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MC seals 2 illegal mobile towers 
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 4
Taking a firm step against illegal mobile towers in the city, the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation today sealed two mobile towers installed on top of Raghunath Hospital located near Aggar Nagar on Ferozepur Road, here. MC officials said both these towers were installed without taking permission from the civic body.

According to rules, no mobile tower can be installed in a hospital or a school.

A city resident had brought the matter regarding these two illegal mobile towers to the notice of the municipal corporation on November 26. He had submitted a written request stating that these two mobile towers should be sealed and removed from the hospital premises. His plea was that by installing such towers, the hospital authorities were playing with the health of city residents.

After getting the complaint, a team of the building branch of the MC, led by Assistant Town Planner Surinder Singh Bindra and head draughtsman Vijay Kumar, reached the top floor of Raghunath Hospital and sealed both towers. “No permission was taken from the MC before the installation of these towers. Moreover, as these were installed on top of a hospital building, these were illegal and that is why we sealed both of these,” said Bindra.

Prem Gupta, secretary of the committee that manages Raghunath Hospital, claimed that when these mobile towers were installed more than 10 years ago, the mobile companies concerned had taken permission from the departments concerned.

“It is the duty of the company concerned to take permission before installing a tower. We had just provided space and were taking rent. If the MC feels that these towers were installed in violation of the rules, it can get these removed,” said Gupta.


Termites eat up Rs 10 lakh in bank locker!

Ludhiana, December 4
High drama was witnessed at Kesar Gunj Mandi in the Old City area here today when a man claimed that termites had eaten up Rs 10 lakh currency notes he had kept in a locker of a bank.

The complainant, Jaspal, owner of a dhaba near Rikhi Cinema, claimed that he had kept Rs 10 lakh in a locker nearly a year ago. Today when he opened the locker, his currency notes were found eaten up by termites.

He blamed the bank authorities for the loss. He said the callousness of the bank had led to his currency notes getting damaged.

The bank authorities said water had entered the bank during the monsoon. They had the telephone numbers of some locker operators and had informed them about it. Jaspal, however, could not be contacted.

Bank manager Sunil Grover said they had taken up the matter with the authorities and necessary action would be taken in the issue. Jaspal said he had sold a plot and kept the money as "rainy days".



Developers want liberal real estate policy 
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, December 4
The Punjab Government has indicated that it will come out with a revised real estate policy by December 15 in a bid to give an impetus to the crisis-ridden real estate business and the housing sector in the state.

With stakeholders and developers persistently demanding a liberal and realistic housing policy, which also addresses the menace of proliferating unauthorised colonies in the state, the government apparently needs to put the real estate business back on the tracks. There has been a heavy revenue shortfall in stamp duty collection, which is way short of the projected income during the first eight months of the current financial year.

Several city-based real estate developers, property dealers and people from other walks of life, however, want the government to formulate a comprehensive policy which fulfils the aspirations of all stakeholders.

Kultar Singh Jogi, president of the Punjab Colonisers and Property Dealers Association, is of the view that the real estate business should be accorded the status of an industry as had been done in many other states. He also wants that the time period of 90 days for the grant of a licence for the development of a colony should be followed in letter and spirit, and, if possible, the licensing process should be brought under the purview of the Right to Service Act.

Jogi asked the government to fix the external development charges and the composition fee for the existing colonies as per different categories of cities and towns announced by the Housing and Urban development Department in 2011. "The government should make a provision in the new policy to set up an urban development assistance cell to address the grievances of developers, buyers and other stakeholders," he said.

A prominent real estate developer, Gulshan Kumar of the GK Group, said there should not be any disparity in the licensing procedure and regulatory control for new colonies, both outside and within the city limits, even if the licensing and regulatory authorities were different.

Licences under both categories should be issued under the provisions of the Punjab Apartment and Property Regulation Act, 1995.

"The government will do well to lay down provisions in the revised policy to charge external development charges (EDCs) in residential colonies on plotted area on the pattern of Haryana. Similarly, in commercial pockets, the EDCs, change of land use charges and licence fee ought to be rationalised," he said, adding that the EDCs for the regularisation of unauthorised colonies should be levied on the basis of title deeds. In other words, the developer should be made liable for the payment of EDCs only on unsold plots while for sold plots, these should be collected from the property owners.

Some other suggestions made by the developers towards this end include early formulation of zonal development plans and master plans of the remaining cities in the state, the transfer development rights policy, as envisaged in the master plan reports, be notified and infrastructure based on the master plans be created. 



Winter in, but night shelters for the poor nowhere in sight 
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 4
Despite the winter season having started, the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation seems ill-prepared when it comes to setting up night shelters for the poor in the city. The MC is yet to set up night shelters. In the absence of these, the poor can be seen sleeping in the open, that too near the civic body’s Zone A office in Mata Rani Chowk here.

As the winter season progresses, the MC sets up night shelters for the poor and the homeless. This is done to save them from the biting cold. Last year, temporary night shelters had come up in the fire brigade building opposite the Manju cinema and opposite the Zone A building of the MC.

In these night shelters, the poor and the homeless are provided with a quilt, a pillow and mattresses. Every year, some people make use of these night shelters. However, many of them prefer to stay near religious places, where they get food, blankets and other items in the form of alms from city residents.

Hundreds of homeless can be seen sleeping near a temple near the Jagraon bridge here. The divider of the Jagraon bridge is used by the homeless for sleeping even during the winter season.

Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria said he had directed his staff to set up night shelters as soon as possible. “The shelters are expected to start operating in a day or two,” the Mayor said.

Each winter, many homeless die of cold. Last year, the Supreme Court had ordered all states to provide adequate night shelters for the homeless during the winter.

Following these directions, the MC had converted two rooms of its fire brigade building near the Manju cinema and its cycle parking near the Zone A office of the MC in Mata Rani Chowk into temporary night shelters. However, this year, the night shelters are yet to be started.



Budha Nullah: operation clean-up begins
70 tonnes of microbes released into it to restore ecological balance 
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 4
The bio-remediation project to clean the Budha Nullah was inaugurated last year but it got delayed due to several “hurdles” such as getting permissions and no-objection certificates from the different government departments. Finally, after a gap of 20 months, the project started on Tuesday as 70 tonnes of microbes were released into the nullah.

The much-awaited “In-Situ Sewage Treatment with Bio-remediation” project to restore the ecological balance in the Budha Nullah was launched with much fanfare by Jairam Ramesh, the then Union minister for Environment and Forests, on April 23 last year.

The company, which was allocated the Rs 16-crore project, was not able to start the work as it failed to submit a bank guarantee to the Central Government. Once they managed to get the bank guarantee in May, a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the state Irrigation Department was required, which they got on August 8, but by the time all permissions were received, the monsoons arrived and the work got delayed.

Today, 70 tonnes of microbes were released-out of which 25 tonnes were released between the metal screen (installed to segregate solid waste manually from the nullah water) and the first green bridge, while 45 tonnes were released inside the “V” shaped green bridge.

A senior official present on the spot said the microbes were patented and were very costly. “Each tonne of microbes will cost around Rs 3 lakh and the microbes worth around Rs 2 crore were released into the nullah today. The state government is already spending crores to clean the Budha Nullah and the bio-remediation project will certainly help in restoring the ecological balance of the nullah,” said Krunesh Garg, senior environmental engineer, Punjab Pollution Control Board.

Probir Sinha, owner of Green Technologies, said, “We cannot claim that the residents will be able to see the water getting cleaned with a naked eye but the pollution level in the nullah will considerably come down ,” said Sinha.

Once all the five green bridges are constructed and the project starts, it will be maintained by Green Technologies for one year and by the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation for the next four years.

y 600 MLD (million litres per day) of water passes through the Budha Nullah every day. “If clean water of the same quantity is taken into consideration then it can help us in supplying water to a city with the population of 30 lakh. So people should know about the quantity of water getting polluted every day. Moreover, Rs 400 crore will be required to treat 600 MLD of water, but our technology will cost only around Rs 15 crore,” claimed Sandeep Joshi, director of Pune-based Shrishti Eco-Research Institute, which has provided technology for the bio remediation project.



Health dept fails to act on complaints
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 4
In the last six days officers of Health Department had received three complaints related to food items from different places in the city. District Health Officer, Ludhiana, received two calls while the Civil Surgeon received an SMS from the complainants. However, the health officers could not collect samples from these shops as they are already on job, i.e. preparing for the Prime Minister's visit to the city, which is scheduled for December 8.

Talking to The Tribune, District Health Officer Jasbeer Singh said: "On the very first day when my number was flashed, I got two calls. One of the callers told me that a hotel owner added colour to all the eatables served there. I inquired about the hotel at the city bus terminal and came to know that there was no such hotel in the city but it was near the Khanna Bus Stand. Another caller told me that a kiryana merchant in a locality on the periphery sells adulterated items. I requested the callers that they shall tell us about the city, town or village also as it helps us in locating that shop or eatery at the earliest."

Civil Surgeon Subhash Batta said: "I received only one sms, in which the sender requested me to check a restaurant in the central part of the city."

When asked as to when the health department would collect samples from these eateries and shops, an officer said: "We are awfully busy till December 19 as on December 8 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is visiting the city. On December 15, the city will witness the final of the World Kabaddi Cup and from December 17 to December 19, the Red Ribbon Express will be in the city. So we will be able to heave a sigh of relief only after December 19."

On November 29, Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari had requested the public in general to raise their voice against food adulteration and inform the officers of the Health Department and the district administration in this regard. He had said the informer's name will be kept a secret. Complaints can be made to Rishipal Singh, Additional Deputy Commissioner (D) at 98722-90882, Subhash Batta, Civil Surgeon, Ludhiana, at 98154-86786 or Jasbir Singh, District Health Officer, at 98141-78569.

‘We are awfully busy’

We are awfully busy till December 19 as on December 8 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is visiting the city, on December 15, the city will witness the final of the World Kabaddi Cup and from December 17 to December 19, the Red Ribbon Express will be in the city. So we will be able to heave a sigh of relief only after December 19.—  an official of the health department



Power cut on induction furnace units hits cycle parts industry
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 4
The power cut imposed on the induction furnaces getting supply from the category II and III feeders with effect from yesterday, is giving a tough time not only to the induction units but also to the cycle industry.

"The announcement by Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL has come as a set back to the entire industry. More than 2,000 units manufacturing cycle parts depend upon these furnaces for the supply of raw material. The owners of the affected units are making a hue and cry, specially those manufacturing cycle parts, due to the unavailability of raw material," said Gurmeet Singh Kular, president of the United Cycle and Parts Manufacturers’ Association (UCPMA).

Owing to the unavailability of raw material, our production will also go down. We are already passing through adverse circumstances. If this is the situation in the winter season, then, we are worried, what would be the fate of the industry during the summers," said Inderjit Singh Navyug, senior vice-president of UCPMA.

The power cut imposed on the furnace industry should be withdrawn immediately, added Harjit Singh Sondh, vice-president of UCPMA.

Lalit Khurana, an induction furnace owner, said: "We are facing huge losses due to the power cuts imposed on us. First our units remained closed due to a strike and now power cuts have been imposed on us by the PSPCL. The industry dependent on us is also suffering," he added.



District to have task forces to assess immunisation programme
India lags behind with only 61% children having been immunised
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 3
After getting instructions from the Centre regarding the need for rapidly improving routine immunisation coverage, the Director, Family Welfare, Punjab, has instructed all the districts administrations to constitute District Task Force (DTF) for Immunisation.

Dr Sanjeev Hans, District Immunization Officer, Ludhiana, said: "According to the recent Coverage Evaluation Survey conducted by the Centre, routine immunisation coverage in India remains poor with only 61 per cent children having been fully immunised. The overall coverage in India is low in comparison to many other countries and the number of districts with less than 50 per cent fully immunised children remains high at 239. The low routine immunisation coverage contributes to the high morbidity and mortality rate due to vaccine preventable diseases in the country."

To improve routine immunisation coverage, the Centre has declared 2012-13 as the year of Intensification of Routine Immunisation. Existing efforts are being intensified and a number of new initiatives are being taken to increase the coverage of routine immuniation with focus on areas with low coverage, he added.

In September the Centre had issued these orders to the states to constitute state-level task forces for immunisation, with the objective of reviewing the performance of the routine immunisation programme, identifying operational constraints and ensuring corrective operational steps to improve the coverage. And in October, the Director, Family Welfare, passed on these instructions to all the civil surgeons of the state.

Dr Hans, who is a member of the DTF, said: "The DTF for Immunization comprises the Deputy Commissioner as its chairperson and the Chief Medical Officer as a Member Secretary. However, there are 11 more members, including the District Immunization Officer, District Panchayati Raj Officer, chairpersons of various municipalities, Urban Health Officer, district project officer, district surveillance officer, WHO representative, district programme manager of the NRHM and the representative of UNICEF. The first meeting of the DTF will be planned soon."



Flautist holds students spellbound
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 4
A renowned flautist, Pandit Rupak Kulkarni, held a young audience spellbound by rendering melodies from ‘Ahir Bhairav’, the morning raga, at DAV School, Sarabha Nagar, this morning. Pandit Kulkarni also performed at Government Model Senior Secondary School, Panjab Agricultural University, in the afternoon.

Accompanying Pandit Kulkarni was Chitrangada Agle on the pakhawaj. She is the only woman player of the pakhawaj in India and has find place on the Limca Book of Records for the same. Shri Mithilesh Kumar Jha accompanied him on the tabla. The audience was truly regaled with the classical notes and rhythm.

This programme was organised by the Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Cultural Arts among Youth (Spicmacay).

The classical exponents also interacted with the staff and the students, and enlightened them on various aspects of classical music.

Talking with The Tribune, Pandit Kulkarni said: "Classical music is the base of all types of music. We found Ludhianvis have a lot of respect for classical music. This type of initiative help to promote classical music but the state government should also do some serious effort to promote classical music."

"We can promote classical music to certain limits because it is only for a class not for the masses," added Kulkarni.



From schools and colleges

Colour Day celebrated

Colour Day Maple Bear Canadian Playway and Nursery School celebrated the Colour Day on its premises. The children came in different attires depicting vibrant colours. The school was decorated with the balloons of different colours, giving impression of the rainbow colours everywhere. The children of pre-nursery sections came in red, blue and green costumes while the children of nursery sections showcased white, black and yellow colours.

Inter-school festival

The second Inter-School Festival was organised at Lopon village by the Youth Welfare Club of the village. Jarnail Singh, president of the Youth Welfare Club, shared that the students, especially from villages, got scant opportunities to exhibit their talent. "The festival is an attempt to bring out the best in these students so that they could develop confidence and get adequate exposure to fight greater competitions in the long run. He motivated the students to do their best in co-curricular activities.

Annual function

Students of Green Grover Public Senior Secondary School celebrated their annual function "Vibration - 2012" on tuesday. Dr S M Bhatti, principal, Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, was the chief guest. President of the school, JPS Jolly, along with chairperson Satinderjeet Kaur Jolly and school principal S George received the chief guest.

Students bring laurels

Power lifters of Master Tara Singh Memorial College for Women, Ludhiana, proved their worth by delivering an extra-ordinary performance in the North Zone and Junior Punjab State Power Lifting Championship, Which was held at Samrala. Eight students of the college participated in the competition. Amandeep Kaur (84 kg category), Navdeep Kaur (72 kg category) and Mandeep Kaur (63 kg category) bagged silver medals in the North Zone Power Lifting Competetion. Pallavi (63 kg category) got Silver Medal and Bindu Gupta and Gagandeep (52 kg category) won bronze medals in the Punjab State Junior Power Lifting Competetion.

World AIDS Day observed

The department of NSS of SDP College for women, Ludhiana, celebrated the World AIDS Day and held poster making and slogan writing competitions. The competitions were a joint venture of the department of NSS and the department of fine arts. The students from all streams participated in the contests. They made posters and wrote slogans like "AIDS To Bacho, eh janleva Hai", "Aids ik Lailaj bimari Hai".

Martyrdom day observed

Jagraon : The martyrdom day of Guru Teg Bahadur was observed with full devotion at GTB National College, Dakha, on Tuesday. Avtar Singh Makkar, president of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), was the chief guest on the occasion. The management members, staff and students remembered Guru Tegh Bahadur during the occasion. Avtar Singh Makkar announced a grant of Rs 2 lakhs for the college library. He also released the college magazine 'Hind Di Chadar' . College President Sher Singh Sekhon and trust member Satwant Singh were also present on the occasion. — TNS



Ludhiana scan


Principal Prem Singh Bajaj, director of the reference library at the Punjabi Bhawan, was honoured with the Baba Nand Singh Yaadgiri Sahit Sewa Award. Gurbhajan Singh Gill, principal of the Punjabi Sahit Akademi said he has first served as the principal of Lajpat Rai Memorial College and now was helping those, who are researching on Punjabi literature in India and abroad through the reference library.

'Govt misguiding youth'

Former DCC president KK Bawa alleged that the youth of Punjab was being misguided in the name of World Cup Kabbadi. Addressing a gathering at Public Services Offices, Gill Road, he added that it was a cruel joke with the youth of Punjab.He regretted that the menace of drugs was on the rise in the state. He said instead of misguiding the youth the state government should seriously think for their better future. Bawa said there was a dire need of providing facilities for games such as kabbadi, volleyball, hockey and football in villages.

City lawyer honoured

City lawyer Harpreet Sandhu was honoured by Chief Justice of India Altmas Kabir, Law Minister Dr Ashwani Kumar recently in a function at New Delhi for authoring book“ German Indian Law- a comparative study”. District Bar Association Secretary G S Sodhi claimed that it was a matter of pride for their association.

Physiotherapy camp held

A physiotherapy camp was held by Bhagwan Mahavir Sewa Sansthan on Tuesday. Inaugurating the camp, MLA Rakesh Pandey said physiotherapy centre were the need of the hour and he appreciated the authorities for holding such a camp. — TNS

637 suspected cases of cancer

On the third day of the cancer awareness campaign, the volunteers of the district Health Department covered 57,456 houses and met 2,67,800 people. During the campaign, the volunteers came across 637 patients, who were suspected of cancer. This was disclosed by Dr Kaushal Saini, Assistant Civil Surgeon, Ludhiana, today. — TNS



Fake currency: 2 get four-year jail term 
Our Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 4
The Court of Additional Sessions Judge Kamaljit Lamba has convicted Iqbal Singh of Bilga, Jalandhar, and Harcharan Singh of Dashmesh Nagar, Shimlapuri, of possessing fake currency notes.

The duo was ordered to undergo imprisonment for four years. A fine of Rs 10,000 each was also imposed upon the accused.

Pronouncing the verdict, the court held that the prosecution had successfully proved that fake currency was recovered from the accused. “Such offences greatly affect the economic status of the country. A strong message has to be sent to society against such offences”, the court observed while declining the plea of leniency raised by the accused.

According to the prosecution, on November 15, 2011, Sub-Inspector Rajesh Kumar had received secret information that the accused were indulging in the business of using counterfeit currency notes.

It came to the knowledge of the police that the accused were standing near the Arya College for Boys. The police proceeded towards the college to nab the accused. On seeing the police, they tried to flee, but were apprehended.

During the search of a jacket of one of the accused, Iqbal Singh, 120 fake currency notes of the denomination of Rs 50 were recovered. As many as 80 fake notes of the denomination of Rs 50 were recovered from the possession of another accused, according to the prosecution. A case was registered against them at the Division No. 8 police station the same day.

However, the accused pleaded false implication at the behest of alleged police touts. In view of the evidence on record and convinced with the submissions of Additional Public Prosecutor Amarjit Singh Mahal, the court found them guilty.



3 juveniles booked on sodomy charge 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 4
Three inmates of a juvenile jail have been booked for allegedly assaulting and sodomising their fellow inmate.

The accused were booked following the directions of Junior Magistrate First Class (JMIC) Amrinderpal Singh.

According to the FIR, the 16-year-old victim has stated that on the night of November 27, the trio thrashed him and later sodomised him.

He brought the matter to the notice of the Superintendent of the observation home and a letter was sent to JMIC Amrinderpal Singh, who heads the juvenile courts.

"We have received orders from the court and registered a case. We will take the three accused on a production warrant and also conduct a medical examination of the victim," said Jaswinder Singh, SHO, Shimlapuri. 

Authorities mum

It is yet to be ascertained whether the accused and the victim have been kept in different barracks. The authorities have not divulged any information about how many juvenile home guards were present on the night of November 27 when the incident took place. Pavneet Kaur, Superintendent of the observation home, was not available for comments. Rupinder Kaur, District Programme Officer, expressed ignorance about the incident.



Former truck union chief shot dead; 3 booked 
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, December 4
Panic gripped residents of Sawadi village near Jagraon after former president of the Jagraon Truck Union was allegedly shot dead by unidentified persons on the outskirts of the village yesterday morning. The deceased, identified as Darshan Singh of Sawadi village, was a prominent figure in the area and was associated with the SAD.

He was shot in the head while he was out on a morning walk. The incident came to light when the body of the deceased was found from a closed brick factory located outside Sawadi village around 9 am. Villagers informed the local police about the incident following which senior police officials, including Jagraon SSP Ashish Chaudhri, DSP Surinder Kumar and SHO of the Sadar police station Rachpal Singh visited the crime scene and started investigation.

The police took the body into its custody and sent it for a postmortem. The police has registered a case under Sections 302, 404 and 120-B of the IPC and the Arms Act against three persons on a statement given by Darshan Singh's son Jagdeep Singh. The accused have been identified as Gurpreet Singh, alias Choji, his uncle Jatinder Singh Chaddha and Gursewak Singh, alias Rinpy, all residents of Jagraon.

The accused run a finance company in Jagraon and were partners of the deceased in the business of liquor vends during the past one year. According to sources, there was some dispute over money between Darshan Singh and the accused, which finally resulted in the murder of Darshan Singh. The police had also registered a case of cheating against one of the accused a couple of days before the incident on a complaint filed by Darshan Singh.

All accused are at large. The investigating officer, SHO Rachpal Singh, said the police had launched a manhunt to nab the accused.



After high drama, jail authorities take eunuch into custody 
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 4
After high drama, the jail authorities agreed to take the custody of a eunuch, Tejo, who was recently arrested for hiring contract killers for to eliminate a rival eunuch leader, Bholi Mahant.

Tejo was sent to the jail by a court yesterday. The eunuch was involvement in the shootout that took place on November 22. Bholi Mahant was shot at in the abdomen.

However, both the central jail and woman jail authorities refused to take the eunuch into custody.

The jail authorities stated that they could admit Tejo only after a medical examination to find out whether Tejo is actually a eunuch or is posing as a eunuch.

It was a hectic day for the investigating officers who were shuttling between the central jail and the civil hospital to get Tejo examined.

According to Senior Medical Officer (SMO) Karamvir Goyal, Tejo’s medical examination was conducted by a gynaecologist, surgeon and radiologist and it was confirmed that the convict is a eunuch.

Meanwhile, the DSP, Central Jail, Ludhiana, said: "We do not want to take chances. Last year an HIV-positive man, identified as Santosh Kumar, disguising as a eunuch, spent nearly four months in the women’s jail in Ludhiana."

In the evening the central jail authorities agreed to take Tejo into their custody.



25 students of institute hurt in accident
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 4
Nearly 25 students of an institute were injured after the bus they were travelling in collided with a truck coming near the Circuit House here today.

The incident took place in the afternoon when the students of Ranjit Academy were returning home. According to an eyewitness, the truck driver lost control over the vehicle and rammed it into the bus coming from the opposite side. However, no case was registered.

Youngster killed

Meanwhile, a younster was killed after he was hit by a vehicle near the railway station last night. Pardeep Kumar was returning home from work on his motorcycle when he was hit by the vehicle.



30 injured in road accident

Samrala, December 4
About 30 persons, including 5 women, were injured in a road accident near Kotla Shamashpur village on the Ludhiana-Chandigarh Road today. The accident took place when a CTU bus collided with a roadside tree as the bus driver was trying to save a car and lost control over the bus.

The injured were rushed to the Civil Hospital, Samrala. Some of the injured were discharged soon. — OC



Sports Dept bars personal visits of women kabaddi players
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 4
Taking a strict action for the safety of women kabaddi players of foreign countries, the Sports Secretary, Punjab, has barred all the personal tours and visits of the women players in and out of the city. Now the women players will have to take permission from the higher sports official to visit any place.

Notably, a women Kabaddi team had watched a movie in the local mall and was on a shopping spree yesterday. Meanwhile, the Canada team have a plan to visit the Golden Temple.Now with this decision of department Women teams have to follow the planned programme of sports department.

In another such decision, the Sports Department has made a schedule for the practice session of all the women teams. The decision was taken after after everything got messed up mess when four different teams reached the Guru Nanak Stadium for practice .

According to official, all the teams will practise for one and half hour according to their scheduled time. Meanwhile, security arrangements were also beefed up around the Guru Nanak Stadium and the hotels where the players are staying.

Ironically, the sad part of the story is that the Punjab Kabaddi Association has not been able to announced the captain for the Indian Kabaddi team. The first match of the Indian team will take place on December 6 at Muktsar. Palwinder Kaur, coach of the Indian kabaddi team, said: “the selection committee has all the rights to select the captain. I don’t know the reason behind the delay but we are hopeful that the announcement will be made tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Director, Sports, revealed that the results of the dope tests were yet to be declared.



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