Karuna Goswamy


2. District in Uttar Pradesh

6. Cobbler’s favourite tool

7. Great middle distance runner who won four Olympic medals

8. Suggest; give an opinion

11. Former Indian state in Madhya Pradesh region

12. Without delay; promptly (inits)

13. A shell that does not go off

14. Den of a wild animal

16. India’s premier body for research in agriculture (inits.)

18. Pigment made of cow’s urine in traditional Indian paintings

20. Combining form meaning ‘the earth’

21."— and feather", a harsh punishment

22. Barrier or boundary


1. Violation of things held sacred

2. Warm, ruddy colour of the cheeks

3. Indian settled abroad (inits.)

4. There are four of them in a pack

5. Transient; not permanent

9. A chaplain in military or naval service

10. __ Shah, invader who looted India

15. City in western Malaysia

17. Quote; mention in proof

19. Unusual; strange