Karuna Goswamy


6. An old measure of length

7. Card that nothing can beat

8. Aquatic weasel-like mammal

11. Wild, drunken revelry

12. Great Buddhist centre in ancient Japan

13. The party that is in power in the Punjab (inits.)

14. Part of pedestal between base and cornice

16. Hans ___, famous Swiss painter and sculptor

18. Negative terminal of a battery

20. India’s secret agency (inits.)

21. Large bird that cannot fly 


1. Next after the first in order

2. Deal heavy blows

3. Where rishis used to live in old times

4. Great W. Indies batsman

5. Troublesome; annoying

9. Frank ___, great fast bowler

10. Concluded; finished

15. Pakistan ’s leading English newspaper

17. Straight stalk of a tall grass

19. Mineral in raw form