Sunday, April 7, 2013, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Qualified, employed match for Hindu Khatri handsome boy, 6'-0"/ 27.5.1985/4.15 p.m. Chandigarh, B.Tech. (Electronics), MBA, six lacs annually. Employed in Corporate House, Pune. Father in service. Mother Teacher sought pre-mature retirement. Settled near Chandigarh. Elder sister married.  NA3-2972

Matrimonial alliance invited preferably from Tricity for rare handsome Hindu Khatri boy, June 1985/5-8, convent educated, B.E. Electronics Thapar, Patiala. Currently Executive Director of Educational Company based at Chandigarh. Earning handsomely. Seeks tall, beautiful, convent educated, professionally qualified girl from status family. Parents Doctor.  98142-03424 C3-1592

Educated, beautiful, fair match for Aanshik Manglik Bansal, MBA,
5-11, 07.10.1987, 5:02 p.m., Khanna. Well established very high status family having own business of Roller Flour Mills, Rice Mills & Real Estates. Required well established high status business family. CONTACT: 98146-05562 Or Email:  C3-1202

Vancouver based Jatsikh, landlord, khandani, Kahlon family, seeks never married Medico or Ph.D, match from a similar background family, for their only son 79 born, athletic, basketball player, 6'-1", Chartered Accountant, Master in Human Kinetics and Education, and completing Ph.D. Never drink-smoke, perfect son- brother-friend and hopefully husband. Very nice handsome compassionate boy. He went through a non existant marriage which is now duly divorced. Nothing to be concerned about, can be explained to your satisfaction. Father former Executive Punjab. Govt. Two unmarried sisters both MD Doctors. Still a landlord and influential family in Punjab.  C2-144497

Match for Canadian Jat Sikh born 85/5'-8", Electronics Engineer. Preference Canada/USA, well educated beautiful 5'-4" girl. 001778-5529636. Email: NA3-2851

Employed match for Kashyap Punjabi boy, 5'-6", 4.11.79/21:05 hrs, Lucknow. B.Com., Working at Lucknow Airport reputed Airline, 2 lac p.a.  , 080050-29477, 073765-44577. C3-2838

Match for Maid Rajput Manglik boy, 27/5'-10", running Chemist Shop at
Jalandhar. Khatri may correspond. 98723-84464. C3-300

Manglik Saraswat Brahmin boy, 22.05.82, 2:05 a.m. (Ludhiana), height 6',
LL.B., MBA, working shipping company as Manager. Send biodata and photo after kundli match. E-mail:  C3-1688

Professionally qualified suitable match for Gaur Brahmin boy, Kaushik
Kankar gotra, 5'-7", 20.2.1982, 7.32 p.m. Branch Manager in Ltd. Co. Ambala, salary 20000/- p.m. B.Com., pursuing MBA, own house, highly educated/working match preferred. Contact: 94165-50280, 98131-57199. Email:  C3-1708B

Panchkula based Brahmin, well settled business family invites suitable
match for their professionally qualified (Post Graduate in Architecture from SPA), handsome, 29/6'-1" Son, worked with top British MNC and is now Ass. Director in his family construction business. Religious minded families & homely girls will be preferred. Strictly no dowry. Contact  C3-1834

Suitable match for Manglik Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin boy, 5'-10", B.Tech.,
18.6.1983/6:00 a.m./(Panipat). Working in China 10 lacs p.a. Required educated beautiful girl. Contact after matching kundli. Mobile 94652-22833. C3-2852

Bengali Brahmin based in Calcutta 37/5'-9", fair and handsome, High Court
Lawyer, established, own flat and car, only child, cultured Army background. Seeks fair and pretty, homely, educated, working or non-working, Bengali or Non-Bengali bride upto 34 yrs having family values. Caste or region no bar. Contact with recent photo. Email:  C3-316

PQM for vegetarian boy 28/5'-10", MBA, MSCM (Ireland), working Delhi, 12
LPA. No dowry. Caste no bar. Contact: 98789-02929. C3-1118

Professionally qualified match for unmarried well- settled vegetarian
turbaned Sikh boy 36/6', (Swarankar caste/non-Manglik) Senior Engineer (MS/California). Caste no bar. Email:  A3-1842-OL

Seeking match for 26 year old India-born, Gursikh Arora, non-trimmer, US
citizen. He is 6'-1" tall, athletic and a second year speciality surgery resident doctor. Both parents are working professionals. Girl should be from Gursikh family, tall, beautiful and professionally qualified. Caste no bar. Biodata along with pictures:  C3-1476B

Suitable qualified working match solicited for never married smart boy
35/5'-6", M.Tech., working as Assistant Professor of Sikh Tonkshtriya educated family of Ludhiana. Matching/upper caste no bar. Email:  C3-1654

Tonk-kshatriya American citizen cleanshaven boy, 25/6', doing service in
Aviation. Business family looking for beautiful preferred. B.Sc. Nursing / Engineer/IT girl with atleast 5'-6" and above. Early marriage. Caste no bar. M-0018457978773,  C3- 1760

Gursikh handsome boy, 30/6'-00", B.Tech (CS) Software Engineer, working
MNC, Attractive package. Parents Class-I officers. Send biodata alongwith picture. E- mail:  C3-1920

Match for Gursikh Swarankar boy, 29/5'-8", M.Tech. (IT), GNDU Amritsar,
working with TCS as Software Consultant at Sydney, package $ 72K P.A. Email biodata & snap.  094634-44542. C3-2138

Alliance invited from status family girl atleast 5'-5". Caste no bar. Dowryless
simple marriage. Permanent Newzealand Resident, cleanshaven, 5'-11", 35 years. Serving in Newzeland Merchant Navy. E-mail:  C3-2252

Jat Sikh parents seek a match, 30 years or younger, for their son 31 years,
6' tall, born and educated in Toronto, Engineer and working with a large corporation, girl should be Canadian and educated in Ontario with good family values. Please respond with recent picture and biodata of the girl to E-mail:  or Contact at 905-301-7422. C2-136664

Well-established Canadian Jat Sikh family seeking a suitable match for their
Canadian very handsome 31yrs, 6' tall MD (Doctor), only son. Girl should be tall, slim and beautiful, with strong family values/education to settle in Canada. Please send a biodata and recent photograph at E-mail:  C2- 138852

Professionally qualified Jat-Sikh match for a handsome U.S citizen, only son,
5'-10", 33 year old, B.E (ECE), M.Tech. (CSE) and M.S. from US working as a Sr. Manager with US based MNC; salaries in 6 figures, legally divorced and have a little daughter from previous marriage living with her mother. Girl should be well educated, good looking and family oriented. No demand, simple marriage. Please respond with photographs and contact at  C2-147397

Looking for an attractive, educated Jat Sikh lady with education and good
family values for a smart Jat Sikh gentleman from a well known family who is 6'-4" and 49 years old. UK citizen and educated in a top-ranking Indian private school and British Universities, CA, MBA, SIMA. Employed as Director with Multinational Corporation The gentleman is an issueless divorcee after a brief marriage. The lady and family background main consideration; Reply on e-mail:  C2-147504

Match for clean shaven Grewal boy, 28/5'-10", Qualification B.Tech.
Computer Science, Doing job in Infosys, Chandigarh, Package 8.2 LPA. Two Elder brothers Australian citizen well settled own business at Sydney. Girl around Chandigarh preferred. Contact 98159-03776,  C3-1110

Professional match for smart 27/5'-6", B.Tech. Mechanical boy from simple
Jat Sikh family, Assistant Manager Volkswagon Pune, decent package. Contact: +91- 9815691150.  C3-1226

Seeking Jat Sikh alliance for a very handsome Canadian citizen, Police
officer, born and educated in UK, 30/6', turbaned, trimmed beard, non-veg. Professional Canadian girl, fair and beautiful, 5'-6", below 28 with rich traditional values desirable.  0019052577858. C3-1318

PQM for Jatt Sikh 34, 5'-10", Canadian citizen, handsome son, from well
educated family. BE/MBA from top ranked university in Canada. Currently working in the Financial Sector with handsome salary. Father was Class one officer. Divorced after brief marriage. Email: . Ph: 94636-29029. C3-1448 

Match for 84 born, 6 ft. cleanshaven Jat Sikh boy having MBA Degree from
UK and well established business in Swedon. Father owns 35 Acre land within city limits of big city in Punjab. Educated, cultured, not less than 5'-5" only to correspond. Biodata and photo desired. Email:  C3-145

PQM4 Jat Sikh US citizen, 26/5'-10", smart, well established CPA (CA) boy.
Born, raised in Punjab up to high school. Educated, social family, owns established business in US/India having R/U properties in US/India. Preferred Doctor. Send photographs. Email:  C3-1516

Medico match for Jat Sikh American citizen Doctor boy 33/5'-9", doing
Residency in the United States. Early marriage. Only serious matches need contact. Send biodata and pictures of the girl to  or call 001-408-940-5290. C3-1536

Wanted PQ preferably in Govt. service/teaching line, unmarried Jatt Sikh girl
for Ludhiana based Jatt Sikh, 29 yr, 5'-10" boy. B.Tech., M.Tech. (Agri. Engg.), NET qualified, working as Asstt. Prof. in PAU. Brief marriage, legally separated, issueless. Father in Govt. Service. Email:  C3-1638

Well educated tall match for Ludhiana based Jat Sikh Bains boy,
cleanshaven, 15.8.1982, 5'-11", MBA, Scale- II Officer in Govt. Bank, carry home salary Rs 40,000/- per month, well educated, middle class family. Contact 98764-47093. Email:  C3-2142 

Suitable match for smart boy, 30/5'-7", B.Tech, MBA, employed in
prestigious Chandigarh firm. Father Retired Senior Govt. Officer, settled Mohali. 9876225953.  C3-2330

Jatt Sikh family seeking a beautiful and well educated girl for their son
Canadian permanent resident 28 yr, 5'-11", working in Law Enforcement (Police Officer joining in June). Email  C3-394 

Suitable match for Canadian PR Jat Sikh 41/5'-5" never married
M.Sc (Hons.) GNDU. Seeks B.Sc., B.Com., B.Tech., MCA Nursing girl below 33 yrs fluent in English. No divorcee. Boy in India. Send biodata and recent pictures at  C3-548

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh boy Canadian citizen 26/5'-7",
doing CA family settled in Canada. Please contact through Email:  with biodata and pics. C3-888

Jat Sikh, 1986, 5'-11", teetotaller, vegetarian, MBA from top institute. Well
established and reputed business family from metropolitan city, seeks intelligent, well-educated, slim and beautiful girl. Family with high moral and good reputation, please send full biodata and photo at  Contact: 080179-47551. C3-990B

Professionally qualified slim, beautiful, tall, convent educated, unmarried
match for handsome, 6'-3", 35 year, Jat Sikh working at Senior Management position in Toronto, Canada, Defence background.  Ph. 90541-77718. NA2- 112898

Wanted tall English Speaking girl Jat Sikh (Johal) London-based boy 28.2.79,
6'-1", 1.45 am, Supervisor British Airways Customer Service. 0044-7886397023. Mother in India 15 March-30 March.  ,  C2-135118 

Wanted professionally qualified beautiful match, Sood/Khatri/Hindu from
respectable family for Canadian citizen, Indian born handsome Sood boy 6'-3.5", 29 years old Maths teacher Medical University. Both parents were medical doctors in India. Contact: E-mail:  or Tel. 001-90565-44415. C3-1026

NRI Match required for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin teetotaller boy, slightly
manglik, August 27, 1984, 11:50 p.m. Chandigarh, 5'-7", MBA, working in Public Sector Bank. Contact after matching kundli. 78141- 42985. Email:  C3-1244B

USA based Sikh Kashyap Rajput cleanshaven boy seeks professionally
qualified match from Canada/USA, 37/6', divorce. Working as Software Engineer in USA. Green Card holder. Caste no bar. Phone: 001-973-462-4574 (USA) Email:  with details and photo. C3-1444

Mohali based Australian PR, Brahmin Sikh family having Urban property in
Mohali looking for professionally qualified family oriented, slim girl for their cleanshaven, Engineer smart son born April 84, 5'-8", MS Computer Science working in Brisbane. Respond with Bio-data & recent photograph:  ; +61410837707. C3-1598

Kamboj Gursikh boy, MA, 39/5'-9", Permanent Newzealand Citizen, own
business, own house, divorcee. Caste no bar. 9256648490. Contact after Sunday. C3-1888

Compatible Non-manglik, beautiful match from US/Canada for handsome
Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin Software Engineer 30/5'-10", presently working Boston Senior position. Upper caste no bar. Contact with photograph, birth particulars. 94171-43721.  C3-2662

Suitable match for fair, handsome 36/5'-7", MBBS MRCP Khatri boy, working
G.P. National Health Services Hospital UK. Parents Doctors. 094163-78082.  C3-2712

Suitable match for handsome Pb. Arora Engineer 9.8.76, 1.15 pm,
Hardware/5'-10", B.E. Honours PEC, MS USA, working USA athlete, legally divorcee short lived, seeks beautiful, educated, cultured family girl.  NA3-2951

Canadian born Jat Brar 33/5'-7", Computer Animation Graphic Design
Diploma. Require simple educated 25 to 30 yrs. beautiful girl. 94786-82072. NA3-3598

Shimla based Sood family seeks beautiful & educated match for 1981 born
handsome 6' well settled son, B.Tech Premier Institute, working in MNC at Banglore. Handsome salary. 094189-50247,  C2- 147132

Match for Australian citizen local Khatri boy, July 83/5'-11", working as
Financial Accountant in Sydney. 98556-34027.  C3-1446

M4 Pb Kh Handsome smart boy, 25/5'-8", Manager (DR) in Reserve Bank of
India CAIIB 1st Div. Status family. Parents Class I Officer, own kothi in metro city. Pref. b'ful, homely girl . mail biodata with photograph. C3-898

Suitable match for Sood Khatri boy, 5'-8", 16 July, 1987, 9.23 p.m.,
Ludhiana, Tata Iron dealer. 98559- 66415. NA3-2546

Wanted compatible match for handsome Arora boy, Nov-82, 5'-10", B.Tech.
PEC (Chandigarh), MBA (USA), serving at Chicago. Visiting India shortly. 98888-123240,  C2-145923

Match for handsome Ramgarhia Sikh boy 28/5'-10", B.Tech, Business
Analyst IT MNC Banglore, handsome salary, now in U.K. Coming India on 15th April for ten days. Preferred employed girl in IT Company. Upper caste no bar. E-mail:  98881- 33699, 94170-88463. C3-1294

Suitable match for Ramgarhia Sikh convent educated boy 25/5'-11",
handsome, cleanshaven Graduate, doing family business. Caste no bar. 94179-55367. E-mail:  NA3-2100

Match for Punjabi Khatri Gursikh boy, MBA, Feb. 86, 5'- 11", handsome
salary, Chandigarh settled. Working girl preferred. E-mail:  C3-2830

Professionally qualified match for Ad-dharmi (Gotra- Bariah, Daroch)
Engineer, B.Tech, 16/12/1983, 5'-4", working limited company, Mohali. package 3.12 lac. Tricity/surrounding districts/working preferred. 098157-09519,  C3-1302

SM4 Parjapati Hindu Kumhar boy June, 1982, Graduate, 5'-8", fair
personality, established business, educated family. 094175-58035, 085916-76715. NA3-2556

Gursikh boy 30/5'-5", B.A., MBA, private job HDFC Bank, salary 20,000/-
PM. Early, simple marriage. Contact: 9855669954. Email:  C3-2652B

Employed match for Walia boy 1983, 5'-8", MNC at Pune, 7.5 Lac, MMC (PU,
Chandigarh), EPSM (IIM, Calcutta). Father Gazetted Officer at Chandigarh. Email:  C3-664

SM4 Punjabi Manglik Khatri boy 5'-5"/30, graduate, well-settled business,
mail, biodata with photograph  NA3-2052

Punjabi, fair Tonk-kashatriya US citizen boy 29/6'-2" with BBA in Economics.
I am currently situated in a government job. I seek a beautiful, tall, slim and well educated match. Please e-mail with recent photographs at  and  C2-145893

Wanted a life partner for 69 years old Army retired widower man all kids
settled PR application to Canada under process. Must be around 50 good looking and good health and no responsiblty, must know cooking can travel abroad if need move to Canada with me. For more info text 001 807 3556789,  C3-934B

Dental, Medical, IT Professional, Sikh match for USA/India for DDS Dentist,
US citizen (New York), very handsome, social, affectionate, cleanshaven, 5'-11", 1980, well established doctors Khatri Sikh family. Email:  C3-2146

Suitable match for Khatri, Non-drinker, handsome boy, 25/5'-7", Graduate,
Own Business. Well settled, educated Chandigarh based family. 78375-83500.  C3-272

Suitable match for Sikh Khatri cleanshaven, 33/5'-10", Post-graduate,
Australian Resident. 97816-11111.  C3-927

Singla boy, fair, handsome, 28.12.1984/5'-8", 6:18 pm, Moga, LL.B.
(Professional), LL.M. Advocate, doing independent practice at Jalandhar District Courts. Wanted educated, slim, fair, beautiful girl. Email:  Mobile: 093572-09274. C3-1208 

SM4 handsome B.Com non-Manglik pure vegetarian Bansal boy DoB
7.03.1985, 8:15 a.m. Ludhiana, ht. 5'-4', well settled business at Banga. Required beautiful slim girl. 98141-93524, 98781-81776.  C3-2194

Aggarwal handsome boy, Canadian citizen, 1977/5'-11", Postgraduate
M.Sc. IT Engineer, own business, office, house in Canada. Status family. Required preferably Software Engineer, Doctor, BDS. Contact: +91-98880- 58811, +91-96466-67541.  C3-2726 

Match for Sikh Arora cleanshaven, 27/170, BE, Business, vegetarian,
teetotaller, well settled Australian family. Contact: 08679931555.  C3-1304


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