All dressed up, going places
It’s balle balle time for Punjabi movies, which were once defined by tacky scripts and shoe-string budgets. Once a country cousin of mainstream Hindi cinema, Punjabi cinema is finally coming into its own, helped by youthful directors and actors
Jasmine Singh

The electronic machine on the ticket counter displayed the words "Sold Out." A bunch of genuine cinema buffs went twice to re-check. It was the same the next week, they found "Sold Out" again stuck to the machine. It wasn’t Sallu Bhai’s Dabangg, neither was it a multi-starrer masala Hindi movie. With a catchy title, Jatt & Juliet, the Punjabi movie in question had been running houseful for two consecutive weeks. The movie went houseful for four consecutive weeks.

The fascinating story of camera obscura
Camera obscura, the forerunner of photography, gives a peep into how photography grew, and the slow but exciting steps it had to take before it could turn into the reality that we know
was working on a short essay meant to introduce the work of the Daniells — Thomas, the uncle, and his young nephew, William, — who produced what is still regarded as among the finest series of ‘Views of India’ of its kind: Oriental Scenery. The remarkably gifted twosome, both painters — ‘engravers’ is how they were described as in fact, in official documents — arrived at Calcutta in 1786, toured the country from the north to the south, constantly sketching and painting the vast and changing landscapes of our land and its great monuments: intact or lying in ruins.

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To supplement or not to supplement
There is no substitute for a well-balanced diet. Individuals who are on medication, have stressful lifestyles or eat poorly are at an increased risk of oxidative stress and may need to take supplements
upplements have always been a grey area of nutrition both among health professionals and public. That there is no substitute to a well balanced diet remains undisputed, many believe that some supplements are a must while others believe that they just make expensive urine or else support a multibillion dollar industry. With better understanding of the role of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with respect to health and well being, it sure is an exciting area to explore.

Greek coffee may help you live longer
daily cup of boiled Greek coffee may hold the secret to long life and good health, scientists say. In a new study published in journal Vascular Medicine, researchers looked at the elderly inhabitants of Ikaria, the Greek island, which boasts the highest rates of longevity in the world.

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The multiple cost of messing with nature
In our power lies not only our own future, but that of all other living creatures — both big and small — with whom we share the earth
Deepak Rikhye
he forests of today are very much the same as those that developed soon after the appearance of flowering plants millions of years ago. Then, as now, jungles existed in Asia, rain forests in Africa and South America and cool verdant woods in Europe. Herbs and ferns spread across the ground wherever there was light. Trees rose extending their branches into many tiers. Leaves sprouted, season after season, century after century. They offered an ever-renewing supply of food to any animal or bird able to digest it. In India, the variation of vegetation governs the distribution of animals. There are amazing examples. Tigers have lived for centuries in mangrove forests of the Sundarbans; an archipelago.

The allure of the dainty
Named after John Douglas, the premier of Queensland, Port Douglas in northern Australia is the favourite spot of the moneyed & the mighty. The best part is that there are no paparazzi
Preeti Verma Lal
hat happens when a drop-dead dapper billionaire goes roguish and randomly picks a squat, sleeping fishing town to plonk his magnificent mirage? He pumps millions into a five mile by half mile village, and amidst the swaying date palm fronds and the wanton ocean waves, brick by brick he lays a fantasy. Literally, a mirage! Christopher Skase's opulent Mirage Hotel metamorphosed the balmy village into the tony town of Port Douglas (northern Australia), where the Clintons holiday, Pink races on her bike, Michelle Pfeiffer checks in disguised and Bob Dylan jams with the local drummers in an old-fashioned pub.


I never read reviews...
Jimmy Sheirgill, whose recent films have been boxoffice hits, says he prefers commercial success over critical acclaim
Nonika Singh
s Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns does a brisk business of Rs 13 crore in three days flat, you would expect its lead actor Jimmy Sheirgill to be walking on cloud nine. But the reticent actor appears immune, if not oblivious to his new-found star status. Fawning fans, yes females, too don’t make him grin ear to ear.

Stamp of excellence
The recent release of a stamp in the memory of Sahir Ludhianvi is a rare tribute to this poet lyricist
M. L. Dhawan
he release of a five-rupee stamp on Sahir Ludhianvi by the Department of Posts & Telegraph is a tribute to a lyricist who never conformed to the norms of the film industry yet found acceptance in Hindi cinema. He wrote lyrics for as many as 115 films in more than three decades.



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