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Youth Congress former chief 'shot at' 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 25
Former president of the District Youth Congress Dimple Rana was shot at in the Vikas Nagar area here today. Dimple, who suffered a bullet injury in the abdomen, was rushed to the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, where he was operated upon. He was stated to be out of danger.

The incident took place this morning when Dimple visited his in-laws' house.

It is learnt that Dimple had a prolonged marital dispute with his wife Seema. She claimed that Dimple had shot himself in the stomach following an argument.

On the other hand, Dimple's relatives said Dimple was shot at by his father-in-law Labh Singh. However, Dimple has not recorded his statement yet.

Rana is married to Seema for 13 years. The couple has two children, a boy and a girl.

Seema claimed that her relation with Rana had strained since the beginning of their married life. The couple had filed cases against each other in the court.

Seema said she was living with her parents and Rana was not providing maintenance money to look after the two children. She said Dimple had developed extramarital relations with a woman, who lives at Pakhowal.

She said Dimple today came to her house and started threatening the family that either they withdraw the case or be ready to face dire consequences.

"He told the entire family to assemble in the drawing room. Everyone in the family sat on a sofa. Dimple came out from the washroom and threatened the members of her family that he would kill everyone and step out of the house. My father had told Dimple that the marital dispute would be settled once the elders from both the families sit together," claimed Seema.

She said Dimple went out of the house and fired a shot into the air. He fired a second shot in his abdomen. Seema claimed her brothers took Dimple to the hospital.

The police has started investigation into the case. According to ACP- West Gurpreet Kaur Purewal, the licensed .32 revolver had been recovered and four cartridges had been found at the spot. The police will examine the finger prints on the revolver.

"Dimple Rana is undergoing treatment and has not yet recorded his statement yet," he said.

Chaos at hospital

Chaos prevailed at the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital as relatives, friends and supporters of former president of the District Youth Congress Dimple Rana thronged the hospital to enquire after him. The arrival of so many visitors gave a tough time to the security staff of the hospital. Further, it posed a lot of inconvenience to the patients and doctors. Certain VIP visitors entered into the ICU along with their gunmen to meet Dimple.


Two test positive for swine flu
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 25
One more patient has tested positive for swine flu in the district. The patient is a woman admitted to SPS Apollo Hospital. With this case, the number of swine flu cases in the district has risen to 21. Six persons have lost their lives to the flu, said Dr Anil Verma, District Epidemiologist.

Another woman, who was admitted to the DMC here, has tested positive for the flu. She is from Moga district.

According to Dr Verma, the people should avoid going to crowded areas, shaking hand or hugging a person suffering from cough, cold or fever. They should wash hands frequently or use a sanitiser.

People having cough should cover their mouth with a cloth. People suffering from cough, cold and fever lasting more than a few days must get themselves examined for the flu, he said. 



ravidas jayanti
Scant regard for ban on meat sale
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 25
Though the Police Commissioner had issued orders imposing a ban on the sale of eggs, meat, chicken and non-vegetarian dishes in the city today, these were not propagated by the department concerned properly. A majority of the shops remained open while shopkeepers said they were unaware of any such orders issued by the Police Commissioner and no personal communiqué or public notice were issued in this regard.

Police Commissioner Ishwar Singh yesterday issued orders imposing a ban on the sale of meat, chicken and eggs in the city in view of the birth anniversary of Guru Ravidas. The serving of non-vegetarian food in restaurants was also banned.

Shops selling meat, chicken and eggs at Model Town, Sarabha Nagar, Aarti Chowk, BRS Nagar, Ghumar Mandi and on Pakhowal Road, Ferozepur Road and Jalandhar Bypass were seen open. Non-vegetarian food was openly served in the local restaurants and hotels.

One of the shopkeepers of the Sarabha Nagar area said he was not aware of any such orders. "No public notice was issued in this regard. Neither did I receive any personal information about the ban. Issuing a note to the media does not serve the purpose as I might not have time to read a newspaper in the morning," he said.

"For me it is any other day and I am carrying out my business as usual. I fail to understand such bans. Those who want to eat non-vegetarian food will have it. What is the use of putting a ban for one day," added another shopkeeper, who runs a chicken shop.

"We are not aware of any such orders issued by the Police Commissioner. We should have been informed individually. We are running our business as usual. Had we been informed earlier we would not have served non-vegetarian food to out customers," said the manager of one of the restaurants on the Pakhowal Road.

police Commissioner speak
Ishwar Singh, Police Commissioner, said the orders were issued imposing a ban on the sale and consumption of non-vegetarian food only in those areas where people of that particular religion reside. Contrary to this, the release issued to the Press by the district public relations office on Sunday reads a ban has been imposed on all the meat and chicken shops that fall under the police commissionerate, Ludhiana. When asked if these shopkeepers were intimated about the ban, he said: "Issuing the statement in the Press is the only medium through which we can intimate about a ban," said the commissioner.



No stopping illegal rehri business
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 25
As roadside rehris selling food stuff in crowded markets proved to be a hindrance to a smooth flow of traffic in the city, the authorities had designated a special place for them so that the commuters did not face any inconvenience, especailly in the Ghumar Mandi area. 
Despite a ban, meat shops do business as normal in Ludhiana on Monday.
Despite a ban, meat shops do business as normal in Ludhiana on Monday. photos: Inderjeet verma

Though a number of rehris have now been operating from that particular place on the Maharani Jhansi road, many others have mushroomed on the city roads in the absence of a check on the menace by the authorities. And these roadside eating joints, some established in vacant plots, are not only disturbing the residents' peace, but also led to insanitary conditions around them.

As eating joints in the entire Ghumar Mandi area, starting from near Welcome Palace and stretching up to Ghumar Mandi Chowk, were proving to be a great nuisance for commuters, their owners were allocated a proper place to run their businesses a few months ago. However, in the absence of a check on the mushrooming of roadside rehris, a number of people have put up their rehris on link roads and vacant plots in the area.

Though the local residents have been complaining for long that these rehris should be removed from the residential areas, but to no avail. Youngsters create a lot of noise while having eatables on these rehris.

A resident of the Ghumar Mandi area, BK Singh, said rehris selling soup and junk food had been put up in vacant plots near his house and these cause a lot of nuisance to his family.

"They come at around 6:30 pm and then there is a total chaos of vehicles, music, etc. We can not sit on our terrace as youngsters keep on staring at us all the time. And in the morning, paper plates, glasses, napkins and leftover are seen all around. Stray dogs fight over the leftover creating a scare among the local residents. Safai karamcharis refuse to lift garbage, saying that they are not responsible to remove it," rued the resident.

A traffic police official said it was the duty of the Municipal Corporation to remove these rehris.

Official take
The Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Rakesh Verma said the authorities were working on this issue as there were around 50,000 rehris in the city and it was not possible to remove them in one go. "We have to work according to the National Street Vendor Policy and have to provide them alternative spaces. Still, we have been removing the rehris, which cause inconvenience to the general public," said Verma.



Worst fears of Gurpreet’s parents come true
Canadian police solves mystery behind NRI woman's disappearance; says husband murdered her
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 25
As the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced that it has cracked the seven-year-old mystery shrouding Gurpreet Kaur Gill's murder with the arrest of her husband Jaswant Singh Gill on the charges of murder and dumping the victim’s body to eliminate evidence, a pal of gloom descended at her house in Phulanwal village, near here, today.
Gurinder Singh Grewal, shows a picture featuring Jaswant and his sister Gurpreet, in Ludhiana.
Gurinder Singh Grewal, shows a picture featuring Jaswant and his sister Gurpreet, in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjit Verma

Her parents, Kulwant Singh Grewal and Jagtar Kaur, were shattered on hearing the news that their daughter, who had been missing since February 14, 2006, was killed by her husband Jaswant Singh.

“For seven long years we grappled with the mystery of her going missing. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and start crying. I knew Jaswant had killed her, but the Canadian police had no proof to nail him,” said Gurinder Singh, the victim’s brother.

Gurinder alleged that Jaswant Singh was not alone in the crime and his parents, too, are involved in Gurpreet's murder.

It was on Valentine’s Day in 2006 that Kulwant Singh Grewal last spoke to his daughter. “She told me that they were going for a holiday. We did not speak for a fortnight. I rang her up but the phone was switched off. Then I called up Jaswant, who answered she was sleeping. After 10 days, I rang her up again but the phone was switched off. Even Jaswant had switched off his mobile phone. The phone numbers are still not working,” lamented Kulwant Singh.

With no clue to Gurpreet's whereabouts, Kulwant contacted Jaswant’s parents, but they, too, feigned ignorance about the couple’s location.

Nearly six months later in 2006, Gurpreet’s family filed a missing report with the Vancouver police.

The family wrote to the Indian and Canadian embassies about her disappearance. Jaswant Singh had snapped all ties with Gurpreet’s family.

In 2007, the RCMP recorded the statements of Jaswant and his parents. In 2008, Baldev Singh Gill and his wife Sukhwant Kaur, Jaswant Singh's parents, visited their native village of Buggipura in Moga district.

“We came to know about their presence and filed a complaint with the NRI wing of the police. They were summoned twice at the NRI police station. Instead of visiting the police station, they returned to Canada,” said Kulwant Singh.

Now, it was crystal clear to the family that Jaswant had done something wrong to their daughter.

Finally in 2011, Detective Constable Shiv Gill, Major Crime Section of the Homicide Unit of the Vancouver Police Department, contacted Gurpreet’s brother Gurinder Singh and asked for her DNA sample, which he sent.

On February 17, Shiv broke the news that Gurpreet was killed in 2006. Jaswant has been arrested and charged with the second degree murder of his wife.

Accused’s criminal past
Gurpreet got married to Canadian citizen Jaswant in 2000. It was an arranged marriage. Soon after the marriage, he was caught and charged for drug peddling. He spent nearly 16 months in jail, said Gurinder Singh. However, Gurpreet did not leave her husband. She was thinking that Jaswant would leave the world of crime. But it did not happen and finally Jaswant killed her. Her remains were found in Richmond in 2006.



Doraha road cries for attention
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, February 25
The road under Doraha bridge having potholes has worsened to the extent, that the road is hardly visible now. It is learnt that this road is not the baby of the Municipal Council, Doraha, it is in no way their concern.

The road under the Doraha bridge is in a shambles.
The road under the Doraha bridge is in a shambles. photos by writer

This road is used by thousands of vehicles from two wheelers to heavy commercial vehicles. Due to absence of any re-carpeting, coupled with poor maintenance, the condition of the road has worsened, both for the two wheelers and the four wheelers in huge numbers on this particular stretch. The road is used by commuters as a matter of routine. While the commuters are facing the toughest time, no authority, what so ever, is concerned about its rectification, come what may. With the passage of time the road has degenerated to the extent that it has resulted in slip discs, bone injuries and in some cases even fractures, of which the commuters generally complain of.

“Although this road serves as a major link from the under the Doraha bridge towards the national highway and all those coming from the Chandigarh-Neelon side and going towards Ludhiana, apart from the residents of Doraha and surrounding villages, have to take to this road to reach NH-1.The road is now visible only on one side while the other part is in a real sorry state. With deep potholes and large ditches, it can prove dangerous for the users,” complained a road user of village Kanech.

“The commuters have no other option as they cannot even adopt and alternate route. The big potholes have made travelling for the two wheelers next to impossible,” rued a villager of Doraha itself. “Little attention has been paid to improve it. The broken dusty stretch has reduced the life of villagers too to a virtual hell. The residents and the road users complain that it is a very uncomfortable ride especially at some specific places. The rains play further havoc as the holes, filled with rainwater. The problem is aggravated at the time of night with reduced visibility and poor judgement,” shared a resident of Bilga village.

Residents rue that the authorities had been informed several times about the sorry state of affairs. But every time the matter has been left in the lurch. “The town dwellers are now eagerly looking forward towards the authorities regarding the speedy re-carpeting of the road,” said Harjit Singh of Sahnewal.

EO Doraha said this road does not fall under their preview and that it is PWD’s baby but XEN in charge, Jagdeep Singh Tung of the PWD Department said it has never been so. “It is of National highway. Now, it is very well a part of the service lane and only the NH-1 shall cater to it sooner or later”. No one however responded to the call at the NHAI’s office at Ambala.



DC calls for conservation of water as groundwater depletes
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, Feb 25
The Central Ground Water Authority, having declared areas under Pakhowal and Khanna blocks in Ludhiana district as ‘notified areas’ to impose prohibition and restriction on the construction, installation of any structure for extraction of ground water resources, the administration in Ludhiana district has roped in office-bearers of social, religious and civic bodies to spread awareness about consequences of further depletion and deterioration of the situation in the region. 

While an advisory committee has been constituted to examine issues related to ground water regulation and management in the notified areas and give its recommendations to the Deputy Commissioner for further consideration and enforcement, farmers have been advised to follow diversification of crops. Residents have been asked to help the administration fight the situation by conserving water.

Referring to statutory orders of the Central Ground Water Authority, Deputy Commissioner, Ludhiana, Rahul Tewari, called upon office-bearers and activists of various social and constitutional organisations to launch coordinated movement to spread awareness about conservation of water as the water table had descended beyond alarming level long time ago.

Through a public notice, the board (CGWA) had directed that no person or organisation would install any new structure for extraction of ground water resources without prior specific approval of the authorised officer of the district. Any request for such approval will be examined by the advisory committee and final decision would be taken by the chief office in charge of the revenue district.

Acknowledging implementation of decisions taken to launch measures to control further depletion of underground water effectively, Sub Divisional Magistrate Raikot Gurmit Singh said the concerned Block Development Officer had already started process to spread awareness about the issue. “Besides organising meetings of organisations associated with farmers we have persuaded management committees of religious organisations to spread message through public announcement systems installed at their organisations,” said Gurmeet Singh.

Baldev Singh Latala, general secretary Punjab Kissan Sabha and Amarjit Singh Mattu office-bearer of another NGO, who attended the district level meeting of the committee held recently; said they had asked members of their respective organisations to adopt diversification of crops and sow only those varieties of paddy, which require lesser water.

“At the same time we appeal the government to ensure procurement of alternate crops and 201 variety of paddy so that farmers implementing our suggestions do not suffer after harvesting,” said Latala and Mattu.

Perusal of records revealed that Pakhowal and Khanna are among those 80 blocks of the country which had been identified as ‘Over exploited’ in view of underground water withdrawal being more than replenishing limits.



Sacked teachers demand common criteria fixed for ‘reinstatement’
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, February 25
The teachers, who were sacked, due to non-fulfillment of eligibility conditions in 2009, have demanded a common criteria for reinstatement fixed for all who fall under this category. This being so as, they allege, because the reinstatement of some out of these is being done “even without following any proper procedure or even under pressure”.

“We had applied as per the advertisement which appeared in the year 2007 which stated that the experience certificate should be released from the principal of that school and counter signed by the DPI. On the basis of this, a total of 9,998 teachers were given appointment letters but unfortunately the Elementary Wing of the Education Department, in the year 2009, sacked 563 teachers as their old records were no longer available with the schools where they had taught. Whereas, the department should have adhered to the advertisement instead of trying to go beyond that. Moreover, is it the fault of the candidate if the school has not been able to maintain the record? Also, the department has no right to sack the teacher who has already been issued the appointment letter and has worked for one year. The candidates applied, as per the terms of the advertisement. By going beyond that means that the department is contradicting its own self in the process,” shared Sucha Singh, president of Sacked Teachers Union.

“Further, on April 12 this year, out of the sacked 563, 27 teachers were made to join by the District Education Officer of Gurdaspur by de-meriting their merit. Some others too are being adjusted here and there with the passage of time. Now the question is as to what is the fault of those who have been left out? Simply, because they are not related, either directly or indirectly, to any of the high ups? Many of these are now coming of age and find all doors of employability closed for them in the future. Others are in a condition of acute financial crisis and the stress and strain thereafter, is telling upon their physical and mental health as well,” said Gurwinder Singh Bajwa, another such teacher.

“The ones who have some say are heard while the others are still hanging in balance. We want common criteria to be fixed for reinstatement. The pick and choose theory should be stopped once and for all. For this, we are ready to pass through any trial to prove our innocence,” expressed Rajinder Kaur, who also falls under the same category.

“Procrastination is what alone can be expected from this government. Every time, the government has a solid reason for not listening to our genuine demands. Firstly, it were the Vidhan Sabha elections, then Delhi elections, followed by Kabaddi cup, proceeded by Moga elections. They just know how to give false assurances and nothing else. The agitators are being fed with false promises of speedy action. How many teachers have been hurt on the protest, how many have lost their mental calm in the process and how many have finally given up, it is difficult to assess. But no regime has been as authoritative as the Badal regime. It is a rule, where the teachers, the nation builders, are on the verge of utter collapse,” he added.

Education Minister Sikander Singh Malooka, when contacted said: “Some teachers have already approached me on this issue. We simply do not want the deserving candidate to be left out in any case. For this, we may have to conduct the entire procedure again but we shall definitely reconsider the meritorious ones.”



Artificial grass catches on in Ludhiana
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 25
You might do a double take when you look at the plush verdant grass growing inside a room. Well cut, uniform grass would give you inkling that the grass is not real. Use of artificial grass is catching on and its use outdoors is more common though.

With spaces at homes shrinking, gardens in homes gardens have shrunk or disappeared. So, artificial grass is adding the nature's touch to the homes and home décor where it is not viable to grow grass because of the paucity of space. "Artificial grass is getting popular. People are using this grass particularly for terrace and rooftop gardens," says Gurinder Pal Singh, from a flower studio in the city. "As growing real grass on terraces and roofs is not viable, as it may lead to seepage on the roofs, this grass is generally used," he says.

"These come in many variants, he said. The top quality grass has very close resemblance to the real grass with two different woven strands, green and brownish. This is very washable and a lasting grass and is maintenance free," he says.

Mukesh who has got this grass used for his terrace garden said that the advantage of such grass is that real grass requires a lot of care. Too much movement on the grass can make a patch, but this grass can be used without such worries, he said.

It not only looks the same. But is also soft like the real grass, he added. "We are using the grass for our balcony. This is a perfect accompaniment to our potted plants and flowers," says Ritika, another resident. "The best part is that it doesn't require any maintenance, and can be used inside as well," he said



Use latest machinery to get over labour shortage: Experts

Ludhiana, February 25
The Taiwan Machinery Catalogue Show was organised at the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertaking (CICU). The exhibition was jointly organised by the CICU and the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) represented by PF Huang, Director, Economic Division, and Julie Chuaungo, Taipi Economic, and Cultural Centre, New Delhi.

Avtar Singh, General Secretary, CICU, said: “The main purpose of the show is to create awareness regarding innovative, high precision and high technology machine tools and low cost automation machinery at competitive rate available for improving manufacturing efficiency in India. The adoption of such machinery will also help the automative industry that is plagued by labour shortage.”

Upkar Singh, Joint Secretary, CICU, said: “The response to this show in Ludhiana is overwhelming. More than 1,000 visitors today interacted in the exhibition. The exclusive display of catalogue by more than 100 Taipi companies representing as many as nine main industrial categories, comprising machine tools, food processing machinery, packaging machinery, plastic and rubber machinery, textile machinery, shoes and leather machinery, woodworking machinery, machinery parts and industry machinery.” —TNS



railway  budget
With Bansal at the helm, city has a long wish list 
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, February 25
As the Union Railway Minister Pawan Bansal will present his maiden railway budget in the Parliament tomorrow, all sections of the people from the city are pinning very high hopes. He is the second ever railway minister from Punjab after Swarn Singh, who held this post way back in 1962-63 in the Congress government headed by Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru.

The speculation that the incumbent railway minister intends to do something for the city was 
further strengthened when Bansal paid a surprise visit to the railway station here last week and saw the available infrastructure.

Members of the business and industry, frequent travellers, and people from all walks of life are quite hopeful that the railway budget will have a bounty for the city and the state by way of introduction of new trains, better infrastructure and facilities at major railway stations, speedy completion of pending projects, including Ludhiana-Chandigarh rail link and freight corridor.

Badish K Jindal, president, Federation of Small Industries of India (FASII), said: “The condition of the railway station here needs to be improved on top priority. The city is a hub of exports and it does not have a proper airport. Buyers and businessmen from across the globe frequently visit the city where a dirty, gloomy and ill-equipped railway station greets them. A lot more has to be done in this direction and merely giving the name of an Adarsh Model Railway Station will not do.”

He also stressed on speedy completion of Eastern Freight Corridor to facilitate transportation of raw material and finished goods both for domestic and export markets. Jindal cautioned the minister against any further hike in freight rates as the rates were already very high in comparison to road transport and any more burden will render the industry uncompetitive.

The city residents also wanted early completion of under-construction Ludhiana-Chandigarh rail link which has been hanging fire for last more than 12 years, and the cost of the project has escalated from initial Rs 250 crore to Rs 1,100 crore due to delay.

Ravinder Arora, a businessman, said the project had missed many deadlines and the railway must ensure that it now becomes operational as early as possible.

Jaspreet Singh, a bank employee and Manav, an executive with a private company, said expeditious execution of flyover in place of Lakkat Pul, the new foot bridge at the railway station, direct trains from the city to places like Bangaluru, Hyderabad and Bhopal and exploring the possibility of running double decker coaches in Shatabdi trains to New Delhi were expected in the city.



Postal Dept to release stamp on Sahir Ludhianvi on March 8 

Ludhiana, February 25
A postage stamp on noted poet from Ludhiana, Sahir Ludhianvi, is going to be released by India Post on March 8. This has enthused not only literature lovers but also the people from the city. The postage stamp would be released on the occasion of the 92nd birth anniversary of Sahir Ludhianvi.

Sahir was born in the city and studied at Khalsa High School and at the SCD Government College for Boys.

“The postage stamp being released by the government is a tribute to the great poet,” said Kewal Dheer, chairman of 
the Sahir Cultural Academy and Adeeb International. — TNS



Govt worried over lack of space for wheat storage
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 25
The wheat is expected to arrive in mandis from April 1. About 11 lakh metric tonnes of wheat is expected to arrive in Ludhiana alone. The major cause of concern for the government is the proper storage of wheat stocks.

According to sources, the district has the capacity to store only 6 lakh metric tonnes of wheat and the government has given instructions to the authorities concerned to find suitable stores or factory premises for the storage of wheat. About 11 lakh metric tonnes of wheat was expected to arrive at 101 centres’ in Ludhiana district from April onwards.

The state government has also asked the authorities to hold a joint meeting with the procuring agencies to find more stores for the wheat stocks.

An official said the movement (transportation) of wheat stock was slow last year. “This time more stock will be added. We have been asked to convene joint meetings with the procurement agencies to find factories, which are in dilapidated condition or stores which are lying vacant and where wheat stocks could be stored,” said the official.

The wheat stock comes to places like Samrala, Khanna, Jagraon, Mullanpur, Payal, Machiwara and Ludhiana. But the places like Machiwara and Khanna face problem due to the shortage of space as Khanna grain market gets maximum food grain in the region and the stores are full to capacity in and around Khanna.

“We are expecting to hold a joint meeting at the end of this month or in the first week of March for finding more stores to keep the wheat stock,” said the official.



Local plywood industry hit hard by Chinese products
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 25
A slump in the real estate business, lack of support from the government, and the invasion of the Indian market by Chinese products are stifling the growth of the plywood industry here.

The annual revenue of the northern region's plywood industry is about Rs 5,000 crore. Its growth rate, earlier eight to 10 per cent per year, has now come down to five per cent.

The industry which is having a hard time holding its own against cheap imports from China is also hit hard by the slump in the real estate industry, which is a significant source of demand for plywood.

Ashok Juneja, chairman of the Punjab Plywood Manufacturers Association, said that invasion of the Indian market by the Chinese plywood products is a matter of concern especially for small and unorganised players.

He further said that the government should promote agro crops. "Agro crops not only yield well, they are also a good source of investment. The government should promote agro crops and use vacant panchayat land for growing them," he said.

Inderjeet Sohal and Naresh Tiwari, president and general secretary of the association, said that the Chinese government supported wood-based and allied industries and allowed them to flourish. Even though the wood-based industry, especially in Punjab and Haryana, is located near the sources of raw material, it is unable to find its feet in the absence of support from the government.



from colleges
Students bring laurels

Ludhiana: Ecstasy of students, staff and management of Sadbhavna College of Education for Women, Raikot, knew no bounds when its students won laurels in Panjab University-Level skill-in-teaching competitions held in different parts of Punjab. In college after college, Sadbhavna students from rural background, students from underprivileged families proved that they were no less than their urban counterparts. 

In skill-in-teaching competition held at GHG College of Education, Savita Batra stood first and Richa Sood stood second in teaching of sociology. In Gobindgarh College of Education, Alour, Isha Powar stood second and Guneet Kaur Kandhari stood third. In Sadbhavna College of Education, Payal stood second and Priyanka Kakkar stood second. Harpreet Kaur bagged consolation prize in teaching of mathematics. College principal professor AN Mishra thanked the faculty and students for their undying spirit.

Mandeep best athlete

Khanna: 35th annual athletics meet of the college was held here on Sunday. The college principal Dr Meenu Sharma accorded a warm welcome and a bouquet of flowers to the esteemed guests. Welcoming the chief guest, principal Dr Meenu Sharma highlighted the importance of games and sports in the life of the students. She congratulated the teamwork of students as well as the staff members for making this function a grand success. Worthy members of Management Ashok Sharma Advocate (president, AS High School Khanna Trust and Management Society, Khanna), Dharampal Angrish (vice-president), Ranjeet Singh Heera (joint general. secretary) and Vikas Mehta (secretary, AS College for Women, Khanna) were present in the function.

During the march past, sports students, NCC cadets and NSS volunteers saluted the chief guest. The 'torch of sports' was lit and oath was taken. The flag was hoisted by the chief guest. Addressing the students, the chief guest encouraged the spirit of sportsmanship among the students. Many colourful cultural items such as folk orchestra and group dance were presented by our students. The centre of attraction was the 'Punjabi Folk Dance Giddha' by the students wearing multi-coloured attires. Mandeep Kaur was declared the best athlete of the college for the session 2012-2013. — TNS



from schools
Musical play marks annual day

Ludhiana: Annual Day at Little Kingdom Nursery School was celebrated with zeal at the school campus. The children were attired in beautiful costumes. They danced and sang songs on stage while displaying public speaking skills. They presented a musical play “Pride and Prejudice” with absolute perfection that left the audience spell bound. The annual day events ended with a graduation ceremony. The nursery pass outs were given their graduation certificates.

Farewell party

A 'Farewell Party' for outgoing class XII was arranged at Everest Public Senior Secondary School, Moti Nagar, here. NK Bansal, counsellor had addressed the students on this occasion. On the occasion, a colourful programme was presented by the students. — TNS



Ludhiana Scan

Ravidas Jayanti celebrated
Gurpurab of Guru Ravidas was celebrated at Abdullapur Basti. Bhog of Shri Akhand path was held and a kirtan was also performed on the occasion. Meanwhile, Dharmik Ekta Welfare Society also celebrated the birth anniversary of Guru Ravidas. Pooja was performed on the occasion and speaking on the occasion, Chaudhary Ashwinin Kumar, president of district congress committee, urban said we should follow the path laid down by Guru Ravidas. Meanwhile, Bhartiya Valmiki Aadi Dharam Samaj, Sarvjan Kalyan Parishad, Vishwa Guru ravidas Mission also celebrated the day.

Bank launches walk-in campaign
Indian Overseas Bank organised a “Walk-in Campaign” under the leadership of Parvesh Kapoor, Chief Regional Manager, Ludhiana Region. He along with Branch Managers-(T.R. Jain,Rajeev Kumar), Satnam Singh (Regional Secretary SC/ST Welfare Association) and other staff members of different branches of Ludhiana city visited the door step of customers and opened their accounts and also explained them the different schemes of the bank with this Indian overseas bank is becoming first nationalised bank to reach the door step of customers’ this occasion bank also organised a Langar as mark of respect to the “Birthday celebration of Guru Ravidass Ji”.

60 donate blood
Jagraon: Lok Sewa Society, Jagraon, in association with Red Cross, Ludhiana, organised a blood donation camp in Jagraon. As many as 60 persons donated blood during the blood donation camp organized at Link Road Jagraon. According to Lok Sewa Society Blood Donation project director Naresh Kumar Gupta, over 60 persons including several women donated the blood during the camp. A team from Red Cross, Ludhiana, collected the blood units. President Jatinder Malhotra, who donated blood for 30th time during this blood donation camp, motivated the other persons. — TNS



Two held for illegal sand mining
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, February 25
The Jagraon police has arrested two persons for alleged illegal mining and smuggling of sand. Both the accused were arrested during two separate search operations by the local police near Chwonkiman.

The accused have been identified as Gurjant Singh, alias Janta, and Kanwaljit Singh, both the residents of Khurshaidpur village near Sidhwan Bet. The police has registered a case against both the accused at Chwonkiman police chowki under Mining Act and started further investigation. The police has also impounded two tractor-trolleys from both the accused.

As per the information, the accused, Gurjant Singh, alias Janta, was arrested by a police team from a link road near Chwonkiman village on the Ludhiana-Ferozepur highway past evening when the accused was trying to smuggle the sand illegally.

A couple of hours later, the police arrested the second accused Kanwaljit Singh from the same link road.

SHO Jagraon Sadar Rachpal Singh, the police has impounded two tractor-trolleys from the accused. Both the accused were produced before a local court today, which sent the accused in judicial remand.

It is pertinent to mention here that the police and mining department officials have arrested around two dozen 
people for illegally mining the sand from Satluj River near Sidhwan Bet during the current year so far.

But despite the ban on mining of sand from the river and strict vigilance by the police and mining department officials, several people still indulge in the lucrative business of illegal sand mining. According to sources, most of the people indulged in illegal mining of sand smuggle it during the night to avoid police action.

The police has registered a case and started the investigation in the case.



10-day-old infant found abandoned
Triune News Service

Ludhiana, February 24
A ten-day old baby boy was found abandoned in a park, near New Sabzi Mandi, Salem Tabri, here this morning. The incident came to light when a sweeper spotted the child at park in New Sabzi Mandi. When he reached the spot, he found a newly born baby boy, covered in woolens. He immediately, brought this matter to the notice of police. Soon after receiving the information police reached the spot and took the boy in its custody. 

The boy was handed over the civil hospital, where the medical of abandoned child was conducted. After a day long search the police failed to find the persons, who abandoned the boy child. Later, during the day the hospital authorities handed over the child to SGB Children's home staff of Dham Talwandi.

Bootleggers arrested
The local police has arrested a person for bootlegging and seized seven boxes of liquor from the possession of the accused persons. The police nabbed Gurmeet Singh during a check point at Bhagwan Chowk. The accused tried to flee away from the scene. During his search, the police found three boxes of country made liquor.

Debt ridden man commits suicide
A 50-year-old debit ridden man allegedly committed suicide by consuming poison here today. The victim has been identified as Anil Jindal, a share broker. It is learnt that Anil suffered huge losses and people who had lent him money were mounting pressure to return the amount. Today, he consumed poison while sitting in his office at Feroze Gandhi Market. He was rushed to Dayanand Medical College and Hospital where he was declared brought dead. He has left a suicide note in which he held four persons responsible for forcing him to commit suicide.

One held with 35 kg of poppy husk
The city police has arrested a drug peddler and seized 35 kg of poppy husk from the possession of the accused. The drug peddler has been identified as Ravi Singh, a resident of Mandiyani village. The accused from Dhandra village. On seeing the police, the accused tried to flee the scene. The police party gave him a chase and nabbed the accused. During his search, police seized 35 kg of poppy husk from the possession of the accused. The police has booked the accused under section 15-61-85 NPDS Act.

29-year-old killed in accident
A 29-year-old motorcyclist died in a road mishap at Focal Point here today. The victim identified as Mukhtiar Singh, a resident of Daba area, was traveling towards Focal Point in connection of some work. According to the police, an unidentified vehicle hit the motorcycle of Mukhtiar Singh. The victim sustained serious injuries and died on the spot.

Two nabbed with stolen SUV
The city police has nabbed two persons with a stolen Scorpio from Haibowal Dairy Complex area near Hambran Road here last evening. The accused have been identified as Ravinder Singh a resident of South City and Maninder Singh of Guru Nanakpura. The accused tried to speed away on seeing the police at checkpoint. However, the police caught hold of them. During the interrogation, the accused confessed that he has stolen the SUV. The police has impounded the SUV and booked the accused under section 379-411 of the IPC. The police has also registered a case against Ravinder Singh under various Sections of Arms Act. A .32 bore pistol and three live cartridges were recovered from the possession of the accused.



9 held for ‘gambling’ at politician’s house
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 25
The police has unearthed a gambling racket being run from a local politician’s house in the Janakpuri area and nabbed nine persons. The police has also seized about Rs 95,000 meant for betting.

The raid was conducted in the evening following a tip-off. According to the police, there were complaints that the accused was running a gambling joint in his house.



high court order
2 months on, govt yet to promote associate professors 
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 25
Punjab Government has not yet implemented the orders of the Punjab and Haryana High Court to promote associate professors to professors in colleges. Even after giving an undertaking in the Punjab and Haryana High Court on December 3, 2012 that within one month the orders of the court will be implemented in true spirit, the state government has failed to do the needful even after two months and the petitioners say they feel helpless.

The Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India notified on December 31, 2012, vide its notification No: No 1-32/2006-U II/U I (i) its pay scales for colleges and Universities in India, which include three tier placements of teachers in the colleges: assistant professors, associate professors and professors. The present teachers were re-designated assistant professors and associate professors as per the clause 2(a) of the notification. As per clause 2 (b) of the Notification, state governments were to create posts of professors equivalent to 10 per cent of the associate professors in their undergraduate and post graduate colleges. The State of Punjab notified this notification incorporating both the clauses of 2(a) and 2(b) in its notification in 2009 in terms of and in consonance with the “University Grants Commission (Minimum Qualification of Appointment of Teachers and other Academic Staff in Universities and Colleges and other Measures for Maintenance of Standards in Higher Education) Regulations, 2010. But the state government remained silent on its own notification and no concrete steps were taken following which the Punjab Government College’s PhD teachers Forum along with other organisations and other similarly situated persons made numerous representations to the state government but no action was taken by the state government.

Dr Kashmiri Lal, president, Punjab Government College PhD Teachers' Forum, said: “The aggrieved teachers filed a Writ Petition CWP-2064 of 2011 in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The said writ petition was disposed of with a direction to the Punjab Government to decide the representation filed by the petitioners within a period of three months from the date of certified copy of the order.”

These orders came in February 2011. Since then no action was taken by the government, on the representation of the petitioners, the petitioners and their colleagues were constrained to approach again to the Punjab and Haryana High Court by filing Contempt Petition COCP No 1483 of 2011. In the said case, upon notice, the Punjab Government placed on record an order dated September 26, 2011 wherein it was conceded that notification dated September 2, 2009, would be implemented and that necessary orders would be issued upon receipt of approval from the Government, said the president.

In compliance to the court orders, the government decided to make the Punjabi University, Patiala, as the nodal agency to carry out the screening process and interviews for the re-designation of persons like the petitioners from the posts of associate professors to professors. Interviews were held for 63 vacant posts of professors for which 68 candidates were considered. It is learnt that all 68 persons were recommended for re-designation having been found eligible.

"In the said Contempt Petition COCP 1626 of 2012, again notice was issued to the Punjab state and once again, an undertaking was filed by the director, public instructions, colleges to state, that the selection process of all candidates ie 68 in number have been considered and approved and that the file had been sent to the State of Punjab for passing appropriate orders. It was, therefore, requested that four more weeks be given from December 3, 2012, to do the needful but till date nothing has been done by the state government,”said Dr Kashmiri Lal.



SAI to focus on individual sports events 
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 25
The decision of the Sports Authority of India (SAI) to focus on individual sports disciplines to fetch more medals in international events can prove fatal for players of team sports in the state. After screening the results of games being played at different centres of the SAI, its Director General has withdrawn a number of sports.

The district officials at the SAI centre, Ludhiana, said: “Authorities have deleted names of sports, including basketball, football, handball, volleyball and weight lifting at Ludhiana centre. Players and promoters of these team games are not happy with this decision of the SAI.”

According to sources, the SAI took this decision while focusing on international events. Indian players have clinched most of the medals in individual games in Olympics, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games in recent years.

The SAI officials said individual event players proved fruitful for the nation so the SAI is focusing on these sports. Moreover, bearing the burden of teams proves costlier for the sports authorities as they have to spend huge amount on their training, diet and accommodation.

SS Pannu, in charge, SAI, Ludhiana Centre, said: “The objective of the SAI is not to produce district and state level players. The SAI functions to produce national and international players. It is true that Director General, SAI, has withdrawn most of the team games but the basic criteria which they have adopted was to demolish those sports in which sportspersons are not providing good results. They have demolished the games keeping in view results of previous years.” 



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