Sunday, December 16, 2012, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Suitable Medico preferably Dental Doctor match for Jat Sikh handsome boy, 25/5-11, American citizen working as Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) in California USA. Family owns 2 business in California. From reputed & status family. Email:  A2-92964

Jatsikh B.Tech. Engineer, highly paid NZ citizen, 31/5'-8" seeks compatible alliance from status family, belongs to Punjab, New Zealand or Australia. The boy family having established business in NZ and agricultural property at prime locations adjoining Ludhiana. Family visiting Punjab in Dec. 2012 shortly. Email, detailed biodata, pics. "  "/contact +64211300954, +6421424195, +919855721613/+918427058634. C2-103165B

Parents seeking Medical Doctor/ Dental match for Hindu Punjabi USA born son. He is Medical Doctor in California, 5'-9", born 1981. Please respond only if girl already in USA. Reply with bio data and photo. Caste no bar. Contact email  C2- 97364

Suitable match for Rajput boy 5'-8" fair/30.04.1984/Nalagarh. B.Tech, MBA.
Working in MNC as AM, package 9 lac P.A. Contact: 080540-36564, 095925-58100. E-mail:  C2-103413

Parmar Doaba Punjab, 5'-8"/1981, cleanshaven, convented, B.Tech, MBA,
UBS Chandigarh, 10 LPA "Wipro" Banglore. Only sister USA. Trimmer father, Class-I (Electricity) Officer retired. 9876097441,  C2-103467

Suitable match for Himachali (Jaswal) Rajput boy, MBA, 22.8.83 born, 4:15
p.m., Chandigarh, 5'-5", Anshik Manglik, working as Manager in Media. Settled in Chandigarh. Tricity/HP/Pb preferred. Send biodata, kundli with photo. Contact 98154-32280. E-mail:  C2-103902

Match for Himachali Rajput (Thakur) smart boy, 4.5.1983, 4:40 a.m.,
Chandigarh, 5'-7", B.Pharma (PU Chandigarh), MBA (Paris), Senior Manager Pharma Company at Germany. Well settled family Chandigarh. Looking for smart suitable match from tricity, HP, Punjab, Haryana. Preferred MBA, MBBS, M.Pharma., B.Pharma., B.Tech., M.Tech., MCA. Contact after matching kundli. Coming India last week January. 9876670925, 94174-31525. E- mail:  C2-105457

Suitable match for Hindu Rajput (Kashyap) Engineer boy, 29/5'-7",
Australian Citizen family. Upper caste no bar. Contact 82848-70073. E-mail:  C2-98254

Vegetarian Gaur Prashar boy. 03-11-1980, 02:58 AM Patiala, 5'-7". Working
Chandigarh in MNC. 9 Lac p.a. Kundli must. 9501462688, 9876670050.  C2-103611

Professionally qualified match for Vasisth Brahmin boy 15.8.1981, 07.35,
Amritsar, 5'-8", MBA, M.S. (IT), MNC. Pkg. 10 lacs PA. 95926-74547, 0183-2278225.  C2-103637

Slim, fair, Manglik willing to go abroad, IELTS must match for Saraswat
Brahmin Australian PR boy, 5'-6", 14. Nov. 80, 02:40 a.m., Chandigarh, B.A., Diploma in Computer Certification in MCSE, CCNA. Now in India. Brother Bhabi already citizen of Australia. Contact after matching kundli. Upper caste no bar.  95016-38435. C2-103731

Match for tall, 5'-11", very handsome, fair Saraswat Brahmin boy, Sr.
Software Engineer ( Team Leader) in MNC, Noida, 8+ LPA, 20.10.84, 7:10 p.m., Chandigarh seeks Non-Manglik/Anshik Manglik, tall, beautiful, fair, educated Panjabi Saraswat Brahmin/Khatri girl working in NCR. 098760-33334, 092161-71496.  C2-103821

Suitable beautiful, professional match for England citizen Saraswat Brahmin
38, 5'-9", issueless legally divorcee handsome boy, athletic built looks young, well-settled Electronic Engineer. Presently short visit in India. Educated family looking (27-35) Medico, Dr. Nursing, M.Sc., Accounts adjustable nature. Apply with recent photograph. Tricity, Himachal, Punjab preferred. Upper caste acceptable.  C2-104029

Match for Punjabi Sarswat Engineer (M.Tech), 13.1.1981, 5:10 a.m., Talwara
(Pb.), 5'-10", working at Seoul (South Korea). Simple early marriage.  94178-27756. C2-104043

Suitable match for Manglik Saraswat Brahmin clean shaven boy,
11.01.1985, 08:30 pm, Chandigarh, 5'-4"+, B.Pharma, MBA (PU), job in MNC Panchkula. residing Chandigarh, having urban/rural Land. Father Govt. employee. Contact after matching kundli. Send biodata & photo. Email:  , 9888010264. C2-104765

Suitable match for Brahmin businessman boy, 5'-8", 15.3.84, 3:30 a.m.,
Chandigarh, M.Sc., well settled business family from Chandigarh. 98155-49439, 99884- 49298.  C2-105083

Professionally qualified Saraswat Brahmin girl for Australian PR, Saraswat
Brahmin boy 30/5'-7", B.Tech. from India, Engineer in Melbourne. (Salary: $1,20,000). Only son of highly educated family. 0161-6545074,  NA2-77757

Suitable match for Hindu Arora, 30 years/5'-11", B.Tech. (Computer
Engineering) boy working as Software Engineer at Noida. Contact:  C2- 102374

Suitable match for Punjab based Hindu Arora Manglik boy, 13.4.85, 6:05
p.m., near Chandigarh, 5'-9", Business Management, Newzealand PR, employed Manager. 90413-56949, 98761-40992. C2-103891

Suitable match for handsome fair, smart Punjabi Arora boy 5'-11''/
15.12.84, 1 pm. Batala. B.Tech (IIT) MS University of California Berkeley USA working as Senior Software Engineer in Sanfracisco USA. Amritsar based status family. Boy landing India first week of Jan. Early marriage. Contact 07837146418, 0183-5050456.  C2-104349

Suitable match for B.Tech. (Computer Science) handsome, fair, tall, 6'-0",
slim, Punjabi Khatri boy. November 1973. Serving in MNC as Software Engineer. Family at Chandigarh. Email :  C2-105459

Extremely beautiful, educated girl for handsome Khatri boy 27/5'-8",
Bachelors Degree in Business from USA. Presently involved in very well established business in India, income in eight figures. Own kothi in posh locality of Ludhiana. 0161-3251374,  NA2-77759

Sikh Kamboj family is seeking beautiful & well-educated girl for their 32 year
old son, born & raised in Canada. Boy is 5'-9", very handsome & athletic, University Graduate working as a General Manager in the Hospitality Business. Family is well-settled in Canada for 35 + years & owns various franchise hotels & commercial properties. One sister & brother-in-Law are Doctors & younger sister practicing Law. If interested, please reply with photo and biodata by E-mail:  C2-100490

Professionally qualified sweet-natured, beautiful match for handsome
Arora, cleanshaven, 28.3.84, 6'-2", convent educated, B.Tech. Software Engineer. Gentle educated family. 98723-07489,  C2- 104035

Sikh MBBS/MD/BDS/DDS/Pharma/ Professional match for
working/studying in USA/Canada, for handsome (Ahluwalia), turban wearing, Oct. 73/5'-8", Canada upbringing, dual USA/Canada citizen, MBA (Health Services Management), holding Senior Administrative position, California.  Ph. +9162240170. C2-104339

Match for Sikh (Lobana) Australian citizen, 26/6', Bachelor Commerce
(Account), working as Accountant. Upper caste no bar. Preferred Australia settled, employed, min 5'-7" girl. Property in India, Australia. Contact: 81461-09540, 0181-2672525. C2-104559

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh, fair, clean shaven, teetotaller,
Doctor boy, June 83/ 5'-8", M.B.B.S, Medical Officer, PCMS-I. Well educated, urban small family, having Urban/Rural property. No demand. Girl's merits main consideration. Please respond with biodata/recent photographs. Contact: , +91-8054000851. C2-100466

Smart, sophisticated, fluent in English aged 26-30, above 5'-3" girl,
preferably Defence background, for a 5'-10", 1979 born, Jat Sikh Merchant Navy Captain, based in Mumbai. Only profiles with photographs from urbanised families will be appreciated. Email -  C2-100534

Match for 32/6', clean shaven B.Tech. employed Marketing Executive
reputed Software Company, 7 Lakh/PA working as Chandigarh/Delhi Head. Chandigarh based Grewal family of University Director, Sister IFS, Jeeju IAS. Own house, 13 Acre Farm house near Chandigarh. Seek tall, slim, homely employed girl from status family, Punjab. Tricity preferred. 94176-55612.  C2-101846

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Dhillon Boy handsome, cleanshaven, Nov. 84,
5'-11". Working as Senior Assistant Manager in Tea-Gardens in Ooty. Is Graduate specialized in Bio-dynamics. C.T.C 7 Lacs p.a. Parents retd. Class-I Officers with Defence background, settled Mohali. Elder son Army Officer married. Jat Sikh status families to respond with latest photo & biodata at. E- mail:  Mobile: 98149-01736, 98140- 85651. C2-103157

Jat Sikh boy 6'-1", 28, Canadian citizen, CGA, employed, good family
background seeks a girl who is already in Canada or USA, min. 5'-5", sweet natured, family oriented, slim and beautiful with appropriate qualification. Send biodata with recent pictures at  / Ph: 77839-57090. C2-103179

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Bajwa turbaned boy, Jan.1986/5'-10", MBA(HR),
Australian PR, Citizen, working as Manager, handsome salary. Coming India Jan.2013. Father (retd.) Army officer, settled Zirakpur. Urban/rural property. Seeks beautiful, slim Jat Sikh girl from status family, B.Com/MBA/Equivalent, fluent in English. Send bio-data, photo. E-mail:  089301-11981. C2-103205

Seeking, educated, tall, slim, beautiful(Jat Sikh only) match for divorced Jat
Sikh US citizen (issueless) 47, 5'-11", turban bearing, non-trimmer. Family well settled in US over 20 yrs. Contact: 94655-76432. Email:  or No marriage bureau. Preference to Doaba region. C2-103243

Suitable match for handsome turbaned Sikh Jat Kahlon boy, 1982/5'-7",
Australian PR, Professionally qualified. Father retired Bank Officer. Urban properties at Chandigarh and Batala. Girl matters only. Tricity preferred. Early marriage. Respond with recent photo and biodata to:  0172- 2674356, 9876081021. C2-103397

Jatt Sikh Shergill family seeking a beautiful and well educated girl for their
son Canadian permanent resident 27 yr/5'-11", working in Canadian railway. Email:  C2-103403

Canadian Jatsikh parents looking for two beautiful, tall, slim, intelligent
homely, cultural girls from very respectable religious minded family for two very handsome boys, one 35 yrs, Dental Surgeon (Doctor) having turban, beard divorced. 2nd boy 27 yrs studying Civil Engg. Girl and family main concern, no dowry. Coming to Punjab in January. Please send bio data with recent pictures at . No marriage bureau. C2-103407

USA based Jat Sikh parents seek Medico match for their US educated MD,
5'-11", April 1986, cleanshaven son, presently doing Residency in Anaesthesiology. Girl should be minimum 5'-6", extremely beautiful from educated family. Preference will be given to Medicos doing residency in USA or studying in US Medical Schools. Father retired as Colonel from Indian Army. Please respond with recent photo and biodata. E-mail:  913-696-0043 (USA) and 9888055265 (India). C2-103581

Jat Sikh handsome 6'-2", Feb 83 born, Engineer MBA from premier Canadian
university, working and settled in Canada with 6 figure salary. Seeks good looking tall well qualified girl from respectable family willing to settle in Canada. E-mail:  9872410484. C2-103597

Compatible/Qualified match for Jat Sikh Post graduate Engineer, Canadian
PR. 30/5'-10". Small educated family. Only sister Engineer in Canada. Father Senior PSU Officer in Chandigarh. Mobile 98726-42711. Email :  C2-103605B

Chandigarh based match for Jat Sikh cleanshaven, 5'- 10"/Nov. 1981,
B.Tech. Engineer Tele communication Company.  94177-69267. C2- 103663

Wanted Nursing/Pharma/Software/CA/MPT professionally qualified Jat Sikh
girl (29-33) for handsome Jat Sikh boy PR Canada 1971 born never married (looks younger) Masters (non-IT), boy visiting India in Jan. 2013. Contact with recent photograph and biodata at Email:  C2-103729

Suitable match for handsome Jatt Sikh boy 26/5'-6", US citizen with LVN
Nursing, preferred good looking, professionally qualified or B.Sc., GNM Nursing, girl with nice family background from Punjab. Contact No. 310-403-1086, 909-646-7593(usa) 9814674449. Email:-  C2-103873

NRI/Indian suitable match for turbaned teetotaller Jatt Sikh boy, Mar. 82/6',
B.Com., pursuing MBA (Finance) alongwith Part-time job. Sister, Brother-in-law Doctor's. Parents retired Teachers, settled Chandigarh. Rural/Urban property. Send biodata & snap  Box 2931M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for fair, clean shaven Australian citizen
Dentist boy, 1980/5'-11". Please respond with recent photo, biodata. Rural/urban property. Australian girl preferred.  94172-22469, 0061-433922000. C2-103979

Sidhu Jat Sikh Zailadar family looking for professionally qualified,
UK/Canada/USA citizen only (preferably UK), beautiful, family oriented, sincere girl with mix of both traditional and modern values for 1985 born, only son, 20 acre land, convent educated, B.Tech from India, M.Tech (Mech. Engg.) from UK and now working as Assistant Manager in UK on work permit. Email:  C2-103981

Suitable match for Canadian 25, 5'-11", Jat Sikh Engineer, vegetarian boy,
B.Sc./M.Sc. Nursing preferred. 95013-62093, 84378-18414 C2-104131

Jat Sikh match for US Citizen Doctor 26 years/6'-2", from reputed family of
Doctors in USA and India. Medico preferred. Parents in India for 2 Weeks. Mobile 95925- 99609, 95010-01252. E-mail:  C2-104225

PQM for 1984, 6', Jat Sikh turbaned, handsome teetotaller boy, working
MNC, 4 LPA. Parents Govt employee. Urbanised family. Send biodata. E-mail:  C2-104323

US citizen Jat Sikh (divorced), 33yrs old, 5'-11", athletic build. Well-settled
Software Engineer born and raised in India looking for beautiful girl.  C2-104355B

US Jat Sikh parents seek PQM M/Pharma/Nursing/Tech interested to settle
in Canada/USA for their B.Tech, CCNP Engineer 29, 5'-11", only son working with Global Company 12 LPA Canadian immigration soon marriage in Feb. Canada/US preferred. Send biodata photographs  C2-104459

Wanted beautiful, sweet natured girl for Jat Sikh 26 handsome, 6'-2" boy
graduated in Accounts & Finance. Presently doing CA, well-educated respectable reputed agriculturist family. Contact: 98886-37080. E.mail:  C2-104543

Jat Sikh, teetotaller, 1984/5'-9", based in USA, College Graduation from US,
business owner, belongs to well educated/settled family. Email  C2-104903

PQM for Jatt Sikh 34, 5'-10", Canadian citizen, fair, handsome from well
educated family. BE/MBA from top ranked university in Canada. Currently working in the Financial Sector with handsome salary. Divorced after brief marriage. Email:  Ph. 94636- 29029. C2-104921

Well qualified tall beautiful match from similar background Malwa family for
convented non turbaned B.Tech. Civil, doing related business 28, 6'-2"+, only son of urbanised family. Father Class-I Officer retd. Naneke Dadke landlord khandani families of British Era. Good rural, urban properties. Email  C2-104950

Professionally qualified, beautiful match for Australian citizen Jat Sikh
Dhaliwal boy, 1981 born, 5'-10", M.Tech, working as a Mechanical Engineer. Prefer girl with B.Sc. Nursing, BDS, MBBS, B.Tech Compuer or higher qualification with strong family values. Boy visiting India now. Reply with biodata and recent photos. E-mail:  Phone 7696798232 (6 pm-9 pm). C2-104961

Seeking suitable match for Jat Sikh boy, only son, US citizen, DoB 26.4.71.
(never married), 5 feet 11 inches. B.S. ( Electrical Engineering)+MBA (Finance) both from top American University, Investment Banker in San Francisco, financially sound. Parents live in Houston. Father adviser to oil company. Own residential and commercial property at Bathinda. Caste no bar. Boy coming to India in Mid December 2012. No demand only girl main consideration. No divorcee please. Send picture & biodata to  India Tel 0164-2240546(call after 9th December) or US 1-832-276- 3265. C2-95444

Educated Jat Sikh family well settled in UK seeks a MBBS, MD match for their
October 1981 born handsome doctor son, MBBS, MRCP, working in NHS Hospital.He is 5 ft 10" tall clean shaven, caring with deep respect for Sikh family values. Please contact  . C2-97956B

Jat Sikh parents seek a match for their Son, 30 years, 6' tall, born and
educated in Toronto, Engineer and working with a large Corporation. Girl should be Canadian and educated in Ontario and with good family values. Please respond with recent picture and biodata of the girl to: E-mail:  or call 905-301-7422 C2-99128

Canada settled Jatt Sikh Chahal boy 27/5'-11", PR, White collar job,
Postgraduate, sister in Canada settled. Parents Govt. employee. Preference to Medical line girl. Contact: 98761-57580. E-mail:  NA2-77615

Wanted suitable match for Post-Graduate Jat Sikh Gill vegetarian boy
27/5'-11", who also owns 14 acres of urban land. NRI match preferred. House: 98881-54190.  NA2-78322

Well educated, respectable Sikh Saini family invite tall, slim, fair, beautiful,
professionally qualified match for son, 5'-9", May 85, fair, smart, cultured, B.Tech. (C.S.E.) India. Working in Canada on P.R. after Post Graduation there. Photos must.  C2-104311

Wanted suitable match for Saini boy 1982/6', BCA, MBA, Tricity working.
Father retd Class-I officer, Punjab. Respectable, educated family settled Mohali. Early marriage. Send data with photo:  C2-105335B

Gursikh match for NT/ND Arora unmarried boy, 33/5'-9", B.Tech., MBA,
Canadian citizen permanent job in Vancouver, highly educated well-settled family. Email: . Tel. 6045952923. C2-102126

SM Jat-Sikh Canadian handsome 6 feet Graduate from School of Economics
London, MBA. Never married, 38, working Financial Institute Toronto requires beautiful tall educated from decent family. Contact: 9781802858, e-mail:  C2-102440

NRI match 4 SC handsome boy 25 yrs., 5'-7", v.fair, B.Sc. (IT) UK, studying
further, Parents both Bank officers, high middle class established well-reputed family, younger sister-brother both NRIs. Contact: +9194170-76578 or  View profile: Punjabi Matrimony Id: P1111676. C2-103327

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Canadian born cleanshaven handsome boy,
21/6', own business in Canada currently in India. Simple beautiful cultured girl preferred. Contact: 72060-25152, 72061-03482. Email:  C2-104053

Well qualified match for handsome Aggarwal boy, BDS, Masters in Health
Care Managment from Australia, 30.10.1982, 5'-5". Presently in India. 082838-13228.  C2-104213

Professionally qualified, slim, fair, tall girl for handsome, smart, fair
Canadian PR Sikh Tonk-khatriya, 27/6'-00" turbaned but trimmer boy. B.E. (ECE) from India. M.S. from University of Southern California (L.A.), USA. Presently employed in reputed US Company in Canada. Educated and well off family of Chandigarh. Girl preferred from tricity, Patiala, Canada and USA. Upper caste no bar. Email :  , Phone 98761-61518. C2-104293

Match for Arora Sikh boy 28/5'-6", Software Engineer, MBA UK. Preparing for
Civil Services (IAS) Exam. Caste immaterial. 89682-21248.  C2-104515

Professionally equally qualified match for handsome Mahajan boy, Convent
educated Chandigarh, May 1979/5'- 8", M. Pharmacy, MBA, Senior Officer reputed Pharmaceutical Company in U.K. No bar. Email:  ; 9876051953. C2-105240

Suitable match for handsome boy 6'-1", 29, MBA, MS, B.Tech. (ECE) studied
in USA employed in reputed MNC in USA on H1B visa earning USD-80000 belonging to highly respectable, educated well settled Sikh Mair Rajput family. Girl should be beautiful tall professionally qualified preferably US citizen belonging to gentle family. Caste no bar. Contact: 91-95018-42040.  C2-105244

Beautiful, tall & slim, well-educated match for handsome, turbaned, US born
Doaba Sikh Rajput (Rathore) boy, 27/5'-7", BS Accounting, pursuing MBA. Working as an Auditor with US Federal Government making decent salary. Please email bio and recent photographs:  , Phone: 609-374-7249. C2-97774B

Non-manglik match for Khatri (Anand) boy, 5'-9", 28.12.1981, 8:52 p.m.,
Patiala, B.Tech Mechanical, working as 4th Engineer (Merchant Navy). 98146-66465.  C2-102781

Suitable match for smart Khatri Malhotra boy, 17.6.86, 5:10 p.m.,
Panchkula, 5'-10", B.Com., living in Austrtalia. 99884-98359.  C2-103229

Suitable match for Khatri Khanna boy, 7.9.82, 6:41 p.m., Rewari, 5'-7",
Mechanical Engineer at Gurgaon, Package 2.10 Lac. 092156-58555. C2-103493

Employed, beautiful girl for Khatri handsome businessman, 5'-11"/1978
(looks 26 years), earning 8 lacs/annum. Caste no bar.  C2-104001

Tall, slim, beautiful, homely match for Hindu Khatri Manglik handsome,
11.05.1986, 6:30 am born Nabha, 6', own Export Import business, handsome income. Family settled India and abroad. 82888-82506, 82888-84309,  C2-104527

Match for Engg., MBA boy 13.10.79, 11.32 am Chandigarh, 5'-11", working
Area Manager Chandigarh, perks 15 lakh p.a. Upper caste no bar. Contact after matching kundli. 098156-88855, 098761-76440, Email:  C2-104669

Punjabi Khatri boy, B.Com, MBA, 31/5'-11", Submission officer with VFS
Global (UK) Mumbai, earning 3 lac yearly looking for cultured girl. Bassi Pathana based family well settled at Mumbai since 1980. Father retired ONGC. Sister married Dubai. Caste no bar. Visiting Punjab. 9915338844, 09702273752. E-mail:  C2-105230

Looking for Canadian PR holder girl for very handsome Hindu Khatri boy,
5'-8", 22.05.1986, 3.15 pm, Gurdaspur. Well settled affluent doctors family. 98032- 37450. E-mail:  C2-99124

Match for Hindu Arora handsome boy, legally divorcee, M.A., B.Ed., DOB
26.11.1980, 4.20 am, 5'-6". Own coaching centre Chandigarh. Qualified unmarried/issueless divorcee preferred. 99889-62070. C2-104719

Beautiful, tall match for Ramgarhia Sikh vegetarian boy 28/5'-10", M.Tech
from USA, working in USA on H1B Visa. Two brothers in Canada. Well placed Gursikh family. Girl should be B.Tech or equivalent. Box 2919M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Ramgarhia cleanshaven boy 84, 5'-11", MS from USA and working
in USA. Preferred NRI. Upper caste no bar.  96460-12412. C2-104419

PQM for Australian citizen, Hindu Dhiman boy, April 82, 6'-2", MS (SWE), PMP
Certified Project Manager, earning $140K. , 99158-41276 C2-104445

Professionally qualified match for manglik Sikh Ramgarhia boy, 26 Nov.
1986, 5'-8", working in Canada, B.Tech. in Mechanical. Father businessman in Mohali. 7696498994.  C2-104503

Suitable match for Chandigarh MBBS Doctor 30, 5'-5", Punjab govt. regular
job, Ramgarhia turbaned Sikh.  , 94651-02804. C2-104653

Well educated, tall, slim girl from status family for Army Officer's son, 29/6',
very handsome Ramgarhia Sikh boy, Merchant Navy Officer (Third Engineer), settled in Mohali. Contact: 98787-22088. Email:  C2-104703

Educated match for Ramgarhia Sikh boy, 27/5'-11", settled Newzealand.
09896060998.  C2-104763

Qualified match for handsome slim non-Manglik cleanshaven unmarried
Ramgarhia Dhiman Sikh boy 33/5- 9", permanent resident of Australia, B.Com., M.Sc. (IT), Diploma in Hospitality Management, permanent job at Melbourne (Australia), handosme salary. Younger brother B.Tech., MBA, currently doing job in USA. Father retired Gazetted officer. Caste no bar. Email:  98761-99921. NA2-77767

Suitable match for Sikh Khatri boy, ND/NT, 6'-0", 28 years, working in
Merchant Navy with foreign company. Father Ex. Capt. Merchant Navy. 98411-64345. C2-103377

Professionally qualified employed match for handsome, vegetarian Gursikh
Khatri boy, 10.3.1981, 5'-10", SAP Consultant MNC Banglore. Parents settled Chandigarh. E- mail:  C2-103473

Sikh match from USA for a double fellow (Cardiology) very intelligent, doctor
in USA, handsome, never married, clean shaven, 5'-8+", 1976, from reputed Khatri Sikh doctors family. E-mail:  C2-104829

Dental, medical, IT professional, allied, Sikh match from USA/ India for DDS,
dentist, US citizen (New York), very handsome, social, affectionate, cleanshaven, 5'-11", 1980, well established doctors. Khatri Sikh family. E-mail:  C2- 104845 

Non-trimmer non- drinker Gursikh Khatri boy 22.12.85 B.Com, MBA 5'-9'' in
father business. Simple small family. Early marriage. , 9356013700. C2-93230

Allliance invited for Sikh Khatri boy, 80 born, 5'-10", B.E. Computer Science
and Masters in Computer Science from reputed Indian and US universities, respectively. Working with Microsoft in US on H1-B. Belongs to upper middle class family from Chandigarh. Coming to India in last week of December for three weeks.  C2-99474

Match for Aug. 1985/5'-11", Khatri Gursikh tall, fair, handsome, well-settled
boy B.Tech., working as Project Manager at IT Company, Chandigarh, package 10 Lacs seeks cultured beautiful, qualified, tall girl. Email family details with photograph.  NA2-78465

Suitable match for Jalandhar based Balmiki boy, Nov. 76, 5'-8", BE
(Electrical) JE Electricity board Punjab. 9464463652, 9914878663. C2-103113

Suitable match for Ravidasia B.Tech boy, 31, 5'-11", slim and fair, self
employed at Chandigarh. Elder brother B.Tech married in Chandigarh. Younger sister M.Phil married with SDO. Father retired Class-I Officer & mother house wife. Own house in Chandigarh.  Mobile: 94171-60930 C2-103887

Punjabi widower 52/5'-5" vegetarian (Vashno) man having one son 12
years well-settled in Goa having cosmeceuticals plant. Simple and status family. Looking for smart and educated lady who can assist in business. Mobile: 92259-01234.  C2-95310B 

Well educated, beautiful match for USA Citizen Ahluwalia boy, 1974/6'-1",
Graduate, own well established business USA. Caste no bar. 001-916-934- 3517.  C2-103469B

SM4 Punjabi Manglik Khatri boy, 5'-5", 30, Graduate well settled business
mail biodata with photograph.  NA2-79038

Suitable match for Manglik Tonk-Kashatriya Sikh boy, 28 Feb. 81, 5'-8",
B.Com., working in IDBI Intech. Father employed in IAF. Contact No. 98151-33472, Email:  C2-105291

Seeking well-educated, Professional woman of substance and style in early
30s for California-based highly- educated Punjabi Hindu-Khatri, GC holder, Technology Manager; slim with Boyish good-looks, Eclectic, Spiritual, Cosmopolitan personality. Well-established family. See Profile: RomanticMystic. No Bars.  C2-94198

Match for Grover Sikh boy, 30/6', B-Pharmacy, own Industry. Father
Gazetted Officer (Retd.), own kothi, Mohali. Contact: 0172-2225749, 98551-85961. Email:  C2-103361B

Professionally ualified match for Sikh Arora turbaned boy, Sept.1983, 6'-1",
B.Tech(India), PG Tech. Mgmt. (Canada), working in Canada. Parents Post-graduate, sister Doctor. Boy visiting Chandigarh early 2013. Contact: +91-94171-52403.  C2- 103669

Handsome, clean-shaven Khatri Sikh 29/5'-11", established business,
40,000/- p.m. Father retired Bank Manager, residential and commercial property. Simple, early marriage. 98880-29605.  C2-104121

Alliance for handsome MBA Sikh boy 30 yrs, fair, 5'-8", working in MNC Bank,
currently posted in Ludhiana (own house in Delhi) and earning good salary package. Looking for well educated Sikh girl. Contact on 095601- 93537. Email:  C2-104561

Chandigarh based well settled business Aggarwal family seeks compatiable,
smart, qualified, cultured, homely girl from respectable family for their handsome non- manglik boy, 28/5'-7", MBA. Contact 098140-12880. E- mail:  C2-101794

Doctor match for Garg boy 26/5'-10", M.D. Transfusion Medicine
Chandigarh. Elder brother Judicial Magistrate. 98884-89494,  C2-103255

Professionally qualified Non-Manglik beautiful girl for handsome Goel boy,
16.01.78, 5:05 AM, Patiala, 5'-11", Legally divorced after few days. MBA. Manager in MNC. 14.00 LPA.Well-educated status family. Contact after matching Kundli.  98720-30747. C2- 104261 

Seeks suitable match for non-Manglik Garg boy, Six feet, B.Tech., 22 April,
84, 12.20 pm, Chandigarh. Working in MNC in Canada, having PR status & drawing handsome salary. Boy in India. Financially sound status Haryana family. Interested to contact after matching kundli.  C2-104333

Professionally qualified match, preferably working match for Garg boy,
1980, 5'-8", MBA (Finance), Manager with a reputed Govt. Financial Institution. Currently posted in Mumbai, 9 LPA. Send bio-data and photograph to:  98786-42393. C2-105167

Suitable beautiful qualified slim match for Sikh Arora boy, 24/5'-10", B.Com,
own well settled business. Contact: 9815860359. E-mail:  C2- 103487

Match for NT/ND Arora Gursikh boy, 5'-8", 30 years, M.Sc. (Math), M.Phil,
own business, handsome income, Status family. Send biodata with photograph. E-mail:  C2-104309

Match for tall, handsome, teetotaller, cleanshaven 27/5'-11", Sikh Kamboj
boy, working as Team Lead in IT MNC, travelled to UK multiple times. Parents moving to US after mid 2013. Looking for well-educated, beautiful girl pref from US/Canada. Caste no bar. Contact: 95012- 37315. Email:  C2-102018


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