Karuna Goswamy


1. “The Golden ___” by Apulieus

5. There is a dancing by this name too

7. Formerly a railway official who used to check your tickets (inits.)

8. A seaport in southern Japan

10. People who operate a ship or boat

13. Join together

14. In cricket it lasts five days now

16. Crucial part of a rotating wheel

18. International body that controls cricket

20. __ Kilmer, Hollywood actor

21. Before, in poetic terms


1. Observant; courteous

2. A reputed college admissions test (inits)

3. A marvel; wonder

4. The hot wind that blows in summers

6. Enemy; rival

8. Set or collection of tools

9. Large passenger automobile

11. Latin word often used for a king

12. Affliction; trouble

15. __ Peron, famous Argentinean lady

17 Is said to have long hands

19. Elevator part that carries passengers