a five-member committee headed by the president of the municipal council about a week ago.

The committee comprising Executive Magistrate Manmohan Singh, executive officer Chetan Sharma, SHO (City) Jasbir Singh, former councillor Ramesh Chand Ghaie and president of the youth wing of the SAD Sukh Sagar Singh Sodhi had appealed to the owners of commercial set-ups to remove all encroachments by Sunday.

The committee has already announced to launch an anti-encroachment drive on Monday. 



Move to draw NRIs’ attention towards development
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, November 25
With the aim to draw attention of the non-resident Indians towards the need for development of the area, Jagraon MLA SR Kaler has announced an annual “Jagraon Rattan” award to felicitate those NRIs who will offer maximum contribution in the area’s development and in community services.

Kaler made this announcement while presiding over a meeting of NRIs belonging to Jagraon and surrounding villages. The MLA also discussed various development projects initiated in the area, and sought their help in starting more projects.

"The NRIs can play an important role in developing their native villages and carrying out other social activities in rural areas. There is no doubt that there are several NRIs who are already contributing. With this initiative, we wish to motivate more NRIs to contribute in different development projects," said Kaler.

Kaler also invited all the visiting NRIs for a meeting on December 1.



Mother-child care hospital to come up soon
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
The work on 100-bed mother-child care hospital, which is to come up at the Civil Hospital, will start in the first week of December in the premises of Lord Mahavir Civil Hospital, Ludhiana.

SDO of the Punjab Health System Corporation Gurpinder Singh said the hospital was coming up at a cost of Rs 17 crore. He said the tenders were invited a few days ago.

The hospital will be constructed opposite the newly constructed burn unit. The SDO said,"The work will be completed in 18 months. The building will have an emergency block, blood bank, OPD, private rooms, labour room, recovery room, operation theatre and nursery.



21-km half marathon held

Khanna, November 25
To spread awareness about the drug menace, a 21-km half marathon was organised here today. Hundreds of people participated in the event.

Laxman Singh of New Delhi bagged the first prize among the men, while Roma of Punjabi University stood first among the female participants.

SAD leader Ranjit Singh Talwandi said that such activities will be organised in various parts of Punjab to promote games in Punjab so that the youth could stay away from drugs. — OC



Annual function

Bhartiya Vidya Mandir's annual cultural and prize distribution function was organised on Sunday. Students accorded a warm welcome to Prof Arun Kumar Grover, Vice-Chancellor of Panjab University, Chandigarh, who graced the occasion as the chief guest. The function commenced with lighting of the ceremonial lamp. Everyone witnessed various performances that displayed the talent and upbeat mood of students.

Meritorious students awarded

A fusion of eastern and western cultures marked the annual function at DAV Public School, BRS Nagar. Principal of the school Sudesh K Patial read the annual report and highlighted the achievements of the school. The spirit of patriotism was displayed in the choreography “Desh Ke Liye Vardaan”. An English play, 'A Christmas Carol', Rajasthani dance Chari and Hindi play “Ek Tukda Roshni” were also staged on the occasion. Prizes were given to the meritorious students.

Students promote national integration

Green Land Convent School, Dugri, held its annual function on Saturday. The theme of the cultural event was national integration. MLA Simarjit Singh Bains was the chief guest on the occasion. The beautifully attired students mesmerised the audience with their melodious welcome song. The students presented various facets of Lord Krishna which left everyone spellbound. The children showed unity in diversity through a ramp walk. The other highlights of the day were action songs presented by the primary section students on “Chak De India” and “Kaisa Des Hai Mera” and a well-synchronised medley in which students presented folk dances of various states.

The chief guest distributed prizes to the achievers for their achievements in academics, sports and co-curricular activities. He applauded the students for their wonderful performance.

Shabad gayan

GGN Public School bagged the first prize at the LSSSC Shabad Gayan Competition at GRD Academy. Eighteen teams from different schools participated in the event. BCM School, Chandigarh Road, got the second prize, while both Guru Nanak International School and Guru Nanak Public School won the third prize.

Science Fest

Annual Science Fest was organised at Bal Bharti School. Around 150 models were displayed at the exhibition. Students explained their models and the work of famous inventors. Cancer awareness lecture was also conducted. Students used PowerPoint presentations to explain various diseases affecting children in different countries and the solutions provided by science.

Poetry recitation

The martyrdom day of Shri Guru Teg Bahadur was solemnised at GHG Academy, Kothe Baggu, near Jagraon. The students of the academy recited shabads in the memory of Guru Teg Bahadur. Poetry recitation contest related to Guru Teg Bahadur’s life was also organised on the occasion. A large number of students took part in these contests. — TNS



ludhiana scan
Workers welcome wage revision

The labour wing of Shiromani Akali Dal has expressed gratitude to the state government for its decision to increase the minimum wages of workers. The labour wing hoped that the industrialists will wholeheartedly implement the decision taken by the state government. The governments notification states that minimum monthly wage of unskilled workers will be Rs 5,200, of half-skilled labourers will be Rs 5,980, of skilled workers will be Rs 6,877 and that of efficient skilled workers will be Rs 7,909.

Free sewing training

Students Youth Council (SYC) has opened free training and tuition centre for the underprivileged at Basti Jodhewal. At the centre, poor and needy women and girls will be imparted sewing training, while students of classes XI and XII will receive free tuitions. The centre was inaugurated by MLA Rakesh Pandey. Pandey appreciated the initiative taken by the students and encouraged others to follow in their footsteps.

Activists flay government

Activists of Dr Ambedkar Naujawan Sabha, led by chief organiser Jagsir Atwal, burnt an effigy of Punjab government at Clock Tower Chowk to protest against its alleged anti-dalit policies. The protesters flayed the government for rendering the members of Valmiki community homeless in the name of removal of encroachments. They also criticised the stubborn attitude of the state government against the regularisation of sanitary workers.


Dr Tejinder Pal Singh has been nominated as the vice-president of Shiromani Akali Dal by the party president, Sukhbir Badal. The party secretary and spokesman Dr Daljit Singh said that the appointment was made in view of the service rendered by Dr Tejinder Pal Singh to the party.

Moharram observed

Shahi Imam of Punjab Maulana Habib-ur-Rehman Sani Ludhianvi offered tributes to martyrs and remembered unparalleled sacrifice offered by Imam Hussain. Shahi Imam said the younger generation ought to derive inspiration from those who had laid down their lives at the altar of religion or the nation.

Campaign against drug abuse

Sarabha Nagar residents celebrated Guru Nanak Dev Ji's birth anniversary by campaigning against drug abuse and female infanticide. The “nagar kirtan” started at 10am from Gurdwara, Sarabha Nagar, and was led by Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Panj Piaras, followed by hundreds of devotees.

Candle march

Akhil Bhartiya Anti Terrorist Front paid tribunes to those who lost lives during 26/11 attacks. They held a peaceful candle march, which started from Brindaban Road and passed through different areas before culminating at Kailash Chowk.

Matryrdom day

Hospital management and staff of Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib (C) Hospital commemorated the martyrdom day of Guru Teg Bahadur. On this occasion, a “nagar kirtan” was organised. This was followed by “kirtan darbar”, “Guru ka langar” and free medical check-up camp.

Book release

Punjabi Lekhak Sabha in collaboration with Punjabi Sahit Academy organised a book release function at Punjabi Bhawan. President of Punjabi Sahit Akademi Gurbhajan Singh Gill released a book on Labh Singh — "Ankiyasi manzil”. Addressing the gathering, Gill said, "The book is about Labh Singh’s struggle and tells about his experiences.” — TNS



Transporter booked
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
A transporter has been booked for not repaying the loan amount to a bank and plying his buses by changing their number plates.

Shubh Karman Singh of Muktsar was booked today for not repaying a loan of Rs 1.1 crore. According to the police, instead of paying the loan installments, the transporter was plying the vehicles by changing the number plates.

That transporter is, reportedly, politically well-connected. As he enjoyed political clout, the district transport department officials allegedly never crosschecked the vehicle registration numbers.

It was only after the bank officials brought the issue to the notice of the police that the fraud came to light.



World Kabaddi Cup
Punjab Mandi Board yet to install canopy in two blocks of stadium
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
With the World Kabaddi Cup nearing, the Punjab Mandi Board is putting in efforts to complete the installation of canopies.

Interestingly, it has covered only a single block in the past six months. The board is yet to install canopies at two other blocks of the Guru Nanak Dev Stadium.

It took the board several months to change the sheets of canopy from Block A. Now, the workers are connecting the pillars with steel roads in Block B.

Officials of the board said the renovation of conference hall and urinals in Block A had been completed.

Meanwhile, the contractor concerned alleged that the ongoing work affected the conduct of tournaments in the stadium.

"The work has been stopped due to the ongoing events in the stadium," said the officials.

Amandeep Singh, SDO, Punjab Mandi Board, said, "The work will be completed by December 5. The canopy in Block B will be installed within three days."

Meanwhile, district sports officer Kartar Singh said, "The work will be completed on time. The board officials are working hard to complete the work before the start of the third edition of the World Kabaddi Cup.



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