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Grooms Wanted

Professionally Qualified Match for Beautiful, Fair, Slim girl, 28 years, 5-1, B.Com., MBA, working in Capgemini Mumbai, Package 8 lacs P.A. Early, decent marriage. E-mail:  Ph: 96462-61900 C2-140927C2-140927

High status Industrialist Khatri Arora family seeks alliance for their daughter beautiful, fair, slim, 24/5'-3", convent educated, doing Post graduation. Boy should be educated, highly status business family. Mail:  C2-139593

Match for Arora working girl, 5'-5", 29.4.89, 6:15 p.m., Shimla, Masters of Mass Communication. Wish to hear from spiritual, well qualified service family from Shimla/Chandigarh preferred. 09417754173.  C2-140313

Professionally qualified, American/NRI match for Tonk- Kashatriya, 5'-2", 78 born, fair & beautiful Sikh girl, B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed. have done MBA from America. Working for IT Company. Preference for Americal alliance. Early marriage. Caste no bar. M. 95016-02200, e-mail :  C2-138580

Educated, well settled, Jat Sikh family from US seeking a professional, highly educated, US born and raised match for their beautiful, 5'-4", 32 year old, attorney daughter. Please email with picture and details of job, education, and family background to  C2-140156

Suitable Medico Ramdasia Sikh Weaver smart girl, Oct. 1982, 5'-4", MD Med., SR at Chandigarh. Educated family. 9815643551. E-mail:  C2- 141015

Suitable match for Canadian citizen beautiful girl Sikh 5'-5" /28, Post-Graduate working as Manager in a Bank looking for a cleanshaven N/Manglik Sikh/Hindu Citizen/permanent resident. Caste no bar. Educated, decent, and professionally employed boy 5'-8" or above in Canada/Ontario only. Bio-data with photo. 41684-09330. C2-141430

Medico/Non Medico qualified , non trimmer, teetotaller, vegetarian, employed Sikh match for Ramdasia Sikh girl, 1980/5'-2", MBBS, MD (Pathology), working as Senior Resident in Govt. Medical College. 0172-2261393, 09779200393.  C2-141636

Suitable match for Nai Sikh girl 1988/5'-5", M.Tech. (ECE), working as Asstt. Professor reputed Engg. College. Elder brother well-settled Australia. 88723- 68081. C2-141897

SM4 b'ful Jat Sikh girl 20.2.83, 5'-1", B.Tech. (CSE) & MBA, wkg. in reputed MNC Chandigarh, salary 9 LPA. Mohali-based educated family. 99151-70555. E-mail:  A2-118375-OL

Canadian born Jatt Sikh beautiful and educated in Medical profession daughter 28 yrs, 5'-4". Can not have children. Looking for professional Jatt Sikh boy up to 35 yrs. Please send biodata of boy & family. Email:  C2-135760

PQM for Jat Sikh Australian Physiotherapist June 82, 5'-7" girl. Australia settled preferred. Email:  C2-136126

Professionally qualified North American born Jat Sikh for our Canadian born daughter, well educated, smart, 29/5'-6". Status family. Email:  Mob. 89688-44290. C2-136690

Canada based Jat Sikh parents invite matrimonial alliance from Jat Sikh professional match (preferably Engineer, Doctor, CGA) for their India born, Canadian citizen, convent educated, Canadian University Degree holder, fair complexioned daughter, born 1977, 5'-3.5". Permanently employed with Federal Govt. as a Senior Officer in Toronto. Well versed in both cultures. Brief marriage annulled. Divorcees with children please excuse. Serious inquiries only please. Respond with complete details and recent picture to:  C2-137238

Only Jatt Sikh from USA or Canada well qualified and professionals for beautiful Canadian resident girl, 5'- 5", 1985 born, postgraduation in MBA IT, B.Tech., Malwa region. Family residing in New York, USA. Please contact at  C2-137270

US settled Jat Sikh Medico parents seek PQM for their pretty Doctor daughter, doing Posgraduation Fellowship, 29/5'-2". Email biodata/ recent photos:  C2-137714

Seeking well qualified, professional match from an educated and decent family for a 31, 5'-2", innocently divorced (issueless) Canadian permanent resident Jatt Sikh girl currently working as an accountant and pursuing CGA. Email at:  C2-138008

Parents seek a suitable match for a beautiful, slim Jat Sikh 33 yrs, 5'-6" Canadian girl. Well versed in both cultures. Working as a Small Business Advisor bank and pursuing MBA. Family well settled in India and Canada Box 2195F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Chandigarh based parents seek match for beautiful girl, 23 years, 5'-4", M.Sc. (last year). Father class-1 Officer. Contact: 99154-84845.  C2- 139571B

Match for exceptionally cultured, charming, beautiful convent educated 22 years Jat Sikh girl, B.Sc. (Medical) India, now studying in Canada. Belongs to a middle class purist family imbedded with true values of life. Girl alongwith the family is Canadian PR & loves Indian values. She is well read and extensively travelled. Boy should below 25, teetotaller and aspirant for zenith of life. Send photos and all details: Email:  C2-139583

Gursikh parents seeks suitable match for their only child (Daughter), Lecturer, conventee, M.Sc., M.Ed., M.A. (English), UGC NET, pursuing Ph.D., June 83, 5'- 2". 12 Acre agri. land/urban also. 9915085626.  C2-139968B

Suitable qualified match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim girl, 1986/5'-1", completing M.Tech. (CSE) shortly. Highly qualified family of Teachers/Officers. 81468- 37312, Email:  C2-140040

Jat Sikh family seeks a highly educated, professional, vegetarian, non-drinker, match for their Canadian daughter, B.Sc., pursuing CGA, 86 born, 5'-1". Only settled abroad or on student/work permit should contact Email:  C2-140168B

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh October 82/5'-3", fair, slim beautiful girl, B.Tech./MBA from reputed institutes. Working in US based MNC. Upper caste no bar. Father Senior Govt. Officer (Retd), settled Mohali. Contact: 98761-54889. Email:  C2-140364

Match for Jatt Sikh girl, 1981/5'-5", M.Phill., M.Ed., M.Sc. (I.T.). Adhoc Lecturer. Contact 88725-41400. C2-140472B

Seeking tall handsome Jat Sikh Doctor preffered in USA for US born girl 29/5'-4", very fair.  C2-140591

Suitable match for Jat Sikh PR Australia girl 5'-4", 01.09.1985, B.Sc. Nursing, M.Sc. Nursing in Australia, employed Registered Nurse. Preferably match should be non-drinker and non-smoker. 87290-46626. Email:  C2-140709

Well settled Jat Sikh NRI/Indian match for Canadian PR Jat Sikh beautiful, slim, homely girl, August 1985, 5'- 3", B.Com, M.Sc. Computer Science, MBA (Human Resources). Contact: 8054707932, 9646487096. E-mail:  C2-140745B

Match for Jat Sikh girl, 5'-5"/Dec. 1984, B.Tech (Comp. Sc.), working as Technology Lead in MNC/7.5 Lac. Contact Email:  C2-140907

Convent educated, 1984/5'-4", USA Software Engineer, MBA, employed, Multinational New York. Father Army officer retired. 09872775788. C2-140929

Suitable match for Jatt Sikh girl, 1984/5'-2", M.A. English, LL.M., pursuing Practice in Court. Contact 98148-13161. C2-141273

Well to do Chandigarh based Jat Sikh family invites proposal for beautiful & accomplished 28, 5', MBA girl, working in MNC in NCR. Contact: 98140-64911, 98880- 86911,  C2-141311

PQM match for New Zealand PR Jat Sikh girl, 89/5'-8", sober, homely, cultured, Uni. Gold Medallist (Pb.), Masters in Microbio from NZ, doing Ph.D. Only brother Veterinary Officer in NZ. Small well educated family, parents Class-I Officers (Pb.), boy's merits main consideration. 6' tall, intelligent convent school educated, willing to go abroad, having R/U property. Dowry seekers excuse. Malwa preferred. 098786-24885.  C2-141375

Army Officer's daughter, MBA regular, July 1985, 5'-3" very slim smart professionally sound, Chandigarh family. Looking for well qualified cleanshaven/turbaned boy from respectable family. 98728-68167, email:  C2-141519

Turbaned match for Jat Sikh girl, 26/5'-6", B.Tech, MBA, Bank employed. Tricity preferred. Contact: 98888- 67574.  C2-141627B

PQM for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, Dec. '84 born, 5'-7", doing residency in Internal Medicine in US status families from India may also apply. Contact: 97801- 30016. Email: details to  C2-141837

Doctor/Engineer/MBA/CA Jat Sikh boy for M.Pharma girl, 29/5'-6", Manager, Top MNC London (UK).  C2-142002

Jat Sikh family from Amritsar seeks qualified match for 5'-10"/30+, M.Tech., 15 LPA, working at Gurgaon.  94634-81458. C2-142111

PQM for beautiful Jat Sikh convent educated girl, Nov 85, 5'-2", MBA, Asstt. Prof. in College. Father Class One Officer (retd) settled in Ludhiana. Send biodata with photo to:  98884-65483. C2-142115

Professional teetotaller Sikh match willing to settle in Canada for Canadian citizen Jatt Sikh unmarried girl, 31 born/raised in India, 5'-4", B.Sc. Nursing. Send photo/details: 97807-69751,  C2-142164B

Suitable match for beautiful, intelligent, sober, Canada citizen Jat Sikh Gill 33/5'-4", M.Sc. (IT) girl presently in India. Send biodata/photo. Email:  Contact: 81958-77960, 98767-15199. C2-142179B

Jatt Sikh Randhawa girl 24/5'-6", Amritsar, Veterinary Doctor, doing M.V.Sc., father Veterinary Officer. Preferred employed Veterinarian in Majha area. Contact: 98141-65321, 0183-2501372, 98555-65321. NA2-107949

Well educated Jat Sikh family seek highly qualified professional match for their Australian citizen daughter 34, 5'-4", fair, beautiful and possess strong family values, highly educated with double masters IT & IS, working as Program Services Manager in top MNC Sydney. Respond with bidoata and Pict. at:  +61433053603, 98769-85856. NA2-108923

Seek professional Canadian/USA match for Canadian Chartered Accountant, 25/5'-2" intelligent Jat Sikh beautiful girl. , 001604-418-1199. NA2-109318

SM4 Jat Sikh girl, tall, beautiful, 1983, MBA Finance from abroad PSU Bank Manager & SW Engineer ex.  082840-89407. NA2-109944

Well known affluent family seeks partner for 28/5'-8", slim, fair, well qualified daughter. We ideally seek tall handsome boy hailing from high status well known family. Upper caste no bar. 98765-17820.  NA2-110056

Suitable match for Sikh Saini girl, Aug. 83, 5', M.Sc. Bio-Physics, doing Ph.D. Sikh boy preferred. Mob. 9814406119.  C2-141475

Match for Hindu slim, beautiful Saini girl, M.Sc., B.Ed., August 1987 born, 5'-4", Science teacher in Chandigarh. Local preferred.  99886- 97101. C2-142443

Seeks Non-manglik, qualified NRI preferred Canada match for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin, 24/5'-3", slim, fair, cultured Master of Science (Nursing) girl. Brother already settled in Canada. E-mail:  09814852386. C2-137906

PQM4 Mair Rajput working girl, 5', 1985, B.Tech India, MS USA. American citizen/greencard/HIB Visa boy preferred. Mob: 9915949434. E-mail:  C2-140262

US Citizen Hindu Punjabi fair & slim, 27 years/5'-3", Brahmin girl practicing Dentist in Seattle., Washington, seeking Hindu professional boy in States. Prefer Medical/Dental/Veterinarian/Engineer. Contact with recent Photographs and biodata at  C2-140739

Beautiful Himachali Rajput girl Chandigarh convent educated, Computer Engineer, 24/ 5'-8", M.S., working USA. Horoscope must. ( C2-141245

Sikh Rajput Bagga, divorced after brief marriage, 1981/5'-6", Postgraduate, PR England. Wanted well- educated, Degree Holder, above 5'-9". Visiting India April. Please E-mail bio-data with photograph:  094168-52977. C2-141341

PQM preferably doctor/engineer for fair, good looking, convent educated doctor girl, 5'/1978, doing Residency US (H1B Visa), belongs to highly educated Sikh Khatri family. Innocently divorced through mutual consent.  C2-142119

Well settled Australian citizen Jat Sikh girl, 28/5'- 4", looking for Jat Sikh boy from well respected family preference medical profession. 98145-14501. Email:  NA2-105976

Professionally qualified match for post graduate Australian citizen professionally well settled born Jalandhar, 1976, good personality 5'-5", divorced within few days, caste no bar. Contact: Email:  A2-117526

Suitable match for homely, Majhbi Sikh beautiful girl (Christian Converted), Graduate, 36/5'-2", unmarried, looks very young, slim, private Teacher, NRI preferred. Response with all detail.  C2-139942

Suitable match for fair complexioned, Graduate, Girath girl, 5'-3", 21-10-1980 (5:40 a.m.) Chandigarh. Presently working at Mohali. Contact: 0172-2223053, 98147-98979. C2-141155

Match for Hindu Prajapati beautiful, convent educated BDS girl, 1987/5'. Medico preferred. Father class-I officer. Upper caste no bar. 9417658577. E-mail:  C2-142025

Doaba Sikh Rajput Parmar parents seeks a suitable, humble match with a pleasing personality from a reputed family for their gorgeous, intelligent, and professionally qualified daughter 27/5'-3", B.Tech. (CSE), working as a Senior Software Developer in an MNC(Chandigarh) having a perfect blend of modern and traditional values. Australian PR applied. Only brother Australian PR. Preferred match from Australia, Canada and USA. Please reply with recent photographs and complete boidata to: , 97790- 57979. C2-137338

Suitable match for Himachali Rajput girl, 19.01.82, 7:20 a.m., Mandi, 5'-3", M.A., B.Ed., PGCTE. Father Govt. Officer. One younger brother. Contact 94637- 41458.  C2-141229

Alliance for Garhwali Rajput beautiful girl 79 born, 5'-3", B.Sc., B.Ed. Contact: 98722-51576, 99153-18150. C2-141975

Alliance for Garhwali Rajput beautiful girl 80 born, 5'-2", M.Com., M.Sc. IT. Contact: 98722-51576, 99153- 18150. C2-141983

Himachali manglik girl, 25.1.87, 9:55 p.m., Chandigarh, 5'-5", B.Sc. Honours Microbiology Pb. University, MBA (Regular). North Indian preferred. 8427620760 E-mail:  C2-139790

Saraswat Brahmin PQ or well settled match for Manglik, 85 born girl, 5'-8", M.Sc. CS. Well educated family. Contact: 9814814773. C2-140030

Dentico, Medico, Engineer match for v. beautiful, 27/5'-4", US citizen, Saraswat Brahmin Dental student (DDS). Boy should be tall, handsome, teetotaller from respectable family. Biodata, picture to  C2-140138

Wanted Doctor, Dentist Brahmin match for Australian citizen 23 yrs, 5'-6", beautiful, fair, slim, Medico (Physio-Therapist) girl brought up in Australia. Well versed with Indian culture. Family well settled in Australia. The boy should be settled in Australia or willing to settle in Australia. Please respond with photo, bio-data and birth details to  or Box 2208F Tribune, Chandigarh.

M.Tech., MCA, B.Tech., MBA match for Rattan Bhardwaj Punjabi Sarswat Brahmin Manglik girl 5'-2", 13.2.85, 4:25 am, Ambala, MBA (HR), working Delhi as HR. Email:  084270-10052, 094163-93958. C2-140208

Manglik/non-manglik match for 85 born punjabi Saraswat Brahmin girl, M.Phil, PhD, Math working in Engineering College near Chandigarh. 5'-5", slim, good looking with traditional values. Reputed Punjabi vegetarian family settled in Zirakpur. 98140-39381.  C2-140506

Suitable match for Chandigarh based slim, extremely beautiful and wise Brahmin girl, 26 yrs, M.Com, MBA, B.Ed., 5'-4", working in reputed convent School at Chandigarh. Very decent, cultured and well-to-do family. Father Senior Central Govt. officer. Mob. 94173-34288. E-mail id:  C2-141147

Professionally qualified well settled match for beautiful Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin girl, Dec.88, 5'-4", B.Tech (IT) employed in reputed MNC, Father Army officer. Only status family need apply with bio-data and photographs.  C2-142051

Saraswat Brahmin girl M.B.A. (HR), 24.08.1985, 4:36 pm Patiala, 5'-7". Elder sister settled in Canada. Please contact Canada PR only. 0172-2632809, 99152-16932,  C2-142059

Wanted professionally well settled, qualified boy from Canada, USA, Australia, UK for the only Punjabi Brahmin girl, 13.10.1983, 7.05 a.m. at UK. 5'-4", fair complexion, well qualified, doing job at UK. Family in India upto 23 March 2013. Contact: 0044-778-029-5064, 099888-71249. Email:  NA2-110174

Match for Sunni Muslim Doctor, beautiful divorcee issueless girl, 31/5'-2". Doctor/Engineer preferred from Punjab/Haryana/Delhi. 98764-22177. C2-138219

Hindu Jat girl, Judicial Magistrate Himachal, 1980, 5'- 2". Preferred teetotaller HAS, PCS, IRS, IFS, IAS. Upper caste no bar. E-mail:  09417399401. C2-140743

Only Post-graduate Doctor (Allopathy) match for Hindu Khatri fair, slim, very beautiful girl, 14.9.88, 5'-5", B.Tech Computer, M.E.(PEC Chandigarh), working Assistant Professor. Only Chandigarh (UT) settled to communicate please. Contact No. 94654-47127. C2-140096

Alliance from well established business family for Manglik Khatri girl from status business family, B.Tech., MBA, 5'-7", December 1987. Mobile: 92165- 19200. E-mail:  C2-140166

Suitable match for very beautiful, MBA (Corp.), 5'-7", 19.2.86, 6:22 p.m., Chandigarh, vegetarian girl. Father having well settled Tractor parts manufacturing industry. Elder sister married, younger brother PEC Engineer. Phone: 09356120206. C2-140374

Status match for 1982, Post-graduation MBA, fair, slim, Punjabi Khatri girl. Reputed status family. E-mail:  C2-140727

Suitable match for Hindu Khatri beautiful girl 13.2.1983/5'-0", 11.45 a.m., Patiala, B.A. I.T., PGDCA, B.Ed., M.Ed., pursuing M.A. Ph.D. Contact: 094668- 26743.  C2-140785

Manglik/ non manglik professional qualified or well settled Industrialist boy for beautiful very fair complex 5'-5'' Jan 15, 1985, 9.29 am Amritsar convent educated M.Com girl from status business family 096533-59191.  C2-141005

Professionally qualified match for beautiful Manglik Dhiman girl, Graduate, 05.05.1982, 10:15 a.m., Chandigarh, 5', working Delhi, 6.6 LPA. 098188-78414.  C2-136032

Seeking Professionally qualified Gursikh, non-trimmer, non-drinker, well settled match for M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil Ramgarhia gursikh girl, 87/5'-4".  C2-139667

Ramgarhia cleanshaven boy for beautiful girl, 5'-2", MA (B.Ed.), 1987. E-mail:  9988016781. C2-140264

SM4 beautiful Aanshik Manglik Ramgarhia Dhiman girl, Mancoo/Panesar, Jan. 1987/12:05 p.m. Patiala/5'-3", MBA (HR), in job. 9888537046, 9781995252. Email:  C2-141642

Suitable match Ramgarhia Sikh girl, 1986 born, 5', slim, M.Sc IT, PGDCA, Diploma in Webcom. Contact: 9041996179. C2-141735

Suitable match for Himachali Dhiman girl 1976 born, 5'- 1", slim, M.Sc., MBA, Lecturer Biology in Govt. School. Father retd. Class-I officer. Himachali preferred. 94180-91077, Email:  C2-142423

Match for slim, beautiful, well-educated, innocent divorcee Sikh Khatri girl (6 years girl), 30/5'-6" (looks much younger). Senior teacher private school. 98152-84027,  C2-122953

Alliance invited from Sikh/cleanshaven boy settled in US for 1982/5'-7". Sikh Khatri girl, convent educated, fair, intelligent, beautiful, homely. Masters in Economics, NYU, US. Working as Senior Economist in US on H1-B.  C2-128664

Match for non-resident British fair girl, Graphic Designer, 23/5'-4", belongs to Khatri Sikh family. Drinkers & cleanshaven please excuse. Girl & family in India up to 24th March. Contact: 9818721355 thereafter UK 00447525476343. E-mail:  C2-140336

Professional Chandigarh based Sikh Khatri beautiful, Cheerful, smart girl, January 1987, 5'-1", convent educated, B.Sc. Nursing from Australia, doing M.Sc., PR applied, working in leading Hospital Sydney,Educated & settled family. Parents Government Employees. Dowry seekers excuse.  C2-141151

PQM cleanshaven for beautiful Ad-dharmi girl 29/5'-2", B.Tech. (ECE) working as Asstt. Manager in Govt. Bank at Delhi. Father retired Class-1 Govt. Officer, settled in Delhi. Contact: 098681-37191.  C2-140344

Suitable match for Weaver girl, 27.8.87, 5'-5", B.Tech (IT), 6 months Microsoft Certifications, presently working MNC. Father Govt. servant, mother housewife. Brother just completed study. 094191-55180, 89687- 37687.  C2-140414

Unmarried/divorcee match for professionally qualified, 31/5'-3", Adharmi girl, issueless innocent divorcee. B.A., B.Sc. Fashion Design. Send Picture with biodata to  Contact 98726-21038. C2-140943

Suitable match for beautiful Chamar girl, March 1982/5'-2", working as SRF (Contract) at PGI, Chandigarh, Ph.D (Medicine) from PGI, Chandigarh. UGC (NET) qualified. Father and mother retired from Govt. job. Well qualified family in Chandigarh. Send biodata and Photo on  C2-141377

Match for MDS girl, 1984/5ft, beautiful, working Senior Resident Dental college. Parent Govt. official. 9530640500. C2-141867

Sikh Tonk-kshatriya issueless divorcee, 5'-2", 31.8.85, 8:55 a.m. Chandigarh, MA (English), B.Ed. Teacher reputed school. Caste no bar. Tricity preferred. Contact: 88729-00393, Email:  C2-142447

Well established Chandigarh based Khatri family seeks qualified match for beautiful daughter (divorcee), 5'- 2", 21.03.85, 10:40 am, Chandigarh, working in Accenture Bombay, 6 Lac Pkg. Brother settled in USA. 97791-13271.  C2-142083

Arora Sikh girl, divorcee issueless, 30/5'-3", BA, 3 years Diploma sewing, Sangeet Visharad, employed MNC. Jalandhar. Seeks suitable Gursikh match from vegetarian family. Send biodata with photo. E-mail:  C2-140248

Well settled professional match for very fair, slim, beautiful, Doctor, Sikh unmarried girl, +34/5'-4". Completed MD Medicine recently, working MN Multispeciality Hospital Punjab. Family of professionals. Brother Doctor, Bhabi Engineer. Contact: 73556-27037.  C2-142339

Compatible match for Goyal Manglik fair girl, MCA, 5'- 3", 2 Sept. 1988, working in MNC in Noida. Business family at Jalandhar. Email:  A2-119960-OL

Alliance invited from PQ/Businessman for beautiful, very fair, Jindal girl 21.8.87, 1.30 noon, 5'-3", MBA, M.Com., B.Ed. Decent marriage. 98120-92298. C2-139868

Beautiful, slim, fair Singla Anshik Manglik girl, 14.6.87, 9:17 a.m., Ludhiana, 5'-4", B.Tech, completing MBA in March 2013 from Symbiosis, Bangalore, Campus placement in Wipro, 7 LPA. Father Chief Engineer Punjab Govt. at Chandigarh. Seeks educated, highly placed boy M/NM in service/business. E-mail:  98880-61028. C2-140068

Medico MS/MD match for Sept. 84, Garg Doctor girl. Pursuing MS ENT Final. 98145-10100. C2-140643

Wanted postgraduate Medico match preferably from North India for Chandigarh based Gupta (Mahajan) girl, 29/5'- 4", doing MD (Microbiology Final year). Please contact  or call 94172-49922. C2-141157

High status well settled match for beautiful, slim Bansal girl, 25/5'-1", M.A. (English), doing Mass Communication. Tricity preferred. Very decent marriage. Contact 98140-36002. Box 2218F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professional match for beautiful, slim Manglik girl 26/5'-2", B.Tech., M.Tech. Working as Lecturer in Engg. College. 82848-69827, 89687-15361,  C2-141507

SM4 Amritdhari girl, 17.6.87, 5'-2", MA, M.Ed. Only Amritdhari and educated boys to contact. Send biodata with photograph. E-mail:  C2-137672

Gursikh NRI Arora Sikh match for 5'-2", B.Tech. CSE, 1990 born girl, from Industrialist family. ID:  C2-140460


I, Charanjit Kaur, former resident of Village: Amargarh Kaler, P.O: Nanaksar,
District: Ludhiana, Punjab, India presently residing at 4014 N. Cortland Avenue, Fresno, California, USA has changed my name to Charanjit Kaur Garcha, subject to the approval of Indian High Commission in USA. C2-143272

Chandigarh, Sector-44 C: 8 Marla, FF, 30% share, 70% covered area, D/D,
four bedrooms, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, freehold, registry case @ 1.20 Cr. (Negotiable). Dealers strictly excuse. Direct deal. Genuine buyers. Family only. 99142-42180. C2-140835

Shimla on Shimla-Kufri Main Road, three storeys commercial cum residential property, for sale. 094638- 39620. C2-142147

Hot purchaser NRI wants first floor of one kanal in Sector-11/10, Chandigarh.
Contact: Col. Ahluwalia, 98765-58145. C2-142393

2 BHK first floor corner flat, Chandigarh housing board, Sector 49, Chandigarh.
1150 sft with 2 balconies, spacious backyard means provision for a third room. 2 toilets, modular kitchen, solar water heater, 3 water tanks, power backup, parking space, garage. No middleman. Contact me at 97809-95177. C2-137763B

2 BHK corner flat attached two bathrooms, separate garage for car, facing market on road (1337 sq.ft), 2758-a (MIG-Super) Sector-70, Mohali, Ist floor. Owner leaving abroad. 94632-00858, 94643-22758. C2-141163B

Two kanal newly renovated complete GF front and rear lawns servant room
car parking. Sector-15. Company lease preferred. Contact: Col. Ahluwalia, 98765-58145. C2-142391

Society flats 2/3/4 BHK fully furnished/unfurnished. Sector-39/48/49/50/51 for MNC/Bank/Corporate executives. Satyam: 76964-07731. C2-142437

3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Apartment for rent, Sector 115 on Kharar Landran road. Contact 95016-58766. C2-139908

Wanted Story Book Writer. Good money will be paid upon story. Regular work for person, but stories must be original. Please contact: 98785-82389 or Email on  C2-140983


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