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Brides Wanted

Vancouver based Jatsikh, landlord, khandani, Kahlon family, seeks never married Medico or Ph.D, match from a similar background family, for their only son 79 born, athletic, basketball player, 6'-1", Chartered Accountant, Master in Human Kinetics and Education, and completing Ph.D. Never drink-smoke, perfect son- brother-friend and hopefully husband. Very nice handsome compassionate boy. He went through a non existant marriage which is now duly divorced. Nothing to be concerned about, can be explained to your satisfaction. Father former Executive Punjab. Govt. Two unmarried sisters both MD Doctors. Still a landlord and influential family in Punjab.  C2-144497

M.Ch. Urology 1 yr. Rajput 5'-6", 80 N.Mglk Punjabi seeks PG Medico Clin Brnch. 89380-81777.  C2-146429

Maid Rajput handsome boy, 33/5'-8", B.Com., CA (Inter), regular Govt. job
Chandigarh, pursuing CA (Final). Upper caste welcome. 82889-83046,  C2-146788

PQM for handsome Rajput boy age 28, height 5'-10". MS from USA and
working as a System Analyst in PA. Upper caste well placed US status family may apply.  C2-147342

Professionally qualified match for 5'-6", B.Tech., 1981 boy with traditional
values, doing MBA USA did eight years job with MNC India/abroad own establishment Jalandhar/Delhi urban property, visiting India soon, girl studying/willing to go USA should apply. RTR 7945 , 98150-44333.  C2-146774

Gaur boy Asstt. Manager MNC, B.Tech., 19.10.1986, 1.25 am.
Lecturer/Banking preferred. 072068-75520. C2-147676 

Professionally qualified match for 5'-4", 27th August 79, 4.20 a.m. B.Tech.
Pb. Sarswat Brahmin working abroad. Now in India, marriage soon. 94171-92988. Email:  NA2-114207

Match for Mohali based Non-Manglik, 5'-10", 14-02-1980, 00.05 a.m.,
Khanna, MBA, Deputy Manager Bank, 4.6 LPA.  , 0172-4679988. C2-146477

Well qualified match for Gur-Sikh Ramdasia ( weaver) MBA working with
Singapore based MNC. Now posted at Legos, Nigeria. 27 years, 5'-10". Package 25 Lacs. Reputed family settled at Chandigarh. 8146572626.  C2-145495

Suitable employed, qualified, beautiful match for Mazbhi Sikh boy, 25/5'-8",
B.Tech, SDO in Govt Deptt. Father class-I Gazetted officer. Contact: 9779005150. C2-146177

Chandigarh based M.B.B.S. 30/5'-5". Regular class-I Medical Officer. District
Mohali, Ramgarhia Turbaned Sikh. Caste no bar. 94651-02804,  C2-147458

Professionally qualified suitable match for handsome Lobana Sikh boy,
28/5'-10", Mech. Engineer, working Govt of India Enterprise. Father Class-I Gazzeted Officer, Mother Govt. Lecturer. Contact 87280-57113. C2-147484

Required NRI or Doctor/Nurse/Dentist/IT/other professional qualified
beautiful Punjabi girl for very handsome, tall, brilliant, Australian Lubana Sikh boy 28/5'-11", non-drinker, smoker, current in India, own house in Australia. Brothers Australian citizen, well- settled family. Caste no bar. Send biodata.  094664-36721. C2-147511

Match for Jat Sikh (Sandhu) boy, 28, 5'-11", Team Leader in Infosys
(Software Company), Chandigarh, have valid H1B visa (USA), respond with photo and biodata.  99889-03062. A2-122719-OL

Seeking suitable match for Jat Sikh boy, clean shaven, handsome, 32 yrs.
old, 5'-11". Australian born working as a Sales Manager, looking for beautiful Jat Sikh, Indian cultured girl with family values, educated. No demands. Visiting India in November. Please send biodata alongwith recent photo to Box 3245M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh parents seek a match, 30 years or younger, for their son 31 years,
6' tall, born and educated in Toronto, Engineer and working with a large corporation, girl should be Canadian and educated in Ontario with good family values. Please respond with recent picture and biodata of the girl to E-mail:  or Contact at 905-301-7422. C2-136664

Well-established Canadian Jat Sikh family seeking a suitable match for their
Canadian very handsome 31yrs, 6' tall MD (Doctor), only son. Girl should be tall, slim and beautiful, with strong family values/education to settle in Canada. Please send a biodata and recent photograph at E-mail:  C2-138852

Jat Sikh family from Amritsar seeks qualified match for 5'-10"/30+, M.Tech.,
15 LPA, working at Gurgaon.  94634-81458. C2-142111

Bride wanted for a handsome 23 y.o., 6' tall, Jatt Sikh boy, Australian
citizen. Must be beautiful, fluent in English, Graduate, over 5'-5" tall. Cont:  C2-145069

Wanted Jat Sikh US Citizen MD girl for 26 years, 6'- 2", Handsome Canadian
PR boy in MD Programme. Completed Masters in Bio-medical from USA. Both sisters Engineer and Doctor, well settled in USA. Parents own property in India, USA. Father retired high ranking Army Officer. Contact E-mail:  C2-146103

Match for very handsome cleanshaven Bachelor, 5'- 10"/48, MBA from USA,
highly qualified. Around 36 and below should contact for more detail.  C2-146409

Canada settled Jat Sikh parents seek beautiful & educated girl for their
handsome, Canadian citizen 28/5'-6", educated and well established son. Preference to Canada/USA based girl. Email:  Phone: 001-604-418-1199. C2-146421

Professional slim, young girl for very handsome Jat Sikh Engineer boy,
26/5'-10", IIT Graduate. Now US citizen. Working in a multinational company. He is fun loving, ambitious, hardworking and focussed. Decent and highly educated family looking for the same.  C2-146555

Tall, beautiful match for May 82 born, 6', handsome, cleanshaven,
teetotaller Jat Sikh, B.Com. boy, Govt. contractor. Highly educated family with good background. Parents retired educationists. Own 28 acres of land. Only sister Dentist married to senior MNC Executive. No dowry. Phone: 94641-15632. Email:  C2-147088

Match required for Jat Sikh boy 31, only son, born in the Uk 6' tall, own
established business based in the Midlands UK, father also has own business, family from Ludhiana. Girl should be 25-30, have good family values and be versed in both Western & Indian cultures, photo would be appreciated, please contact  or telephone 00447718205676. C2-147352B

Professionally qualified Jat-Sikh match for a handsome U.S citizen, only son,
5'-10", 33 year old, B.E (ECE), M.Tech. (CSE) and M.S. from US working as a Sr. Manager with US based MNC; salaries in 6 figures, legally divorced and have a little daughter from previous marriage living with her mother. Girl should be well educated, good looking and family oriented. No demand, simple marriage. Please respond with photographs and contact at  C2-147397

Jat sikh boy 6'-1", 28, Canadian citizen, CGA, good family background seeks
a girl born and brought up in india presently in Canada on work permit or PR card holder or Canadian citizen min 5'-5", family oriented, slim beautiful, qualified. Send biodata with recent pictures at  / Ph: 77839-57090. C2- 147497

Looking for an attractive, educated Jat Sikh lady with education and good
family values for a smart Jat Sikh gentleman from a well known family who is 6'-4" and 49 years old. UK citizen and educated in a top-ranking Indian private school and British Universities, CA, MBA, SIMA. Employed as Director with Multinational Corporation The gentleman is an issueless divorcee after a brief marriage. The lady and family background main consideration; Reply on e-mail:  C2-147504

Match for tall, handsome 1985/6', Jalandhar based Jatt Sikh Army officer.
Father retd. Army officer. Sister settled in Canada. Girl should be beautiful, charming, cultured Ht. 5'-5" and above. E-mail:  C2-147513

Professionally qualified slim, beautiful, tall, convent educated, unmarried
match for handsome, 6'-3", 35 year, Jat Sikh working at Senior Management position in Toronto, Canada, Defence background.  Ph. 90541-77718. NA2-112898

PQM above 5'-6", for PQ top university positions holder & well settled Jat
Sikh 1984/6'-3", Australian citizen boy. Affluent status with very sound business & sufficient large properties. Boy in India for a fortnight. Contact with biodata & photograph. Email:  NA2-113658

Match for clean shaven boy 16th August 1985/6'/8.20 p.m./Delhi. Textile
Tech. & Designer, Own Kothi and Textile Factory at Amritsar. Contact: 98140-56256. Email:  C2-146485

Req. Aus PR smart girl for Hindu Khatri handsome IT Diploma Holder boy,
5'-11", 24.2.1990, 6 am, job in Sydney, own property in Punjab. Father landlord. Only upper caste. Mobile: 99882-76630. E-mail:  C2-141481

Beautiful match for Jat Sikh American Citizen by birth, 31 years, 5'-9",
Graduate from California University, having his own business in financial companies. Girl shoud be B.Sc. (Nursing) or MBBS in any medical field and from a good family. Caste no bar. Early marriage. Contact:  ; 001-661-810-2330, 098147- 00360. C2-141609

Wanted well educated match for Mahajan B.Tech (India), 5'-11", 27 yrs boy,
Canada PR applied. Presently in India for Two months after working in Canada for one year having 10 yr US visa. Contact: Prof. Ashok Mahajan. 9814880388 or 0181-2680560. Upper caste Hindu family no bars. C2-145665

Australian PR/citizen beautiful working match for 28/5'-11" clean-shaven
boy (Melbourne). From reputed Sikh family. Mail with particulars/photographs to:  C2-146598

Cleanshaved 49 years Jat Sikh 5'-11", British citizen widower graduate,
attractive, fair complexion, very fit, very well settled businessman. Seeking for a beautiful and well educated lady around 40 years of age preferred issueless. 9876222984, 9872020072, 9814500204. C2-146672B

Suitable match for fair, handsome, 36, 5'-7", MBBS, MRCP Khatri boy,
working G.P. National Health Services, Hospital, U.K. Parents Doctors 094163-78082.  C2-147254

Lubana Sikh parents seeking suitable match for Austrlian son 28/5'-11" tall,
handsome, brilliant, non drinker/ smoker boy own home in Austrlia, brother's Austrlian citizen, well settled family, required Austrlian, Newzealand, UK, USA, India or Canadian citizen/PR or Dentist/Nurse/Doctor/ other professional qualified beautiful girl. Caste no bar.  094664-36721. C2-147507

NRI/PR applied match for handsome Ramgarhia Sikh B.Tech. (Mech.), boy
(cleanshaven 15.8.85, 12.15 pm, 5'-11", Automobile (Aust.), working Melbourne. Upper caste no bar. 98150-08299. E-mail: NA2-113915

Punjabi Khatri Manglik boy, fair, handsome, 2.4.1978, 2:32 am, Jagraon, 6',
Advocate, practicing at Chandigarh, own house. Belongs to high status landlord family of Punjab. Seeks beautiful, tall, homely local Khatri girl, from status family. 99158-06430, 98149- 02229,  C2-142970

Medico match for Manglik Bedi Khatri boy, BAMS Doctor, own clinic, 5'-6", 17
Dec. 1987, 01:05 p.m. Cont: 9888960754. C2-145863

Match for Bedi boy, 25th July 1973, 1:15 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-9", Diploma
Holder, running own business, earning 30,000/- (min.) Educated family. Caste no bar. Box 3340M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Shimla based Sood family seeks beautiful & educated match for 1981 born
handsome 6' well settled son, B.Tech Premier Institute, working in MNC at Banglore. Handsome salary. 094189-50247,  C2- 147132

Suitable Punjabi match for Hindu Arora boy. 6'-2", 17- 08-1986, 00:30
Hours. Master in Hotel Management from Delhi. Serving in Australia. Monthly pay 3 Lacs. Preferences Professional Punjabi like to settle in Australia. 9873642859,  C2-145711

Suitable match Chandigarh-based family, Chandigarh born 12.6.1986/6',
12.30 pm teetotaller, B.Tech. from IIT, working Gurgaon, 7.5 LPA. , 089684- 53989. NA2-113515

Manglik/non-Manglik qualified match for Ramgarhia Manglik boy 5.9.1987,
9.00 am, Karnal, 5'-9", B.Tech. Civil Engineering, pursuing M.Tech. (Construction), Lecturer reputed Engineering College. Upper caste no bar. 90349-59675. C2-146146

SM for tall smart non-drinker turbaned boy 05.10.85. 6'-1'' B.Tech. Dy.
Manager Axis bank. Only son contact 9417131136.  C2-146173

Medico match for Dhiman boy MBBS, MRCS 36, 5'-9", working in UK. Upper
caste no bar. 092565-41880.  NA2-113505

Dental, Medical, IT professional, Sikh match from USA/India for DDS Dentist,
US citizen (New York), very handsome, social, affectionate, clean shaven 5'-11', 1980, well established Doctors Khatri Sikh family. E- mail:  C2-138402

Beautiful, qualified match for handsome Sikh Khatri boy cutsard, TT,
Australian PR, in India till 12th April, 5'-11", Aug. 84. Upper caste no bar. Contact 094173- 51057, 0172-2611501.  C2- 146341

Gursikh Khatri boy, November 85, 5'-10", NT/ND/Vegetarian. Fair, smart
and handsome. B.Tech., MBA. Working MNC, 6 lac p.a. Please send photo and biodata. Email :  C2-146794

Handsome, B.Tech, MBA, Sikh Khatri boy, 10-08-1986, 5'- 5", working
private company from educated family. 09417032015.  C2-146918

PQM for handsome Punjabi boy 30/5'-5", B.Tech., Software Engineer in
MNC Gurgaon. Salary seven figure/P.A. Send profile and photo. E-mail:  C2-145577

Suitable match for Ad-dharmi boy, 5'-7",+ 30 years, Elevator Engineer in
Senegal (E.A.) Father Class I retd. Daughter in Canada. Boy up to 30th April in India. B.Tech, Medical field will be preferred. COntact: 98724-52620. E-mail:  C2-146351

Prof qualified match for Pb Hindu Saini Anshik Manglik boy, MCA, Sr Software
Engg in H.P. Chennai, presently at USA, package 8-9 lakh, 13.10.84, 5'-5", 9.22 pm, Shimla. Upper caste no bar. 09466178743. E-mail:  C2-146680

Punjabi, fair Tonk-kashatriya US citizen boy 29/6'-2" with BBA in Economics.
I am currently situated in a government job. I seek a beautiful, tall, slim and well educated match. Please e-mail with recent photographs at  and  C2-145893

Match for Sikh Tank Kashtria Canadian citizen boy, 26 yrs., 6ft. working as a
Chemical Engg. in a Oil Company. Girl should be well educated. Pl. Note only Canadian citizen or PR can contact for further info to:  or Ph. No. 78096-57513. Caste no bar. C2-146650

Suitable match for Sikh Tonk-kashtriya boy, 28th Feb.1981, 5:30 p.m., 5'-8",
B.Com., having own business in Finance Sector. Upper caste no bar. 98151-33472.  C2-147344

Suitable professional Computer, MBBS, BDS match for Arora Gursikh boy 28/
5'-9", Masters Degree in Computer, USA Citizen, send biodata and photos. Email:  Phone: 001-571-383-8402 C2-147324

Suitable match for Chandigarh based Bansal boy, 30/ 5'- 5", 20/10/1982.
MCA (Thapar). Team lead. 6 LPA. Preferrence for well educated working girl. Contact: 98722-94010.  C2-146028

Suitable match for Jain (Garg) handsome boy 07.04.84 born, 10:32 am,
Dabwali, 5'-8", Jewellery showroom in Chandigarh. Contact only high status family. 9356352036, 9417133893. C2-146475

Professionally qualified match for Mittal boy, 1985/5'- 9", B.E., MBA(IIT),
Consultant Hyderabad, package 12 LPA. Business family near Chandigarh.  C2-146505

NM PQM for B.Tech., MBA (MDI Gurgaon), CFA, FRM Gupta boy, 5'-8", Feb.
84, Patiala born, working at Infosys Chandigarh. Slim employed girl preferred. Contact:  , 98880-30054. C2-146964

Professionally qualified match (B.Tech, MCA, MBA) for Jindal boy belongs to
business family from Maur (Bhatinda), 1980/5'-8", slim, Athetic, MS from USA, worked as Software Analyst for 5 years in US, now running own business in IT at Mohali. 99152-06290.  C2-147009

Professionally qualified match for Bansal boy, 19.1.83, 4:43 p.m., Kaithal,
5'-8", B.Tech., working MNC, Gurgaon, 9.50 LPA.  98159-72850. C2-147052

Smart 31/5'-8", M.Tech. in USA since 1999, non-Manglik, beautiful, slim girl
above 5'-3", around 28.  093550-93672. C2-147120

Suitable match for Singla MBBS PCMS I boy 07.08.1986, Amritsar, 5'-6".
94172-78161.  NA2-113131

Match for Arora Sikh boy, 1986, 5'-10", working as Web- designer with
multinational company in Dubai. 9876053053, 9463180208. E-mail:  C2-146694


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