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Brides Wanted

Vancouver based Jatsikh, landlord, khandani, Kahlon family, seeks never married Medico or Ph.D, match from a similar background family, for their only son 79 born, athletic, basketball player, 6'-1", Chartered Accountant, Master in Human Kinetics and Education, and completing Ph.D. Never drink-smoke, perfect son- brother-friend and hopefully husband. Very nice handsome compassionate boy. He went through a non existent marriage which is now duly divorced. Nothing to be concerned about, can be explained to your satisfaction. Father former Executive Punjab. Govt. Two unmarried sisters both MD Doctors. Still a landlord and influential family in Punjab.  C2- 144497

Regular Govt. Teacher 33/5'-10", salary 37000/-, very fair, handsome. Educated Nai (NP) family. (Brother UK settled). No bar.  C3-3992

Well-established Canadian Jat Sikh family having own business seeks a suitable match for their Canadian very handsome 1986 Born, 5'-9", tall Engineer son. Girl should be slim and beautiful, Canadian with strong family values/education, willing to settle in Calgary, Canada. Please send bio data and recent photograph at E-mail:  C3-4736

Sikh Mair Rajput Australian citizen boy, 1980/5'-11", B.A., B.Ed., pure vegetarian Hindu Sikh mix family wanted professionally well qualified beautiful girl, parents retired employee. 97792-85155. C3-7946

Suitable match for Hindu Rajput Engineer boy, 32 years, 5'-8", (Canada),
looking for beautiful, slim & educated girl. M.Com., B.Com., Lecturer preferred. Family well settled in Canada. Send biodata & photograph. Email:  Contact: 0019056781644 (Toronto, Canada). NA3-7312

Match for M.Pharma, 12th April 1984, 7:15 a.m., Nangal, 5'-11", pure
veggtarian, Project Manager reputed company Gurgaon, package 8.00 lacs. Contact after matching kundli. 98786-45328. C3-6554

Suitable match required for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin boy, 5 ft. 10 inches,
12 March 1988, 9.58 p.m. London born. Boy working as a Pharmacist in London. Family of professionals settled in UK. Please respond with full details and photograph to  C3-7276

Seeking beautiful, slim, well educated, family oriented girl for fair,
handsome Punjabi Manglik Saraswat Brahmin boy, 5'-7", 15.05.1984, 07.20 pm, Jalandhar, B.Tech Merchant Navy Engineer. Caste no bar. Contact email:  Ph: 9781810124. C3-7790

Educated and well connected Datta Brahmin family seeks, tall, slim,
beautiful, homely girl posted preferably in Haryana Govt. Service as Lecturer in a College or School for a very handsome well built tall (5'-11") 29 years veterinary Surgeon (Aug 17, 1983, 09:31 pm, Hissar). Contact after matching kundli, please. 094167- 94300, 094681-96166,  C3-7824

Professionally qualified match for 5'-6", B.Tech., 1981 boy with traditional
values, doing MBA USA did eight years job with MNC India/abroad own residence Jalandhar/Delhi, urban property, visiting India May, girl studying/willing to go USA should apply. RTR 7945 , 98150-44333.  C3-8032

Required beautiful, qualified match for handsome Australian resident 1983,
5'-11", Master of Accounting/Finance. 98140-00396. C3-8446

Professional qualified match for 5'-3", 27.8.78, 4:20 a.m., B.Tech., Pb.
Sarswat Brahmin working abroad. Now in India. Early marriage. 094171-92988.  NA3-7667

PQ working B'ful match from tricity for B.Tech, smart, handsome arora boy,
04.06.1984, 8:15 am, Chandigarh, 5'-8", working Project Manager MNC, Panchkula. 6 LPA. 93161-14375. Email:  C3-7192

Professionally qualified match for unmarried well settled vegetarian
turbaned Sikh boy 36/6' (Swarankar caste/non-Manglik). Senior Engineer (MS/California). Caste no bar. Email:  A3-5945-OL

Beautiful match for Handsome Sikh 26/5'-11" Army Officer, B.Tech.
8091067040.  C3- 6898

Officer parents looking for beautiful, tall, MCA/B.Tech/M.Tech/MBA girl for
Gursikh Software Engg., 30/6'-1", Weaver boy, pleasing personality, package 60 lakh annually. Caste no bar. Send biodata with photo. E-mail:  9780401215. C3-8074

Suitable match for Sikh Rajput Rathore, 32/6', 10+2, Govt. contractor,
60000/- PM. Father Retd. from Bank. Elder brother Engineer in Canada. Younger brother Engineer well settled in Mumbai. Own house in Mohali. Send photo/biodata. Email:  ; 0172-5096852. C3-8128B

Suitable match for Sikh Rajput Rathore, 29/6', BA, Directional Driller Engg.
Mumbai. Father Retd. from Bank. Elder brother Engineer Canada. Mohali based family. Send photo/biodata: Email-  ; 9501357950, 9256036902. C3-8152B

Lubana Sikh 45, 5'-8", MA Police Adm., posted Sub- Inspector wife natural
death. 2 sons, elder 20 abroad, younger 16 stuying. Caste no bar. Only issueless required. 098145-56688, 098786-38872, 098880-07248. Email:  NA3-7362

Canadian citizen Jat Sikh 39/5'-8", (divorcee issuless) well educated and
settled boy from Malwa region, looking for suitable educated match from Canada, USA, India. Girl in Canada/USA on study and work permit also considerable. Contact: Email:  and Phone: 001-587-229-9601. C3-4002

Suitable match for 28 yrs., 6'-2", handsome Chief Officer in Merchant Navy.
Belongs to affluent family settled in Chandigarh.  C3-6402

Suitable match for Dhindsa B.A., B.Sc. IT Australia citizen boy, 30/5'-9".
Parents having Rural/Urban property. Seeks Professional, convent educated beautiful girl. Contact: 097799-16631. Email:  C3-6572

Suitable match for Jat-Sikh Army Officer 28/5'-10", cleanshaven, handsome
and good-looking, non-drinker, non-smoker, pure-vegetarian/teetotaller, owns urban and rural property. Only sister is Bureaucrat. Father retired Colonel. Respond with bio-data and letest photograph of the girl at:  C3-6960

Chandigarh based match for Jat-Sikh cleanshaved November 1981/5'10",
B.Tech Engineer Tele-communication industry. 94177-69267,  C3-7156

Match for well settled very Handsome cleanshaved Jat Sikh boy 27/5'-8"
Software Engineer in USA, well educated family in USA. Residential and commercial property in Mohali. Contact  C3-7278

Compatible, professional slim girl for very handsome Jat Sikh Engineer
26/5'-10". Graduated from IIT. Working with a US Multinational Company, good package. US citizen. He is a sportsman and very talented. Army background. Family from Ludhiana. Preference to girls in US and Canada.  C3-7298

Suitable Jatt Sikh match preferably equivalent qualification for 1987 born,
5'-8", +2, convent educated, well settled in Melbourne since 2006, own's Frenchises Dominos, 7/11 Gas Station, own agri. land in Punjab, flat in Chandigarh. One Brother. Box 2051M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh boy, 29, 5'-9", Computer Engineer, Green Card holder, well settled
in US with family. Seeks beautiful well-educated girl (US Immigrant or Student Visa). 9815895110, 001-6094399108 (US).  C3- 7602

Seeking alliance for Jatt Sikh Sandhu boy 1985, 5'-9" Convent educated
B.Com. (PU Chd). Born & raised in Chd, well settled in Canada (PR) Contact bio & pic:  C3-7626

Match for Jat Sikh 6'-2", 28 years, Manglik. Studied upto 12th. US Citizen.
Finance Manager. Manglik/Non- Manglik can contact. Phone no. 98158-75889. C3-7860

Professionally qualified match for handsome, cleanshaven, Chahal Jat-Sikh
boy, September 1984, 5'- 10", B.Tech., MBA, employed as Manager in German MNC Gurgaon (11 LPA). Father Class-I officer (Retd). Parents settled at Mohali, having 10 marla house and sufficient rural property. Girl preferred from Tricity/NCR Delhi. Respond with recent pictures and complete biodata. Contact Email:  095019-62353. C3-8366

Jat Sikh parents seeks match for extremely handsome Canadian born
29/6'-2", B.Sc. non-drinker respectful son. Working with the government. Girl should be beautiful, tall, educated, family values. Call 9876205611 or send biodata and picture to  C3-8552 

PQM for Jatt Sikh teetotaller boy 1985 born/5'-11", M.Tech, pursuing Ph.D.
Reputed Industrialist family of Chandigarh. Contact with biodata and photograph. 9780041000.  C3-8848

Well-established Canadian Jat Sikh family having own business seeks a
suitable match for their Canadian very handsome 1986 born, 5'-9", tall Engineer son. Girl should be well educated tall, slim and beautiful, preferably from US or Canada with strong family values willing to settle in Calgary. Please send biodata and recent photograph at Email:  NA3- 7575

PQM above 5'-6" for PQ top university positions holder & well-settled Jat
Sikh 1984/6'-3", Australian citizen boy. Affluent status with very sound business & sufficient large properties. Contact with biodata & photographs. Boy presently in India for a fortnight. Email:  NA3-7585

Professionally qualified suitable match for Kangra based Mahajan boy,
27/5'-6", 9 Lacs, working as Site Engineer at PSU. 94069-04838, 94250-79399,  C3-8376

Suitable match for Saini Sikh boy 5'-8", Sept. 1986, MBA, working in MNC,
8.5 lac. Father Director Principal. Mob: 094180-86117, E-mail:  C3-6804

Mohali-based Australia PR, Brahmin Sikh family having Urban property in
Mohali looking for professionally qualified family oriented, slim girl for their cleanshaven, Engineer smart son born April 84, 5'-8", MS Computer Science, working in Brisbane. Respond with bio-data & recent photograph.  , +61410837707. A3-6049-OL

Suitable match for NRI Majhbi Sikh 40, 5'-8", double P. Graduate, handsome
boy. Canadian PR applied. Prefer Canadian girl. Send your all detail with photograph. E- mail:-  C3-6628

B'ful prof. qlfd. match for smart 31/5'-10", Delhiite boy New Zealand citizen
well-qualified, father Sindhi, mother Brahmin, caste no bar. Email:  C3-6678

SM4 Sikh Saini 82 Denmark Citizen 5'-11", Automobile Engineer.
95928-29732. E-mail:  C3- 6976

Suitable match for handsome cleanshaven 30/5'-9" Sikh Khatri boy. MS
Engineer. Settled Texas, USA. Girl should be well qualified working/settled in USA/Canada. 92167-10072,  C3-7014B

SM4 Doaba Saraswat Brahmin boy, Canadian Citizen, BBA, 39/6' tall,
Business owner. Handsome income. Status family. Presently in Mohali. Seeking attractive traditional girl. Upper caste no bar. 98158-38560.  C3-8064

Beautiful professionally qualified match for smart handsome 38/5'-11",
teetotaller cleanshaven Jat Sikh American citizen, Engineer, income over USD 1,60,000/-. Father retired Senior Army Officer. Urban/Rural property. Caste no bar. Email:  C3- 8188

Hindu B.Tech. Australia working Sydney 5'-10", seek Australian, New
Zealand, US, Canadian, U.K. girl. Caste no bar. +9198888-41190. E-mail:  C3- 8286

Lubana Sikh parents seeking suitable match for Australian son, 28/5'-11"
tall, handsome, brilliant, non-drinker/smoker boy, own home in Australia, brothers Australian citizen, well-settled family, required Australian, New Zealand, UK, USA, India or Canadian citizen/PR or Dentist/Nurse/Doctor/other professional qualified beautiful girl India or NRI, caste no bar.  094664-36721. C3-8558

Sikh MBBS/MD/BDS/DDS/Pharma/Professional match working/studying in
USA/Canada, for handsome (Ahluwalia), turban wearing, Oct. 73/5'-8", Canada upbringing, dual USA/Canada citizen, MBA (Health Services Management), holding Senior Administrative position, Califoria.  Ph: +91622- 40170. C3-8684

Suitable match for purely vegetarian teetotaller Khatri (Marwaha) boy, 15th
Oct. 1985 (00:52 a.m., Ludhiana), height 5'-11". Engineering in IT, running his own Phramaceutical company. Preferred well educated and homely girl. Caste no bar. Contact email:  Phone: 09872219011. C3-7068

Professionally qualified match for non-manglik Punjabi Hindu Khatri boy,
5'-9", 13th Sept. 1984, 00:02 a.m., Patiala, B.Tech., MBA from premier institute, presently working in Singapore.  , 084272- 92516. C3-7250

Educated beautiful status family bride for handsome MBA (regular) boy
October, 1980, 5'-9", working HDFC Bank Panchkula.6 LPA. Father Retired Class-I Officer. Settled Panchkula. Early marriage.  C3-7652

Professionally qualified match for Canadian citizen Bhatia Punjabi boy, 24
Oct. 1984, 4:15 pm, 5'-11", Chandigarh born, Software Engineer. Email:  99141-31755. C3-7802

Australia TR Khatri boy MBA 31/5'-11" fair, non-smoker, non-drinker.
95011-11120, C3-7840

Suitable match for fair, handsome, 36/5'-7", MBBS, MRCP boy, working
National Health Services Hospital U.K. Parents Doctor. 094163-78082.  C3-8410

Working match Arora boy 28/5'-5", Master Design, IIT Bombay. 12 LPA, NCR
preferred. 97800-21886,  C3-6810

Manglik/Non-manglik match for Arora boy, 6.5.1978, 4:55 a.m., Sirsa,
5'-10", B.A.M.S., MBA (Finance) UK, doing job online of UK company based at Panipat, income 6 LPA. Father Superintending Engineer (Retd.). 09416915669. E-mail:  C3-7048

Handsome, compassionate, God fearing, optimistic Punjabi Arora boy,
5'-11", slim, fair, 1st March, 1983, seeks alliance with an extremely beautiful, homely, happy go lucky girl with good family and moral values. Boy comes from a business family and is a self made man, schooling from La Martiniere College Lucknow and MBA from India and France (on scholarship) and is an ex investment banker, currently has own businesses in Hospitality and green infrastructure. Relatives are reputed business houses in North India. Well-settled in Gurgaon. Send biodata and photos at  C3-8050B

Match for Gursikh Khatri Boy, 29/5'-10", NT/ND, Rawalpindi side. Own
Business & shop at Mohali.09317979100.  Box 2060M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Qualified match for Sikh Khatri boy, NT/ND Engineer, MBA, 29/5'-10",
working USA as Engineer. Required USA Visa holder girl. 8146800329. E-mail:  C3-8826

SC Ramdasia boy, B.Tech (ECE), 26.10.1984, 6', Regular Central Govt
employee in BSNL Jalandhar. Wanted well educated Govt teacher. E-mail:  9464797786. C3-6798

Suitable match for S/C Ad-dharmi Panjabi unmarried boy 40/5'-8",
Engineering Graduate, working in International Airlines Delhi. Father Senior Executive retired. Mob: 98156-78566. C3-6974

Well qualified beautiful match for Hindu SC (Ramdasia) handsome, 5'-10",
28.01.1984, clean shaven, M.Tech. (Mechanical) boy working with renowned automobile company in Chandigarh. Reputed & well educated family. Father Senior Judicial Officer (Retd.). Only elder brother married. Contact: 094647-57222, 094638-88434.  C3-7854

Match for Ramdasia Sikh clean-shaven, 1977/6', B.Tech, MBA, applied for
Canada. Two brothers settled in Canada. Father retd. Own house Mohali. Box 2061M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Qualified suitable match for smart, handsome, Ramdasia boy, 1983/5'-8",
B.Tech. (CSE), M.E. (CSE) from PEC University of Technology Chandigarh, currently working. Educated family. E-mail:  C3-8586

UK based family seek Professional match for their British Diplomat son. He is
27 years old, 5 ft. 8, turban wearing, non-smoker, non-drinker. Very fair skinned. Girl must be Doctor, Dentist, Accountant, Lawyer, etc. Caste No Bar. Please send photo and bio data to  C3-4292B

Professionally qualified match for Sikh Tonkshatria boy B.Tech. working in
MNC handsome package 1981 born 5'- 5'' 9646073685, 9872973685.  C3-8668

Suitable match for Brahmin Sikh cleanshaven (2 month divorcee) boy
5'-10"/1980, BCA, MBA (Last semester), working in Foreign based bank Mumbai, 6.2 LPA. Jat/Khatri/Ramgarhia also accepted. Contact: 82839- 23893, 98150-74444,  C3-7236

Suitable qualified match for handsome divorcee issuless, teetotaller, small
family Brahmin boy, 35/5'- 7", Graduate, earning 6 lacs per annum. No demand. Girl only consideration. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 94650- 32905, 89681-91555. C3-7682

Dental, Medical, IT Professional, Sikh match for USA/India for DDS Dentist,
US citizen (New York), very handsome, social, affectionate, cleanshaven, 5'-11", 1980, well established doctors Khatri Sikh family. Email:  C3-2146

Suitable match for Mittal Aggarwal boy, 5'-10", 08.09.1984, M.Tech, works in
NCR, 7.50 P.A. Send biodata with photo:  93161-19788. C3-7328

PQM4 Pb.-based, settl'd Meerut, NM smart boy Nov. '83/5'-10"/B.Tech.,
MBA full-time (IIM-I), working in B'lore MNC, 12.5 lpa. Email:  C3- 7692

Suitable match for vegetarian fair handsome Singla boy, 5'-7", 02 July 1986,
6.54 p.m. Ambala, B.Tech. (ECE), presently working in IT Co. Holland, for 2 yrs. 36 Lac P.A. Contact: 094160-20090.  C3- 7884

PQM 4 handsome B.Tech. Garg boy 5'-7'' 03 Oct.1984, 12:37 pm Amritsar
MNC Chandigarh 10 lakh pa. Status family. Email:- , 95012-- 67799, 99148-11407. C3-7992

Suitable, beautiful match for Aggarwal boy, 5'-9", 27- 01-86, 11:50 a.m.
(Sunam), business family settled in Mohali. Send biodata & photograph: Email-  ; 9417195607. C3-8120

Gursikh Arora boy, 26/5'-10", M.Com, well settled business family. Seeks
beautiful Gursikh girl. Business family preferred. Contact: 9814005383. E-mail:  C3-3594


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