Sunday, February 17, 2013, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

Match for Anshik Manglik fair Khatri vegetarian girl, 5'-4"/24.4.81
6 p.m.
Chandigarh. M.A., B.Ed., ETT. Working as Teacher in Private school., Box 2072F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM 4 B'ful, slim B.Ed, teaching, 5'-0', 19 th March 1987,5:14 pm, Merrut, Khatri Arora. 09837226729, 08307171819.
Email: C2-129628

Suitable match for Arora Khatri girl M.A., M.Ed., Punjab Govt. S.S. Mistress, 15.7.84/5'-3"/5.25 PM, Chandigarh. 098148-23898. C2-129894

Wanted handsome qualified match for beautiful Lobana Sikh girl, 5'-3", 10.9.1986, B.Tech. Electronics and Communication, M.Tech. from London in Wireless Communication. Contact 01881-261792, 99140-04040, 98551-26002. C2-123748

Professionally qualified match for Kanpur based C.A. girl, 5'-3", 15.6.1983, well settled family, brother Manager in MNC, Gursikh boys only apply,, C2-127342

Match for Ramdasia Sikh girl, 1986/5'-2", BA, D.Pharmacy. Preferred only educated, Doaba. Contact: 9464240502. C2-128238B

Amritdhari match for Keski wearing Sikh girl, 33 years, 5'-2", Doctor by profession, Canadian citizen. Caste no bar. Innocently divorced. Apply with profile, who can settle in Canada. Box 2066F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Ramdasia Sikh girl 1986/5'-3", M.A, B.Ed, M.Ed. Government employee/NRI preferred. Contact: 80549-44514, 82848-10533. C2-129564B

Wanted cleanshaven match for 31/5'-4", slim fair girl, M.A., Diploma E-Commerce. Father AGM in Bank. Family well settled in Chandigarh. Caste no bar. 9815287445, 9779380065, C2-129896

Match for Ramdasia Sikh girl 1979/5'- 7"/ETT/Graduate/Punjabi steno, Private School Teacher. 98784-71916, 098829-33373. C2- 130036B

Lubana Sikh girl convent educated 29/5'-2", B.Tech., CSE working in top MNC, Seeking professional qualified boy. 098143-86076. NA2-99976

Seeking professional Canadian or American citizen Jat Sikh match for
27 year old, 5'-6", Lawyer girl. Born and educated raised in Canada. Very beautiful has very strong Sikh traditional values. Well versed both cultures. Respond with recent photo and full biodata. A2-110276-OL

Jat Sikh parents invite alliance from professionals, for their beautiful, US
born & educated Doctor daughter (29/ 5'-5.5"), completing residency in June 2013. Email bio/recent photo: C2-108695B

Canadian, Jatsikh, educated, influential, reputed, Khandani landlord family of Doctors and Officers seeks exceptionally smart MD Doctor, equivalent match from similar family background for their 35/5'-4" MD specialist Internal Medicine and 32/5'-5", MD specialist Hematology, exceptionally; intelligent, smart, committed, compassionate; slim, beautiful young looking Doctor daughters. Preferably from Canada. Please respond with recent photo and full biodata of boy and family. C2-111792

Suitable match for beautiful intelligent sober 1982 born Jat Sikh girl 5'-6" Masters from UK, working in Mumbai as HR Manager in USA based IT Company. Mail details with photos to: C2-121752

Jat Sikh parents seek suitable match for their beautiful 23 yr old, 5'-3" daughter. A recent graduate in B.Sc nursing from Ludhiana, Punjab. Seeking an educated professional from a good family W/N previous marriages. Interested to settle abroad. Serious inquiries only, preferably a non-drinker. US, Canada or Australia should contact by emailing C2-122012

Canadian, Jatsikh, educated, influential, reputed, Khandani landlord
family of Doctors and Officers seeks exceptionally smart MD Doctor, match from similar family background for their daughter,35/5'-4" MD specialist Internal Medicine, born and raised in Canada, India well versed both cultures. She is intelligent, smart, committed, compassionate; slim, sweet, beautiful and young looking girl. Please respond with recent photo and complete biodata of boy and family. 7789264645. C2-124555

Well-educated Jatt Sikh family seeks highly qualified professional match for Vancouver based Canadian citizen daughter 30/5'-4", convent educated, CMA from Canada, B.Eng. and MBA. Working as Sr. Accountant. Born & brought up in India. Respond with biodata including family details and recent photographs. C2-127730B

Match for Ambala-based Jatt Sikh girl Sandhu Dec. 1987/160, MA, B.Ed. Assistant Professor in College required Defence Officer especially Army Officer. Contact: 099960-61169. Send biodata with recent photographs at C2-127772

Jat Sikh Gill Ambala-based family seeks PQM4 May 86 born, 5'-4", M.Sc. Maths, M.Ed., M.Phil., working as Maths Mistress in UT Chandigarh Govt. School beautiful intelligent and smart daughter. Contact: 090170-31154, 0171-2661610. C2-127795

Well-settled Jat-Sikh match for M.A. Fine Arts, B.Ed., UGC cleared, 5'-5", 31, fair, beautiful, intelligent, working girl. Father retd. Class-I officer. C2-127870B

Convent educated, 1984/5'-4", USA Software Engineer, MBA, employed Multinational New York. Father Army officer retired. 09872775788. C2-127970

Suitable match for convent educated BDS girl. Own clinic. 5'-2", 29. Father retd. Engineer. Brother Pilot. 8054276119. C2-128024B

Jat Sikh 29 April 1977, 5'-4", beautiful, fair, homely, undergraduate, Computer Diploma, Chandigarh based family. 0172-2650150, 98727-07428. C2-128050

Status match for Jat Sikh Brar slim, fair, 1985/5'-4", convented MBA, B.Ed., issueless divorcee girl. MBA from USA. Now in USA. Well-settled landlord family in India. Only PR USA/Canada contact. 95015-77855. C2-128080

Jat Sikh parents seeking a suitable match for their beautiful and very well-educated Canadian citizen daughter,1986 born, 5'-4" tall. The boy should be well educated, professionally employed and preferably residing in USA or Canada. Email biodata and recent pictures to or Contact: +91 93111-10525. C2-128794

Professionally qualified Jat-Sikh match invited for 27, 5'-4", B.Tech., MBA, beautiful, fair Jat-Sikh girl. 82890-36982. C2-129314

Suitable match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim, fair girl, February 1984 born,
5'-5", B.D.S., Masters in Public Health. Father Class-I Officer (retd.). Contact: 098762-76168, Email: C2-129838

Jat Sikh Defence officer's family looking for a professionally qualified, well-employed match for their convent educated, fair, beautiful, talented daughter, 1985/5'-3", MBA from Reputed Institute, HR Manager in MNC Gurgaon. E-mail: vjs12885. 97799-12885. C2-129864

Professionally qualified Jat Sikh match for Masters in Medicine, girl 29/5'-6", Manager Top MNC London (UK). C2-130034

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim, fair, October 82/5'-3", convent educated girl, B.Tech/MBA from reputed institutes. Working in top U.S. based MNC. Parents U.S. immigrants based Mohali. Email: C2-130242

Well-settled Australian citizen Jat Sikh girl 28/5'-4", looking for Jatt Sikh boy from well respected family. Preference Medical profession 98145-14501. E-mail: NA2-98646

Jat Sikh Toor girl Jan. 1982 born, 5'-1", BCA, MCA, doing Pvt. job. Require Graduate boy from status family. Don't contact above height 5'-8". 98142-86198. NA2-98667

Match for Saini Sikh girl, divorcee, 34/5'-3", MA. NRI/well settled preferred. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 7837186133. C2-125010B

Saini girl, Oct.83, 5'-2", M.Sc. Nursing from PGIMER, doing Ph.D. Regular Nursing job in PGIMER. Upper no bar. NRI excuse. 092565-47213. C2-126640

Saini Sikh beautiful divorcee girl, 32/5'-3", MBA (HR) from UK MBA (Mark) Hotel Management course. No issue. Upper caste no bar. E-mail: 9815656091. C2-128820

Suitable match for Saini Sikh beautiful vegetarian girl, B.Com, MBA, 5'-4", May 86. 9592921622. E-mail: C2-129774

Suitable match for Saini Sikh girl, 30.03.1984, 9:20 a.m., 5'-3", M.A. English, M.Ed., UGC, Govt. Teacher in Chandigarh, Salary 31000/-. Photograph must. 93161- 14203. C2-129808

Seeking well settled qualified boy for highly educated (M.Sc. Computers) Saini girl, 33 years, 5'-4", slim, fair, Working as Manager in Software Company in NCR. Salary in 6 figures p.m. , 98767-91670. C2-129844B

Match for fair Hindu Saini girl, 10.4.89/5'-2", MCA. Working as Data Entry Operator (Contract basis) in Haryana Govt at Chandigarh. Haryana, Chandigarh preferred. Mobile no. 89680-42269. Email : C2-130234

Seeking a suitable match for 36 yrs, well-educated, Canadian citizen, never married, 5'-4" Rai Sikh Rajput girl. Looking for a professionally qualified match. Girl will be visiting India in March. Send recent picture with biodata to: Bureau Excuse and serious replies only. C2-127220

Brahmin girl 1976 born, 5'-3", Ph.D., Scientist in USA. No caste bar. 0171-2671720. C2-127798

Wanted Engineer/IT/Medico, Jat Sikh boy for beautiful, tall, Jat Sikh, 26/5'-5", MBA girl. Working in Norway. Email: C2-128474

Suitable match for fair, 5'-2", 15.2.1986, S.C. Ad- dharmi Australian P.R. B.Sc. Healthcare girl. Father Mother Gazetted Officer. Only sister also in Australia. Caste no bar. Email : 98726-44349. C2-128806

Match for Sikh Khatri girl, in Boston USA on H1 visa as senior business analyst, 26/5'-10", seeking Sikh Khatri green card holder or citizen of USA boy. Mob: 092165-98008. NA2-99648

Professionally qualified well settled match invited for Prajapat 20.1.82
5'-5", slim, beautiful girl with homely traditional values, doing Ph.D (Sciences) from P.U. Chandigarh. Parents well settled in Chandigarh. Upper caste no bar. 094180-56166. C2-128744

Match for Hindu Prajapat convent educated beautiful BDS girl, 1987, 5'-1". Medico preferred. Father class-I officer. Upper caste no bar. 9417658577. C2-129898

Suitable match for Prajapati fair slim girl, born 16.10.1984, 5'-5", B.Sc,
MBA, SBI employee at Jammu. Bank employee preferred. 99155-90170, 094192-33726. C2-130134

Suitable match for Himachali Rajput girl, 19.01.82, 7:20 a.m., Mandi, 5'-3", M.A., B.Ed., PGCTE. Father Govt. Officer. One younger brother. Contact 94637- 41458. C2-127424

Rajput very fair Dr. girl, 28/5'-2", B.Sc., B.H.M.S.. Father Class-I officer, seeks well settled boy. Contact: 09463504323. E-mail: C2-127584

Suitable match for Himachali Jaswal Rajput smart girl, MBA Finance, Probationary Officer Nationalised Bank, 24/5'-5". Educated family settled Chandigarh. Local preferred. 98724-11477, Email: C2-128004

PQM for Doaba Sikh Rajput girl (Parhar), Dec. 83 born, 5'-2.5", smart, slim family oriented M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed. College Lecturer Canadian PR Visa approved under skilled worker catagory. Only genuine upper caste need correspond. Detail at first instance. E-mail: Mob: 9872623367. C2-128624

Beautiful Pathania convent educated Army officer's daughter 28/5'-2", M.Com., MBA, working IT Company, Chandigarh. Prefer Naval/Army officer/MNC. 98788-60910. C2-129281

Preferably Doctor match around Tricity for Mair Rajput girl, 21.07.1988,
5'-5", BDS, doing practise. Contact: 094171-67655. C2-129900

Suitable match for Mair Rajput (Verma) slim, fair girl, B.Sc., MCA,
11.12.1984, 11 a.m., 5'-1", Chandigarh. MNC Pune. Caste no bar. 094666-07428, Ambala. C2-129984

Suitable match for beautiful Brahmin girl, 1980/5'-5", looks younger, M.Sc., M.Ed., employed Science Teacher, IELTS clear with 8 band each. Kundli must. Caste no bar. 95016-02386. E-mail: C2- 127732

Suitable/Professional match for fair, slim, beautiful Brahmin girl, 83/5'-2", 45 kg., DMLT, working as Senior Lab. Technician in private Hospital. Early marriage. Caste no bar. Tricity, Pinjore, Kalka & Baddi preferred. Contact: 097280-56161. C2-127850

Professionally qualified teetotaller match for June 1986/ 5'-3", Manglik Saraswat Brahmin Punjabi girl, B.Tech., Senior Software Engineer MNC employed. 07696808438, 09888691239, C2-127984

Vegetarian match in tricity for Una (HP) Bhardwaj Manglik girl, 20.01.1984, 01:00 pm, Chandigarh, 5'-4", M.Sc (Maths), M.Ed, UGC JRF cleared. Presently pursuing Ph.D at PU Chandigarh. Send kundli after matching. 090237-64868. Box 2067F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for smart & beautiful girl from status Punjabi Sarswat
Brahmin family, DoB 18th May 1986, 10.25 am, Chandigarh, 5'-8", B.Tech. working in reputed company. Contact - C2-129202

Suitable match for S.B. girl, B.Tech. ECE, 26 Oct. 1981, 7.30 pm Nangal. Presently working top MNC Bangalore. Parents retired. Contact No. 98150-48404, C2-129308

Manglik Saraswat Brahmin good-looking girl, 25.3.1981, 8:28 am Amritsar, 5'-2", M.A. (Psy.), P.G. Diploma in Guidance and Counselling, pursuing M.Ed. regular (PU). Preferred professionally qualified boy in and around Chandigarh. Contact after matching kundli. 94175-05847, C2-129994

Professionally qualified match for beautiful girl 24/ 5'-6'' B.Tech. Computer Sc. working Noida well to do family 0183-2571290, 9256609718. C2-130006

Wanted professionally well-settled, qualified boy from Canada, USA, Australia, UK for the only Punjabi Brahmin girl, 13.10.1983, 07:05 am at UK, 5'-4", fair complexion, well-qualified, doing job at UK. Contact: 00447780295064, 098884-03562. Email: NA2-98078

Match for 23/5'-4", beautiful, cultured, convent educated, MBA (Marketing) girl, working in a highly reputed company. Father highly placed in a big Corporate house. Decent status family. C2-127982

Professionally qualified match for fair, beautiful, smart unmarried Khatri girl 1972/5'-4" (looks very young) M.A, M.Lib. & MBA Convent School Teacher. Tricity and Delhi preferred. No bar. Email: Box 2079F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for 5'-6'', 1988 born, Intelligent, Independent, beautiful, Articulate, Lawyer, Working in an International non-profit, Respectable, educated, status family, Tricity Matches only. Caste no bar. C2-128954

MDS/MD/MS Doctor match for convent educated Ramgarhia MDS girl, 5'-3"/Oct. 84, Sr. Lecturer in Dental College. Father Xen, mother Senior Manager. Cleanshaven also considerable. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 09815964564. E-mail: C2-127762

Match for slim, beautiful Dhiman Manglik girl, 04.5.1989/5'-3"/11:30 a.m. to 12:00 Noon/Banur. M.Sc. I.T. Gotra Repal, Panesar. Well settled Professional/Businessman preferred. Contact 98140-81163. C2-127899

Cleanshaven Dhiman match for girl, 31/5'-1", M.A. Teacher. Contact 94642-59983 or 0172-2700021. C2-128168

Wanted well settled match for Sikh convent educated girl, M.Sc. IT, June 1986, 5'-5", working reputed Company Delhi. Father Ex Class-I Officer. Ramgarhia preferred. Early marriage. Phone 0172-2622159. E-mail: C2-128250

Professional/Defence-Civil Officer/Dr/Architect match from decent
educated well to do family for smart beautiful very fair Architect (B.Arch.), M.Arch.), 5'- 3"/28 Sikh Ramgarhia working girl. Blending of Modern/Traditional family values. Elder sister Architect (M.Arch.), married, Younger Brother Engineer, Father Chief Engineer, Pb Irr. Deptt. (Retired) now self employed. Decent upper caste Sikh family no bar. Early marriage. Reply with details. Email: Box 2073F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Govt. job/businesman match for beautiful Delhi-based Dhiman girl 22.02.87, 12:26 pm, Ropar (Pb.) 5'-3", MBA (HR Marketing). 98100-83509, 97791-00172, C2-130290

Match for slim, beautiful, well-educated, innocent divorcee Sikh Khatri girl
(6 years girl), 30/5'-6" (looks much younger). Senior teacher private school. 98152-84027, C2-122953

Well educated ,NRI/India based, considerate & well- settled, issueless male (sound mentally/physically) from Metro Hindu/Sikh in 40s, OHAC for I'less, 5'-5", 46, innocently divorced (I'less), slim, Sikh female, very attractive, cultured, postgraduate, well established professional non-orthodox, cultured, defence service family in India. UK. based relocatable to India/US etc. Send biodata/photo to: C2-128116

Alliance invited from Sikh/cleanshaven boy settled in US for 1982/5'-7".
Sikh Khatri girl, convent educated, fair, intelligent, beautiful, homely. Masters in Economics, NYU, US. Working as Senior Economist in US on H1-B. C2-128664

SM for Balmiki M.Com., MBA, beautiful fair girl 37/5'- 3", 50,000, Asstt. Manager Govt. Insurance Delhi. 098180-52881. Email: C2-124913

Teetotaller, handsome Punjabi cleanshaven suitably educated match for Ad-dharmi, 31/5'-4" fair girl, MA (Eng.), M.Ed. NET Asstt. professor in college. Father retd class-II officer. E-mail: C2-127546

Match for beautiful, cultured Ramdasia Sikh girl, 160 cms, June 1984, B.Sc.(Hons), MBA, working as Assistant Manager (Govt. service). Father Gazetted officer. E- mail: C2-128948

Match for Mohali based Ad-dharmi B.Tech 5'-6"/28 girl, employed IT Company, Panchkula. Well educated family. 98880-49081. Email: C2-129508

Professionally qualified match for SC (Mazbi Sikh) beautiful, slim girl, 28/5'-5", B.Tech. (IT) Solftware Engineer in MNC. Father Class I Officer. Small family. Send biodata alongwith photo to Mob: 99150-29829. C2-129698

Suitable match for Sikh Ravidasia girl, 1986/5'-7", M.Pharm. Asstt Prof in reputed Engg college near Chandigarh. Ph.D. pursuing. Parents are in Govt service. IELTS 7.5 band. Mobile 99143-22290. C2-130188

Ahluwalia Gursikh girl, 5'-1", 25 years, B.Sc. (Nursing). Lecturer. Slim, beautiful. Decent marriage. Mobile 98558-17787. C2-130222

Match for Manglik Khatri beautiful, 4.4.1990, 2.00 pm, 5'-6", BDS girl,
working in charitable hospital. Preferred BDS, MDS vegetarian boy. Contact after matching Kundli. 9872660815. C2-129384

Teetotaller match for Tonk-kashtriya Manglik Sikh girl, 5.10.82, 11.32 am, Jalandhar, 5'-3", B.Com, PGDCA, slim, working girl. Caste no bar. Contact: 9465673857. E-mail: C2-126984

Teetotaller match for Sikh girl, 5'-6"/ 1988, M.Com., working with MNC Mohali. 9779564313. C2-129424B

M.A., B.Ed., Govt. Teacher in Chandigarh, 16.10.85, 5'. Caste no bar. 97792-88676, 0172-2630516. C2-130082

Wanted educated, cleanshaved PR Canadian Sikh Tonk- kashatriya boy for Canadian PR Sikh Tonk-kashatriya girl 1986/5'-2", B.Tech. from Vancouver. Preferred PR boy settled in Vancouver. Send boy photo & family details. Girl in Ludhiana. Early marriage. E-mail: Mobile: 098762-59259. C2-130106

Ramgarhia parents seek well settled, professionally qualified, fair,
handsome (clean-shaven) match from status family for their beautiful, fair, cultured, highly educated issueless divorcee daughter, 30 yrs, 5'-4", UK permanent resident, IT professional earning good salary. Send biodata and recent photograph at Email: (UK/USA settled preferred). C2-127492

Professional match for Hindu Khatri girl 35/5'-2", B.Tech., M.Tech., legally divorced, having daughter 7 yrs., working in gazetted post. Preferred around Tricity. Box 2057F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well established Chandigarh based Khatri family seeks qualified match for beautiful daughter (divorcee), 5'- 2", 21.03.85, 10:40 am, Chandigarh, working in Accenture Bombay, 6 Lac Pkg. Brother settled in USA. 97791-13271. C2-129436

Suitable issueless match required for issueless innocent divorcee Arora Sikh Manglik MBA, B.Ed. private teacher girl 25/5'-5". Contact: 98145-41789. NA2-99793

Suitable, well-settled Khatri match for fair, tall, smart, decent girl 28/5'-6", Master from reputed University of USA, working. Educated boys from IT, Doctors, other high educational Professionals from Reputed Sikh or Punjabi Khatri families from USA Canada preferred also from India. Please send boy's photos along with relevant information via Email or call 510 818 0254. C2-127488

Preferably NRI/Chandigarh cleanshaven match for Sodhi girl 25/5'-3", MBA, working MNC Chandigarh. Caste no bar. 01632-280028, 81465-27860. C2-128364

Handsome match for B.Tech, M.Tech. Garg girl, 5'-2", 05.01.1987, 3:05 a.m., Dhuri, working as Lecturer in Engineering college near Chandigarh. Contact: 99147- 00455, 96466-00562. E:mail: C2- 128438

PQM4 26 year old beautiful, tall, very homely girl working with MNC in Gurgaon as make up Artist looking for nice educated person doing well in his life. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 98883-02515. Email id: C2-128892



We are working as associates for leading corporate and diversified groups in the education vertical fueling their expansion of school business in multiple cities across North India. To set in motion their endeavors: 1) Our clients require land on lease basis/outright sale. 2) Our clients can work on a revenue sharing model. 3) Existing school set up can also be considered. Land parcel required under various options is 4.5 acres to 12 acres. Priority locations are land parcel in or around A and B class cities. Email your interest on: C2- 129118


432 sq. yards double storey building for Hospital/School/ College/
Showroom for sale, situated on Sultanwind Main Road, Opposite Chungimandir, Amritsar. Front 32'. 94637-24230, 94638-26051. A2-108055-OL

383 sq. yard fully covered double storey Industrial building having 40 KW power connection near Derabassi on Chandigarh-Ambala Highway for sale. Contact: 98888- 28343, C2-130182


Mohali: Built-up SCF 110/3B2 only for MNC/Bank/Reputed Pvt. Co., Ground, First, Second, Third floors. Size 16.6'x66', total covered area 3480 sq.ft., Huge parking, Prime location, Central place. 98726-26463, 98720-20730. C2-125138


Two room drawing dining, fully furnished with ACs, rare location, SF Kanal house, Sector 11. Rent Rs. 20,000/-, most suitable Executive/newly married couple. Contact: Col. Ahluwalia 98765-58145. NA2-99099

Independent 10 marla 2nd floor, drawing dining, two bedroom, modular kitchen, toilet. Ph. XI, Mohali. 9463973488. C2-129590

Independent spacious villa preferably for officers with all modern facilities, parking and lawns at Patiala. Contact: SS Pandey 98554-46664. C2-127594


Punjab: Agriculture 14 acre Nawanshahr-Banga Road, 7 acre front on link
one tubewell, Agriculture 20 Acre Jalandhar-Kapurthala Road, one tubewell. Commercial 80 Acre 2 acre front on Road, Jalandhar-Pathankot Road. Haryana: Agriculture 45 Acre Karnal-Pehowa Road, 4 tubewell. 090175-04888, 085589-98718. C2-129918


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