Sunday, December 30, 2012, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Well-place Chandigarh-based Jat Sikh family inviting proposals for son 80/6 ft., C’shaven, H’some, B.Tech., MBA (top Insti), investment banker/ Int’nl organisation, 8 digit package seeking very fair beautiful, well-educated bride from reputed Punjabi family. Email:  C2-110348

Seeking educated, tall, slim, (Jat sikh issueless only) match for divorced Jat Sikh US citizen (issueless) grewup in Chandigarh 47/5'-11" turban bearing, non trimmer. Family well-settled in US over 20yrs. Email: tjd50@com  or call 99142-34027. No marriage bureau. Preference to Doaba region. C2-106565

Professionally qualified match for handsome Mair Rajput B.Tech. (Elec. & Communication), MBA (CAT) Sikh cleanshaven boy 26.9.83, 8.21 pm, 5'-3", working in MNC, 4.5 LPA. Father retired Army officer. Caste no bar. Engineer, Doctor, Lecturer girl preferred. Contact: 93566-99966, 97798-88413. A2-97575-OL

Suitable match for Doaba Sikh Rajput boy, 26/6'-2", done B.Tech, settled in
Canada. Contact: 09041761343. E:mail:  C2-108923

Match for Kanda Rajput handsome boy, 27/5'-8", BCA, PGDBI from A.U.T.
(Newzealand), working Newzealand. Contact: 09855663359. C2-109177

Seeking suitable match for 29/5'-7", vegetarian, teetotaller, Kashyap
Rajput boy. B.Tech., working with Infosys, Chandigarh, earning 9LPA. Caste no bar. Email:  C2-109671

Match for Himachali boy 1980/5'-8", MCA, Software professional, MNC
Gurgaon, 10 lac. Preferred MCA/MBA/ B.Tech,/M.Sc./Govt. job/ H.P. (NCR, Kangra, Una, Hamirpur). 09711666835, 09464520435.  C2-109864

Suitable Medico match for fair, handsome, religious (Param Pujya Asa Ram
Bapu follower), vegetarian, teetotaller, Himachali Rajput boy, 28/5'-8", doing MD (Residency) in Internal Medicine in USA. Upper caste religious girls preferred. Send biodata, photo and Kundli. (+91-93505-17119),  Box 3003M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Seeking highly educated beautiful match for Kashyap Rajput, Post-graduate
in Engineering, 5'-9"/85 born, working abroad, on a few days visit in India, earning handsome, cleanshaven, good looking boy of Sikh family living in India. Girl preferred living in Canada on study/working visa E-mail:  9256242120. C2-110138

31 years, 5'-9", smart Doctor looking for educated bride preferably US
Citizen. Completed Research Fellowship at Harvard Medical School, Boston. Returned India due to Visa issues. Mobile 89684-11808. C2-108727

Educated and well connected Mohyal Datta family seeks, tall, slim,
beautiful, homely girl posted preferably in Haryana Govt. Service as Lecturer in a College or School for a very handsome well built tall (5'-11") 29 years veterinary Surgeon (DOB: Aug 17, 1983, 09:31 pm, Hissar), posted in Haryana Government service at Polyclinic, Bhiwani. 094167-94300, . C2-108728

Suitable match for Army Officer Saraswat Brahmin 22.03.84, 03:40 am,
6'-1", Chandigarh. Email:  98888-91195, 94654-47883. C2- 108765

Brahmin very handsome boy, 28.09.84, 1:40 a.m., 5'-10", Patiala,
permanent resident Sydney Australia. Coming India February. Send biodata and photo. Email:  Contact: 99146-17774, 94630-56592. C2-109655

Professionally qualified employed match for Hindu Khatri handsome manglik
boy, 1986/5'-11˝", B.Tech, MBA, working MNC, package 10 LPA. 099990-30383. E-mail:  C2-108811

Suitable match Hindu Arora Manglik, Newzealand PR Boy, 5'-11", 6.05 PM,
13.4.85, Kurali. Business Management, Working as Manager. 90413-56949, 98761-40992. C2-109145

Beautiful and well qualified match from Arora/Khatri family for 1983
Chandigarh born Arora boy 5'-8", B.Tech., MBA, Manager in IT MNC, New Delhi, getting good package. Send Bio-data alongwith photograph at:  C2-109499

Match for Hindu Arora handsome boy, 3.12.1984, 2:29 p.m., Shahabad,
5'-9", B.Tech, job Gurgaon, pkg. 10 Lac. Father business. 098122-74601,  C2-109647

Educated match for Jalandhar based vegetarian boy B.Sc. MBA Central govt.
employed at Jabalpur (M.P.) 35000/- p.m., 5'-7", 11.09.83, 8:35 am Muktsar (PB) (job preferred). 9464679705, 9872831255. C2-109898

Looking for a well-educated girl for 31 years old, 5'- 6", professionally
qualified Khatri/Arora very handsome boy BDS, India + MBA Sydney from highly regarded University, status job in Sydney, at present in India. +9196460-51887,  Boy can be settled overseas as well as India. C2-109972

Pb. Khatri Fly from B'lore seek SM below 28 yrs. for their MBA/B.Pharm son
29.7.81/12:30 pm, Delhi, 5'-9". Contact: 098452-72149. Email:  C2- 110452

Match for Arora boy, 11.4.85, 4:00 a.m., Rohtak, 5'-7", B.Sc., Diploma in
Electrical, also doing Engineering, employed in Indian Navy, EAP-3 (JCO) Defence Mumbai, Approx. 5.00 LPA. Family Zirakpur, Distt. Mohali. M.No. 9876833456, 9646994646. E-mail id:  C2-110796

Educated, homely, adjustable girl for Hindu Arora boy, 26/5'-7", B.Com.,
MBA, well established business. Father renowned industrialist. 0161-3269074,  NA2-82305

Parents seeking bride for their Canadian Citizen, 5'- 9", Ramgharia Sikh,
Electrical Technologist son. We belong to Doaba region. Caste no bar. Please contact us through email with bio data and few pictures. Note: No marriage bureaus. Email:  C2- 106185B

Seeking match for 26 year old India-born, Gursikh Arora, non-trimmer, US
citizen. He is 6'-1" tall, athletic and a second year specialty Surgery Resident Doctor. Both parents are working professionals. Girl should be from Gursikh family, tall, beautiful and professionally qualified. Caste no bar. Biodata along with pictures:  C2-108913B

Suitable educated match for Sikh Ahluwalia boy, 29, 5'- 10", B.Tech.,
Postgraduate abroad in Computer Science. Permanent resident of New Zealand, currently in India for short period. Father rtd. Bank Executive. Small educated family of Punjab.  89686- 69990. NA2-82281

Suitable match for Jat Sikh, cleanshaved, 38/5'-9", smart, handsome,
convent educated boy. Short annulled marriage, no issues. Well connected, established, reputed family. Reply with details and biodata.  98764-02724. A2-97450-OL

Smart, sophisticated, fluent in English aged 26-30, above 5'-3" girl,
preferably Defence background, for a 5'-10", 1979 born, Jat Sikh Merchant Navy Captain, based in Mumbai. Only profiles with photographs from urbanised families will be appreciated. Email -  C2-100534

US citizen Jat Sikh (divorced), 33yrs old, 5'-11", athletic build. Well-settled
Software Engineer born and raised in India looking for beautiful girl.  C2-104355B

Looking for beautiful well-educated slim Jatt Sikh girl for Australian Citizen
Jatt Sikh boy 6', born 1982, Qualified in Software Engineering/Business with 1st Class Honours' Degree from Sydney based University. Working in Financial services industry in Sydney with 6 figure salary, only those who hold non-Indian educational qualifications or are working full-time as professionals are required to apply. Please email detailed biodata with recent natural photos to:  61449880705 marriage bureau excuse. C2-105957B

Seeking well-educated, professionally trained match for handsome, Punjabi
Jat Sikh boy, 37/5'-9", US citizen, never married, owns IT Consulting Company in New York. Email biodata with photo to:  India Ph 94786-90541. C2-106177B

Australian PR, Jat Sikh boy currently in India, 28/5'- 9" ICSE background,
Bachelor in Accounting (Sydney) and doing CPA from well-respected family looking for well- educated girl from ICSE or CBSE background, beautiful, slim, tall minimum 5'-5" with good family values. No demand. Contact:  98154- 88840. C2-106183

Jat Sikh parent seeks well educated, tall, beautiful match for handsome,
cheerful boy, 85 born, 5'-11", Australian Citizen, working in ANZ Bank in Melbourne. Contact with photograph. 8427742887. Email:  C2-107349

Professionally qualified match sought for cleanshaven Jatt Sikh boy,
32/6'-2", qualified in IT and settled as Australian Citizen. Father retired from Army with Rural, Urban property. Family well-settled in Chandigarh. Ph. 9876080037.  C2- 107581

Jatt Sikh parents seek Jatt-Sikh educated girl preferably from the medical
field (MBBS, BDS, RN) or from any other highly qualified profession (above 5'- 5", tall), fair & beautiful for our clean shaven, handsome son, 27 years old, 6 foot tall, Business/LLB/CA and qualified solicitor. He is born and educated in Sydney, Australia and working in a leading firm in Sydney. Please send latest photos with family details to  C2-107917

Match for 32/5'-8", never married, Jat Sikh boy. USA university graduate.
Well established family. Own business in USA required beautiful, educated girl. Early marriage. Boy in India now. 99885-50055. 98760- 96155. C2-108769B

Jat Sikh PQM girl for Jul 83, 5'-11", cleanshaven boy. Did Civil Engineering
from USA. Doing MBA in Canada. Father Army Officer, mother Professor College, sister Asstt. HR Manager UK. 99918-47939, Email:  C2-108851

Professionally qualified beautiful slim match 4 Jat- Sikh Software Engineer
Dhillon boy 1985/6'-1", working Senior Software Engineer MNC Gurgaon, package 13 Lac with urban rural property. E.mail photo-profile:  , 094615-69553. C2-109101

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh Jhinger boy, Jan. 1987, 5'-8", M.S.
(Electrical & Electronics) from USA. Doing job in USA. Wanted USA PR or H1 Visa holder. Send biodata:  Mob. 9781530330. C2-109389

Suitable match for handsome Jat Sikh, 38/6', Engineer, Canadian citizen
boy, divorced after brief marriage. Early marriage. E-mail:  Contact: 87288-45023. C2-109717

Jatt Sikh parents soliciting PQM for their only son, 32/5'-11", MBBS (India),
Masters Hospital Administration (London), innocently divorced. No child/encumbrances, UK citizen, presently in India for marriage. Highly educated urbanised family, having U/R properties. Early marriage. E-mail:  Phone: 90418-13647. C2-109727

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Army Officer 28/5'-10", cleanshaven, handsome,
teetotaller. Has urban and rural property. Reply with biodata and latest photograph of the girl on:  C2-110008

Compatible match for Jat Sikh Post graduate Engineer, Canadian PR.
30/5'-10". Small educated family. Only sister Engineer in Canada. Father Senior PSU Officer in Chandigarh. Boy in India on vacation. Mobile 98726- 42711. Email :  C2-110116B

Seeking professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh Canadian citizen, 28
years old, 6'-1" tall. Education: B.Eng., M.Eng., Computer Engineer. Father retd. Army Officer settled in US. Contact: 001-9254768900.  C2-110380

Suitable match for handsome Jatt Sikh boy 26/5'-6", US citizen with LVN
Nursing. Preferred good looking, professionally qualified or B.Sc./GNM Nursing. Girl with nice family background from Punjab. Contact No. 98146-74449 (India), 310-403-1086, 909-646-7593 (USA), Email:  C2-110382

Chandigarh based high status family seek beautiful match for their very
handsome Jat Sikh boy, 35 years, 5'-8", US citizen, Engineer, earning 1 Crore/year. Boy currently visiting India. Email:  C2-110662

Jatt Sikh 5'-11", 25, Australia PR, Manager. Med, Non- medical, Commerce
graduate, slim & beautiful girl respond with photo & biodata. E-mail:  9815068312, 8568080501. C2- 110678

Professionally qualified match for handsome, cleanshaven, US Citizen, Jat
Sikh boy, 33/5'-8", born & raised in India, Masters Engineering (Top US University). Manager in renowned US company. Issueless divorcee (Short marriage). Presently in India for short time. Contact: 8968440790. E-mail:  C2-110700

Jat Sikh parents seek a match for their Son, 30 years, 6' tall, born and
educated in Toronto, Engineer and working with a large Corporation. Girl should be Canadian and educated in Ontario and with good family values. Please respond with recent picture and biodata of the girl to: E-mail:  or call 905-301-7422 C2-99128

Jatt Sikh Brar family, seeking alliance for our US citizen son 1986/5'-10"
final year Veterinary student at Gadvaso. Girl should be either veterinarian, MBBS, Ph.D., MBA from a prestigious University, well-versed in Punjabi and English. Contact: Dr. Brar 1-69-9936240.  NA2-82887

Match for NRI Saini boy, 33, 5'-11", clean shaven, health professional, US
citizen. Visiting India Jan. 2013. Looking for beautiful girl, atleast 5'-4", health professional or highly qualified with excellent family values. Caste no bar. Responses without pictures and biodata will not be considered. Box 3012M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Saini Sikh (Cleanshaven), Sept. 76/5'-8", Lecturer Reputed College. M.A.,
M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil.  C2-110774

Fair, smart, Panjabi Arora boy 6'/29.5.1986 (Hisar, 10.30 P.M.), B.Tech.
(India), MS (US). Working at US as Business Intelligence Analyst. Liberal, reasonable and God fearing family. Match working/settled at US is requested. E-mail:  (Cell) +9194163- 43060. C2-106195

USA Canada based professionally qualified match for Ramdasia Sikh
cleanshaven, 6', Oct. 80 born boy. BE from IIT Kharagpur, MBA from top University USA. Handsome package, status family. Send biodata alongwith photograph. No bar. Email:  Phone: 96538-04003. C2-108503

Slim smart non-Manglik teetotaller Aggarwal 34/5'-9", Veterinary Doctor
(Class I Officer) Postgraduate (UK) Canadian PR holder. Upper caste no bar.  C2-109263

Affluent family of UK seeks beautiful slim MBBS or BDS match for their
handsome 26 yrs., citizen cleanshaven, Doaba Sikh Rajput, 5'-8", practicing Dentist son.  C2-109481

Professionally qualified match for handsome Punjabi Sikh Khatri 3 years
Diploma in Computer Engineering boy 30˝/5'-11", legally divorcee issuelsss Australian citizen, doing Pvt. Business, likely to join Govt. job in January 2013. Coming to India March 2013, belonging to very high educated, respected family in India. Contact with biodata and picture. E-mail:  97812-94177. C2-109703

NRI match for Sikh Weaver boy, 1982/5'-6". MBA (Accounts) from Canada.
Working in Mede-Care Health Care Solution (Software Co.) as Application Analyst Toronto/Canada on Work permit. PR applied by Company itself. Father retd as Xen from Railways, Mother working as Education Officer. Elder sister settled in USA and married to Software Engineer. Elder brother Dental Surgeon, being married to MBA girl daughter of Civil Surgeon. PR settled girl in Canada. Please send biodata/photo Email :  , Contact 98720-44845. C2-109752

Proposals invited from parents of convent educated, smart, pretty and
professional girl from well-educated Indian origin preferably Punjabi family for June 1982, 6'-2", B.Tech., handsome, clean shaven Sikh, smart, well-spoken, outgoing, fun loving, affectionate and caring boy, Brought up in Delhi and Mumbai in Defence environment. US Citizen Senior Software Developer, Hundred K annual, Own house, high standard and independent living. Father retired Senior Naval Officer working and independently settled in US. Contact:  Tel: 001-510-225-8058. C2-109968

Educated, beautiful match for handsome Kamboj (Sama) American citizen
boys 26, 5'-8", Pharma degree and 24, 5'-8", Pharma degree. Both are running own Pharma business in America. Caste no bar. Preferred Medico/professionally qualified girl. Contact: 099920- 64892, 096716-96018. Email:  NA2- 80807

Jat Sikh parents, well established in UK and Punjab, seek a match for their,
UK born, broadminded, keshdhari son. Well qualified (B.Sc., M.Sc., PGCE, MA) Science Lecturer, 35 yrs., 5'-11", athletic build and handsome. Suitable match would be similarly well educated or professionally qualified, fluent in English, 5'-4"+, have an appreciation of both Western and Sikh cultures. Send bio-data. Email:  Box 2981M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Compatible Sikh (upper caste) match for Australian citizen, cleanshaven
Sikh Arora boy, 26/6', convent educated from India, B.Com. from University of Canberra Australia, pursuing Masters Degree (CA) & working in Australia, own residence in Australia & urban/rural properties at prime location in India. Boy visiting India in first week of January. 0161-3251374,  NA2-82304

Manglik match for Punjabi Khatri boy 19.02.1982, 9:00 PM. Working in FM
Radio. Brother well settled in USA. Reply at 096463-02077, . C2-108573

Suitable professionally qualified preferably MBA Banking/Finance match for
well settled Punjabi Khatri Acturial professional currently in UK, 179 cms, 08.11.1984, 00.50 hrs, Bareily. Send biodata, Kundli. E-mail:  C2-108805

Manglik match for Khatri boy 07.02.1983, 5'-10", 2:20 a.m., Ambala, M.Tech.
from Canada, working in Canada in Software company. Contact: 089308-33192, 094666-35218. C2-109617

Preferably NRI/elegant Indian match for handsome vegetarian Hindu Khatri
boy 26.2.82/5'-9", Graduate, PGDCA, Fashion Designing, own Hosiery business, good income. Brother USA settled. 084273-58641, 099155- 44911. NA2-82391

Cleanshaven Ramgarhia boy Science graduate. 5'-8", 02- 09-1979, Virdi
Lall. Real Estate company Manager Australia (P.R.) Now in India till 08-01-2013 seeks beautiful educated girl interested to Australia. Contact: 9888896745.  C2-110438

NRI Ramgarhia divorcee issueless, 48 yrs. male seeks issueless
divorcee/widow. Preferred Amritsar. 00447713015571. NA2-82278

Qualified match for handsome, slim non-Manglik cleanshaven unmarried
Ramgarhia Dhiman Sikh boy, 33/5'- 9", permanent resident of Australia, B.Com., M.Sc. (IT), Diploma in Hospitality Management, permanent job at Melbourne (Australia). Handsome salary. Father retired Gazetted Officer, well settled family. Upper caste no bar. Mobile: 98761-99921, Email:  NA2-82279

Match for Balmiki boy Sr. Engineer and Team Leader in MNC Chandigarh, 32
yrs./5'-7", Salary 25000 p.m. Contact: 97809-09214.  C2-108901

Suitable match for Punjabi handsome SC boy, 5'-8", B.Tech., MS, 1980 born,
IT professional, on H1B visa, working in New Jersey City, USA. Seek cultured, educated, IT professional girl. Contact: 98681-34006 Email:  C2-109846B

Australian TR Radhasoami Adi-Dharmi, handsome boy, PR applied,
35/5'-11", brother PR Australia, seeks educated, religious, decent & beautiful girl. We need a simple family. Suitable girl in Australia also preferred. Send pics & biodata at email:  Jalandhar. C2-109946

Match for handsome, 35, 5'-8˝", Brahmin, brilliant Engineer, CEO-Director
Chandigarh company, 2˝ yrs daughter. Reputed family. Contact: 098766-95797. C2- 110330

Well educated, beautiful match for USA Citizen Ahluwalia boy, 1974/6'-1",
Graduate, own well established business USA. Caste no bar. 001-916-934- 3517.  C2-103469B

Seeking beautiful, good-looking, well-educated and cultured girl for a Hindu
Khatri boy 5'-9", 2nd Nov. 1983, convent educated, BA, LL.B., LL.M. Practicing at Chandigarh. Having good income. Rich, simple and religious family having own land in Punjab, Delhi, own house and residence in Chandigarh and Panchkula. Email:  Contact: 0172-4064270, 099153-91776. C2-109641

Seeking beautiful, smart, educated girl for Canadian Pharmacist Sikh
Tonk-Kastriya handsome boy cleanshaven, B.Pharmacy, 5'-11", Nov. 84, working in reputed Pharmacy of Canada. Chandigarh, Mohali, Ludhiana preferred. Student/recent immigrant also contact. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 099145-39557.  NA2-82414

Required smart, homely, educated bride for 50 years cutsurd, malhi 6 feet
tall divorcee Punjabi handsome man, well settled in Germany. Caste no bar. Ph: 94172- 10270. E-mail:  C2-108487

A 31 year old, 5'- 8" handsome, Hindu, Super Specialist Doctor, issueless
divorcee, Non-Manglik with income in six figures seeks a suitable match. A well-educated, beautiful girl preferred. Caste no bar. Contact:  C2-108973

Teetotaller, innocent short marriage, legally divorced, 1982/5'-10",
well-placed Computer Engineer Gursikh Khatri boy seeks suitable homely, educated match. Mobile: 099147-05106, Email:  C2- 109589

Suitable match for issueless divorcee Jatt Sikh boy, 34 years 5'-10",
M.Tech., doing own business. Contact:  C2-110938

Beautiful, tall Doctor Dentist for handsome tall fair Arora/Khatri Sikh
cleanshaven boy 84 born, 6'-1". Doing 3rd year Internal Medicine, Residency in USA. Will be joining fellowship in Cardiology in July 2013. Upper caste no bar. Boy coming 1st week of February. Send snap, biodata. Email:  Contact: 098151-12445. C2-109407

Sikh match from USA for a double fellow (Cardiology) very intelligent, doctor
in USA, handsome, never married, clean shaven, 5'-8+", 1976, from reputed Khatri Sikh doctors family. E-mail:  C2-110208

Dental, medical, IT professional, allied, Sikh match from USA/ India for DDS,
dentist, US citizen (New York), very handsome, social, affectionate, cleanshaven, 5'-11", 1980, well established doctors. Khatri Sikh family. E-mail:  C2- 110220

Arora Sikh Reputed family looking match for their only son, fair, PR New
Zealand, 6', Sept 1987, Degree Business Management, running well settled business, own house Mohali and NZ. Girl should be beautiful, fair, min. 5'-5", educated and able to settle down in abroad. E-mail:  C2-110684

Wanted beautiful suitable match for handsome smart Jindal manglik boy
5'-7", 28 years, Working as Manager in leading Hotel abroad. Residence at Panchkula. Contact: 9914007663, 9878170882, Email:  C2-109391

Professionally qualified match for handsome boy 5'-10", 21-Dec-1986, 7:32
am, Ambala, B,Tech (ECE) HPU, PGD (Wireless) Canada, well placed Sr. R.F. Engineer, Canadian permanent Resident. 9915024409,  C2-109966

Suitable match for fair, handsome, 5'-11", M.Tech. (Melbourne), PR
(Australia) 40 LPA. 15-Feb, 1986, 10:13 am Chandigarh. Seeks alliance from beautiful, slim, tall, professionally qualified girl interested to settle in Australia. Early marriage. Contact: 88724- 29234,  C2-109990

Required beautiful, homely girl for Garg handsome Advocate, 5'-11",
15.11.84, 4.10 am, Ambala, good income. Contact: 9194160-27725.  C2-110400

Suitable match for NT/ND Arora Sikh boy May 1986/5'-8", BE, MNC Noida, 10
LPA. Father class-I officer, only child. Chandigarh based family.  C2- 109277


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