Karuna Goswamy


1. Ancient Chinese dynasty

5. Hospital ward for very serious cases (inits.)

7. Arrangement of scenery etc. in theatres

8. Petty quarrel; tiff

10. Bark of a tree

13. __ Pasternak, great Russian writer

14. South African of Dutch descent

16. This and Tide wait for no one

18.__ Amin, the Dada of Uganda

20. Fuss; bustle

21. Middle eastern bread


1. Romila Thapar is a leading one

2. Top card

3. Food; nourishment

4. Venomous Egyptian snake

6. __ Ki-Moon, Secy. General of U.N.

8. Weep with convulsing catching of breath

9. Abbr for Lincolnís first name

11. Pakistanís secret agency (inits.)

12. Female of the antelope

15. Tree with acorn as its fruit

17. Member of a Muslim group in Haryana