Monday, January 28, 2013, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Wanted fair, suitably employed bride, preferably in teaching for Chandigarh based Engineer, 35/5'-11", 10 LPA. Upper middle class Senior Officer in a reputed company. Caste no bar. Email :,  93161-31924. C2-118317

Match for Bechelor in Information Science & Web Developing, Hindu Ghumar boy 5'-5"/15.10.1984, New Zealand Citizen. Caste no bar. E-mail:  C2-119521


Suitable match for Hindu Nai (NP) boy 35/5'-8", M.Sc., Ph.D., Canadian PR, working in USA on H1B visa. Visiting India soon. Parents retired from Central Government. Caste no bar. Contact: 090124-38988. E- mail:  Box 3116M Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM4 Hindu Rajput (Kashyap) Engineer boy 29 / 5'-7'' Australian Citizen family. Upper Caste no bar. Contact 8284870073, Email:  C2-114528B

Suitable match for handsome Rajput boy, 26/5'-9", Govt Officer in Chandigarh administration. Family belongs to U.P. Preferred teacher in tricity. 99884-35363. C2- 119243

Employed match for Kashyap Punjabi boy, 5'-6"/4.11.79, 21:05 hrs, Lucknow, B.Com., working at Lucknow Airport reputed Airline, 2 Lac P.A.  080050-29477, 085569-34910. C2-119511

Match for Himachali boy 1980/5'-8", MCA, Software professional, MNC Gurgaon, 10 lac. Preferred MCA/MBA/ B.Tech,/M.Sc./Govt. job/ H.P. (NCR, Kangra, Una, Hamirpur). 09711666835, 09464520435.  C2-120571

Parmar Doaba Punjab, 5'-8"/1981, Cleanshaven, convented, B.Tech, MBA boy, UBS Chandigarh, 10 LPA , working in "Wipro" (Corporate Management) at Banglore. Only sister married & settled in USA. Trimmer father, Class-I (Electricity) Officer retired & residing at Chandigarh. Contact: 9876097441,  C2-121053

Professionally qualified/Tricity employed match for Saraswat Brahmin (Gautam) Non-Manglik handsome boy, 20.11.1984, 6'-2", B.Com., MBA (Mktg), working with MNC at Chandigarh. Kundli first instance. Box 3115M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable working match for H'some Sharma boy 5'-11"/ 28.12.1986, B.Tech., MBA working in reputed company as Asstt. Mngr. Father Bank Officer. Mother teacher. Panchkula based family. Contact: # 78377-71146. Email:  Box 3117M Tribune, Chandigarh. 

Preferably working match for Saraswat Brahmin 5'-8", born 17.08.85, 8:30 pm, Chandigarh Graduate DMC export job private company. Rs. 25000/-. Own car, flat Chandigarh. Mother gazetted Officer Chandigarh. 92163- 44452. Box 3122M Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM4 Himachali Brahmin B.Tech., MBA boy 5'-8", 06.01.1985, 6.40 pm, Jalandhar. Earning good package at Gurgaon. Parents settled in Mohali. Contact after matching kundli. 98724-54749. Email:  C2-120143

Qualified beautiful match for 5'-10", handsome boy, MBA in MNC Bank at Bangalore 6.5 LPA, born 10.10.1986, 10:10 a.m., Bathinda from Gautam Gotra, vegetarian, business family. Contact after kundli match. 98141- 28792, email:  Box 3137M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Seeking educated and beautiful match for Saraswat Brahmin, Engg. in Electronic and Communication, 5'-9", 06.06.1981/2:20 a.m./Delhi. Doing Govt job in "Etisalat" Dubai, UAE. Visiting India in February for month. We are Chandigarh based family. Contact :,  98781-33059, 98155-59363. C2- 120730

Professionally qualified match for B.Tech., MBA, Brahmin Saraswat boy, 01.12.1988, 8:05 p.m., Banur (Mohali), 5'-11", fair complexion, working with MNC. Preferred B.Tech., MBA girl 5'-5". Contact 98767-92200. C2-120753

Suitable match for MBA, 27/5'-7", own business at Balachaur, income 5 figures. Preferred homely girl. E- mail:  Ph: 01885-220013. C2- 119211

Beautiful highly qualified tall girl for 26/6'-1" tall Malhotra, B.Tech (Computer Science), employed with TCS in Shanghai, China. Father Pharma Manager, mother KV Teacher. Younger brother BHA/MBA, employed in Calcutta. Materanal paternal relations very well settled. Contact:  C2-120394

Manglik/Non-Manglik match for slim, fair, handsome Arora Graduate Chandigarh employed Anshik Manglik boy around 3 lac PA, 5'-5", 16.02.82, 8:10 pm, Chandigarh. Contact: 094633-00011. E-mail:  C2- 120507

Beautiful MDS Manglik/Nonmanglik match below 28 years for MDS bachelor born 15-11-1979. Working Senior resident Government Hospital Chandigarh. Teelotaller vegetarian family. Sikh Family welcome. 98558-08311. C2-121167

Sikh Punjabi match for USA based Handsome Sikh boy 32, 6'-2", BS. Owns very successful multimillion dollar business. Affluent family of high Professionals and businesses. Only son, younger sister is doctor and married. Family owns properties in India and US. Seeks beautiful, Punjabi/Sikh girl with good personality. Caste no bar. Respond with Photo  C2-116113

Reputed Lobana Sikh family of Punjab settled at Chandigarh USA and Australia seeks suitable match for smart Advocate son, 26 years/6'. Family having Urban and Rural properties in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and near Delhi. E-mail:  C2- 119159

Parents seeking bride for their: Canadian Citizen, 32 years old, 5'-9", Ramgharia Sikh (Caste no bar), educated and well mannered son. We belong to Doaba region. Please contact us through email with bio data and few pictures. Most of the family settled in Canada. Note: No marriage bureaus. Email:  C2-119545B

Ramdasia Sikh boy 28/6', M.Com., MBA. Private job. Chandigarh, Mohali educated girl preferred. 96466- 77038. C2-119893

Professionally qualified Sikh match for July 1980 born Kamboj Sikh boy, 6'-5", very handsome, MCA, Software professional, settled in USA. Currently visiting India. Contact:  or 096715-22477. Email recent photos and bio-data for immediate response. Dowry givers, agents please excuse. C2-119945B

Only Convent educated Doctor/ Dentist/ Ph.D/ Master degree match for Mehra Sikh boy 26.06.1980/ 5'-8'' M.Sc. Moleculer Biology and Biochemistry, doing Ph.D on cancer. Settled Australia 8054973401, 8054973402. C2- 120247

Match for Jat Sikh Sandhu boy, 27/5'-11", B.Tech., Team Leader in Infosys (Software Company), Chandigarh, package Rs 8 lac. Preferred Engineer or working in reputed organisation. Respond with photo, biodata. Email:  99889-03062. A2-104243-OL

USA citizen/Canada PR match required for Jat Gursikh turbaned Gill boy 85/5'-9", MS (USA). Boy is in India. Biodata and pictures at :  097803- 89900. C2-115324

Dhaliwal Jatt-Sikh family seeks bride for their Canadian born/raised son. 6'-5", Government employed. Seeking well-educated, well-mannered female, height must be greater than 5'-7". Education must be English Medium or equivalent (MA English, B.Sc, or higher). Please respond with biodata, family details, photo and Phone number to:  C2-116311

Seeking beautiful, educated, slim, Jattsikh girl for Jattsikh boy 6', born 1982, Australian citizen, 1st Class Honours' Degree qualified in Software Engineering/business. Working in Financial Services Industry in Australia, earning 6 figure salary. Preference will be given to those who hold non-Indian education or are working full-time as professionals. Please send biodata with recent natural photos to  61-449880705, Marriage Bureau excuse. C2-116879B

Dental or Medical match only for very well-settled UK born Jat Sikh turbaned boy, smart 6ft qualified in Osteopathic Medicine, running own clinics. Seeking morally grounded spouse, English and Punjabi speaking, family-minded, slim, attractive, willing to relocate to UK. Send biodata and pictures for detailed response  C2-118267B

A well-settled Canadian Jat Sikh family seek educated match for their son, 6'-2", 1985 born, MBA, athletic, very fair and running family owned business. Girl should be MD/DDS and at least 5'-8" tall. Preference to Faridkot/Hoshiarpur/Jalandhar/Chandigarh. Contact at 778-846-0000. Email:  C2-119009

Match required for Convent educated 48 years 5'-11" divorcee, slim, clean shaven, Jat Sikh living in Melbourne, Australia, very well settled and working for a bank. Match with children ok but only seeking match already living in Australia. Genuine enquiries only. Email:  C2-119011B

Jat Sikh Aulakh, 28/5'-9", MS, H-1 Visa USA. 10 Acre agriculture land. M-8437150642. E-mail:  C2-119115

Suitable match for Jat Sikh, 1980 born, 5'-10" handsome, settled Australia with own business and property, applied PR, studied YPS, Brother scientist, sister Architect. Both Australian citizens & settled Australia. Parents retired. (Academicians). Settled Chandigarh. Residential property Chandigarh, Mohali. Seeks simple, educated girl with good values and family oriented. Early simple marriage. Contact: +61 407 656091, Email:  C2-119505

Jat Sikh family from Singapore seeking a beautiful and convent educated girl for Turbaned boy 30 yrs/6 feet tall, Associate Director in top bank. Please provide recent photos and bio-data at  C2- 119573

Jatt Sikh seeks NRI match for 85/5'-11", ME (Mech.) from Thapar Uni., working as Asstt. Prof. at LPU. 94631-06773, 75894-84547.  C2-119791

Suitable match for cleanshaven, non-drinker, Jat Sikh, 27/5'-10" handsome boy. B.Tech. India, MS USA, working on HlB Visa. Father Senior Govt. Officer (Retd), settled Mohali. Sufficient rural, urban & commercial property. Email:  Contact: 98761- 54889. C2-119951

Canada PR family having rural and urban property in India looking for professionally qualified family oriented girl for their 28/5'-7", good looking son employed as Software Engineer. Only younger brother is Engineer. Please respond with full biodata and recent pictures.  or Call 9876786663, 9810808881. C2-119965B

Match for Jat Sikh Gill, British Citizen boy, 21/5'- 11". Born, educated and permanently settled in Germany. Running family business. Urban/Rural property in India. Girl should be beautiful and Punjabi cultured. Email :,  C2-120114B

Match for well settled Jat Sikh boy, 37/5'-11", Canadian PR, Currently Working with Indian MNC at Chandigarh. Monthly Salary in six figures. BSc (Ag) & MBA. Innocently divorced. Prefers tall, slim, homely girl. Having over 50 acres of agricultural land. Interested may send photo/biodata:  C2-120315B

PQM 4 handsome teetotaller turbaned M.Tech (UK) 28/ 6' Jat sikh boy Employed India MNC 3.6 P.A. Parents govt. employee. Respond with recent snap and biodata. Email:  C2-120500

Jat Sikh 1985/ 6' B.Sc Nursing Australia University Govt. job Royal Canbara Hospital Australia. BDS, B.Sc, M.Sc Nursing 9888485516. C2-120707

Professionally qualified match holding US citizenship/green card/H1-B visa only (Rest excuse) for 5'-9", 1982, M.S. (USA) clean shaven handsome Jat Sikh Engineer boy. Presently working in MNC Bank in New york. H1-B visa. Belongs to educated family. Father holding high position in Govt service. Respond with photo and biodata. Email :  C2- 120721

Doctor Jatt Sikh turbaned Canadian citizen 31/5'-10", teetotaller, pursuing Clinical Rotation to be finished in June 2013 at USA. High status landlord family. Looking for Medico match preparing/done with USMLE Jatt Sikh only. 096494-00005.  NA2-90830

Australia settled girl for Jat Sikh boy 27/5'-10", Chemical Engineering from India, Diploma from Melbourne, working in Australia. Family owns urban/commercial properties in India. 0161-3269074.  NA2-90836

Tall, beautiful, well qualified match for clean-shaven handsome Saini Sikh boy, 6'-1", Nov.88 born, Engg. Graduate from Singapore, working for World's Top FMCG Company at Singapore. Well qualified family. Caste no bar for North Indian.  93167- 10357. C2-120191

Looking bride for American citizen Jatt Sikh IT professional boy. For detail/ biodata please email at:  C2-113795B

Match for Sikh Parjapat Ghumar boy PR Australia 28/5'- 6", full time job (Citizen Applied) coming India in Feb. Contact: 95015-44655. Email:  C2-116633

Smart Punjabi Brahman boy 34 yrs., India born US citizen, well-settled. Earning Six figures, issueless divorcee. Caste no bar.  001-480- 219-7666. C2-117089

Ramgarhia, Canadian born, 29/6', Engineer, non-drinker. Caste no bar. Wanted educated girl, 5'-5". E-mail:  450-667-5045, 514-585-5635. C2- 119051

Suitable girl for Canadian Sikh Khatri boy 39, 5'-11", MBA (US), Engineer working with Govt., divorced, no issues. Email:  C2-119930

Seeking well-educated girl for handsome, very fair Hindu-Khatri boy 29/ 5'-9", Chandigarh. B.Tech., M.S. (U.S.), working IT Professional in USA on H1-B Visa. Preferably girl settled in U.S. Email:  098145- 61539, 098145-63718. C2-120155

Suitable match for Australian Citizen Parjapat Sikh cleanshaven boy, Mechanical Engg., Nov. 1986/5'-9", working Melbourne. E-mail biodata  Mob: 78377-94275. C2-120171

Suitable match for handsome, Hindu Rajput boy, only child of 2 college teachers. Born 6.3.73 Hoshiarpur 10 am, 5'-9". Never thought of marriage till date. A product of St. Joseph's + BBA, MBA, APJ Jalandhar. Worked with Reliance (Labour Officer), HCL (Area Manager), IET (Admn. Officer) & then left for Helsinki 2010, Green card PR. Mother hospitalised. V.V. serious. Early marriage desired, could be in January before he leaves on 2nd Feb. Absolutely no bars. Preference compatible girl 30 to 35. Contact: Father 93560-75333, Bua Ji 98723-86605. Buaji's Email:  C2-120461

Well qualified match for well settled Rattan Brahmin (Bhardwaj), 30/5'-8". Working with Govt department in Australia. Living with parents in Australia (Sydney). Caste no bar. Contact 00612-88245607 (Sydney), 98150- 03228 (India). Box 3133M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well qualified match for Australian PR Sc Jalandhar based handsome boy 26/5'-7". Own settled business in Australia. Preferred B.Sc, M.Sc, B.A English medium girl. Contact: 98151-21788. C2-120635

Professionally qualified match for handsome Hindu Khatri boy 29/ 5'-6'' B.Tech, M.Sc (UK) working MNC Shanghai package 19.0 lac. Father Officer Punjab Govt. Preference to Punjab based families. Respond with full biodata and latest photograph. Mail:  8054006941, 8054808785. C2- 120267

PQM handsome boy, 5'-7" B.Tech.(K.U.),MS (UK) working Tata Communication Delhi 6 lacs, 16.11.83, 9.26 am Karnal.Upper caste/NRI no bar. Contact: 0172-2731509,  C2-120333

Match for Rayat/Kundhi 1980 born boy, BCA, 5'-8", Canadian PR, own business, divorced, childless. Contact: 9646854343. E-mail:  C2- 117115

Dental, Medical, IT-Professional, Sikh match from USA/India for DDS, Dentist, US citizen (New York), very handsome, social, affectionate, cleanshaven, 5'-11", 1980, well established Doctors Khatri Sikh family. E- mail:  C2-112836

Suitable well qualified match for Khatri Sikh turbaned boy beard trims 82 born, 6', slim, fair, smart, well settled, done BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from Punjab University set up his own spacious office in Chandigarh runs his own Creative Designe Firm. Well educated upper middle class family. E-mail:  C2- 120527

Professionally qualified match Khatri Manglik boy 6'/27.4.1985, 7:49 am Ludhiana. Working MNC Noida. Send Biodata after matching kundli. Email:  Mobile: 94170-50511. C2-120477

Beautiful Medico match for Doctor MD Med., 30/5'-7" Jain Bansal non-manglik teetotaller family of Doctors. Aggarwal may send profile. 94162-49944/98968-22390.  C2-119461

Homely girl minimum 5'-4" for Gupta Vaish 5'-10", 24.6.87 Ambala Cantt., Time 9:30 am, running independent wholesale business, Chandigarh-based. Income high five figure. Email:  Box 3123M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for handsome Garg boy, 5'-8", 1984 born, Himachal Government Employee. MBBS, doing MD Paediatrics from PGI, Chandigarh. MD/MDS preferred. Contact: 94178-60678, Email:  Box 3134M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable educated homely match for Gursikh Khatri handsome boy from highly respectable family 31/5'-10", Computer Engineer well settled innocent divorcee very short marriage, issuless. Father retired Senior Class-I officer. Email:  C2-119005

Seeking a slim, well educated girl for 26, 5'-8" good looking Sikh Khatri boy, Engineer (Thapar), co-owner of a Web Development Company, turbaned, trimmer, teetotaller. Caste no bar. Send bio-data/photo in e- mail:  Phone: 94179-41215. C2- 119563

Professionally qualified match for smart Singla boy, 1983, Chandigarh, 6'-0", B.Tech., MBA Australia. Send biodata, photo. E-mail:  C2-116777

Match for handsome boy 6'-0", Singhal gotra 01.08.83, Chandigarh residing Panchkula. BE Electrical settled in business. Email:  C2-120695

Compatible match for fair Aggarwal boy 26/5'-7" B.Com., MBA, well-established industry. Only son. 0161-3251374.  NA2-90818

Wanted suitable Aggarwal match for boy born 1.1.1991, 5'-8", immigrated USA, 10.11.2008, working and studying, owning three houses in USA. Contact: 81980- 52955.  NA2-90949

Sikh Kamboj boy 27, 6', cleanshaven, teetotaller, employed top position IT MNC, seeks educated, beautiful girl pref. settled in or moving to US/Canada. Boy travelled abroad multiple times. No siblings. Parents migrating to US on Green Card by end of 2013. Caste no bar.  98722-73187. C2-116583

Professionally qualified match for Kamboj Sikh cleanshave boy, Oct. 1980/ 5'-6, Chartered Accountant, own practice at Kapurthala (Punjab), 6 lacs per annum. Caste no bar. Middle class family. Contact: 9914084499. E-mail:  C2-119111


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