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Brides Wanted

Professionally qualified match for NP Nai boy 5'-10", 27 yrs, B.Tech., working Engg. Pb. Govt. regular. Educated family. Contact: 97795-84517. C3-12640

Handsome Shakya boy 32, 5'-10", Ph.D (Transport Logistics) & MS (International Agri Business) from USA. Father retired decorated professor from world renowned university. Brother working MNC, well settled in USA. Seeks beautiful, fair, slim, tall, homely, PG (Science/Engg.), veg. girl from Shakya Samaj. Apply to  C3-12749

SM4 Hindu Nai (NP) boy 37/5'-8", never married M.Sc. Ph.D. Biological Sciences, working as Assistant Professor in a reputed University in NCR. Early marriage. No bars. Contact: 073517-87686. Email:  C3-14321

Suitable match for Australian citizen, Punjabi Rajput boy, May 1979/6', IT Professional, working in MNC in Sydney. Divorcee, issueless. Looking for pretty, tall and well-qualified girl, willing to settle in Australia. Minimum height 5'-4" and above. Girl already studying or working in Australia preferred. Caste, religion no bar. Educaton and high family values main priority. Parents living in Chandigarh. Contact with recent photographs and biodata or E-mail:  98146-57919, 0061418934422 (M).  C3-13227

Suitable match for Garhwali Rajput well settled boy, January 1978, 5'-6", M.Tech., MBA, working Switzerland. Mobile: 9988098453. E-mail:  C3- 14241

Suitable match for Hindu Brahmin Manglik boy, 30 years, 5'-10" (Canada), looking for beautiful, slim & educated professionally qualified girl. Family well settled in Canada. Send biodata & photograph. Email:  Contact: 001647 898 5588, 001 416 224 9158 (Toronto, Canada). Boy living in Calgary and working in IT industry as Computer Support Lead. DoB 5th November 1982, time 11:05 a.m. Place: Delhi, sisters are married and settled in Delhi. Family is originally from Delhi. Caste no bar. C3-11736B

Match for handsome teetotaller Saraswat Brahmin boy, 20.10.1976, 5:05 p.m., Chandigarh, 6', B.E.(P.U.), MBA(USA), Ph.D(Switzerland), Assistant Professor in University. Doctor/Professor preferred. Upper caste no bar. 98722-24243.  C3-12822

Suitable match for handsome Saraswat Brahmin boy (teetotaller), B.Tech., MBA (ISB), 31.07.1985, 1.10 pm, Una, 5'-7", Project Manager (highly paid) MNC, Gurgaon. Seeking well-educated Brahmin girl. Send biodata & photograph. E-mail:  +91-98170- 19002. C3-12902

Canadian citizen sister (presently in India) is seeking a suitable match for brother 37/6 feet tall & handsome guy from Jalandhar. Boy's file is under process for permanent residency in immigration of Canada. Preference will be given to NRI, Nursing professional with good communication skills. Please Contact 80546- 23590 or Email:  C3-13016

Suitable match for Brahmin boy, 25.10.1981, 07.22 pm, Ferozepur, 5'-9", B.Tech NIT, MS form New York, employed in MNC at California USA. Engineer, Doctor, MBA/suitable beautiful girl height minimum 5'-4" USA citizen preferred. Upper caste no bar. Contact: +919814896821. E-mail:  C3-13523

Saraswat Brahmin Kashyap boy, 11.08.80, 10.15 pm, Kiber (H.P) Kaza, 5'-5", MBA/PGDM. HR professional. Wanted working well-qualified girl 24 to 28 near about Tricity. 94647-20551, Email:  C3-14095

Suitable professionally qualified match for non-manglik Saraswat Brahmin boy Nov.82 born, 5'-8", B.Tech., MBA, 9.5 LPA (Infosys) Chandigarh. Caste no bar. Software Engineer, IT Prof. preferred. Phone: 95925-41777, Email:  C3-14167

Suitable match for MBBS, doing MD Saraswat Brahmin, 5'- 9", 29 yrs. (DoB 19.10.83, 18:55, Jalandhar), smart boy from reputed family. Contact: 94174-41691, Email:  NA3-12834

Suitable match for Dhingra (Arora) vegetarian, MBA (Finance), 5'-8", 17.12.1984, 6:35 p.m., Mohali, working MNC Ahmedabad, 5 LPA, own flat Panchkula. Working girl preferred. 9814027790.  C3-13429

Suitable match for Hindu Khatri handsome boy 12.6.1986, 6:56 pm, Rajpura, 5'-10", B.Tech., MBA, Central Govt. employee Panchkula. Father Manager in FCI. Family settled Ambala. Required employed girl. Govt. employee preferred. Kundli must. Contact: 094164-49292. Email:  C3-13457

Match for handsome Arora boy, 30.10.85, 5'-7", B.Tech(Mech.), Postgraduate in Management from Toronto. Working in Canada (Work-Visa). Professionally qualified girl preferred. 98150-63210. E-mail:  C3-13469

SM4 vegetarian, B.Tech, Electronics boy, 5'-9",/26 /Central Govt. Officer Delhi. Girl preferred Govt. employee. 094660-15009.  C3-13629

Match for Nai Sikh 27/ 5'-7'' B.Tech in Mech. Engg. working in Maharatna Company as Dy. Manager 9 lac annual. Send biodata to  with photo & Tel. Preferred B.Tech. MBA Marketing CA, MBBS, BDS. C3-12748

Qualified match for Gursikh Ramdasia (Weaver) MBA working with Singapore based Multi-National Company. Now posted at Legos ( Nigeria). 27 years, 5'-10". Package 25-30 lacs. Reputed family settled at Chandigarh. 8427422299.  C3-13267

Educated, smart, beautiful, unmarried Sikh girl for handsome, clean-shaven, 5'-10", Oct-71 born Sikh boy, B.E. (Thapar), MBA (PU), own shares business. Father Senior Defence Officer. 98889-30032, Email:  C3-14074

Vancouver based Jatsikh, landlord, khandani, Kahlon family, seeks never married Medico or Ph.D, match from a similar background family, for their only son 79 born, athletic, basketball player, 6'-1", Chartered Accountant, Master in Human Kinetics and Education, and completing Ph.D. Never drink-smoke, perfect son- brother-friend and hopefully husband. Very nice handsome compassionate boy. He went through a non existant marriage which is now duly divorced. Nothing to be concerned about, can be explained to your satisfaction. Father former Executive Punjab. Govt. Two unmarried sisters both MD Doctors. Still a landlord and influencial family in Punjab.  C2-144497

Jat Sikh parents seek a match for their son 31 years, 6' tall, born and educated in Toronto, Engineer and working with a large corporation, girl should be Canadian and educated in Ontario with good family values. Please respond with recent picture and biodata of the girl to Email:  or Contact at 905-301-7422. C3-11006

Status landlord Jat Sikh family seeks professional fair, slim, beautiful, minimum 5'-5", UK/USA/Canada citizen girl from status family for UK citizen Sandhu cleanshaven handsome MBA boy, November 1981 born, 5'- 11", working R.R. Donnelley. Elder brother Engineer, USA. E-mail:  9888619102. C3-12364

Canada settled Jat Sikh parents seek beautiful, tall, fair, slim, educated girl for their handsome Canadian citizen 29/6', educated and well established son, please send a biodata and recent photograph at  C3-12372

Seeking suitable match for Jat Sikh boy, Clean Shaven, handsome, 32 yrs old, 5'-11", in Australia. He is Australian born with well cultured values. Working as a Sales Operation Manager in Sydney, well settled. Looking for a beautiful Jat Sikh, Indian cultured girl with family values, educated. Please send biodata along with recent photo to Email:  Box 2095M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Jat Sikh Riar Canadian PR boy, wearing turban, 5'-9", 22.8.88. B.Sc. Nursing beautiful girl not less than 5'-3" required, family with rural background around Patiala preferred. Send biodata and photo and mobile no at Email:  Box 2096M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for handsome Jat Sikh boy, 1986/6'-2", convent educated, Graduate from UK, belonging to respectable landlord family, holding substantial property. Currently looking after family farms and doing ACCA. Seeking beautiful, educated girl with good family values. Contact with photograph. E-mail:  Ph: 9501479023. C3-13002

Canadian citizen Jatt Sikh boy, 27/6'-1", Graduate. Wanted well educated, beautiful girl above 5'-5". 99143-07300.  C3-13101

Suitable match for well-educated, handsome Jat-Sikh boy 15.2.85, height 5'-7", M.Phil (Bio Mechanics), working as Sports Teacher + Trainer in reputed school in Dubai. 94643-72242, Email ID:  C3-13269

Jat Sikh well settled parents from Punjab seek tall, slim, beautiful, professionally qualified, career oriented match from reputed family, preferably residing/working in US, for their handsome, tall, smart, 5'-10"/1983, clean-shaven son. He passed B.Tech/M.S.(Comp. Sc.) from USA, presently working in reputed US Company in California, on H1B Visa, expecting Green Card shortly. Contact with bio-data and photograph at Email:  C3-13275

USA/Canada professional match for Jat Sikh only son, 23, 5'-10", B.Tech. (Computer), employed. Sister doctor, married in USA. Parents Govt. Teachers. 11 acres, Ludhiana. , 95010-11691 C3-13309

American citizen Jatt Sikh handsome MS Computer Science, high salary, 41/5-7", divorcee, looking educated beautiful wife.  0019726036377. C3-13637B

Jatt Sikh family seeking a beautiful and well educated girl for their son Canadian permanent resident 28 yr, 5'11, working in Law Enforcement (police officer). Email  C3-13747B

Seeking educated, Gursikh, tall, slim (issueless Jat Sikh only) match for divorced Jat Sikh US citizen 47, 5'-11" turban wearing non-trimmer (gray open flowing beard) grew-up in Chandigarh. Family well-settled in US over 20 yrs. Call: 99142-34027 or email  No Marriage Bureau. Prefer to Doaba region. C3-14051

Well-established Canadian Jat Sikh family having own business seeks a suitable match for their Canadian very handsome 1986 Born, 5'-9", tall Engineer son. Girl should be slim and beautiful, Canadian with strong family values/education, willing to settle in Calgary, Canada. Please send bio data and recent photograph at E-mail:  C3-4736

Wanted Jat Sikh US Citizen MD girl for 26 years, 6'- 2", Handsome Canadian PR boy in MD Programme. Completed Masters in Bio-medical from USA. Both sisters Engineer and Doctor, well settled in USA. Parents own property in India, USA. Father retired high ranking Army Officer. Contact E-mail:  C3-6864

Jat Sikh boy, 29, 5'-9", Computer Engineer, Green Card holder, well settled in US with family. Seeks beautiful well-educated girl (US Immigrant or Student Visa). 9815895110, 001-6094399108 (US).  C3-7602

Jat Sikh boy, 22/5'-9˝", +2, 8˝ acre land seeks IELTS 6-7 Band, interested to settle Canada/Australia girl. All expensive from boy. Sister, jija ji Australia settled. 97818-76028, 97815-45088. NA3-12363

Match for Jat Sikh Khiara boy settled din USA as Mechanical Engineer (MS from USA) USA working with Fortune 500 Companies, 12 Nov. 82/5'-11", H1 visa, 12 acre farm and rural land. Living in USA more than 6 years. Applied green card with company. Parents Govt. employee residing at Nabha (Patiala) looking for well- qualified girl from MBA and other professional field preferred. Malwa families preferred. Contact:  94639-08760. NA3-13192

Alliance invited for Saini Sikh Engineer boy 29/5'-7", working in Canada. Please respond with full details and photographs. E-mail:  84270-06414. C3-12664

Suitable match for a very handsome turbaned boy, 02 Jan. 1986/5'-8", M.Tech. (ECE) purely teetotaller, having urban suburban property with monthly income six figures. Father Chief Engineer, mother house wife. Two elder sisters Doctor and Computer Engineer, married settled in USA. E-mail:  Phone: 89688-36000. C3-12688B

Well educated, respectable Sikh Saini family invite suitable match for son, 5'-9", May 85, Handsome, cultured, B.Tech. (C.S.E.) India. Working in Canada on P.R. after Post Graduation there. Recent Photos must.  C3-14011

Beautiful match for well settled Australian citizen (Sydney) Sood boy, 5'-8", 31.3.1982/4:03 p.m./Chandigarh. MIT (Australia). Early marriage. Upper caste no bar. Email :  ; Box 2101M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Sood (Kuthiala) boy, 5'-4", 29.3.1983, 10:08 a.m., Chandigarh, working Sr. Manager in IT company Chandigarh, 8 lac. 09876778822, 09876771100.  C3-14553

Wanted beautiful, educated, professional girl for Punjabi Arora Australian Citizen boy, B.Tech/M.I.T., 8.2.82 (4:30 a.m.) Chandigarh, 5'-6˝". Parents settled in Chandigarh. Preferably from Australia/India. E-mail:  Mob: 089684-35760. C3-13653

Kamboj Sikh parents seeking a professionally qualified match preferably from Canada or USA for their son 29, 5'-11", Canadian citizen, Turbaned, Mechanical Engineer. Respond with photograph:  or Phone 001+9054880657. C3-13721

Sikh MBBS/MD/BDS/DDS/Pharma/ professional match, working/studying in USA/Canada, for handsome (Ahluwalia), turban wearing, Oct. 73/5'-8", Canada, upbringing, dual USA/Canada citizen, MBA (Health Services Management), holding Senior Administrative position, California.  Ph.: +9162240170. C3-13727

Beautiful, slim, smart 25-28 yrs., min. 5'-3", US citizen for 33/5'-10", smart, intelligent, cleanshaven US based Sikh Ramgarhia boy. Contact with latest photograph and profile at  C3-13729

SMF very handsome Canadian citizen Punjabi Sikh 35/6'- 00", graduate, Master Diploma Hotel Management, and Business Management Diploma owns well established business. Issueless divorce (brief marriage) small educated status Canadian PR family. Apply with photo Email:  Phone: 2042278072. C3-13757

Professionally qualified beautiful girl for handsome, cleanshaved American Citizen,79/6' tall, MS (USA), earning $ 125,000 p.a. from highly educated respected Sikh family from USA/India. Whole family settled before 90. No caste, no dowry. USA/Canada preferred. Email  Phone USA 1-480-503-8286. C3-13899B

US match for Khatri 29, 177, handsome Engineer boy, MBA from US, H1B Visa, $ 86000 PA. Caste no bar. Looking for educated good looking girl. Reply with biodata, horoscope details & photo first instance to:  +16509245310. C3-14703

Lubana sikh parents seeking suitable match for austrlian son 28/5'-11" tall, handsome, brilliant, non- drinker/smoker boy own home in Austrlia, brother Austrlian citizen, well settled family, required Austrlian, New Zeland, UK, USA, India or Canadan citizen/PR or Dentist, Nurse, Doctor other profeesional qualified beautiful girl India or NRI caste no bar.  09466436721. C3-14707

SM4 Sikh Saini 82 Denmark Citizen 5'-11", Automobile Engineer. 95928-29732. E-mail:  C3-6976

Tall, beautiful match for handsome Sood boy, 6'-1˝" tall, 9th June 1986, Diploma Hotel Management and Diploma in Business Management from Australia. Working as Area Sales Manager in Melbourne (Australia). Seeks match from sober, cultured, respectable family. Khatris, Jats, Aroras also welcome. E-mail:  Mob: 99881-15999. C3-12339

Wanted Manglik/Non-Manglik Professionally qualified match working at Noida/NCR for an Anshik Manglik Khatri boy, 28/5'-10", B.Tech., working IBM, 11 Lakh Per annum. Status family. Contact 92164-51001. E-mail:  C3-12864

Professionally qualified match for Pbi Khatri boy, 5'- 11", 4.2.83, 8.05 am, MBA, 6.50 LPA. 9815367655. E- mail:  C3-13333

Beautiful slim match for smart Non-manglik Hindu Khatri Merchant Navy Officer, 84 born/ 5'-8" Patiala, income 30 Lac p.a. Well-settled family. Contact 7589301670, 0175-2303864. Email:  C3-13363

Professionally qualified match for handsome, teetotaller, Non-manglik Hindu Khatri Himachali boy 28/5'-10", B.Tech (NIT), Software Professional, Permanent Resident New Zealand. 094188-29922.  C3-13667

Match for Punjabi Arora boy, 21.06.1984 (15:30 Hrs., New Delhi)/ 6'-2", MBA Finance & Marketing, running own company & represents MNCs, settled Greater Noida. Father Senior General Manager in reputed company. Mother Home-maker. Younger brother Engineer. Preference Teacher/ Lecturer. 09810622768. Email:  C3-12734

Professionally qualified, well settled match for smart clean-shaven Ramgarhia boy 29/5'-11", B.Tech, working in Top IT MNC. Caste no bar. E-mail:  C3-12320

Ramgarhia, Hindu, Jangra, Handsome Boy, 6', DOB: 08.09.1984, Civil Engineer from PEC, Chd; MS in Offshore Engg. from Delft University (Holland). Presently working in Shell, Holland, Handsome Salary, seeks Professional Qualified beautiful girl from status family. Father-Senior Class-I officer in Haryana Govt., own house at Panchkula. Contact: 09356779010,  C3-14039

Alliance invited for very fair, handsome boy from status Ramgarhia family 30/6'-2", BA, LL.B., looking for a professionally qualified girl from status family. 98156-98441.  C3-14341

Beautiful match for Ramgarhia Sikh boy, Assistant Vice- President multinational investment company, 33, fair, 5'-8". Girls merit main. No caste bar. 9988212548.  C3-14689

Professional qualified US/Canadian match for Ramgarhia boy, 26/5'-10", working Software Engg. H1B Visa USA. Caste no bar. 94640-22272,  NA3-13495

Suitable match for Khatri Sikh Oct. 70 born, 5'-7", handsome, v. young looking, never married, M.Com, Post- graduate diploma in Computer, own well settled business. Below 36 required. E-mail:  Box 2100M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful professionally qualified match for Khatri Sikh handsome 32/5'-5", Australian citizen, B.Tech. Please contact with current photo for early marriage seeks Indian, Australian, New Zealand, US, Canadian, U.K. girl. Caste no bar. Email:  +61430705830. Box 2071M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Ravidasia (Ad-dharmi) Doaba area boy, Dec. 1984/5'-5", PO in Nationalised Bank. Prefer Tricity. Contact No. 93156-43033, 99925-50975. C3-12656

SM Balmiki boy 34/5'-6", job in SBI Chandigarh. 9780909214. C3-14583B

SM for Balmiki boy, 32/5'-7", Sr Engineer in MNC as a Team Leader, Chandigarh. 9780909214. C3-14587B

SC Balmiki B.Com., MBA(F), 1981/5'-3". Govt job at Chandigarh. Salary 35000/-. Preferred employed girl around tricity. Send detail : , Mobile 99884-75158. C3-14743

Suitable match for Sikh Tonkshtriya Sikh boy 1981 born 5'-5'' B.Tech working in MNC. Father class one Officer rtd. 9646073685, 9872973685.  C3-12742

Sikh family seeking match for 27/5'-11" boy, Entrepreneur male living in Canada since 5 years. Only Canadian citizen apply. Email:  or 98781-33759. C3-13501

Dental, Medical, IT professional, Sikh match from USA/India for DDS Dentist, US citizen (New York), very handsome, social, affectionate, cleanshaven 5'-11", 1980, well-established Doctors Khatri Sikh family. E- mail:  C3-14481

Professionally qualified, beautiful, tall, slim match for fair, smart, handsome, 5'-11", 15 Feb.1986, 10:13 a.m., Chandigarh, B.Tech(CS), M.Tech(IT). Huge property and well established business. Reputed family. 88724- 29234, 98142-45133.  C3-12806

Professionally qualified match for Singla Australian PR holder boy 5'-6", July 83 born. Head Chef in renowned Hotel in Queens Land. Elder sister married, settled in Australia. Upper caste no bar. Email:  9988816346. C3-13189

Wanted beautiful suitable match for handsome smart Jindal manglik boy 5'-7", 20/7/1984, 28˝years working as Manager in leading Hotel abroad residence at Panchkula. Contact: 9914007663, 9878170882, email:  C3-14027

Professional match for handsome Gupta boy, 29/5'-7", working as Network Engg. in California (USA). 09872427136, 09416366972.  C3-14765

Aggarwal handsome boy, Canadian citizen, 1977/5'-11", Postgraduate M.Sc. IT Engineer, own business, office, house in Canada. Status family. Contact: +91-98880- 58811, +91-96466-67541.  C3-14778


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