Going the Fine Art way

FINE art and photography have opened several avenues for the young, aspiring students. BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) offers a three/four year integrated course. The first year deals with integrated education in aesthetics, application of design and art, while the rest of the three years are meant for specialisation- that can be in sculpture, painting, applied art or others. Some of the colleges offering BFA degree have upgraded their courses, seeing the demand for skills in animation and photography. Applied art is much in demand.

Career options

Though, a majority of students who go to an art college are not looking for a 9 to5 job. Apart from teaching of art , there is a plethora of career options after completing BFA course. Or, one can opt for specialisation by joining MFA.

The course helps you move ahead with a career in fashion designing, animation, web designing, graphic designing, advertising, industrial designing, product design, etc. The creative eye of a BFA degree holder is needed in professions like advertising, textile designing, film studios, publishing industry, etc. Further study options include MFA, art restoration courses or PGDPD from the NID, Ahmedabad.

Some of the colleges in the north of India that offer BFA degree.

Delhi College of Art, New Delhi; Apeejay College of Fine Art, Jalandhar;Government College of Art, Chandigarh; BFA in sculpture, drawing and painting and applied art; Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar; Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar; State Institute of Fine Arts, Rohtak; Minerva Institute of Management and Technology, Dehradun. V. S.