Sunday, March 10, 2013, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Suitable match for a high-achiever, value-driven, Ravidasia, Engineer boy, 28 years, 5'-11", IITian (B.Tech., M.Tech.), Ph.D (UK), working at Delhi. Parents reputed Doctors, intellectual Punjabi family. Postgraduate Doctor/Enginer/academic girl, whose family hails from Punjab/Chandigarh/Himachal, sought.  C2-137918

Match for Australian Citizen Lubana Sikh clean shaven guy. 26 years 6.0
feet. Well educated (Bachelors of Commerce), pursuing CA. Currently working as an Accountant. Australian educated and resident girl preferred. Please Contact: Mobile 0433668250, Email:  C2-138070

Jat Sikh parents seek a match, 30 years or younger, for their son 31 years, 6' tall, born and educated in Toronto, Engineer and working with a large corporation, girl should be Canadian and educated in Ontario with good family values. Please respond with recent picture and biodata of the girl to E-mail:  or Contact at 905-301-7422. C2-136664

SM4 Hindu Rajput (Kashyap) Engineer boy 29/5'-7'' Australian Citizen family. Upper Caste no bar. Contact 8284870073, Email:   C2-130794B

Handsome Chandigarh-based Rajput boy 25 Sept. 1985 (10:55 am,
Chandigarh), 5'-11", B.Tech from Belgium. Working Belgium as System Engineer. Non-Manglik well- educated, fair, slim, beautiful girl from NCR/Tricity preferred. Contact: 086999-82114. Email:  C2-136966

Handsome Thakur Rajput boy 27, MBA, (Finance), 5'-9", working HCL,
Gurgaon. Parents settled Panchkula fair, slim, beautiful, preferably MBA/B.Tech./ M.Sc. girl. 8146744832. C2-137042

Parmar Doaba Punjab, 5'-8"/1981, cleanshaven, convented, B.Tech, MBA,
UBS Chandigarh, 10 LPA "Wipro" Banglore. Only sister USA. Trimmer father, Class-I (Electricity) Officer retired. 9876097441,  C2-137854

SM4 handsome Himachali Rajput boy 28/5'-7", BE (Electronics), MBA,
working as Astt. Manager MNC Noida. Parents Doctor, seeks professionally qualified, fair, beautiful, Rajput girl status family. Send BHP. Email:  C2-138608

Match for Himachali boy, 80/5'-8", MCA, Software Professional Gurgaon, 10
lac. Preferred highly qualified, NCR, Kangra, Una.  ; 09711666835, 09464520435. C2-138704

Match for Saraswat Brahmin boy, 5'-10", 15.9.83, 12:45 a.m., Bhawanigarh,
MBA HR, working in Muskat (Oman), vegetarian family. Mob. 9736036810. E-mail:  C2-137138

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin (Manglik) smart, boy, 25.10.1981,
7.22 pm, Ferozepur, 5'-9", B.Tech Mechanical NIT, Jalandhar, MS Mechanical Engineer from Buffaloo University at New York, employed in MNC as Manufacturing Engineer at Milpitas California. Doctor Engineer, USA citizen preferred. Upper caste no bar. +919814896821. E-mail:  C2-137962

Suitable match for Punjabi Brahmin, 07 March 1983, fair, 5'-9", handsome,
Chief Officer, Merchant Navy, package 30 LPA.  09888963516, 9876989384 (Distt. Mohali). C2-138426

Suitable match for corporate Lawyer with top Mumbai law firm, LL.M (UK),
35 LPA plus, one fopr revision, May 1979 born, 5'-5", Brahmin, Chandigarh based family. Caste no bar. Contact: 98882-57579, 94175-79796.  C2-138458

Suitable match for 5'-8" fair, smart Punjabi Brahmin, B.Tech., Helicopter
Pilot, Major in Army, 05 Mar. 87, 3:46 p.m.. Father serving Colonel. Chandigarh based. Send BHP. 9592258220.  C2-138524

Professionally qualified match for Punjabi Khatri handsome boy, June
1982/6', M.Tech, Australian Citizen, excellent IT job plus business. Photo must.  C2-136202

Professionally qualified match for Arora Non-Manglik boy, 5'-9", 01.09.1983
(Janamashtmi Night) 5 a.m. Chandigarh. B.Tech. (IT), MBA, Software Engineer work at Home (USA company). Handsome salary. 098883-74094, 098887-85982,  C2-136734

PQM4 turbaned Gursikh unmarried (non-Manglik) vegetarian Senior
Engineer (Goldsmith caste) boy 36/6', well-settled in California. Caste no bar. Email:  A2-116833

Parents seeking bride for their Canadian citizen, 32 years old, 5'-9",
Ramgarhia Sikh (Caste no bar), educated and well mannered son. We belong to Doaba region. Please contact us through email with biodata and few pictures. Most of the family settled in Canada. Note: No marriage bureaus. Email:  C2-133300B

Tall, beautiful, fair, slim match for handsome Sikh Nai boy 26/ 5'-11'' PR
Australia. Contact: 9592508989. Email:-  C2-136448

Equally qualified match for handsome, smart, Nai (NP) Sikh boy
(cleanshaved), teetotaller, 28/5'-9", B.Tech (CSE), MBA (IT), Software Engineer. Educated, well settled family Mohali. 7837101218. Email:  C2-137088B

Suitable match for American citizen Lubana Gursikh employed (Prof.) boy.
M.Sc. Bio-Chemistry, June 85/175. Well-settled business family. Preferred America, Canada. 94650-28815, 0015599949299,  C2-137616

Match for Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) cleanshaven, pursuing MBA,
24.8.83/5'-11", B.Sc, doing Real Estates business. Contact: 94172-43423. Email:  C2-138118

Professionally qualified, beautiful match for Ramdasia Sikh, cleanshaven,
handsome boy,29/5'-9", BA, LL.B (Hons.), MA English. Canadian PR well settled, educated family. Father Sr. IAS Officer Punjab. Email:  C2-138166

Professional match for MBBS Ramdasia Sikh boy, 29/6'- 3", HCMS. Father
retd. Gazetted Officer, mother Govt. Mistress in UT. Biodata, alongwith photograph. E-mail:  97811-19699, 97817-18799. C2-138224

Amritdhari match for Amritdhari Weaver boy, 1981/5'-9", (M.Sc.
International Business Management, Luton, U.K.), working in Multinational company. 9814146825.  C2-138570

Wanted NRI or Doctor/BDS/Nurse/IT/ other pofessional qualified beautiful
Punjabi girl for very handsome, brilliant, Lubana Sikh boy 28/5'-11", worked 6 years in Australia now in India. Own house in Australia. Agricultural /urban propriety. Caste no bar. Dowryless. send biodata/photo. 09466436721.  C2-138616

Match for handsome Gursikh teetotaller Mair Rajput boy, 29 years, BCA,
CCNA, 6'-0", in Retail Export and Cyber Cafe business. Caste no bar. 98727-73000 ( ) NA2-105814

PQSM 4 Jat Sikh boy from Tarn Taran, 28, 5'-5.5", B.E. (CSE), employed as
Software Consultant in top tier investment bank Singapore, 28 LPA. Phone: 95010-29880. Email:  A2-116935-OL

Grewal handsome boy, born 83/5'-11", B.Tech., working in MNC at Mohali, 6
LPA. Wanted minimum 5'-4", working match. Tricity preferred. NRI can also apply. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 98886-25808. Email:  A2-116947-OL

1979 born, 5'-10" smart, suave well-settled Jat Sikh Merchant Navy Captain
based in Mumbai. Girl should be specifically aged 26-30, Height 5'-2" - 5'-7", Eloquent in English from status urbanized families. Mail details with pictures to:  C2-121748

Looking for an attractive, educated Jat Sikh bride with upright and decent
family values for a smart Jat Sikh turbaned gentleman from a renowned family who is 6'-0" and 39 years old. UK citizen and educated in a top- ranking UK private school. Employed as a senior management consultant with a Globally No.1 Ranked International Professional Services Organisation. The gentleman is an issueless divorcee after a brief marriage. Caste no bar: Reply to;  C2-129140

PQ match for handsome Jat Sikh boy Dec. 82 born/6'-2", going to start
residency in family medicine in June, 2013. Jat Sikh Doctor/Dentist, Engineer preferred. Email:  , 98143-36454. C2-131162

Looking match for US citizen Jatt Sikh Engineer very successfull in his
profession earning $300k/year. Born and raised in India, height 5'-11", age 32 yrs. Previously had court only marriage with non-Indian girl and now divorced: Email biodata at  C2-133518B

Seeking suitable match for Jat Sikh boy, clean shaven, handsome, 32 yrs.
old, 5'-11". Australian born working as a Sales Manager, looking for beautiful Jat Sikh, Indian cultured girl with family values, educated. No demands. Visiting India in November. Please send biodata alongwith recent photo to Box 3245M Tribune, Chandigarh.

US settled Jat Sikh parents seek, tall, beautiful and well educated girl with
family values, for their US citizen son, divorced, medical doctor, 39, 6'-1", athletic build with pleasing personality. Details upon request. Reply:  C2-134120

Suitable match for 5'-4", 44 yo, never married Jat Sikh boy raised and
residing in Western Canada. MBA degree, background in Information Technology. Preferences are 5'-0" -5'-4", up to 38 yo, never married, Jat Sikh. Contact parents by email at  complete with biodata and photographs. C2-135466B

Suitable match for 6'-0", 36 yo, never married Jat Sikh boy born, raised, and
residing in western Canada. M.Ed. Degree, teacher by profession. Preferences are 5'-6" - 5'-11", up to 32 yo, never married, Jat Sikh. Contact parents by Email at  complete with Biodata and photographs. C2-135468B

US based Jat Sikh parents seek Doctor/Engg./professional girl for their son
26 years, 6' tall, US citizen, cleanshaven, MBA, educated in USA, working as IT professional. Girl must be born, brought up and educated in USA/Canada. (Only US/Canada living girls should responde). Pl. respond with recent picture and biodata of a girl to E-mail:  C2-136684

Match for Jat Sikh cleanshaven, teetotaller, handsome, U.S. Citizen, 36/6',
M.S. (Mech.), working as Sr. Engineer. Jat Sikh homely, beautiful girl is preferred. Box 3276M Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM4 Jat Sikh US citizen Er. above 6', 30 yrs. boy from well settled family.
Boy had a very brief marriage. Send biodata. E-mail:  Box 3278M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for handsome non-drinker 6'/ Nov 80 B.Tech. (India). M.Tech, MBA
(USA). Running Factory at Mohali collaboration with USA company. Rural urban property. Status family, father Class-1 Officer. Send particulars with photograph. , 99159- 21950. C2-136830

Match for Canadian Citizen Jat Sikh boy, 6' tall, with good values,
handsome, athletic body, 83 born, Software Engg., now running own Development business, having property in Vancover and Punjab. Looking for MBBS/BDS/Pharmacist/ Architect/Civil Engg. girl, 5'-6" tall or more having fair, beautiful complexion with good family values. Contact: 001-604-321-0068.  C2-136898

Suitable match for Jat Sikh 41/5'-5", never married M.Sc. (Hons.) GNDU. PR
Canada. Now in India. Girl should be aged 28-33 yrs, fluent in English. Nursing/Pharmacy/B.Tech./highly qualified preferred. No divorcee. Early marriage. Email:  C2-137048

Jat Sikh Brar very smart cleanshaven 1984/5'-11", convent educated BE
Electrical, M.Sc. Computer Science from UK University, working in MNC in UK. Income six figures, seeks beautiful professionally qualified girl. Father Class-I retired officer. Please email biodata and photo to:  89683-24900. C2-137125

Match for Jatt Sikh handsome boy, 6 feet, 26 years, B.Tech., MBA, Software
Engineer in reputed company in U.S. on H1B visa. Parents retired Govt. servants. E- mail:  C2-137224

Really beautiful professional match for Jat Sikh boy very handsome 27yr fair
Software Engineer USA. Educated family of Doctors. Contact:  C2-137314

Tall, handsome cleanshaven Jat Sikh boy, 6'-1", 32, working with MNC,
handsome salary. Looking for educated, homely girl preferably non-working. Legally divorced. Simple, early marriage. Email:  C2-137468

American Citizen Jatsikh handsome MS Computer working Software
Engineer high salary 41, 5'-7", divorcee, looking beautiful, educated, status family girl.  098102-63261. C2-137490

Suitable Jat Sikh highly qualified professional match from status family for
Jat Sikh Mann boy USA green card holder, born September 1988/5'-6", B.Tech. working Software Engineer with MNC in USA, owned 18 acre of agriculture land, rural & urban property only son. Parents both Govt. employee. Well-settled family. Contact with latest photograph & complete bio-data on Email:  76960-13409. C2-137542

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh very handsome, cleanshaven USA
citizen 34/5'-9", divorcee, BE, MS (Mechanical Engineer) working with reputed MNC. Annual income in six figures. Well educated small family with urban/rural property. Contact 92161-50042 or  C2-137868

Suitable match for Jat Sikh cleanshaven boy, July 1981/5'-7", doing MBA,
having job in USA (Call Center). 17 Acres Agriculture land. Send latest snap & complete biodata.  ; 0172-4671312. C2- 137998

Well-established Canadian Jat Sikh family seeking a suitable match for their
Canadian very handsome 31yrs, 6' tall MD (Doctor), only son. Girl should be tall, slim and beautiful, with strong family values/education to settle in Canada. Please send a biodata and recent photograph at E-mail:  C2- 138852

American citizen Jat Sikh clean shaven handsome boy, 5'-10"/36, legally
divorced issueless. Moveable and immoveable properties in both countries with no liabilities. Boy in India and mother coming soon. Only beautiful convent educated and fluent in English girls reply 941-707-5603, 001-403-451-6365. C2-139002

Jat Sikh Randhawa boy MA Economics 26, 5'-10", living Newzealand since
2007, having PR. Required well qualified, beautiful, slim, tall girl from well status Jat Sikh family. Contact: 84377-70005, 98156-49892. NA2-105823

Jat Sikh boy 5'-7", 74 born, highly educated well- settled Canadian citizen
seeks a slim, beautiful, professionally qualified girl. Email:  NA2-106571

Professionally qualified match for handsome Mahajan boy, 04.03.1984, 1:10
a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-9", B.Tech. (USA). Working with MNC, Gurgaon, salary 8 lac p.a. Caste no bar. Contact: 9888852008. E-mail:  C2-138080

Suitable match for Saini Sikh turbaned boy, 5'-8", 26 years, B.Tech., working
in MNC at Chandigarh, 5 lac P.A., own house at Chandigarh. Urban and Rural property in Punjab. Father Class-I officer. Mother Govt. school teacher. Family settled at Chandigarh. Tricity preferred. Caste no bar. Contact: 7837000802. E-mail:  C2-138778

Canadian born 33/5'-9", Jat-Sikh, doing Ph.D., visiting Chandigarh looking
female fluent in English, well- educated. Send email:  with biodata & photo or Call 85275-20593, 89686-64134. C2-132540

Hindu Khatri parents from well-educated middle-class background seek
suitable match for their UK-settled professional son, 47, 5'-11", never married, educated in the UK and USA, working in Marketing and earning handsome salary. Visiting India in July. Please respond with photo and biodata to: , Tel: +44 131 667 6064. C2-135208

Suitable qualified, beautiful, slim match for Ramgarhia Sikh cleanshaven
Canadian citizen boy, April 86 born, 5'-11", well settled business in Canada. Contact: 9653000004. E-mail:  C2-136728

Looking professionally qualified match for American citizen Sikh boy,
clean-shaved, handsome, high educated & respected family from India/USA Post-graduate from USA in Medical profession, born 79/6' earning in six figure. Caste no bar. Photo must with biodata. Email:  Phone-USA. 1-781-985-4649. C2- 137372B

Suitable qualified match for fair handsome 36/5'-7", MBBS MRCP Khatri boy
working GP national Health Services Hospital UK. parents Doctors. 094163-78082.  C2-137676

Gill parents settled in California invite proposals for their son, Neurosurgeon,
27 years, 5'-11". Please correspond with latest picture to email:  Phone: 001-818-767-2774 & 0172- 2604352. C2-137850

U.K. based Ramgarhia Sikh parents with Ludhiana background, are looking
for a good-looking, well educated Ramgarhia Sikh 5'-2" - 5'-6", vegetarian 1986 to 1990 born girl; for their 1985 U.K. born son 5'-9", Graduate in Computer Science, employed, vegetarian, non-drinker, turban and uncut beard. Gotes: Lotay/Jagday. Only Ramgarhia sikh vegetarian girls with non-matching gotes need to contact. No kundli believers. Ludhiana District area preferred. Phone Ludhiana 9914527125, U.K. 00447711351654. E-mail:  C2-138642B

Professionally qualified match preferably Doctor Indian/US Resident/USMLE
cleared for Punjabi SC (Chamar) US Doctor, 83 born, working on H1 Visa. Send biodata with photo:  C2-138794

Well-settled Australian citizen Jatt Sikh boy, 32/5'- 6", working in Finance.
We have rural & urban property in India & Sydney. Widowed has a 4 year old beautiful son, looking for bride from well respected family. Preference Medical profession. Email:  98145-14501. NA2-105930

Suitable match for fair Hindu Khatri boy 31/177 cm, built medium, Sq.
Leader/IAF. Contact:  C2-137908

Suitable match for Anand Khatri MBBS Govt. employee, 14 Sept. 1984/5'-8",
10:20 am. Ph.: 90345-87414.  C2-138442

Affluent Sodhi Khatri business family seeks suitable alliance from status
family for '84 born/5'11", educated, Gursikh son. Monthly earning in Six figures. Girl shouls be beautiful, educated & well mannered. Please contact with recent photograph & family details:  ; 9814088253. C2-138707

Ramgarhia Canadian citizen 38 yrs. old, 6 ft., never married, IT Manager boy
well-settled seeks educated girl 29-32 yrs old, 5'-5"+, preferred Malwa from Canada. US Westcoast, India. No divorcee. Serious inquiries respond with complete profiles and pictures.  C2-134128

Ramgarhia Sikh Australian PR 27/6'-2" handsome boy. Professionally
qualified & beautiful girl required. Malwa preferred.  98785-02610. C2-136538

Professionally qualified match for April, 84, 5'-5", B.E., MBA, Dy Manager
in Mahindra & Mahindra, 6.25 LPA, teetotaller, Vegetarian, turbaned Sikh Himachal based Ramgarhia boy. E-mail:  Mobile: 98160 52655 C2-136568

Beautiful, tall match for Ramgarhia Sikh vegetarian boy 29/5'-10", M.Tech
from USA, working in USA on H1B Visa. Two brothers settled abroad. Highly placed Gursikh family. Girl should be B.Tech or equivalent. Box 3277M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Ramgarhia boy, July 1984/5'-8", Permanent resident of NZ,
Employed, Family in Chandigarh. Only sister in UK. Currently boy in India for holiday for a month. Contact 98789-80691, 90237-39531. C2-137334

Ramgarhia Sikh 6'-1", 10.7.1985, Manglik, Masters Engineer from UCLA,
working Los Angeles USA. Wanted suitable educated Sikh, Doctor, Engineer, USA girl preferred. Contact: 94646-50667, 0172-2213376,  C2-137984

Sikh Khatri turbaned boy, UK born, 31 years, 6'-1", fair complexion,
Doctorate in History, currently fellow of Oxford university. Seeks suitable qualified girl. High fluency in English is essential. E-mail:  C2-133798

Dental, Medical, IT professional, Sikh match from USA/India for DDS Dentist,
US citizen (New York), very handsome, social, affectionate, clean shaven 5'-11', 1980, well established Doctors Khatri Sikh family. E- mail:  C2-138402

PQM for handsome Punjabi (SC) boy 29/5'-5", B.Tech., Software Engineer in
MNC Gurgaon. Salary seven figure/P.A. Send profile and photo. E-mail:  C2-136730

Match for Ad-dharmi American resident Graduate boy 36/5'-11", educated
family. Boy presently in Banga (with family) Nawanshahr. +9199159-69810. C2-137000

Suitable match for Khatri Manglik boy, 1985, 5'-8", own business.
Chandigarh based family. Contact: 9988882627. C2-138014

Suitable qualified working match solicited for vegetarian/teetotaller never
married, smart boy Aug. 77/5'-6", M.Tech., working as Assistant Professor of Sikh Tonkshatriya educated, well-settled family of Ludhiana. Matching/Upper caste no bar. E-mail:  C2-137686

Suitable match for Punjabi Manglik Brahmin 5'-9'' MBA Executive ICICI Bank
Udaipur Rajsthan 6.5 lac PA, Divorcee after few days, Birth 1.1.1978, Vishakhapatnam 20.35. Brahmin/ Upper caste contact,  093524-99199, 081074- 44457. C2-136714

Suitable match for handsome Jat Sikh boy, 32, 6'-1". Highly qualified,
Class-1 Officer in Mumbai. Salary 18 lakh p.a., good property. Brief marriage of 2 months annulled. Respond with photo. Email:  C2-137054B

Seeking a beautiful,tall and preferably Medico match for a handsome 27,
5'-11" US born Gursikh boy doing a medical residency. Talented and well mannered. Parents well settled in USA.  C2-131008

PQM for handsome Arora/Khatri Sikh, cleanshaven, US citizen, Ivy league
Dentist, 32/5'-11". Running own high volume dental practice in seattle seeks beautiful, educated, cultured girl. Medico/Dental/other professionals from USA/Canada (Vancouver) preferred. Caste no bar. Email photographs/biodata:  C2-135488

Professional Qualified beautiful match from USA/Canada/India for Doctor of
Pharmacy (Ph.D.) , US citizen , very handsome, affectionate, cleanshaven, 5'- 9", 29 well established Doctor's Arora/Khatri Sikh family. Caste no bar E-mail profile/photographs:  42589-19215. C2-135492

Suitable match for Sikh Khatri cleanshaven, 33/5'-10", Post-graduate,
Australian Resident. 97816-11111.  C2-136582B

Highly Educated UK based Sikh Arora family invites PQM for their only son 29
6'-1", very caring and handsome, turbaned AVP in leading Europian bank. parents highly placed professionals in London. Email  C2-137023

Suitable professional match for Punjab based well settled Manglik, B.Tech.
IT professional Bansal, 5'- 9"/33, employed Project Manager, Infosys Bangalore. Presently in USA on H1-B visa. Holding H1-B visa for USA preferred.  C2-136696

Suitable match for handsome vegetarian boy, 9.7.87, 5.38 pm, Jalandhar,
5'-6", B.Tech, working Accenture Banglore, Senior Software Engineer, 5.50 Lac PA. Preferred CA/working qualified. 09478220007, 0181- 2236108. C2-136818

Professionally qualified match for handsome Gupta boy 5'-11", 15 Nov.82,
10:10 pm Chandigarh, Working as a Senior Executive in Hospitality industry. Son of ex army officer, presently working with MNC. Caste no bar. +91 9872980656,  C2-137336

Match for very handsome Goyal boy 10.05.85/5'-11", 3:20 am, Rohtak,
B.Tech. MBA good property, own properties. Well-settled reputed family. Very beautiful & educated girl preferred. Email:  98885-25005. C2-137862


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