Fruit facts
Champagne fruit

Babaco (Carica pentagonia), a subtropical fruit from Central America, is also called "champagne fruit". This torpedo shaped, golden fruit is so called because it has an effervescent pulp. The fruitís flavour is a cocktail mix of strawberry, pineapple and pawpaw. The ripe Babaco can used to make a drink, while the unripe green fruit can be used as a green vegetable in curries and chutneys. A fully grown adult tree can provide up to 25 to 100 fruit annually. The babaco is a natural hybrid between mountain pawpaw species in Equador. All babacos are female and do not require pollination, all the fruits are seedless. It is now being introduced in several countries and has established well as a new fruit crop in Australia and New Zealand. It has not reached India yet.