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Grooms Wanted

Affluent business family alliance for their daughter M.A., pursuing MBA, woring at (PHFI) as Programme Officer. Slim, beautiful, homely with high family values, 31st January 1986/03:04 pm/Delhi. Business or service income in seven figures. If horoscope match, send bio-data with photograph on Email:  98110-48022, 91360-60048. Preference (Delhi/NCR). C2-143066

Well settled educated match for fair, beautiful Jat Sikh girl (Gill) 27/5'-6", Ph.D. 099922-61702. Email:  NA2-112700

Professionally qualified around 27 yrs for beautiful, fair, slim Hindu Arora Non-manglik girl, 5'-4", 30.5.89, 2.30 pm, Chd. B.Tech, working MNC Noida. Parents in Govt job at Jalandhar. E-mail:  Mobile: 9988854825. C2-145217

Educated, well settled, Jat Sikh family from US seeking a professional, highly educated, US born and raised match for their beautiful, 5'-4", 32 year old, attorney daughter. Please email with picture and details of job, education, and family background to  C2-140156

Suitable match for Canadian citizen beautiful girl Sikh 5'-5" /28, Post- Graduate working as Manager in a Bank looking for a cleanshaven N/Manglik Sikh/Hindu Citizen/permanent resident. Caste no bar. Educated, decent, and professionally employed boy 5'-8" or above in Canada/Ontario only. Bio-data with photo.  41684-09330. C2-141430

Suitable match for an unmarried Sikh girl from a decent family 73 born, 5'-2", Post-graduate, B.Ed., working, fair complexion looks younger. The candidate should be below 45 yrs., from a decent family, unmarried, divorcee without children acceptable.  Box 2236F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) girl, B.Sc. (Nursing), 22/5'-6". Preferred abroad or Govt employee. Contact: 9417648213, 8872438885. E-mail:  C2-143014

Professionally qualified match for unmarried, beautiful Sikh Kamboj girl 33 (looks younger) 5'-7", MBA, BE, working SDO at Chandigarh, 60,000/-. Upper caste no bar. Contact only Bachelor.  C2- 144353

Ramdasia Sikh Weaver Amrtidhari girl, Feb. 1984, 5'-4", Govt. Bank job, M.Com., M.Sc. (IT), JAIIB, CAIIB clear. Required Govt. Gursikh boy. 98145-76728 C2-144481B

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh girl, November 79/5'- 4", Ph.D.(Biotech), Post Doctorate Fellowship completed in France/USA. Send biodata-photograph. Email :,  Phone 98729-70650. C2-145321

Canada based Jat Sikh parents invite matrimonial alliance from Jat Sikh professional match (preferably Engineer, Doctor, CGA) for their India born, Canadian citizen, convent educated, Canadian University Degree holder, fair complexioned daughter, born 1977, 5'-3.5". Permanently employed with Federal Govt. as a Senior Officer in Toronto. Well versed in both cultures. Brief marriage annulled. Divorcees with children please excuse. Serious inquiries only please. Respond with complete details and recent picture to:  C2-137238

Jat Sikh family seeks a highly educated, professional, vegetarian, non-drinker, match for their Canadian daughter, B.Sc., pursuing CGA, 86 born, 5'-1". Only settled abroad or on student/work permit should contact Email:  C2-140168B

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh October 82/5'-3", fair, slim beautiful girl, B.Tech./MBA from reputed institutes. Working in US based MNC. Upper caste no bar. Father Senior Govt. Officer (Retd), settled Mohali. Contact: 98761-54889. Email:  C2-140364

Seeking tall handsome Jat Sikh Doctor preffered in USA for US born girl 29/ 5'-4", very fair.  C2-140591

PQM for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, Dec. '84 born, 5'-7", doing residency in Internal Medicine in US status families from India may also apply. Contact: 97801- 30016. Email: detials to  C2-141837

Professional teetotaller Sikh match willing to settle in Canada for Canadian citizen Jatt Sikh unmarried girl, 31 born/raised in India, 5'-4", B.Sc. Nursing. Send photo/details: 97807-69751,  C2-142164B

Alliance invited from professionally qualified match from reputed, educated and landlord family for very fair, beautiful, well-cultured 5'-5"/1987, convent educated, BDS (Dr.) pursuing MHA (Masters in Hospital Administration), belonging to well-established, educated, reputed, landlord-business class Jat-sikh family. Only Jat-Sikh families contact with recent photo and biodata. E-mail:  85568- 07860, 81460-01551. C2-142177

Suitable match for beautiful, intelligent, sober, Canada citizen Jat Sikh Gill 33/5'-4", M.Sc. (IT) girl presently in India. Send biodata/photo. Email:  Contact: 81958-77960, 98767-15199. C2-142179B

Suitable match for Jat Sikh beautiful, slim, fair girl, February 1984 born, 5'-5", B.D.S., Masters in Public Health. Father Class-I Officer (retd.). Contact: 098762-76168, Email:  C2-142401

Match for BDS/MS girl, Dec. 1981/5'-5", working, PR UK. Doctor/Dentist or Engineer preferred. 98552-82770.  C2-142596

Professionally qualified match for 29/5'-7", good looking, B.Tech(Gold Medalist), M.Tech, Central Govt. Class I officer, Jat-Sikh girl, permanently posted in Chandigarh, belongs to reputed landlord family, divorced after brief period, issueless. Seeks well- settled officer/Doctor/Engineer/Lawyer boy in/near Chandigarh with financially sound background. Send the complete biodata at:  C2-142784

Suitable match for Jat Sikh slim, fair, very beautiful girl, 5'-3", Nov. 78, M.A. English, B.Ed., Govt job, English Teacher Govt. High School in Mohali District. Chandigarh based small educated family. E-mail:  Box 2237F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Canadian, Jatsikh, educated, influential, reputed, Khandani landlord family of Doctors and Officers seeks exceptionally smart MD Doctor, match from similar family background for their daughter,35/5'-4", MD specialist Internal Medicine, born and raised in Canada, India well versed both cultures. She is intelligent, smart, committed, compassionate, slim, sweet, beautiful and young looking girl. Please respond with recent photo and complete biodata of boy and family.  7789264645. C2-143244

Professionally qualified match (preferably in USA) for smart, beautiful, convent educated Jat Sikh girl 29/5'- 5", S/W Engg., working in MNC (US), MS (Computer) from reputed U.S. University. Drawing six figure salary. Green card in final state, highly educated family. Respond with biodata/pics.  C2-143830

Suitable match for Jat Sikh, MBBS, MD, consultant in reputed Hospital Mohali, Dec-79/5'-4", homely, beautiful.  C2-143988

Well educated, Jat Sikh family from Ludhiana seks PQM from USA for their 24 year, 5'-5" daughter, M.Tech., starting Ph.D in US this fall. Elder sister Doctor in US and married. E-mail :  or call 097797-48048 C2-144018

Well-settled suitable match for 84, 5'-3", MBA Finance, good looking, sober girl with family values. Father Class-I retd. Email:  99151-67744. C2-144096

Seeking 5'-11 + tall Jat Sikh cleanshaven urban match for 1986/5'-8", MBA fair, slim Jat Sikh girl, working with reputed Org. from respected, well-educated urban family. Father retired Army Officer. Marriage Bureau excuse. 98888-85724.  C2-144114

Compatible match for beautiful convent educated Jat Sikh Engineer in Telecom Toronto, 33/ 5'-1", B.Tech. India, M.Tech. Canada. Small educated Chandigarh family. 9872642711. Email:  C2- 144302

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh, 83 born girl, 5'-4", fair complexion, M.Sc. IT, MBA, employed. Well settled family. Father- Own business, Brother Engineer. Contact: 0172-5063251, 94632-88450. Email id:  C2-144725

Alliance invited from well placed Dentist, Doctor, Engineer boy preferably working in US for very young looking smart Jat Sikh 33/5'-4" girl, BDS, DDS and MPH, working as Dentist in US daughter of Senior Defence officer. E-mail:  Contact: 9815614789. C2-145055

Professionally qualified status match for very young looking Dec. 79, 5'-3", very smart, convented Jat sikh girl, MBA, Sr. Manager reputed MNC, holding 10 years US Visa d/o retired Colonel. Caste no bar. E-mail:  09501057725. C2-145061

Seeking highly qualified professional (Engineer/Doctor/MBA/CA) Jat Sikh boy for a Australian born/citizen Jat Sikh girl, 24, 5'-5", fair & very beautiful, bachelor of accounting. Please email with a recent photo and bio data of boy to  C2-145079

Jat Sikh match for convent educated 34/5'-4", slim, beautiful, fair, working as Project Lead. in IT Company, Chandigarh, M.A. (English), B.A. (English Hons). Well educated family settled near Mohali, Punjab. E-mail:  Mobile 98729-23369. Marriage bureau please excuse. C2-145155

Professionally qualified match from status family for Jat Sikh beautiful, fair, convent educated girl born 1986/5'-5" BDS from status family. Father Class-I Officer. Tricity preferred. Email:  C2-145261

Suitable match for Jan. 1986/5'-6", M.Sc., B.Ed. Jat Sikh girl. Completing MBA (HRD) (Canada) in April. Father Class I Pb. Govt Officer (Chandigarh). Seeking Professionally qualified/Well settled Canadian/PR boy from value oriented status family. Photograph must. Email :  or 98150-63841, 94639-35447. C2-145655

Jatt Sikh Wahla girl B.Sc., MBA, Nov. 85/5'-4". NRI prefer. Mail:  Contact: 98142-70448. NA2-110608

Beautiful Saini girl, never married, 27 Nov. 1977, 5'- 3", MA, MBA, PGDCA, teaching reputed school Chandigarh. 0172-3262500,  C2-144529

Prof. qualified, well settled, decent match (India or abroad) for Saini Sikh 36-B. Arch 5'-3", slim, beautiful innocent issueless divorcee girl. Worked as senior Architect in reputed companies and curently Working as Consultant with reputed MNC in NCR region. Contact:  C2-144653

Wanted groom for Saini girl, 26 years, 5'-0", M.Sc. B.Ed, working. Mobile: 09359206118, 9536014343. C2- 145127

Non-Manglik, professionally qualified match, preferably working in US/ Canada for fair, slim, beautiful & cultured Hindu/Khatri Engineer girl, June 1983, 5'-3", M.S. (USA), working in reputed company (USA). Respectable Punjabi family. Contact:,  98556-24344. A2-122189-OL

27/5'-5" Sikh beautiful girl, Masters Industrial Engineering USA. Working in California. Caste no bar for Sikh Hindu boy. Send detail with photo:;  Call: 00971507321819 (UAE). C2-143300

Seeking cleanshaven, highly qualified professional for US born Sikh daughter. Nov. '81/5'-5", very bright, pretty, slim & fair. B.A., MBA from prestigious institutions. Professionally employed NYC. Only USA settled persons should. Contact: Email: photo/bio to  C2-144559

Medico/professionally qualified match preferably NRI for BDS, MS (MUSC) for fair, slim, beautiful, 5'-8"/25, Lubana Sikh girl, employed MNC India, handsome package. Send biodata.  Mobile: 98150-81056. C2-145465

Professionally qualified match for post graduate Australian citizen professionally well settled born Jalandhar, 1976, good personality 5'-5", divorced within few daysy, caste no bar. Contact: Email:  A2-117526

Highly educated, affluent and well established family of Ludhiana seek alliance for their beautiful, fair, well mannered, sophisticated, vegetarian September 83, 5'-2", daughter. Boy should be educated and belonging to an established professional or business family. Decent & early marriage reply,  Mobile 092560-92456, 096505-82200. C2-144703B

Match for Thakur Rajput girl 28/5'-1", B.Sc. in Optometry, Post Graduate. Working on Government Contract. 94179-36498. C2-142497

PQM for Chauhan Rajput very beautiful girl MBA, 5'-3", 13.10.84. Working MNC Admin (HR), Gurgaon. Defence Officer's family from HP, now settled Mohali. Contact: 95012-94293.  C2-143962

SM4 very fair Rajput girl 27/5'-4", Graduate, diploma in Fashion, Graphic Designer, pursuing Web designing. Prefer Army officer/ MNC. 8968030809,  C2-145121

Suitable match for good looking, reputed Rajput family girl, 1983/5'. Wanted well settled family. 9779833603.  C2-145269

Match for slim, beautiful Himachali Rajput girl, 19.01.1982. 07:20 am, Mandi, 5'-3", MA, B.Ed, PGCTE. Father Govt. Officer. One brother. 0-94637-41458, Email:  C2-145353

Wanted professionally qualified match for Anshik Manglik Brahmin girl, BA (Hons Eng.), convent educated, 26/5'-5", fair complexion, working in Vancouver and awaiting PR, officers family. Boy settled in Canada or willing to settle in Canada preferred. E-mail:  C2-139534

Gaur Brahmin Vats B.Sc. MCA, Dec.85, 5'-3" working junior programer Harton Chandigarh. 0172-4003638, 01746-233916, 08054426828, Email:  C2-142634

Professionally qualified teetotaller non-smoking, well- settled Tricity match for Kashmiri Brahmin girl, LL.M., Feb. 1985 born, 5'-3". Parents settled in Chandigarh. Mail biodata and Photograph.  C2-142774

Suitable match for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin girl, 28.8.1984, 04:31 p.m., Ferozepur, 5'-7", MCA, working MNC Mumbai, package 8.5 LPA. Parents settled at Chandigarh. Preferred employed at Mumbai/Pune. Contact: 98884-89487. C2-142838

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin girl 11.03.1984, 7:32 am Gurdaspur, 5'-3", M.Sc. Nursing, Lecturer. Govt. employee/Lecturer only.  C2-142912

Suitable match for Chandigarh based slim, extremely beautiful and wise Brahmin girl, 26 yrs, M.Com, MBA, B.Ed., 5'-4", working in reputed convent School at Chandigarh. Very decent, cultured and well-to-do family. Father Senior Central Govt. officer. Mob. 94173-34288. E-mail id:  C2-143964

Professionally qualified teetotaller match for Non- manglik Saraswat beautiful girl. Fair, slim, convent educated. B.E. (Gold) PEC. 5'-4", 03.05.1984, 09:00 am, Chandigarh. (Technology Working Analyst) Infosys. Send B.H.P.,  9878507057. C2-144429

Beautiful, Saraswat Brahmin M.Tech girl, regular Assistant Professor in Govt University, pursuing Ph.D. 12.2.83, 1.00 pm, 5'-3", Jalandhar. 9878211002. E-mail:  C2-144715

Suitable match for Himachali Brahmin girl, 5'-4", 28.01.1983, 10:43 am, Nangal Dam, M.Phil English, B.Ed, working in IBM (acc. and finance) Chandigarh. Contact: 098160-38565, Email:  C2-145355

Sunni Muslim(punjabi) family seeks match for well mannered beautiful girl 28, 5'-3", B.Ed (Non- medical)MCA, pvt. Computer teacher at Chandigarh. Govt./PSU Officer preferred.094639-99839.  C2-144367

Professionally qualified match for BAMS doctor girl 153 cm, 29, fair, beautiful working Chandigarh. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 98727-90396.  C2-145199

Suitable qualified match for 5.9.84, 5'-5", LL.B., MBA, working girl. Early marriage. 080543-14489, 97799- 23474,  C2-143348

Suitable match for slim, fair, veg. Khatri girl 13.09.87, 9.15 p.m. Bhatinda, B.Tech. Infosys placed, 4.25 lac p.a. 96467-00160. C2-143598

Suitable match for well cultured, beautiful Graduate Khatri girl, 1.10.83, Chandigarh, 09:48 a.m., 5'-5", working as Inflight Manager in Pvt. Airlines (Domestic/International) based in Mumbai. Contact with Photos & details on E-mail:  Mob: 099676-71005, 088607-86451 Box 2245F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable qualified match for Chandigarh based B.Com., A- lavel DOEACC, Accounts professional course, sober, beautiful Sood/ Khatri girl, 27/ 5'-3''/ 3.00 lacs PA. Recently opend own coaching Institute. Bright prospectus, Two cousions NRI. Apply with full birth and other details. Email:  98722- 85397.( After 7 P.M.) C2-144551

Doctor family is looking for a handsome, professionally working and Caring groom for their beautiful daughter. Girl is born January 24, 1985 5'-5", family oriented with high values; applying for Ph.D. in Mathematics in USA this year. Contact:  Tel: 001 717 341 2479. C2-144567

Manglik/Non-Manglik match for wheatish, slim, Post- graduate Media, 1976/ 5'-1", Hindu Khatri convent educated, working in Media. Processing PR Australia. Sister, brother PR TR Australia. Email:  C2-144733

A suitable Category A regular government match for Hindu Khatri fair, very slim, very beautiful, 88, 5'- 5", B.Tech with distinction computer, M.E (PEC Chandigarh), University merit holder, working Assistant Professor. Please contact No. 094636-88580. C2-145105

Professionally qualified match for Ramgarhia Sikh beautiful, fair girl, 12.02.87, 5'-4", Nagi-Jagdev gotra. Father LIC officer. Doctor/Dentist preferred. 94170-04181,  C2-142978

PQM for smart, beautiful Hindu Dhiman girl 25/5'-3", B.Tech., working in MNC. Tricity preferred. Email:  Contact: 94646-50274. Box 2252F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified, clean-shaven match for beautiful, vegetarian, non-manglik Dhiman girl. 21-02- 1987, 5'-5", M.S. Accountancy (USA). Working Bangalore, 4.25 Lac per annum. Caste no bar. 9876110757.  C2-144705

PQM4 Sikh Ramgarhia (Khatti) girl, 1987/5'-3", M.Sc. (Chem.), B.Ed. Govt. Science Mistress (SSA), well educated family. Govt. service preferred. Contact: 98153-09644, 0181-2411635, Email:  C2-145053

Well established Sikh Khatri business family seeking alliance for beautiful smart fluent in English. Daughter Graduate specilization in animation. 5'-5''/ 8.7.88, 3.05 pm. Want alliance from qualified affluent well settled clean shaven handsome business boy. Preferably Chandigarh, Mohali, Ludhiana, Jalandhar. Contact 9855679733. mail:-  C2-140382

Match for fair, beautiful Sikh Khatri girl, Sept. 1983/5'-4", B.Sc., MBA (HR), only child. Parents retd Govt. officers. Contact: C2-142844

Match for Sikh Khatri girl, 1.8.82, 9:50 p.m., Chandigarh, 5'-6", M.Com. Tricity cleanshaven, teetotaller preferred. 98888-36852,  C2-144605

Suitable qualified well settled match for Sikh Khatri beautiful girl, 1980 born, 5'-4", BCA, LLB. Contact: 9478730037. E-mail:  C2-144693

PQM cleanshaven for beautiful Ad-dharmi girl 29/5'-2", B.Tech. (ECE) working as Asstt. Manager in Govt. Bank at Delhi. Father retired Class-1 Govt. Officer, settled in Delhi. Contact: 098681-37191.  C2-140344

U.P. based chamar, 5'-5", 27, working MNC Mumbai. Prefer MBA boy working NCR/Mumbai. 094175-28296,  C2-142724

Match for Doaba family Ad-dharmi (SC) girl 30 (5'-4"), M.A., B.Ed., Govt. E.T.T. Teacher near Chandigarh. 94174-82759,  C2-143448

Suitable cleanshaven match for Balmiki/Majhabi Sikh girl 1980/5'-4", M.A., B.Ed. Working in English Medium School. Caste no bar, Chandigarh around. 90414-14006. C2-145573

Teetotaller, handsome Punjabi cleanshaven suitably educated match for Ad-dharmi, 31/5'-4" fair girl, MA (Eng.), M.Ed. NET Asstt. Professor in college. Father retd class-II officer. E-mail:  C2-145575

Suitable qualified match for Ad-dharmi Ravidasia girl 26/5'-4", B.Sc.(Hons), M.Sco (Hons) Economics, Project Feloow P.U., Chandigarh. Parents Govt. employee. Preferred Tricity/Doaba. 99880-80786, 99882-10140.  C2-145661

Suitable educated, well settled match for Tonk- kashtriya healthy, smart girl, 19 Sept. 1986, 5'-1", Graduation, PGDCA, Web designing, M.Sc (CS), MCA. Contact: 9915668298. E-mail:  C2-142600

Professionally qualified Gursikh NT/TT, B.E./MBA match for beautiful Khatri Gursikh girl, March 85, 5'-2", B.E., working MNC Gurgaon, 9.30 LPA. Father retd. Class I officer, based Mohali. 94174-44352.  C2-143288

Professionally Qlf. match for issueless div. Slim, beautiful Sikh Arora girl, 5'-4"/1972 (looks younger), B.Sc. B.Ed., MA (English), Diploma in Mass Communication, having immovable properties at Patiala & Chandigarh. Email:,  098119-04720. C2-144527

Professionally qualified match for Tayal girl, 1977, 5'-5", BE, MS, working in MNC, package 25 LPA. Status educated family. Contact: 98766-76766,  C2-142530

SM for fair, slim girl Nov. 79/5', Veterinary Doctor as Assistant Professor UNI. Never married. Contact: 94639- 36474. Email:  C2-143170

Suitable vegetarian match for Hindu Kamboj girl, 1988/5'-3", MCA from Leading Institution, employed MNC. Contact:  C2-142702


Hot Sale 10 marla single storey B-road Phase-7 Mohali. Most suitable for
NRI/Doctor/Advocate. Genuine purchaser contact Col. Ahluwalia. 98765-58145. C2-145425

2 BHK first floor corner flat, Chandigarh housing board, Sector 49, Chandigarh.
1150 sft with 2 balconies, spacious backyard means provision for a third room. 2 toilets, modular kitchen, solar water heater, 3 water tanks, power backup, parking space, garage. No middleman. Contact me at 97809-95177. C2- 137763B

Zirakpur: Royal Estate, 3 BHK. Excellent location. Facing park. Modular kitchen. Covered parking. People living in all other flats. Contact: 9814302035. C2- 142213

Modern Housing Complex, Chandigarh, (Four bedrooms + 4 baths), car garage, lawn, courtyard, ground, corner, prime location, commercial value, Registry case, semi- furnished, direct deal. 98556-02864, Email:  C2-143936

Land for sale. 2 acres in MC Kharar, District Mohali. Direct deal. Contact
98153-18911. C2-143886

We are working as associates for leading corporate and diversified groups in
the education vertical fueling their expansion of school business in multiple cities across North India. To set in motion their endeavors: 1) Our clients require land on lease basis/outright sale. 2) Our clients can work on a revenue sharing model. 3) Existing school business can also be acquired. Land parcel required under various options is 4.5 acres to 12 acres. Priority locations are land parcel in or around A and B class cities. Email your interest on:  C2- 145489

USA Green Card for family under EB-5 visa by Investing 5 lac USD for five years, fully refundable. US goverment approved projects. Contact: 98889-11133. C2- 144709 

Required Cook (4), salary 8,000-15,000, Waiters (6), salary 5,000-7,000 for Hotel at Derabassi. Contact: 97800-22405, 98145-03002. C2-143164B

One kanal/sixteen marla Bunglow Independent Phase-III A, 3B1, IV, IX, X, 70 for lease. Satyam: 7696407731. C2-145093

Society Appartments: 2/3/4 BHK Fully furnished/unfurnished Sectors: 38, 39, 48, 49, 50, 51. Satyam: 7696407731. C2-145009

Four/two/one kanal Independent Bunglows Sectors: 2, 4, 8, 10, 11, 19, 33, 34, 36 Fully furnished/unfurnished 2/3/4 BHK Ground/first Newly built. All Chandigarh/Mohali/Panchkula. Satyam: 7696407731. C2-145047

Uppal Marbel Arch Luxury apartments Manimajra: 3 / 4 BHK with servant quarter fully furnished/unfurnished, power backup, pool/gym for MNC/ Satyam: 7696407731. C2-145133

Two/One kanal Independent bunglows/fully furnished/unfurnished Sectors-2, 4, 6, 8, 15, 21, MDC- 4, 6 Panchkulka. Also luxury apartments 3 /4 BHK Uppal Marble Arch/Durga, HEWO/for company guest/MNC/corporate. Satyam: 7696407731. C2-145111

Satyam Apartment: Newly built ultra modern first floor 3 BHK AC/lift/power backup. 7696407731. C2-145143


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