Gadgets that changed the world

The history of the invention of gadgets is the history of civilisation. In the present era, many of us remember when we achieved mastery over the radio, television, walkman and the mobile phone. What may have gone unnoticed is that they have also changed the course of history. 101 Gadgets That Changed the World on History TV18 Saturdays at 8p.m. is the brainchild of Popular Mechanics magazine, which assembled a panel of the world’s most renowned tech gurus to generate the definitive list of 101 gadgets. This panel singles out the most influential gadgets ever invented. Along the way, viewers learn about the historically game-changing stories behind the contraptions we now take for granted like the transistor radio, the audio cassette, the Zippo lighter, and many others. Those offering insights into the gadgets that inspired amused or confused them include astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the New York Times’ David Pogue and many others making it a fun, fact-filled television series that changed the course of mankind. NF