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Grooms Wanted

Professionally qualified match for fair, beautiful, smart unmarried Khatri girl 1972/5'-4" (looks very young), MA, M.Lib. & MBA convent school teacher. Tricity and Delhi preferred. No bar. E-mail:  Box 1037F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified suitable match for 5'-3", beautiful, fair, slim girl from well educated family, Jan. 1982 born, MFC working in Citibank. Send latest photos, profile. E-mail:  C3-4186

MDS/ MS/ MD match 4 slim fair 84/ 5'-2'' girl persuing MDS # 9872071622. Email:  C3-4892

Compatible match for Hindu smart girl, January 1979 (looks younger),153 cms, Phd. Botany, Scientist,35000/- per month. Father well placed. Mobile: 99888-99267,  C3-5308

Professionally qualified, well settled, Arora/Khatri match for Engineer girl, May 85, 5'-1", Manglik, presently working in US. Please respond with biodata and photo to  or Call (001) 559- 301-5176, 011(94632-57550). C3-5990B

Professionally qualified compatible match for fair Arora girl, MBA (Finance), serving Gurgaon, 5.11.84, 10.30 p.m. Ambala, 5'-2", 8.5 Lacs, status business family. 093154-41588.  C3-6372

Suitable match for Arora Khatri girl M.A., M.Ed., Punjab Govt. S.S.Mistress, 15.7.84/5'-3"/5.25 PM, Chandigarh. Serviceman, tricity preferred. 098148- 23898.  C3-6456

Well-settled Medico tall M4 beautiful, fair Punjabi Arora Medico Manglik girl, 28/5'-4", doing PG Derma.  094122-04346 (after 4 p.m.). NA3-5631

Match for Ravidasia Sikh girl 26.7.1987, 5'-6", M.Sc. Nuclear Medicine RSO from BARC, working Medical Physicit in Govt. Medical College (Malwa Region) Group 'A' Post. Father gazetted officer. Required Doctor/Lecturer/Govt. officer. Tel. 0172-2624414, 094178-50468. C3-3218B

Canadian based Kamboj Sikh parents seek suitable match from reputed families for their Law Graduate, 31 yrs/5'-5" beautiful girl, pursuing higher studies in Canada in Law with potential for bright future. Family having good urban and rural property in India. Email:  C3-4042

Match for fair Mazhbi Sikh (Chandigarh) girl, issueless divorcee, M.A., B.Ed., 12.6.1977, 5'-5". Chandigarh/around Sikh family preferred. 94639-63367,  C3-5252B

Suitable match for slim, beautiful Ramdasia Sikh girl, 26/5'-1", B.Tech., Doing M.Tech. Employed in Technical College. Father retired Gazetted Officer. Mother Punjab Govt employee. Uncle IFS. Employed in Chandigarh, Mohali preferred. Contact 94175-80775.  C3-6132

Match for beautiful Sikh Rajput Pawar girl, 12.3.89, 5'-3", Chandigarh, fair complexion, GNM Nursing. Preferred Sikh family. 93177-82163, Email;  C3-6294

Well placed Manglik match for Sikh, convent educated girl, MCA, 5'-3", 81 born, MNC Tricity job. Caste no bar. Bio-data, photo must on  C3-814

Suitable match for fair, sober 28/5'-4", B.Sc. Nursing girl. Respond with full biodata and pics. Contact: 098885-35111. Email:  A3-3344-OL

Jat Sikh family seeks a highly educated, professional, vegetarian, non-drinker, match for their Canadian daughter, B.Sc., pursuing CGA, 86 born, 5'-1". Only settled abroad or on student/work permit should contact Email:  C2-140168B

Seeking tall handsome Jat Sikh Doctor preferred in USA for US born girl 29/5'-4", very fair.  C2-140591

Alliance invited from professionally qualified match from reputed, educated and landlord family for very fair, beautiful, well-cultured 5'-5"/1987, convent educated, BDS (Dr.) pursuing MHA (Masters in Hospital Administration), belonging to well-established, educated, reputed, landlord-business class Jat-sikh family. Only Jat-Sikh families contact with recent photo and biodata. E-mail:  85568- 07860, 81460-01551. C2-142177

Canadian, Jatsikh, educated, influential, reputed, Khandani landlord family of Doctors and Officers seeks exceptionally smart MD Doctor, match from similar family background for their daughter,35/5'-4", MD specialist Internal Medicine, born and raised in Canada, India well versed both cultures. She is intelligent, smart, committed, compassionate, slim, sweet, beautiful and young looking girl. Please respond with recent photo and complete biodata of boy and family.  7789264645. C2-143244

Match for Jatt Sikh girl 23 yrs, 5'-4", slim, beautiful, fair, intelligent, B.Com(Hons.), MBA, Project Management(Toronto) from a well settled family, looking for well qualified working/businessclass, settled handsome Jattsikh boy from India/NRI, decent family. Contact: 09758932678. Mail biodata with photo:  C2-146105

Jat Sikh well settled US citizen doctor family seeks MD Doctor Jat Sikh tall handsome boy, settled in USA, match for their US born, raised 26/5'-9, Attorney daughter, finished Law School from a prestigious university in US. Please respond with biodata and picture. Email:  C2-146423

Qualified match for Jat Sikh girl M.Sc. (Hons. in Physics) GNDU, Amritsar. B.Ed. 5'-5"/1987 born. Presently working as lecturer private University near Chandigarh. Email.  C3-3322

Wanted Doctor/Engineer/MBA Jat Sikh clean shaven boy well-settled in USA from a good status family for Army background US citizen 1987 born, 5'-2", MBA girl, working as Accounts Manager in Texas. Send biodata with photo. 94176-39108.  C3-3599

Wanted Jat Sikh American Engineer/Doctor for Canadian PR Doctor girl, 82 born, 5'-4". Parents retd class-I officer. E-mail:  C3-3628

Match for well qualified College Lecturer 37/ 5'-5'' looks 30, very beautiful, slim, sober, homely girl issueless brief marriage annulled. Father Class-1 Officer. Brother M.Tech. MBA businessman. Well educated, urbanised, status, down to earth family. , 99159-21950. C3-3774

Professionally qualified match for Jatt Sikh, smart, slim, B.Tech. girl, 1982/5'-7", working as a Manager with MNC at high package. Mohali based middle class family. Phone: 9781848019. E-mail:  C3-3896

Jat Sikh landlord officer family invite alliance for their daughter 27/5'-4", fair MBA, M.Sc. Mngmnt. & Law working in Software company in Noida 09811262973. Email:  C3-4182

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Nov. 1984/5'-3", M.Lib., issueless divorcee, very brief marriage, Govt. employed Assistant Librarian. Govt. employed/NRI preferred. Send biodata with photo:  , 98150- 45075, 98558-45785. C3-4450

Professional match for 1984/5'-7", B.Tech, M.Tech (England), working MNC (London). 98552-82770.  C3-4588

Professional match for 1982/5'-5", BDS, M.Sc, working as Dentist (London). 98552-82770.  C3-4594

Canada settled Jat Sikh parents seek professionally qualified match from Canada/USA for their Canadian citizen, Chartered Accountant, 25/5'-2", very intelligent & beautiful daughter. Email:  Phone: 001-604-418-1199. C3-4686

Match for beautiful Bajwa girl, 26/5'-3", MCA, Freelancing as Web Developer. Good earning. Well educated reputed family.  C3-4932

Professionally qualified match for 30 yrs, 5'-6", B.Tech Jat Sikh girl, working as Senior Software Engineer with Reputed MNC. Contact  C3-5046

Highly qualified employed, tall, vegetarian, non- drinker Jat Sikh boy with U/R property for convent, M.Sc., M.Phil. (Thapar Uni.), Dec. 85/5'-5", tall girl from educated family. Chandigarh/Patiala/Mohali/Fatehgarh preferred. Ph. No. 98721-79044. C3-5204

PQM for smart, beautiful, Jat sikh girl, 84 born, 5'- 5", double Masters from USA on H1 Visa, Greencard in process. Well educated family. Only USA Citizen/Greencard holder preferred. Send biodata and latest photo to:  C3-5422

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh high status family girl 26/5'-5", B.Com, MBA with Distinction. Decent marriage. E-mail:  C3-6396

Professional match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, 28/5'- 4", B.E., MBA, Senior Financial Analyst in Canada. PR awaited.  C3-6422

Jat Sikh Sekhon girl 26/5'-4", B.Sc., PGDCA, M.Sc IT, job IT Recruiter. Prefer U.S. boy. No dowry.  90419-78586. C3-6458

Well-settled educated match from India, Canada/USA for beautiful Jat Sikh girl 1981/5'-4", M.Sc. Chemistry, B.Ed., Amritsar-based family. 98723-39702.  NA3-4924

Well settled reputed Canadian Jat Sikh family invites matrimonial alliance from Canada, USA or India, professionally qualified for their Indian born and raised daughter, 35-year-old, beautiful, 5'-5", divorced (one boy child), working with an MNC in Canada. Caste no bar. Reply with biodata and recent picture at:  NA3-5673

Suitable match for 32 yrs., 5'-6", fair, beautiful Jat Sikh unmarried well educated girl. Contact: Dr Sham Lal Thukral. 89682-68841,  NA3-5704

Match for Sikh Saini girl, 1983/5'-6". B.Com., working in MNC in Noida. Family-based in Chandigarh. Preferred well-educated working alliance from Tricity/NCR. Contact: 098717-53178.  C3-3900B

Match for Saini Sikh girl, June 1987, 5'-4", MBA, working as Assistant Manager in SBI, earning 5.0 LPA. 7508185541, 8054933001.  C3-5398

Professionally qualified match for beautiful Saini girl April 84/ 5'-4", B.Tech. (Textile Tech) PGD in Fashion Designing from reputed Institute. Well educated family. Upper caste no bar.  C3-6000

Professionally qualified well settled match for MBA working Saini Sikh girl 5'-7", Jan 1984, (innocently divorced after 15 days marriage). Contact: 8283834848. Send BHP Email:  C3-6242

Suitable match for beautiful Saini Sikh vegetarian girl, B.Com MBA, May 86 born, 5'-4". 9592921622. E- mail:  C3-6284

Pbi. Saini Manglik smart girl 10.9.84/Del/12:20/5'-4", MD Anes. PDCC (ICU) Sr. D/O Sr. Def. Officer. Caste no bar. 98118-01359.  NA3-6862

Professionally qualified suitable match for Sood beautiful, slim, fair, working girl B.D.S. P.G. Hospital Management 26/5'-5". Vegetarian, non-smoker, teetotaller boy in Tricity preferred. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 097790-78283. C3-5316

Affluent Jat Sikh US settled family seeking highly educated, compatible, professional, cultured match in US for 34/5'-4", very fair, beautiful, India born US Citizen Engineer girl. Handsome salary. Short marriage annulled. No issue. Caste no bar. Parents in India for Six weeks. E-mail biodata & recent picture to  C3-2290

Hindu Khatri 17.8.1981, 5'-2", Canadian PR girl. Required handsome, well-qualified from status vegetarian family. Send biodata, photograph, early marriage. Girl in India. 98883-65150, 97810-98407. Email:  C3-3746

Professionally qualified match for Canadian PR beautiful Jat Sikh girl 30/5'-7", Physiotherapist. 98551-24383, 97803-58383. E-mail:  C3-4262

PQM4 Mair Rajput working girl 5'/1985, B.Tech. India MS USA, American citizen/greencard/HIB visa preferred. E- mail:  Mob. 99159-49434. C3-4412

Suitable Jat Sikh match, preferably medico for beautiful, slim, 5'-4", 26 years, Canadian citizen, MBBS Doctor girl, born and brought up in India, has secured good marks in USMLE-1 and MCCEE, appeared in Step-2. Applying for Residency in September. Contact 001-289-752-6114. Email :  C3-5476

Suitable professionally qualified match for 5'-1, fair homely June 1980, M.Pharma girl pursuing PG from highly reputed UK Institute. Parents NCR based professional. Only elder sister settled UK. Email:  C3-6428

Professionally qualified match for Ghirath girl, 16.04.1986, 23:40, Chandigarh, 5'-5",, MBA, Bank officer. Preferred tricity. 98153-15173. C3-4072

Suitable match for Himachali Guleria Rajput girl MFA (Net), 5'-4",18 July 82, 1:22 am, Chandigarh. Regular Govt. teacher. Around Chandigarh preferred. Contact: 90416-66113.Email:  C3-3486

Match for Himachali Rajput girl, 1983/5'-7", M.Sc. (IT). Himachali/Punjabi preferred. Contact :  , 98761-11966, 97805-72789. C3-4470

Tricity based Convent, MA English, PGDCA, working IT Chandigarh, unmarried Thakur girl, 36/5'-1", 7.5 lakhs, requires suitable match. Father Colonel, Brother Engineer. 94635-94556, 0172-2216426. C3-4608

Match for beautiful Mehra girl, MCA, 5'-3", 13.11.89. Nearby tricity preferred. 94174-62091. Email :  C3-5222

Rajput Dadwal girl, 24, 5 feet 2 inches, MBA. Email ID:  Mob.No. 089503-71360. C3-5294

Punjab Doaba Karnana Parhars, humble sober looking girl, 5'-2"/1981, M.Com., B.Ed., School Teacher. Father working Principal after Retirement. Only brother Engineer with MNC Delhi. 01823-279409, 99158-27531. C3-5610

Rajput very fair Dr. girl, 28/5'-2", B.Sc., B.H.M.S.. Father Class-I officer (Retd.), seeks well settled boy. Contact: 09463504323. E-mail:  C3-5712

Match for Thakur Rajput girl, 28, 5', MA, working govt. contract. Father govt. employee. 94179-36498. C3-6322

Match for Green Card holder (USA) Kalia Brahmin girl, working as Nurse, 22.07.1985/5'-4", B.Sc. Medical. Family settled in USA. Girl broughtup and studied in Chandigarh. Tricity preferred.  C3-3482

PQM4 beautiful, slim, Saraswat Brahmin girl, 16.10.85/0915 hrs/Bhatinda/ 5'-4", MBA regular working MNC, NCR. Father Colonel(Retd). Contact: 094173-51860. Email:  C3-3506

Suitable match for Himachali Brahmin girl 12.1.1985, 11:14 pm, Shimla, 4'-11", slim, MBA, Asstt. Manager, State Bank of India. Equivalent match from Govt. sector/MNC/Banking industry. Contact after matching kundli. Himachali preferred. Contact 97792-70140 after 7 p.m. C3-3640

Professionally qualified Manglik/Non-Manglik match for slim, beautiful Saraswat Brahmin girl, 1. Nov. 1985, 4:25 a.m., Ropar, 5'-4", MBA, working Private Sector, Chandigarh. Tricity preferred. 98551-28694.  C3-4668

Match for Himachali Brahmin girl, 26, 5'-6", fair, MBA from premier institute, working with MNC at Mumbai with package of 10 lac. Parents based Chandigarh. Cast no bar. Mail biodata and photo.  C3-4680

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin slim, beautiful girl, 5'-2", 20.08.82, 7:29 pm Chandigarh, M.Com Working Pvt. Job Chandigarh. Well settled Panchkula based vegetarian family. Tricity preferred. Contact: 9855445203,  C3-4800

PQM 4 Saraswat Brahmin convented girl, 5', 31.08.1983, 4:25 am Karnal, double Master Degree and MBA (final symester). Khatri Arora welcome. Send biodata, photo after matching kundli. 098760-51901. Email:  C3-4864

Suitable match for Chandigarh based Gaur Brahmin, beautiful non-manglik girl, 03.10.1984, 6 pm, Bhiwani, 5'-2",MA, Consultant, Govt. job. Father Gazetted Officer. Tricity preferred. 098885-35393.  Box 1049F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable qualified purely vegetarian Brahmin match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, MA, B.Ed. Nationalized bank employee, Jalandhar, Aug 86 born, 5'-3". Mobile: 9878829291. E-mail:  C3-6028

Suitable t'totaller match for educated Saraswat Brahmin girl, doing Ph.D in Management in IIT, 18.10.1986, 1.00 am, Jalandhar, 5'-5". Boy working in MNC or businessman preferred. E-mail:  C3-6142

Non-Himachali suitable match for beautiful Brahmin girl, MBA (HR), 5'-4", 25.8.1981 at 10:56 pm Arki, Distt. Solan. 094180-44182, 99880-30148. C3-6184

Medico, Dentico match for V.beautiful, 27/5'-4", US citizen Saraswat Brahmin Dental student. Boy should be tall, handsome, teetotaller from respectable family. Biodata, picture to:  C3-6348

Hindu Khatri beautiful, homely girl, B.Tech., 5'-2", Nov. 1988, Kurukshetra. 097290-63789.  C2-146089

Parents seeking a professional match for their England born Pharmacist daughter Sood (Phakey) 31/5'-3". Contact with recent photo and full biodata email:  C2-147824

Suitable match for slim, smart,beautiful Hindu Khatri girl, 5'-6", 13.06.1987, 15:18, Nangal Dam. B.Com., MBA, working in Chandigarh. Contact: +91-9463390576. E- mail:  C3-4920

Status match for beautiful, slim Hindu Khatri girl 5'- 5", 1988 born. Probationary Officer in Nationalised Bank. Father, mother in Govt. service. Brother doing Engineering at Chandigarh. 99883-28902,  C3-5336

Shimla based Sood family seeks educated well settled match in and around Shimla for their daughter, 32, 5'- 4", MBA. Govt. job with handsome salary. 094189-50247, 0172-2698795,  C3-5552

Professional match for beautiful Hindu Khatri girl, 5'- 2/26 years, Sr. Software Engineer Infosys. Well settled status family. Early decent marriage. 98152-30669.  C3-6110

Compatible match for beautiful, fair, slim M.Pharma Khatri 5'-3", 9.12.1988, 8.56 am Chandigarh. Photo first instance. Email:-  98159-98831. NA3-5103

Suitable match for Hindu Dhiman girl, MCA, 1985/5'-2", Govt. Teacher, 4.2 LPA, 5000 G.P. Preferred Govt. job Ropar Distt. 98880-82629,  C3-4222B

Rayat/Kundhi MCA, July 1975, 5'-1", fair, slim Canadian, PR girl, Project Manager in MNC. Contact: 96468-54343. Email:  C3-4540

Dhiman girl, 5'-1"/32, PGDMC, M.A., French Teacher. Upper Caste no bar. 94642-59983, 0172-2700021.  C3-4632

Seeking professionally qualified Sikh, non-trimmer, non-drinker, well settled match for slim fair beautiful M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil Ramgarhia sikh girl 87/5'-4" from status family.  C3-5738

Professionally qualified, very well settled match for Sikh Khatri 32/5'-6", very beautiful, Manager Nationalized Bank, innocent issueless divorcee (few days). Boy should be upto 37. Issueless divorcee/cleanshaven acceptable. Genuine proposals invited. 94632-01980. E-mail:  C3-4190

Gursikh Khatri NT/ND family seeks professionally qualified boy preferably service class for extremely beautiful 27/5'-4", MBA, working girl. E-mail:  C3-4880

Ramdasia 1985 born, 5'-3" only girl M.Sc. (Nursing), earning 3.6 Lakh annually. Father Grade-I Officer, brothers well settled. Tricity prefer. 96467-88434. E- mail:  C3-4914

Suitable match for Balmiki girl B.Sc. Nursing 36, 5'- 2", job in PGI. 97809-09214. C3-5838B

Match for MDS Ad-dharmi SC girl, 1984/5ft, beautiful, working Senior Resident Dental college. Parent Govt. official. 9463875110. E-mail:  C3-6152

Match for Himachali Rajput Manglik girl, 5'-6", 06 Jan. 1986, M.A. (English), B.Ed., teaching Public School, Chandigarh. Father Army officer. Caste no bar. Army officer preferred. 09988581901.  C3-5070

SM for slim very beautiful widow 32/5'-5", looks 25, marriage lasted one year, BCA, simple marriage. 94630- 56203. C3-3748

Qualified well settled match for issueless divorcee Kumhar Sikh girl, Jan.1980/5'-5" M.Tech. Employed. Caste no bar.  C3-3610

Match for Ravidasia girl, BAMS, (RMO), 28/5'-2", issueless. Contact 98726-59781, 82839-11466. E-mail:  C3-3692

Hindu Arora girl slim, fair, beautiful, issueless, M.A. English, M.Ed., convent educated, 5'-1"/1980 Lecturer at Chandigarh. 86998-10008, 99882-65521. C3-3836

Unmarried/Divorcee match for Professionally qualified 31/5'-3" Ad-dharmi girl, Issueless innocent divorcee. B.A., B.Sc. Fashion Design. Send picture with biodata to :  , Contact 98726-21038. C3-4538

Match for issueless divorcee Hindu Khatri girl 33/5'- 2", M.Com., MBA (Finance & HR). Caste no bar. Preferred issueless and professionally qualified. 89684-44755. C3-5300

Suitable Gursikh Khatri/Arora non-trimmer, non-drinker, professionally qualified match for Feb. 85 born, 5'-1", fair and smart girl MA, M.Ed., working in International School. Father expired. Mother retired. Contact: 98143- 11154.  C3-3734

Very High status well settled match for beautiful, slim Bansal girl, 20.2.1988/5'-1", M.A. (English), doing Mass Communication at Chandigarh. Tricity preferred. Very decent marriage. Contact 98140-36002. C3-3602

Professional match for beautiful 25, 5 ft., B.Tech. from Pilani. Parents Doctors/girl Engineer working Delhi. Email:  C3-4732

NCR/high status/businessman PQ SM beautiful, slim Aggarwal girl B.Com., MBA 3rd Dec. 89, 9:55 am, 5'-5" Garg (gotra) serving Gurgaon, pkg. 4.5 lacs. Decent marriage. Contact:  098020- 84181. C3-6504


A leading school chain is prospecting to open Schools in Amritsar, Jalandhar
& Ludhiana. The opportunity exists for the prospective investors into providing land and building as per the build to suit format at the desired locations with fixed annuity from the school management, backed by immensely experienced educationists. Land parcel size should be in the range of 6 acres. Email:  C3-6248

400 sq.yds. house 25, Rani Ka Bagh in Amritsar for sale. Contact:
81466-11102. Genuine buyers. C3-5846B

Mohali: 1 kanal corner old house Phase 7, and 9 beds house Sector 71, facing park. Pardeep 919041444588. C3-6236

Hot sale newly constructed two kanal first floor fully marble ultramodern four bedrooms large drawing dining servant room, separate in gate with two car parking Sector 18, Chandigarh most suitable for NRI/Advocate/Doctor genuine purchaser. Contact: Col. Ahluwalia 98765-58145. NA3-5698

Require an independent house in or around Model Town, Urban Estate, GTB
Nagar built in 8 to 10 marlas with 50% open space on front and rear side. Cost will be calculated on exactly on current Collector rate of residential land available on net + cost of construction - depreciation in case of building is more than 10 year old. Only direct owner can contact at 0181-2284061 or send details of property at  Property dealers/brockers, please excuse. C3-3736

Hot NRI purchaser wants GF/FF of one/two kanal in Northern Sector
Chandigarh. Preferable newly constructed. Genuine seller. Contact: Col Ahluwalia 98765-58145. NA3-5710

Society Apartments 2/3/4 BHK Independent fully/unfurnished vast range.
All floors Sectors: 38 (w), 39, 42, 45, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51. Duplex Modern Housing Complex/Luxurious Uppals Marble Arch Manimajra/MDC- on lease. Satyam: 7696407731. C3-3802

Four / two / one kanal Independent Bunglows- full/floorwise fully furnished/unfurnished. Vast range. All Chandigarh/Mohali/Panchkula for MNC/Ltd. Companies/Businessman. Satyam: 7696407731. C3-3808

Furnished bedrooms attached bath, drawing dinning, kitchen for three working boys/students. 2800/- each. 366, Phase 3-A, Mohali. 098721-56633. C3-6030

Two/One kanal Independent Bunglow Single/double/duplex, fully/ unfurnished Sectors: 2, 4, 6, 8, 21, MDC-4, 6. Satyam: 7696407731. C3-3834

One kanal Independent Bunglow Phase- II, VI, VII, IX, 70, 71. Sixteen/ten marla Duplex- IX, X, 71 - for lease. Satyam: 7696407731. C3-3842

Kharar 14.5. Acre 'R' zone with 2 acre fsront on 200 ft road in Sector 124,
Behind Sunny Enclave - serious buyers only. Pardeep 919041444588. C3-6226

Ludhiana, owner's two kanals land or more main roads, near Delhi Public School, Ludhiana. 00918427058534, 0064211-300954. NA3-6983

Canada-Indian Publishing House with 18000 circulation copies, Immigration
possible, we undertake E5B investor visa cases U.S.A., Newzealand. Pardeep 919041444588. Email:  C3-6232

Self shifting to Delhi must sell all household items - beds with mattresses
sofa set carpet dining side board Samsung fridge washing machine air conditioner microwave mixer juicer grinder Aqua Guard TV trolley vacuum cleaner. Contact between 10 to 3. Mrs Khanna 76965-88652, 79A, FF, Sector 11A, Chandigarh. C3-5072B


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