Sunday, January 6, 2013, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Match for handsome cleanshaven Jatt Sikh Shergill boy 29/5-10, Public School educated, widely travelled, Masters in Economics from University of Victoria, Canada, settled in Canada and working as Regulatory Advisor with MNC (Package Rs 43 Lakh Per Annum). Only son of Well-educated Chandigarh based family having House in Chandigarh and 43 Acres Land in Punjab. Father Retired fromSenior Professional Position and now re-employed in equivalent Professional Position. Seeks Professionally Qualified beautiful, convent educated Jatt Sikh girl with minimum height 5-4 and age 25 years or below. Send details 9198786-97591  C2-112150

Jat Sikh Sandhu cleanshaven handsome boy, born 88, 6, studying
and working in London since 3 years, doing M.Tech. Seeks only Manglik, tall min 5-6, professionally qualified preferably Punjabi girl settled London (UK). Email:  C2-112948

Doctor couple seeking match for their Sikh Saini clean-shaven son, 5-7, Dec. 82, handsome, doing MD (Med.) in London. Ideal match will be beautiful Doctor girl from similar background or status. Caste no bar. 98140-45513. Email: C2-110222

A well settled Canadian Jat Sikh family seek educated match for their son, 5'-11", 1984 born, MA, wear turban, and running his own business. Girl should be professionally educated. Preference to Hoshiarpur/Jalandhar. Contact at 9465149593 or 8728916662. Email- C2- 111138

Suitable match for Canada based Doaba Sikh Rajput boy 26/6', B.Tech./MBA. Contact: 98727-53929. Email:  C2-109479

Suitable match for handsome, smart Thakur, April 24, 1976 at 5:50 am
Solan, 5'-11". Legal Associate with MNC, Gurgaon. Respond with biodata/kundli/photograph. Contact: 094189-07946,  C2-111834

Tall, beautiful, well educated girl for very handsome 6', born 79, citizen of
E.U. well settled Punjabi Rajput Jaswal boy, Production manager in Volvo car manufacturing co. in Sweden. Contact E-mail:  and E-mail:  Photo (must). C2-111862

Suitable match for Amritdhari Doaba Sikh Rajpoot Parmar 1980/5'-11",
Physiotherapist Govt. job. 96462-00440.  C2-112052

Handsome Brahmin boy, working officer, 1985/5'-11". Parents Govt.
servant, brother in Bank. Manglik preferred. Contact: 98882-65303, 99883-91193. Email:  C2-111290

Brahmin boy 5'-11", 11.1.1985, EMBA (HR), working MNC, Chandigarh.
Residence Ambala City. 99912-36111. C2- 111446

Suitable homely match for Saraswat Brahmin boy, 23rd July 1983, 2.40 am
Kurali, 5'-7". No demand. Mobile: 97818-12447. C2-112162

Professionally qualified match for 81 born, B.Tech (India), studying MBA
(USA), 5'-6" boy worked as manager for eight years in India/abroad in reputed company establishment in posh area Jalandhar/Delhi. Well to do educated family. Profile ID  RTR7945. Girl studying/working in USA/Canada is preferred. Khatri welcome. 9815044333. E-mail:  C2-112416

Only MBBS, BAMS, beautiful match for teetotaller, vegetarian, handsome
Saraswat Brahmin M.Tech. boy, 29/5'-10", Own Clinic, Agricultural land. Well settled and reputed family. Very handsome Income. Contact 98555-40277. E-mail:  C2- 112490B

Saraswat Brahmin (kaushal) 5'-6", 21.10.1983, 06:00 pm, Muktsar,
B.Pharma, working MNC at Chandigarh. Good salary. Email:  Contact: +91 84378-28221. C2-112516B

Suitable match for Brahmin handsome well educated boy, US citizen, 29/6',
own well settled business. Girl should be well qualified, beautiful, tall min 5'-6" from status family. Contact: 0015303427243. E-mail:  C2-113088

Beautiful M4 M.Sc. Biotechnology from UK 29.4.85, 10.43 am, Kapurthala,
5'-8", serving MNC Chandigarh. NRI preferred. Contact: 9257231686. E-mail:  C2-113094

Looking for a well-educated girl for anshik Manglik, 31 years old, 5'-6", professionally qualified Khatri/Arora very handsome boy BDS, India + MBA Sydney from highly regarded University, status job in Sydney, at present in India. +9196460-51887,  Boy can be settled overseas as well as India. C2-109972

Panchkula based well settled Arora Khatri manglik only son handsome
5'-8",07.08.1986, 03:15 am, Chandigarh, under matric professionally qualified, businessman, 30,000/-. Contact after maching kundli. 9815003569, 9888102611. C2-112792

Seeking professionally qualified, working, beautiful, issueless match below
40 yrs. for Noida based 43, 171 cms, Sr. Management IT professional, issueless divorced boy. Contact:  C2-112842

Non-manglik match for December, 81 born 5'-11", BE. handsome, smart boy
working with IT MNC, Gurgaon as Tech. Lead.  C2-113230

Parents seeking bride for their Canadian Citizen, 5'- 9", Ramgharia Sikh,
Electrical Technologist son. We belong to Doaba region. Caste no bar. Please contact us through email with bio data and few pictures. Note: No marriage bureaus. Email:  C2- 106185B

Handsome cleanshaven Punjabi Nai Sikh boy, 5th April 1979, 6'-2",
Engineer, 5.40 lac PA. Legally divorced, No issue. No liability. Status family. Father retired officer. Sister US citizen. Required educated tall girl. 9915392315.  C2-112032

Match for Labana Sikh cleanshaven, June 1981, 5'-9", slim, M.Com., own
business Italy, basically Zirakpur. 97819-84105,  C2-112434

Suitable match for Sikh boy, B.Tech., 26 yrs 5'-7", Engineer in a reputed
firm. Caste no bar. Middle-class family. Parents Govt. employed, Chandigarh. 98724- 11341. C2-112456

PQM match 4 Lubana turbaned Sikh, 29 years, 5'-10", MBBS, MD
(Pharmacology), working in MNC in Gurgaon, 6 figure salary. Contact at 98789-92450, 088004-44801.  C2-112840B

Match for Mazhbi Sikh (Punjabi/Indian) boy, 1984 born, 5'-8", B.Tech
(India), MS (America), work Authorized serving in IT company in California. Father Deputy Excise & Taxation commissioner (retd.). Now practicing Lawyer, mother serving headmistress, only sister engineer and appearing for civil services Punjab, Parents presently in America on visit, very popular well connected family. Contact info 001-732-947-9484. E-mail:  C2-113068

Dr/Engr, highly qualified beautiful match for handsome, turbaned Ramdasia
Sikh, 5'-9", 28 yrs., B.Tech boy, selected Administrative officer (Govt of India) through All India competition. Only elder brother M.Tech, married, permanent citizen Auckland New Zealand. Father retd. Class-I officer settled in Chandigarh & Jalandhar. Contact: 9814500466. E-mail:  C2-113081

Suitable match for Jat Sikh, cleanshaved, 38/5'-9", smart, handsome,
convent educated boy. Short annulled marriage, no issues. Well connected, established, reputed family. Reply with details and biodata.  98764-02724. A2-97450-OL

Educated Jatt Sikh family from Toronto invites matrimonial alliance for their
son. Girl should be beautiful, preferably professionally qualified boy working as Technical Lead with a big bank, cleanshaven. Elegant looking Jan. 1980 born. Own valuable rural, urban property in India and Canada.  006478950743. A2-99614-OL

Smart, sophisticated, fluent in English aged 26-30, above 5'-3" girl,
preferably Defence background, for a 5'-10", 1979 born, Jat Sikh Merchant Navy Captain, based in Mumbai. Only profiles with photographs from urbanised families will be appreciated. Email -  C2-100534

US citizen Jat Sikh (divorced), 33yrs old, 5'-11", athletic build. Well-settled
Software Engineer born and raised in India looking for beautiful girl.  C2-104355B

Seeking well-educated, professionally trained match for handsome, Punjabi
Jat Sikh boy, 37/5'-9", US citizen, never married, owns IT Consulting Company in New York. Email biodata with photo to:  India Ph 94786-90541. C2-106177B

Seeking educated, tall, slim, (Jat sikh issueless only) match for divorced Jat
Sikh US citizen (issueless) grewup in Chandigarh 47/5'-11" turban bearing, non trimmer. Family well-settled in US over 20yrs. Email:  or call 99142-34027. No marriage bureau. Preference to Doaba region. C2-106565

Suitable match for handsome Jatt Sikh boy 26/5'-6", US citizen with LVN
Nursing. Preferred good looking, professionally qualified or B.Sc./GNM Nursing. Girl with nice family background from Punjab. Contact No. 98146-74449 (India), 310-403-1086, 909-646-7593 (USA), Email:  C2-110382

Professionally qualified match for fair Jatt Sikh boy, 28/5'-8", cleanshaven,
teetotaller, Degree in Accounts and Finance, currently on work Permit in UK as Deputy Manager seeks a beautiful, fair and well settled girl from UK, USA and Canada. Contact with full biodata/recent photo on 99882-73413. E-mail:  C2-111284B

Suitable match for a highly qualified, professional, smart handsome Jat Sikh
Australian citizen boy, 26 years 6' tall, package $150K+ pa. Educated and status family in Sydney. Preference to Medicine/Law/investment or CA/CPA qualified in Australia from respectable family. Respond with photos :  C2-111766

Parents from Ludhiana based respectable Jat Sikh family seeking a
compatible match for 35/6' handsome permanent US resident doctor. Highly qualified employed with one of the top US hospitals. Earlier marriage annulled with shared custody of 5 years son (three months in a year). A mature, understanding decently US employed girl with matching qualifications and regard for family values. Early & simple marriage. Box 3034M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jatt Sikh 5'-4", Sep 1982, B.Tech, working as DBA in Gurgaon based US MNC,
business visa, 11 LPA, seeks Teacher/IT profession girl. Call at 95010-85815 or email at  C2-111958

Tall (5'-6'', above) qualified match from Australia, India for Jat Sikh boy 28/
6'-2'' B.Tech. Pursuing Masters from Australia. Brother married settled Australia. Mother-father retired Govt. employees. Good urban rural property. Amritsar, Gurdaspur preferred. Send biodata with photo:  9501930963. C2-112068

Suitable match for Jat Sikh 40 years, U.S. citizen, former Short Service
Commissioned Officer, divorcee, one male issue. Settled and working in U.S. Contact: 98154-17163. C2-112218

Suitable match for handsome clean shaven Jat Sikh boy 33/5'-11", MS
(Computer Science) from USA on H1B visa as Senior Software Engineer in USA, Green Card in process, early marriage. Kindly send bio-data. Email:  C2-112374

PQM for our son 79/6'-2", handsome, athletic. Canada born, raised Canada,
India, understands value of both cultures. Professional Chartered Accountant, Masters Human Kinetics, presently working on Ph.D. We are Canada-based Jat/Sikh khandani Doctors family, two daughters Doctors, unmarried. We are not only looking for daughter, but family we can consider our own. Our son was briefly married, less than month, now divorced. It can be discussed. If interested we can communicate further.  C2-73364

Match for NRI Saini boy, 33, 5'-11", clean shaven, health professional, US
citizen. Visiting India Jan. 2013. Looking for beautiful girl, atleast 5'-4", health professional or highly qualified with excellent family values. Caste no bar. Responses without pictures and biodata will not be considered. Box 3012M Tribune, Chandigarh.

US citizen Jat Sikh parents seek tall, beautiful, educated match for their
Green Card holder, good looking Manglik son 30 years/5'-10", Registered Dental Assistant (R.D.A) by professional, also doing job. Boy in India till end of January. Upper caste no bar. No demands. Girl's merits main consideration. Send biodata & photo. Email:  A2-98775-OL

Suitable match for Parjapat Sikh boy 29/5'-10", B.Tech., MBA, well-settled
in USA. Project Manager, Wipro. Send biodata, photo.  Box 3031M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful educated manglik match for handsome clean shave Jat Sikh
Australian Resident boy 28/ 5'-8'' family settled Australia 7508046817, 61469282360. C2- 111620

Suitable match 4 Jat Sikh boy 27 yrs., 5'-11", Canadian citizen, well-settled
girl should be good looking educated & tall. Send briefs with 2 pics.  C2-112334

Suitable Medico Dentico professional match for fair handsome 36/5'-7",
MBBS MRCP Khatri boy working National Health Services Hospital UK. Parents Doctors. 094163-78082.  C2-112336

Slim, smart, non-Manglik teetotaller Aggarwal 34/5'-9", Veterinary Doctor
(Class I officer), Canadian PR holder, very reputed and qualified family. Caste no bar.  C2-112452

Seeking suitable match for Hindu Punjabi Arora handsome 39, 5'-11",
Banker, B.Tech., Canadian citizen, i/divorcee, well settled, from professional, educated beautiful tall NRI girl only. Send BHP at:  , M: 94173-97130. C2-112880

Wanted slim, beautiful Sikh girl for divorced Saini Sikh boy 5'-10"/52,
Engineer, well-settled in England from long time. No dowry. Preferred issueless. Further details. 01824-271845. Email:  NA2- 85333

Looking for Canadian PR holder girl for very handsome Hindu Khatri boy,
5'-8", 22.05.86, Gurdaspur. Well settled affluent doctors family. 9872260227. E-mail:  C2-110954

Wanted educated status family match for handsome October 1980, 5'-9",
MBA (Regular) boy working HDFC Bank. Father Class-1 Officer retired. Smart small family settled Panchkula.  C2- 112512

Professionally qualified match for handsome Hindu Khatri 1983 born boy.
B.Tech/ MS (UK), 5'-6'', working MNC Shanghai, pkg. Rs 20.0+ lacs. Father Officer Pb. Govt. Preference to Punjab based families. Mail:-  contact:-80540-06941, 80548- 08785. C2-112558

Well-qualified, beautiful, fair, slim, upto 36 match for Wg. Cdr., Dec. 72,
5'-9", looks much younger, 15 LPA. Divorcee. 0172-2638369, 094665-74232. Photo, biodata must:  C2-112590

Seeking beautiful, professionally qualified and cultured girl for handsome,
well-settled Khatri boy of Chandigarh, B.Tech. (PEC), MBA (USA), 31.8.83/1:32 p.m., 5'-9", working in USA on H1-B Visa. Boy in Chandigarh till January 17, 2013. E-mail:  Mobile 098883-41771. C2-112706

Manglik/Non-Manlgik match for BE, MBA, 13.10.79, 11:32 am Chandigarh,
5'-11", Area Manager in Chandigarh, 15 lakhs PA. Contact after matching Kundli. Upper caste no bar. Early marriage. 98156-88855, 98761-76440. Email:  C2-112932

B.Tech. Premier Institute handsome Software Engineer, Chandigarh, 5'-11",
Aug. 81, teetotaller, non-smoker, 10 lakhs per annum. Status family, Kanal house, flat Chandigarh.  Caste no bar. NA2-84738

Professionally qualified well-settled match for cleanshaven Ramgarhia boy,
B.Tech., Oct-83, 5'-11", working in top MNC. Caste no bar. Send bio-data, recent photograph to Email:  Box 3024M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Ramgarhia Matharu, 31 years, 6', Masters Info Systems, working for a
seismic company, Australian citizen. Looking for sutiable match preferably Nursing, IT Graduate. Please email biodata and pics to:  917696639819. C2-111858

Suitable alliance invitted from well-educated, good looking confident girl
with a blend of traditional values and liberal thought preferably from educated service class family for a handsome, humorous natured MBA/Engineer, Ramgarhia Sikh turbaned (trimmer) boy. Well placed in US multinational at Chandigarh, Package 15 LPA. DOB Feb. 77, 5'-7. Manglik/Non-Manglik no bar. Chandigarh tri-city & nearby region preferred. E-mail biodata (with Photograph) to  Phone 98556-88818. C2-113164

NRI Ramgarhia divorcee issueless 48 yrs. male, seeks issueless
divorcee/widow. Preferred Amritsar. 00447713015571. NA2-84217

Suitable match for Sikh Khatri cleanshaven, teetotaller boy 5'-10", B.Tech.
(Elect.) 12.8.85, 4.30 am CHD. Working at Mohali MNC, 5 LPA. Father Class-I officer at Chandigarh. Contact: 98729-81953, 99883-47038, Email:  C2-111742

Dental, Medical, IT-Professional, Sikh match from USA/India for DDS,
Dentist, US citizen (New York), very handsome, social, affectionate, cleanshaven, 5'-11", 1980, well established Doctors Khatri Sikh family. E- mail:  C2-112836

PQM for 29/6'-1" cleanshaven handsome Sikh Ahluwalia boy, Masters USA,
Engineer in USA on work permit. Well educated upper middle class family Chandigarh. Contact: 8054458547. Send biodata with photo. Email:  C2-113046

Beautiful, slim, professionally qualified (BDS/MDS, MBBS/MD, Software
Engineer) match for tall, handsome, MDS (Dentist) SC boy, 5'-11"/1976 born. Permanent resident of New Zealand and Canada. Settled and working as Dentist in New Zealand. Early marriage. Contact: 01886-321891, 98150-60100. Caste no bar. A2-95290-OL

Suitable match for Punjabi handsome SC boy, 5'-8", B.Tech., MS, 1980 born,
IT professional, on H1B visa, working in New Jersey City, USA. Seek cultured, educated, IT professional girl. Contact: 98681-34006 Email:  C2-109846B

Suitable match for Radhasoami Adi- Dharmi boy 35/5'- 11", Australia (PR
applied), brother PR Australia, seeks religious, simple, beautiful & educated girl. Suitable girl in Australia also preferred. Send pics and boidata at email :  Jalandhar. C2-111830

Match for Hindu Kori (Julaha), Village Arkha, Distt. Raibareli, (UP) based
unmarried boy 39/5'-5", 10th, store watchman (Rly). Salary 10000/-. Contact: 73555- 35283. H.No. S-35A, Railway Colony no.1, Jalandhar. C2- 112284

Service match for Chamar boy, MA (Eng.)/PGDCA, 6', 30.10.83, 11.57 pm
Bathinda. Head Constable Haryana Vigilance Bureau. Mother NFL (Panipat). Own house Kurukshetra.  092531-01784, 094670-10219. C2-112308

Well educated, beautiful match for USA Citizen Ahluwalia boy, 1974/6'-1",
Graduate, own well established business USA. Caste no bar. 001-916-934- 3517.  C2-103469B

Wanted a suitable match for Kshatriya Manglik boy, 5 April 1983/5'-5 from
Chandigarh, BCA, working in MNC in Muscat, Oman for last 5 years at Admin. position. 98765-53088.  C2-113228

Sikh Tonk-kashtriya boy 27/5'-10", B.Tech, MBA, Govt. employee. Govt.
Teacher preferred. Send photo. Email:  98728-67225. C2-112120

Suitable match for NRI handsome Punjabi Khatri 48 years issueless
divorcee, 5'-10", well settled IT Engineer in Switzerland with Citizenship. 098685-62843. E-mail:  C2-111986

N.R.I. divorcee match for Jat Sikh 42/5'-11", Engineer Boy, honest,
non-drinker. Father Retired Gazetted Officer. Contact: 95016-58423. C2-112224

PQM/employed match for smart, Vet. Doctor, gazetted officer Mittal, 81
born/5'-6". 93560-25001.  C2-112002

Qualified beautiful match for handsome Goyal boy Candigarh, June 82,
5'-10", B.Tech. IIT, working in MNC Noida, 17+ LPA.  99884-90922. C2- 112702

Professional match for handsome Gupta boy 28/5'-7", working as Network
Engineer in California (USA). Visiting India shortly. 094163-66972, 098724-27136,  C2-113370

Professionally qualified beautiful match for handsome non-trimmer boy 30,
MBA, 5'-8", MNC Gurgaon, 16.20 LPA. Well educated serviceclass family. E-mail:  09779931406. C2-112042

SM4 Gursikh Arora boy, 30 years, 5'-7", M.Sc. (Maths), M.Phil, business,
handsome income. Status family. Send biodata with photograph. E-mail:  C2-112290

SM4 Gursikh Arora boy, 9.12.82, 5'-8", M.Sc. (Maths), M.Phil, PhD, running
own coaching centre, income in six figures. Send biodata with recent photograph. E-mail:  C2-112292

Professionally qualified girl for B.E. (Chemical Engg.), Australian citizen
1980, 5'-7", boy already in India. Caste no bar. Email:  98726-73924. C2-112936


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