Marine Drive

Marine engineering is an ideal choice for those fascinated by the vast expanse of sea. It deals with nautical architecture and science. This branch applies the principles of mechanical and electrical engineering to develop, design and operate on-board systems like control systems and automation, machinery, power and propulsion plants, etc of marine vehicles like ships, sub marines, etc.

Supervising the ship engines, repair and maintenance are the main responsibilities of marine engineers. The job of marine engineers has broadened with development and electronic navigation. Some of the job fields in marine engineering are environmental protection, offshore oil recovery, marine metals and corrosion, renewable energy, remote sensing, naval architecture, defence, underwater vehicles, global climate monitoring and marine transportation. There are a lot of career opportunities in this field. Opportunities exist for marine engineers, ocean engineers and naval architects in the private, educational, corporate, and government sector.

Marine Engineering & Research Institute in Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai; Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai are some of the institutes where students can go in for this course.