Unleash the New You in the New Year
Aruti Nayar
Come New Year, and even the most cynical are not averse to making a wishlist. There is an increasing reliance on motivational, life coaches or trainers to show the way. Perhaps, due to the increasing pressures of corporate life and the drift towards a ‘secular spirituality,’ there is a vacuum as organised religion finds fewer takers. We asked some trainers who conduct holistic workshops to help people find equipoise to share their success mantra.


'Art & soul
Some splendid views of ports
B. N. Goswamy
At a recent exhibition on the port towns, one could sense history in all kinds of images and documents, which focused sharply upon the coastal towns of Kutch and Saurashtra in Gujarat
Close to two weeks back, I was at Daman — former Portuguese possession on the west coast of India and now, together with Diu, a Union Territory — and what had taken me there was a symposium on the port towns of Gujarat. I had little title to be there for I am no expert on port towns and know precious little about that maritime region.

Broad Brush


Written in stars
P. Khurrana takes a peek into your future, telling all about your career, money, relationships, love, friendships etc with a special focus on astro-advice


Protest for a pause
Mallika Kaur
A pause could help in seeing our own contribution to the culture of gender violence: when we laugh off our boy’s exploits for being such a ‘Casanova’ or ‘stud,’ while we pride ourselves in curtailing our girl’s movements and dreams


Enjoy the walk
Preeti Verma Lal
Vancouver's a great city to walk around as its different alleys offer
interesting walk tours
In some cities, beginnings can be confusing. No, not the beginning of the city, but where to begin the city tour. Vancouver certainly is one such city. Where do you begin in a city which takes its name from a Dutch captain George Vancouver and is often touted as the world's most liveable city and Canada's most walkable city?



On the cards: Super sequels and big-ticket movies
Deepa Ranade
Dhoom 3, Krrish 3, Race 2, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again and many more, the year is replete with franchises which consolidate cine branding more than ever before. An overview of upcoming releases that include big bonanzas like Chennai Express, Kick and Himmatwala; an eclectic mix of serious and spurious films that have the making of a hit parade

A season for makeovers
Swati Rai
The Indian ‘idiot box’ is bustling with a plethora of makeover serials. Cashing in on the wedding mania in India is the much-hyped Band Baaja Bride on NDTV Good Times. In its second season with anchor Ambika Anand and the ‘now less wooden’, former model, Bharat Arora, this programme charts the journey of a bride in distress and transforms her into err…the best she can look. From hair, skin to make-up to the dress, and even teeth, the would-be bride goes through a series of therapies, spa treatments and salon fixes!


Food TalkYam can be yummy
by Pushpesh Pant

GOOD MOTORING: Tension, the ugly driver
by H. Kishie Singh

Buyers beware!: Pulling wool over buyers’ eyes
by Pushpa Girimaji

LIFE'S LESSONS: Disabled love

Webside HUMOURDr. Love
by Sunil Sharma

Television: Housefull!

by Karuna Goswamy

weekly horoscope



Bard’s saga of crime and punishment
Reviewed by Rumina Sethi
Shakespeare’s Cinema of Crime.
R.S. White. The Shakespeare Association.
Pages 182. Rs 695.
In the history of contemporary criminology, one often comes across references to crime in art and literature with the purpose of investigating complex questions of law and justice. Going beyond the constraints of the narrow boundaries of a discipline brings up an interdisciplinary study that broadens the field of jurisprudence through motivations and solutions to the sociology of crime.

Journey through a mystic world
Reviewed by KS Dhir
The Origin of Religions.
By B.K. Karkra.
Gyan Publishing House.
Pages 268 Rs 750
Animals have no religions and intelligence is the dividing line between the two species. Religions are a product of the thinking faculty of man. The Origin of Religions tries to visualise what actually might have happened in this spiritual area ages back but does not stop at that. It presents a macro view of major world religions touching issues like their relevance or role.

Minefield of info on foreign policy
Reviewed by Paramjit S. Sahai
Diplomatic Channels
By Krishnan Srinivasan
Manohar Publishers. Pages 264. Rs 750
The book by Krishnan Srinivasan is in four parts — about his innings as Foreign Secretary; revisiting nonalignment; articles on the wider world and his foray into the literary field. The parameters to be adopted to judge the book are: Does it live up to the stated objectives of the author and measure up to the expectations of readers? Finally, does it add to our knowledge on India’s foreign policy.

Heavy, yet visually informative
Reviewed by Kanchan Mehta
Once Upon A Hill
By Kalpish Ratna
Harper Collins. Pages 236  Rs 499
Reading of this comprehensive survey of the geological wonder, Gilbert Hill, in the suburbs of Bombay, demands a lot of patience for a rambling description of rock formation, a long search for the meaning of ‘basalt,' use of too much jargon, baffling details about ‘the curious cartographer’ Carter’s findings on Bombay’s geology and excess of authorial experiences of researching the hill.

Spiritual quest & spice
Reviewed Chandni S. Chandel
Success through spirituality
By SJS Pall.
Gopsons. Pages 197. Rs 295
The book carries a message - there is a need to go back to our religious books. It can serve as a good guide to business honchos, technocrats, private firms in metros, small cities and towns who have, somewhere down the line, forgotten the ethics of a good and a humane management in the race to rake up profits. The book takes us to where we belong to, it reinvents us, it remind us of all such values at work like truthfulness, self-realisation, philanthropy, self-management, being human which nobody follows in our offices these days. The book is too utopian for management gurus to follow, though not impossible.

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