Young & carefree
Punjabi movies are getting bigger and better. Three pairs in upcoming Punjabi movie Young Malang are ready to relive days on the campus…
Manpriya Singh

LENS EYE: Rajdeep Singh

Young Malang for a movie title is screaming colloquial, if not screaming young. Rahulinder Singh Sidhu, who makes the big switch to production with this movie, explains the spirit behind things. "It's not just a title; it's a state of mind. Those who are young will relate to it and those who are not so young will be able to take a nostalgic trip down the memory lane," he shares, in tow with the stars and the rest of the cast of the movie. To begin with, there's Anjana Sukhani, Bollywood's latest import into Punjabi cinema, apart from singer Yuvraj Hans, Vinaypal Buttar, Neetu Singh, Anita Kailey, Balli Riar, Aryaman Sapru and Rhythm Arora. With that long a cast, it runs more like a role call and we have a question each for the entire team!

Getting creative

He's made the reverse switch by jumping from politics to production. However, Rahulinder Singh Sidhu cites it all as part of the ongoing creative evolvement. "I've been involved in creative activities for quite sometime now. Be it photography or my other interests. People join politics post a career in cinema. I thought why not reverse the sequence?" Which is why, his involvement in the film stretches beyond controlling the purse strings. "You'll see a lot of me in the movie. I'm involved in the creative process and we spent good four to five months in the pre-production stage itself." He promises quality cinema while director Rajdeep Singh, promises action, romance, good casting, and entertainment, all rolled into one.

Role call

The movie is centered on the young generation and is a light-hearted college-based romance comedy. Thrown in are three pairs, with three parallel stories that together take the movie forward. Yet another multi-starrer project for Yuvraj Hans. He shares, "As long as the script and the director is good, to me it doesn't make a difference if there are three more heroes in the movies." He adds, "With this movie, I further get to experiment with my roles, as I play an extrovert."

Punjabi roots

She's the latest from Bollywood to be introduced to Punjabi cinema. Anjana Sukhani, of Salaam-e-Ishq, Golmaal Returns, Jai Veeru and Jashnn fame, didn't mind struggling with the language for an "interesting role." She adds, "I'm not saying I'm fluent with the language, but I keep hearing Punjabi conversations off and on. My best friend is a Punjabi and at her place everybody speaks the language. So, I try to pick up the language and reply whenever I can. Moreover, even my mentor is a Punjabi."

Image makeover

The singer with the hit song Chudail, hopes to make his identity quite pleasant post this film. He laughs, "Hopefully, after this film people won't say Vinaypal Buttar of Chudail fame, they'll ask me to say a few dialogues from the film each time I go on stage." He adds, "I play an out-and-out rural guy."

Negative angle

Till the time he makes it big on his own, he'll always be introduced as yesteryears Punjabi film actress Preeti Sapru's brother. The negative lead for a character sounds interesting to begin with. Since they can't divulge anything about the character, we leave it at that.

Revolutionary revelation
Producer, social worker, philosopher and revolutionary…Pakistani singer Jawad Ahmad is a bundle of energy…
Jasmine Singh

many facets: Jawad Ahmad 

The faces are blurred…. a singer who has sold four to five million copies for a single album, a philosopher who sees life from the prism he carries, a revolutionary who wants the society to move towards an equal state, a producer who is unsettled about many things…Pakistani singer Jawad Ahmad elegantly carries different faces, bringing out one at a time as and when required. Put together all the faces merge into one!

It is for the first time that he is releasing his album Love and Revolution in India, and this brings him to Chandigarh. A singer of repute who sang the melodious Bin tere kya hai jina for the Bollywood movie Woh Lamhe and a volley of work behind, you expect him to strike all the notes of his singing career, but he surprises with an all together different track — revolution! He says, "It is from love and sacrifice that revolution stems up. I am talking about a revolution that wakes up people, a revolution that aims at finishing oppression."

The flames of this fire can be heard in his album Love and Revolution that has a total of ten songs. "Five are romantic tracks and the other five are about revolution. Neendraan is the opening romantic song of the album, which is a tribute to Bhagat Singh," adds the singer merged with a revolutionary!

It is this revolutionary who comes to the forefront in the interaction, but Jawad the singer appears to talk about the novelty of Pakistani singers. "I think it is the aggression that Pakistani singers have that has been accepted well by the Bollywood music industry. All the same, Hindi film music is technically very sound, surrounded by the best of musicians," adds Jawad, who has also co-produced a Punjabi film Virsa starring Aarya Babbar and Gulshan Grover. He isn't too upbeat about the damp response the movie received; it hasn't stopped the philosopher Jawad from viewing it from the brighter side of the prism. "I have been writing books titled To the revolutionary youth of Pakistan and the world; I plan to translate some of the ideas into a movie. My revolutionary ideas have a nationalist approach," he shares pulling out a series of six books that he has written in Urdu and English. "I plan to write in Hindi someday."

The faces are again getting blurred; it is the social worker Jawad who wants to now talk about his contribution to the society. Government of Pakistan gave the Polio Award to recognise his contribution to the society as the ambassador for polio eradication in Pakistan. "Society treating women as models and figures have taken the focus away from the real issues, in fact the real problems have been overshadowed," add Jawad, a mechanical engineer who as a singer has sung with Asha Bhonsle, Alka Yagnik and Sunidhi Chauhan in the film Main ik lot kay aoon ga. "I am waiting for the response to my album and then see what I have to do," Jawad, the man who has to let destiny decide has spoken, finally!

Crafting a success story
Jaya Jaitley, president of Dastkari Haat Samiti, devoted to the beauty of handicraft, brings the best to your doorstep...
Amarjot Kaur

If you fancy Indian handicrafts, hail the festive and colourful integration of India's Craft Traditions at the Kisan Bhawan, Sector 35, Chandigarh, from Wednesday onwards. The exhibition has been organised by Jaya Jaitley, president of Dastkari Haat Samiti, National Association of Crafts People, who is also the brain behind the popular Dilli Haat.

Sheer craft

Dressed in a purple-pink bahwan booti saari from Bihar, Jaya explains the thought behind holding this exhibition in Chandigarh. "Nothing of this sort has ever been organised here before although there is a good market for Indian handicrafts. Since this is a cosmopolitan city, people here do not have much idea about the genuine crafts, therefore the exhibition," She says while adding, "We will display the works of craftsmen from across India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan during the exhibition; the visitors can choose from the huge variety of pottery, textiles and folk art on display."

Solid state

Jaya waxes eloquent about the Indian handicrafts and their varied identities depending upon the geographical connect, "Each state has something unique to offer — now that is the beauty of craft. While Gujarati and Kashmiri artists come up with ideas that are rather enterprising; the artists in Bihar enjoy the sweet languor but create the works of genius. Just like every human, every work of craft has an identity of its own."

Art & politics

"Bhadohi is famous for manufacturing carpets and this fact is not known to many people. Women there also make beautiful baskets. We persuaded them to make baskets for commercial purposes and this means huge amount of cash flow," says Jaya. She intensifies and reasons her argument while stating, "The small scale industry needs to be propelled and the government needs to abolish the 12.5 per cent tax that is levied on the works of the artists.

It's rather absurd that the finished goods that are imported from abroad are cheaper than the raw materials that are exported. The small scale industry is witnessing a severe setback because it's a community organisation rather than being a corporate one."

Helping hand

Jaya rues the vested interests of the officials at various levels of bureaucracy, which tampers with the uplift of the rural masses. "I am also the convener of art and textile for the South Asia Woman Network and we aim at making the artisans independent, so that they are not exploited. I have gone through a list of over a hundred organisations that we have never heard of and the government has provided them huge grants to promote craft. On the other hand, when we started the 'Akshara project', wherein we asked artists to use the letters of their dialect in creative forms, we needed only Rs five lakhs and the government created a huge hue and cry for that. The rural masses need the help of the government," she says.

(On from April 3 to 8)

The ‘in’ side
True blue collectible

I've seen a lot of decorating trends come and go. But a handful of fashions are so beautiful that they transcend time and look as sensational in homes today as they did in homes hundreds of years ago.

One of my favorites is the blue and white pottery. If you are looking for a classic home decor, you can never go wrong with the blue and white pottery.

Blue pottery will never go out of style or overwhelm your decor. In fact, blue pottery easily blends with a lot of decor styles. Don't save your timeless blue pottery and china for the table and elevate them from dishes to decor. Blue and white pottery makes a great collectible. There is so much variety in them and when grouped together, they look stunning.

n Its classic colours are soothing, representing the sky and sea and its ornate designs can make any room feel warmer and homely.

The china originated in China's Tang Dynasty in the 14th century when artisansbegan making white porcelain, then decorating it with intricate designs using cobalt oxide, a blue pigment.

higher calling: Blue potteries can be put up on the walls too. 

Since blue and white pottery comes in such a wide array of shapes and patterns, it's easy to pull together a small collection of dissimilar but complimentary pieces and create a powerful display.

If you want to add a touch of subtle colour and texture to a display, blue and white

pottery is a perfect pick. You can weave a single piece into a display and create a sophisticated look in no time.

Hanging the plates is an inexpensive and easy way to create an artful display of your favourite dishes. Everyone thinks to hang plate collections in the dining room and kitchen but think about other rooms in your home where you might showcase your collection. Rather than filling the space above a fireplace with an expected mirror or piece of art, why not arrange your beloved collection? It's a guaranteed conversation starter.

The next time you're creating a centre piece or a floral display, try making one in

a blue pottery vase or bowl. The colours will contrast beautifully with the bright flowers and look exquisite.

  • You can even convert an old ginger jar into a table lamp and I guarantee you, you will end up with a stunner. Not only that, a complete room can be decorated around a single piece of blue pottery, in blue and white. Such rooms look cheerful and elegant and you can never go wrong with this colour scheme.

(Sukhmani is an interior and landscape designer)

Moving on the write path 
Divya Dutta

I am writing a book. I am finally turning author this year. Yes, a new sphere for me to get into. Awesome! I feel two of the most gratifying professions are acting and writing, where you can express yourself. It's a beautiful outlet and expression of how you feel and what you think and perceive and share with the world!

It all started with you all, my readers! I started writing as a hobby and then it became an amazing connect, a special bond with my readers.

What it is all about? I'd rather keep you guessing but yes, it will be what you are used to with me! Fiction, yes. But who said fiction doesn't have a whole lot of you and your experiences there?

So, by this year end there will be a new chapter in my life. And you know what I need the most? Your best wishes.

On a familiar ground, my first film with Karan Johar, Gippy, comes next month. It was a dream to work with the maverick and it's finally come true!

On my way to fulfilling my little dreams but not without that hand you give me to hold, the hand of strong support.

The woods are lonely, dark and deep but I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep...

(Dutta is a Bollywood actress)

Cooking a tale
Ripudaman Handa is one among the 12 final contestants of Master Chef India
Jasmine Singh

He rolls up his sleeves, flexes his muscles and jerks his neck…Ripudaman Handa is gearing up for the biggest battle of his life; only this one is happening in the kitchen ring! Ripu, as his friends call him, is one among the twelve who have made it to the Master Chef India finals. He is a gymnasium instructor, who is battling it out in the new arena. "Not new," he interrupts, "I am fond of cooking. On weekends I generally rustle up something for my family and friends."

It took an innovative sushi dish that got him a direct entry into the boot camp. "It was a tough fight, but I guess the charm of my dishes worked on the judges that day."

Cooking is more than a contest for this 23-year-old; it is an art, de-stressing exercise and the next best thing to do after pumping iron at the gym. "Personally, I like to cook food that has nutritional value, which makes me a lesser Punjabi," he laughs.

When it comes to the competition table, Ripudaman likes to follow a simple funda. "A good dish takes time and you cannot cook in hurry. However, at Master Chef I have to do just that. I try to take it easy, give in my best care and finally make sure I present it right," adds this contestant, who emphasises on the presentation of food. "We eat with our eyes first and then apply the rest of the senses, which is why it is important that the dish looks neat and attractive."

Despite best efforts, some days you just can't get it right. Ripu nods in approval. "Some days it is tough to please all the three judges—Sanjeev Kapoor, Kunal and Vikas Sharma. It is really tough to please Chef Kunal," adds this fun-loving guy who feels intimidated and confused when he looks at a jackfruit. "I can't understand this at all." And when it comes to a dish, he is sure of it like the back of his hand, "Anything Italian." 

On a cheerful Pitch
Tri-city gears up to satisfy your love for food and cricket
Jasmine Singh

Cricket……is in the blood of every Indian, period! Bolywood movies make a giant leap to the 100 crore club, fast cars zip zap zoom on a newly made circuit, a few more cricketers join the advertising world, Rakhi Sawant offers to spend two years in jail in the place of Sanjay Dutt, Poonam Pandey awaits for another chance to rip off her clothes, Shah Rukh Khan vows to be a better man on field…

While all these might or might not happen, one thing that remains rock solid is cricket. IPL with its sixth season validates it to the pitch. The teams are back, wearing those jazzy team jerseys, film stars take sides to cheer teams, Farah Khan advocates Sirf dekhney ka nahi…., IPL strikes back again and tri-city gears up to catch every four and sixer. If you can't make it to the various venues, we suggest hop into one of the hotels and restaurants and take your position…

Name game

Hotel Oyster in Sector 17 already wears the IPL look with the staff dressed in the IPL dress, a big screen on the roof top and in the big halls, a special menu soaked in the cricket flavour. Shares Rajesh Mahajan, managing director, Hotel Oyster, "The menu that includes Sizzling Sehwag, Pathani Patka, Shane Shaandaar (Rs 295), Ponting Patakha (Rs 260), Lee Lababdaar (Rs 295), Yuvi Yalgaar (Rs 325), Dhoni Dhamaka (Rs 425), Bhajji Bhangra (Rs 415), Malinga Magic (Rs 415) and Sachin sensation (Rs 250) have been named after the cricketers. In addition to this, a lucky draw will be taken out daily where two lucky winners running a bill of more than Rs 1,500 will walk away with the premium IPL tickets of matches being played at Mohali."

Double dhamaka

Other than the interesting dishes mushroom glance, chicken square cut, sweep paneer, kalmi yorker, risotto IPL, chicken the breast choice of sauce (Chennai team and Bangalore), Vertigo Lounge at Hotel Himani, Sector 35 makes sure that you enjoy all the matches on the big screen. While you cheer for your favourite team, Ankit Gupta, director rolls out an interesting scheme. "In the power play scheme, we are offering one plus one on the entire menu. Everything on the menu that you order you get one dish free."

Fresh appeal

The newly-opened Oven Fresh in Panchkula comes up with an offer of 25 per cent off on all items, bakery, fast food and beverages.

Addictive offer

If you want to see the Kings XI team, Blue Blazer is the place where you are likely spot them. When it comes to palate pleasure, offers galore-- six beers free with every six beers you buy, five breezers free with every five breezers you buy and special discounts on food.

Live & kicking

JW Marriott-35 is all set with its special menu and beverages to make people to sit and watch the match. Adds executive chef Pallav, "We have a special beverage menu named after players and also a special skewers promotion at the Lobby Lounge. The skewers are put right in front of the display. So while watching the match, you can enjoy the food cooked in front of you. It is both veg and non-veg dishes on the menu which includes prawns, chicken lamb, fish, grilled vegetables, pineapple and soya. Some cocktails include Corridor of uncertainty 650 (it is a "surprise" from the

Bartenders, a combination of 5 deadly spirits topped up with red bull)

Pinch hitter 650, Googly 550, Paddle sweep 550, Backward "shot" leg 550, French cut 550, Night watch man 550, Siily point 550

Take a shot

The menu is at The Gaur whipped up in the IPL taste. The hotel is offering mocktails, cocktails and starters on the cricketers names — Sweet Clarke, angry Bhajji, Bryan Lara beauty, Brett Lee shots, magical Dhoni, IPL magic ball, Fish kings XI, Dare devil paneer, Rajasthani royal kebab, Chennai superking Lotus stem.

Eat & play

The Wild West Pub at Pashtun-35 has put up two TV screens. Enjoy the match and eat to your hearts delight. Special menu dedicated to Kings XI, including certain schemes during the match is on offer here. 

star track
Family connection

There are some people who have made it in Bollywood on their own merit. Such people include the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra and others. Some people like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Salman Khan are there because they are from filmy families, are talented, and have a huge star quality. There are others who are there simply because of their influential connections and family names. We take a look

Uday Chopra: We are grateful that the junior Chopra scion has decided to quit acting movies after Dhoom 3. He has no fans, so no one will be disappointed. He has neither the looks nor the talent to be a hero. Production and direction would suit him.

Abhishek Bachchan: He must have done some really good karma in his past lives to incarnate as Amitabh Bachchan's son. Without the family name, he would been a clerk or would have just had an ordinary job somewhere. He just does not have the star quality. 

Tusshar Kapoor: He talks well. If that is the case, he should have become a motivational speaker. Why does Jeetendra's son and Ekta Kapoor's brother have to torture us with his terrible acting in movies? He barely gets movies outside of his sister's production house. 

Nikhil Dwivedi: He gets invited to exclusive media parties. He says that the Bachchans and Shah Rukh Khan are "like family" so he has used their names for publicity. He has no movies on hand, at least not ones that matter. Enough said!

Sikander Kher: He does not look good at all and a knife has more expression than his face. The Bachchans are his family friends and Anupam Kher is his stepfather and Kirron Kher is his mother. Thank god there are no movies starring him on the horizon.

Lost case

It seems that Kareena Kapoor Khan is very absent minded. She calls her friends like Malaika Arora Khan and Amrita Arora Ladak for dinner and then forgets about it on the dinner date. Her friends think she does not do it deliberately but is just absent minded.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Item group

Step up: Maryam Zakaria

Maryam Zakaria of Dil Mera Muft Ka fame will do an item song in Nikhil Advani's next film which stars Arjun Rampal and Huma Qureshi. The song may also feature Rishi Kapoor.


Small step

Karan Johar

Karan Johar has produced and launched Gippi, a small coming-of-age film directed by newbie Sonam Nair. It is about a teenager and her life. It stars Riya Vij and Taaha Shah and will release on May 10. The trailer is now online.


No cameo for Sanju

Losing ground: Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt has to go to jail and he has 100-crore riding on him. Due to his jail term and lack of dates, his cameo in Ghanchakkar has been cancelled. The promo of the movie is very funny and is now on air and online.

Arjun sets the record straight

Busy year: Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor's second film Aurangzeb is releasing within a year of Ishaqzaade's success. He has three more films to keep him busy for another year. The newcomer talks about movies, link-ups and more.

Knowing Ranveer

He is a nice guy, so full of life, energy and fun! At the party for Ishaqzaade, he danced with me to Chokra Jawaan even though he had a back problem and I could see how happy he was for me. I loved working with him on Ishaqzaade as he is an amazing actor. People can write whatever they wish!


Parineeti Chopra is my co-star and we are comfortable with each other. It is no big deal if we have lunch or dinner together. I love being in this profession and all these rumours are a little price we have to pay. We are friends and that is all. I have other friends who are actresses too.

The Chopra sisters

I knew Priyanka even before I met Parineeti. It was no different on the Gunday sets as it was almost like two friends hanging out, pulling each other's legs and joking around. We were like a bunch of jokers on the sets. Both the sisters are actually quite similar and very easy to get along. They are lively, have an amazing sense of humour, and are brilliant actors.

Ali denies visa problem

Clear cut: Ali Zaraf

Ali Zafar is appalled and horrified by stories that he is not in India to promote his new film Chashme Buddoor (CB) because of visa problems. Ali says, "This is utterly baseless. I am joining my co-stars Siddharth and Divyendu Sharma from next week. I wish I could be there for the whole period of the film's promotion."

Ironically, Ali is away from the promotion of his film in India not because of visa problems but because he is shooting a film on Indo-Pak amity.

Ali adds, "I had committed to shooting E Niwas' Aman Ki Asha during the time when Chashme Buddoor was scheduled to release in February. But then its date changed to April so I had to fulfill my commitment and let go of a part the CB promotions. Sad, promoting the film was real fun. It was more fun than I had expected it to be. Bonding with the boys, the fun of working with David Dhawan, discussing Punjabi jokes with the sweet Taapsee Pannu and learning from veterans like Rishi Kapoor and Anupam Kher, not to mention the formula for masala-making from the writers Sajid-Farhad and music-directors Sajid Wajid. All put together an awesome experience."

Ali says he has no problems at all in visiting India and being part of Bollywood. "I love the Mumbai entertainment industry. Everyone has been kind, supportive and very friendly. I haven't encountered any hostility anywhere in India," he adds emotionally.

Chatter box
Just bad luck

no show:Nisha Nagpal

Newbie Nisha Nagpal was thrilled when she got a new show Qubool Hai, but now she is out of it. She was playing the role of Tanveer in the serial but fell ill and had to be hospitalised. When things got worse, the makers decided to replace her with Amrapali Gupta.

Bharti's getting flirty

food & romance: Bharti

She has been stealing hearts with her comedy and is known for a great comic timing. Bharti will soon be seen on StarPlus' Masterchef Kitchen Ke Superstar as a celebrity judge. While she was invited to be a guest, Bharti confessed that a stronger reason that attracted her to the sets apart from having good food was none other than Masterchef Kitchen Ke Superstar's cute and very charming judge—Chef Vikas Khanna. Bharti will be seen flirting and wooing him throughout the show. "She was openly flirting with him and it was a treat to watch her doing so; Vikas was very sporting and everyone present enjoyed her presence," said a source.

"I love food and coming here to judge the Masterchef contestants is amazing, Chef Vikas is very nice and I had a great time" said the bubby, much-in-love Bharti. To watch Bharti woo Chef Vikas Khanna watch the special Masterchef Kitchen Ke Superstar episode on April 3 at 8:00 pm only on Star Plus. 

Farah is back

Farah Khan will be seen judging two reality shows back-to-back. She will first appear on Star Plus' Shriman vs Shrimati and once that's over in a few weeks, she will join Zee's Dance India Dance Super Moms as a judge.

Rumour mill

love lost: Niaa Sharma

Niaa Sharma of Star Plus' Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai once had a boyfriend. She was apparently seeing Varunn Jain of Diya Aur Baati Hum. They were dating each other, according to rumours, while working together in Kaali - Ek Agnipariksha. And now they are not in touch at all. Varunn claims they are just good friends.

Soon to be mom

maternity leave: Lata Sabharwal

As Lata Sabharwal is pregnant in real life; she won't be seen on her show Star Plus' Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai for a while now. She is expecting her first baby with her husband Sanjeev Seth and will go on leave for a few months. In the show, the makers plan to send her to her mother's house for a while. 

Barun to host Jhalak?

second coming: Barun Sobti

Barun Sobti, who is famous for his stint as Arnav in Star Plus' Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, is all set to get back on the small screen. Our sources inform that Barun has been approached by Colors to host the upcoming season of Jhalak. And guess what? He has said yes!

"Barun was more than happy with the offer as he wanted to do something else on TV other than acting. And what better than anchoring?" tells the source. The channel is also planning to churn out interesting sequences involving Sanaya Irani and Barun. "Sanaya is also a part of the show. Hence they want to cash in on the popular chemistry of Sanaya and Barun from Iss Pyaar Ko days," the source added.

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: You will be under some stress this morning. Do not attempt to get new plans going. Take the help of a Gemini person. Stock brokers take a back seat. Tarot message: You can stabilise your financial situation if you make investments in property. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 60

TAURUS: An argument with your spouse is possible in the afternoon. Give a little more attention to the creative and spiritual side of your life now. Consider updating your budget to suit your financial position. Tarot message: Over-optimism can lead to mistakes. Lucky colour: Crimson. Magic number: 30

GEMINI: Be sure to take full advantage of the good opportunities that come your way. Whatever it is that is looming over you, the fear is far greater than what will actually happen. Tarot message: Do not overspend just to impress others. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 36

CANCER: Keep your spirits up and put forward a cheerful face. Creativity shines today. Students: enjoy cheerful moments on the campus. You are likely to attract happy and positive people. Tarot message: Don't waste an opportunity by being rash or impulsive. Lucky colour: Black. Magic number: 55

LEO: The card Two of Cups promises many opportunities on the financial front. If working on a commission basis you will be able to increase your earnings. Old people will have a comfortable night. Tarot message: You will get the help you need if you ask for it. Lucky colour: Brown. Magic number: 32

VIRGO: A tricky day if you are hoping for spectacular results. It will be best to keep new ideas under wraps. Housewives: protect yourself against accidents while cooking. Tarot message: Wait a while; everything will get sorted out on its own. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 40

LIBRA: A secret meeting with influential people will go off particularly well. This bodes well for financial matters and makes it a good day to seek a loan or other financial support. Tarot message: Be creative to retain a grip over your business. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 52

SCORPIO: The Queen of Cups opens the door for a new job offer. Avoid making partnership deals. Lovers: a good day for introducing your beloved to your parents. Act on your insight; work out your next moves logically. Tarot message: Leave things open-ended for best results. Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 58

SAGITTARIUS: A fine day for starting something new. Businessmen: you can make a secret deal or alliance that can be very lucrative. Keep your real plans under your hat. Tarot message: Feel good about yourself and prepare for a mental battle. Lucky colour: Sea-green. Magic number: 42

CAPRICORN: Your card Ten of Pentacles' reveals that the plans that you have for saving are likely to meet with approval. Be careful, as you are likely to jump the gun and live to regret your actions. Tarot message: Health of an elderly member at home will need looking after. Lucky colour: Deep-Red. Magic number: 26

AQUARIUS: Do not try to make money the easy way. Romance is highlighted. The second half day favours social work. It's time to grab all the opportunities that are likely to emerge today. Tarot message: This is not a bad time to open up new doors. Lucky colour: Turquoise. Magic number: 62

PISCES: Venus lady of love will usher in happy emotions. Do not make snap decisions. Mutually held funds should not be disturbed without your consent. Be careful when it comes to lending money to a distant friend. Tarot message: Avoid gossip session at the workplace. Lucky colour: Blue. Magic number: 44

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