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Grooms Wanted

Qualified match for BDS, Working IT Park, Chandigarh, Punjabi girl. 1.2.1986/10:58 p.m./Chandigarh. 5'-0". Father Senior Executive. Preference Professional well settled boy from Status family. 099532-12916, 099991- 81504. C3-19034

Suitable match for Arora Khatri girl M.A., M.Ed., Punjab Govt. S.S.Mistress, 15.7.84/5'-3"/5.25 PM, Chandigarh. Serviceman, tricity preferred. 098148-23898. C3-20159

Alliance invitied for Hindu Khatri Dental Surgeon girl, belonging to Officer's family, 5'-4", 7th Aug.1985, 00:45 a.m., born & educated at Chandigarh. Boy should be professionally qualified, well-settled. Respond with full details: 98147-11292. C3-20975

Good looking, well-settled educated match for Arora girl, Manglik, 28/155 cm, working SBI Chandigarh. Preparing for Civil Services. Contact: 094162-92697, Email: C3-21108

Suitable match for fair, slim, beautiful 26/5'-3", MA (English), M.Lib. Now doing B.Ed. Sikh Mair Rajput girl. Father Bank Manager. C3-18528

H'some PQM for b'ful Sikh Ramdasia girl, 84/5'-2", Govt. Sci. teacher. 9501890063. C3-18996

Professionally qualified Sikh match for beautiful, fair, slim 79/5'-3", MCA-S/W Engineer, 7.5 LPA, well-educated Gursikh family. Caste no bar. E-mail: Ph: 093028-30963. C3-19340

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh (Julaha) girl, 28/5'-7", M.A. (Public Admn.), Diploma Translation, working as Translator in reputed daily newspaper Chandigarh. Preferred Mohali/Chandigarh/Fatehgarh Sahib. Simple marriage. 9888227551, 7508961356. E-mail: C3-20611B

Canadian, Jatsikh, educated, influential, reputed, Khandani landlord family of Doctors and Officers seeks exceptionally smart MD Doctor, match from similar family background for their daughter,35/5'-4", MD specialist Internal Medicine, born and raised in Canada, India well versed both cultures. She is intelligent, smart, committed, compassionate, slim, sweet, beautiful and young looking girl. Please respond with recent photo and complete biodata of boy and family. 7789264645. C2-143244

Professionally qualified Jat Sikh, teetotaller, US citizen groom for 1986 born, 5'-5", beautiful, fair, Dentist, BDS, Grewal Jat Sikh girl. Cleared NBDE-1, 2: TOEFL. Well educated Gursikh family, brother physician in USA. Drinker/Smoker please excuse. Contact : with details and photo. C3-16775

Suitable academically brilliant Medico/other professional match for US Citizen beautiful Jat Sikh girl, 26 years/5'-7", B.Sc. (Davis University), good job, pursuing higher studies. No caste or economic bar. Contact: C3-17428

Alliance invited from qualified Jat Sikh boy from India/NRI decent family match for an educated B.A., Fashion Design Diploma, 5'-4", Aug. 83 cultured only girl from a respected family having urban/rural property. C3-17600

PSQ Jat Sikh match for beautiful US citizen Doctor girl, 1983/5'-2". Respond w/biodata & recent picture. Email: C3-18380

Suitable match for beautiful 25/ 5'-3'' B.Sc. MBA (HR). French dip. persuing HR in Canada . Preferred PR Canada, USA , 9914723624, 8729093803. C3-18710

Match for beautiful slim simple Jat Sikh Sidhu girl 1988/168, M.Tech., Computer Software BITS, recently joind as Software Engineer multinational company Bangalore, package Eleven Lacs. Father Class One Officer, Bathinda rural background preferred. Contact: C3-19070B

Jatt-Sikh cleanshaven Match for beautiful convent educated girl 1983/5'-6", doing Residency in USA. 98146-08936, C3-19160

Suitable match for Indian born Canadian citizen 5'-4"/81 born, slim, beautiful, Science Graduate. Bank Manager in Canada. Brief marriage annulled. Father Senior Engineer (retd.). Canadian match preferred. If interested, Pls. Email: C3-19164

Looking for professional NRI only Jatt/Sikh match for our Canadian born daughter 27 years old 5'-4" living in Ottawa Canada. Girl is educated B.Sc. Physiotherapist, beautiful, independent, outgoing and sporty. Family all lives in Canada. Serious inquiries only contact at or Call: 98159-25258. C3-19462

Professionally qualified match for beautiful, smart girl, M.Sc., July 1983, working in MNC Health Sector in Delhi. Jat Sikh/Khatri family settled Mohali. Boy settled NCR desireable. Response with date, place time of birth and photograph. Upper caste no bar. Contact details: 98554-85268. C3-19504

Suitable match for 31/5'-6", beautiful, slim, smart, Doctor Canadian Citizen girl, completed Residency in Medicine from USA, currently doing Fellowship in USA, plans to settle in USA, innocent divorcee & living with her 5 years old male child, belongs to reputed Jat Sikh family of Doctors (Caste, religion no bar). Parents Doctors, settled in India. Only Brother and Sister-in-law Doctors, doing Residency in Medicine in USA Only serious inquiries please. Email: C3-19760

SM4 Jatsikh girl PSU Bank Manager 1983, very fair, 5'-5", B.Tech.(ECE) & MBA Finance from Premier Institutions. 3 years IT work. C3-20297

Suitable match Jat Sikh girl B.Tech from Punjab 5'-3''/ 23 USA immigrant. Well settled family in India. Doctor/ Engr. preferred. Respond with biodat with assets. Marriage bureau excuse. C3-20483

Well settled Jat Sikh business family in USA/ Punjab seeks suitable MBA (Finance) girl 5'-3''/ 1985. Only Jat Sikh required with biodata and assets. C3-20499

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh 28/5'-4", B.Com., MBA (Finance and Marketing), slim, beautiful, fair girl. NRI-PR boy preferred. Mobile: 80545-37002, 098821-73818. Email: C3-20601

Suitable match for 26 years 5'-3", smart, fair, M.Tech. (CSE), working as AP in private college. Parents Govt. employees. 94176-38662, Email: C3-20613B

Suitable match for 40/5'-5", M.A./B.Ed., Defence background, smart, caring girl. Boy & family main consideration. Mobile: 98150-97711. C3-20837

Wanted a Jatt Sikh handsome, well-educated boy in India or abroad for fair, simple, beautiful Virk girl 86, 5'- 5", BA, B.Ed., PGDCA, M.Sc. IT, MCA, now pursuing MBA final year. Well-reputed family, no dowry, only serious enquiries considered. Send bio-data & recent photograph. 99153-69992. NA3-18030

PQ NRI match for Jat Sikh girl 1988/5'-4", B.Sc. Nursing, (IELTS) 6.5 Band, working in IELTS Centre. Contact: 98554-70060. Email: NA3-19416

Suitable match for fair, beautiful, Sikh Saini girl, 26.11.85, 5'-3", BFA Chandigarh, working as Art Director, Motion Advertisement and Film, Mumbai. Family Chandigarh based. Caste no bar. Dowry seekers excuse. 9815614749. C3-19062

Professionally qualified match for Saini Sikh girl, MBA Finance, University job, Jan. 84/5'-7", innocently divorced after 15 days marriage. 8283834848. C3-20371

Suitable match for fair Sikh Saini vegetarian girl, B.Com, MBA, 5'-4", May 86. E-mail: 9592921622. C3-21029

Professionally qualified suitable match for Sood beautiful, slim, fair, working girl B.D.S. P.G. Hospital Management 26/5'-4". Vegetarian, non-smoker, teetotaller boy in Tricity preferred. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 097790-78283. C3-18510

Affluent Jat Sikh, US settled family seeking professionally qualified (Doctor/Engineer) preferably US/Canada based match for their beautiful, slim, affectionate and caring Engineer daughter, 26, 5'-3", US citizen. Presently working as an Aerospace Engineer at a renowned company. Only serious enquiries should contact with biodata and recent picture at or contact at # 91-98140-34264 C3-17366

Match for Australian born 27 years old, Sydney based Punjabi Brahmin girl, Master of Law, working for N.S.W. Govt. Contact: C3-19484

PQM for Brahmin Sr. Software Engineer girl in USA on H1B Visa, 02.06.1983 5.07 am, Kapurthala/4'-10". Now in India on short visit. Hindu Guys from USA/Canada only may contact for early marriage. E-mail: (M) 098552-21321. C3-19925

In search of professional preferably Doctor, Engineer, handsome, fair match for beautiful, Doctor MD, USA citizen girl, 1977, 5'-6", 140, never married, working in a hospital, very respectable ad-dharmi highly educated family well settled USA. Please reply with biodata/picture. Email: C3-20997

Suitable match for two Khatri Sikh sisters, both U.S. Citizens. Elder Dentist in U.S.A., October 1972 born, 5'-4", slim and beautiful. Younger September 1977, 5'-3", highly educated, can work anywhere in India and U.S.A. Contact: 9417513457, 9501490705. C3-21011

Affluent Jat Sikh US settled family seeking only Doctor, Engineer, highly qualified professional, cultured US settled match for 34/5'-4", very fair, beautiful, India born US Citizen Engineer girl. Handsome salary. Short marriage annulled. No issue. Parents in India for Six weeks. E-mail biodata & recent picuture to E-mail: C3-2290

Suitable match for beautiful, nice 29, 5'-3", Christian girl. GNM Nursing, 10 years exp. Govt. job. Pls send your all details with photographs. NRI preferable. E.mail: C3-19065

Suitable match for beautiful, slim, homely, 36yrs./5'-3", Majhbi Sikh, P. Graduate girl, working as Teacher. Please send your all details with photographs. Email: C3-19302

Doaba Sikh Rajput girl, 27/5'-3", M.Sc. (IT). B.Ed. Teaching Jalandhar. Seeks educated cleanshaved only Canadian boy. 9041761343. E-mail: C3-18404

Rajput very fair Dr. girl, 28/5'-2", B.Sc., B.H.M.S. Father Class-I officer (Retd.), seeks well settled boy. Contact: 09463504323. E-mail: C3-19596

Match for Himachali Rajput smart girl, MBA Finance, Probationary Officer Nationalised Bank, 24/5'-5". Educated family settled Chandigarh. Local preferred. 98724-11477, Email: C3-19822

Delhi bsd Himachali Rajput fmly seeks M4 fair, 86/5'-3", MPT Physio girl wkg. MNC Pref. Medico/Engg. boy. # 90136-76103. C3-20302

Sarswat Brahmin girl smart, fair, 5'-5", 7.9.1989, 9.35 am, Jalandhar, convent educated, pursuing MCA in Thapar University (final year). Father well-settled businessman, looking for well-settled family. Send photo, E-mail: 75080-98484. A3-13692-OL

Match for beautiful Gaur Brahmin girl, M.Sc. (Chemistry), 28.8.1986, 7:30 a.m. Chandigarh, 5'-4", working in D.A.V. Public School, Chandigarh. Please status matching can apply. 09034826787. C3-18372

Professionally qualified match for slim, beautiful, cultured Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin girl, M.Sc., M.Phil. (Maths), B.Ed., 5'-3", April 83, (Nangal), working as Asstt. Prof. in reputed Engg. Institute. 092152-04732, 75893-97568. C3-18430

Match for Saraswat Brahmin unmarried girl, 42/5'-3", M.A.Sociology, Medical Social Worker (contract basis), Chandigarh Admn. Kundli must. Box 1195F Tribune, Chandigarh.

CA/Engineer/Doctor for Saraswat Brahmin Australian PR girl, 5'-7", 1 Nov.82, 6:03 a.m., Accounts done, MBA doing. Contact: 81468-45778. C3-18650

Well settled TT match 4 Saraswat Brahmin Gazetted Officer (Chandigarh). Fair, slim, 1978, 5'-3". 6 Lac p.a. Caste no bar. 9872073004, 7837404308, 8427202321. C3-19380B

Suitable well qualified preferably Canadian USA PR match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, Vet. Doctor, M.V.Sc., (Surgery), pursuing DVM, age 27, 5'-2", fair complexion, father and mother retired Class-I Officer. Brother running his own medical shop, Vet./Medico/Dentico preferred. Contact 94172-92585. Email: C3-19632

Match for Brahmin girl 12.11.1986, 6 am, Jind, 5'-5", well-qualified, B.A., B.Ed. Computer knowing. Caste no bar. 081948-98852, Email: C3-19918

Professionally qualified, non-smoking, vegetarian, teetotaller match for Saraswat beautiful girl fair, slim, cultured, convent educated, Non-manglik, B.E. (Hons.), Computer Science, Goldmedalist PEC, 5'-4", 3.5.84, 9:00 a.m., Chandigarh, Team Lead Infosys, Chandigarh, 8 LPA. Parents working. Send BHP. E-mail: , 9878507057. C3-20087

Well settled match for Garhwali Brahmin beautiful girl, 13.7.83, 8:59 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-3", M.Sc. (Statistics), PGDCA, working in MNC IT Park, Chandigarh, Salary 27000/-. Non-Garhwali Brahmin also acceptable. Box 1213F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, M.Tech, regular Assistant Professor, Govt university campus, pursuing Ph.D, 12.2.83, 1.00 pm, Jalandhar, 5'-3". Upper caste no bar. 9878211002. E-mail: C3-20495

Suitable match for beautiful Saraswat Brahmin girl, 01.03.1983, 10.20 pm, Jalandhar, 5'-3.5", MCA, working as Software Engineer in Mohali. Contact: 0181-2264038, 9815648707. E-mail: C3-20503

Vegetarian Teetotaller match for beautiful Punjabi Saraswat girl, 5'-2" September 1980, B.E. MBA. Gotra Vashisht/Bhardwaj. Khatris also welcome. 094175-12954, C3-20971

Suitable well-qualified, religious and vegetarian match for Sarswat Brahmin beautiful girl, 24/5'-4", BBM, Australian citizen. Father businessman well-settled in India and Australia. NA3-19143

Hindu Khatri beautiful, homely girl, B.Tech., 5'-2", Nov. 1988, Kurukshetra. 097290-63789, C3-15893

A professional match willing to settle in UK for a Pharmacist, England born Sood (Phakey) girl, 14.08.1981, 5'-3". Contact with recent photo and full biodata email address. C3-17483

Suitable match for B.Pharma girl, 5'-3", 30.8.1987/9:45 p.m./Chandigarh. High status business family. 098162- 44227. C3-18208

Professionally qualified non-manglik match for slim, wheatish, MBA, 5'-1", 11.9.85, 9:45 a.m., Chadigarh. Mob: 098157-61275. C3-18474

MD/ MS Medico match for 5'-4'' Oct 83 born , MD Anaesthesia, Khatri girl. Parents Senior Govt. Doctors. Caste no bar 09815466106. C3-18718

Professionally qualified match for khatri beautiful girl 28.10.86, 5'-3", 1:50 pm, Amritsar, MA (Geogrophy) NET clear. Government job Lecturer KVS near Chandigarh. Tricity preferred. Govt. employee preferred. Match kundli. Contact No: 94663-45267, 94167-95134. C3-18924

Match for Punjabi Khatri beautiful girl, 26.11.1987/7:30 a.m./Mohali, 5'-7", B.Sc. (Computer Science), MCA girl. Software Developer in Mohali. Tricity match preferred. Email: , 98888-84043, 97807-31774. Box 1201F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well placed highly qualified match for slim, smart, May 89, 5'-8", convented Khatri girl from well placed family, pursuing M.Tech., CSE final semester, horoscope matching must. Email: C3-19477

Suitable match for convent educated M.A., B.Ed., Working, Khatri girl, 42/5'-6". Never married. Contact 98149-35199. C3-20029

Inviting alliance for very beautiful, fair girl, September, 83, 5'-2", Ludhiana born (MA Economics & B.Ed. with merit, pursuing MBA from Panjab University) hailing from respectable, affluent high status Hindu Khatri family. The groom should be well educated, well settled in business or profession belongs to good family background. Email: or contact 092560-92456, 096505-82200. C3-20261

Suitable Govt./company employee/well-educated businessman match for Chandigarh-based B.Com., A-Level Computer DOEACC, Accounts Professional course. Pursuing regular MBA. Beautiful Sood/Khatri girl 27/5'-3"/3.60 lacs p.a. Recently opened own coaching institute with bright prospects. Well-settled family. Send detailed bio-data. Email: (Mobile: 098722-85397 after 6:00 pm) C3-20749

Professionally qualified match for Hindu Khatri girl, MBA. Working in MNC. 5'. DOB 12.11.1986/7:35 p.m./Nangal. Tricity NCR preferred. Contact with photo and family profile. , 93568-32789. C3-20775

IIT/IIM/IAS boy 4 Ramgarhia Sikh girl, Dentist from top college, 25, 5'-5". V. fair, beautiful. Father Defence Officer. Defence background preferred. Caste no bar among Sikh. Send biodata photo on & M- 078758-17397. C3-14685

Suitable match for US citizen, Graduate (USA), working, Sikh Ramgarhia girl, slim, 04.02.1982, 5'-4". Preference to US citizens. E-mail: Mobile: 9781386136, 9876128177. C3-18418

Suitable match for Ramgarhia girl, 1985/5'-4", MBA Finance. Father Retd. Officer. Preferred USA (Cal) Citizen, Tricity, Chd. preferred. Uncles, Brother, Sister USA settled. Turbaned Sikh preferred. Dowry seeker excuse. C3-19442

Preferably abroad settled accomplished match for Aug. 85 fair, 5'-3" Ramgarhia Sikh Staff Nurse, Fortis Hospital. 98155-79502. NA3-18632

SM4 beautiful, highly talented, G'sikh Khatri girl, Jan. 1981, 5'-3", Software Engineer, MNC Bank, 10 lac +, issueless, innocently divorced. Highly educated, status family. 98141-17261, C3-12766

Match for Ramdasia girl, 29/5'-2", fair, MCA, Punjab Govt. Secondry School Teacher (Regular) near Mohali, Fatehgarh Sahib, Rs. 36000/-. Educated family. Caste no bar. 9855014043. E-mail: C3-8370B

Suitable match for Ad-dharmi (SC), 14.2.1984/5'-2", B.A., B.Ed. Private teacher Chandigarh. Salary 15000/-. 95929-17033. C3-19248

Alliance invited from Canadian citizen/PR boy for SC Ad-dharmi beautiful, well educated girl 24/5'-5", working in reputed Telecommunication company in Canada. Please respond with biodata, photos: 86994-07647. C3-20383

Suitable match for Addharmi B.Com., MBA 9.9.85, 8 PM, Mukerian, 5'-5", fair, slim, U.T. Govt employee, 30,000/-.Father Govt. Officer (Retd). Brother Engineer, Mother Housewife. Dasuya Region family, Mohali settled. Cleanshaven vegetarian tricity preferred. Send particulars with recent photograph : C3-20893

Match for Sikh Tonk Kshtriya 29/5'-7" ht, Canadian citizen educated girl. Family well settled in Canada preferably match from Canada. Boy should be well educated and having good job & good family back ground. Pl contact or 7809657513. Caste no bar. C3-21001

Preferably Canadian Sikh Arora/Khatri match for beautiful, slim, 23/5'-2" girl, BDS (India), Management Graduate (Canada). 9888870260. E-mail: C3-18406

Suitable match for slim fair, smart veg Arora girl 1985/ 5'-1'' Degree in Textile Fashion Design. 9417128556, 9569489208. C3-19884

Suitable match for Arora Khatri Sikh girl, 5'-4", 7.4.1983, MCA, M.Tech., Ph.D. Professor in College 3 years. Contact: 98881-26249. NA3-18208

Suitable Post-Graduate Medico match for Sept. 1983, 5'- 4", Gupta fair, beautiful girl from Chandigarh, doing MD Microbiology (Final year). Contact 94172-49922. C3-20417

Dentico/Medico match for Chandigarh based slim, beautiful Gupta girl. 26 years, 5'-0". MDS final year Periodontics. Brother Engineer. Parents Manager's in PSU. Upper caste no bar. 09425010694. C3-20697

Match for Gupta girl 5'-2", 04.03.83, 10:10 am Ambala, MBA, Govt. job Panchkula, Salary 5 Lacs. Email: Mobile: 9888933995. C3-20895

Qualified match for non-Manglik Singla girl 5'-4", 03.10.1985, 7.34 a.m. Bathinda, M.Sc. Gold Medalist, M.Phil, UGC NET cleared, pursuing Ph.D (near completion). Contact: 098767-38041, 086990-01245. NA3-18416


An International English Training Services is recruiting English Teachers to mark online papers. Money is paid on hourly basis. Best part time job. Email resume to  C3-19050

Satyam 76964-07731: Two/One kanal bangalow FF 2/3/4 BHK fully furnished vast range. All Chandigarh. C3-18752

Satyam 76964-07731: Two/One kanal newly duplex/single Bungalow fully furnished/unfurnished. Sector8/10/35/33/36/38 for company guesthouse/Buisnessman. C3-18750

Satyam- 7696407731: Uppals Marble Arch Luxurious 3 / 4 BHK apartments (servant quarter). Everybody welcome. C3-18754

Three bedrooms drawing dining newly constructed marble modern corner house no. 145, Sector-36A, SF. Contact: Col. Ahluwalia, 98765-58145. C3-21037

2000 sq. ft. 1st floor in prime commercial hub Phase 1/Sector 55, Mohali. Contact: 86991-97217 Harinder. C3-20449

Mohali: Built-up SCF 110/3B2 only for MNC/Bank/Reputed Pvt. Co., Ground,
First, Second, Third floors. Size 16.6'x66', total covered area 3480 sq.ft., Huge parking, Prime location, Central place. 98726-26463, 98720-20730. C3-19004

T.K. Car Bazar, SCO. 1, Sector 7-C, Ist Floor, Cabin No. 102, Chandigarh: Gets Petrol, Gets Diesel, Innova, Superb diesel/petrol, Tata Vista, Maruti, Skoda, Swift VDi, Ford Fiesta, Verna, Honda City, Santro, Zen. 98143-85552. C3-19348

30 marla plot Village Faidan, Chandigarh, 58 Acres within 20 kms of Karnal, 75 Acres in U.P., 3 kms from Haryana NH-73. Contact: 094160-22332, 098723-36549. C3-20163

Sector 104 Mohali, Pearl, residential 256.67 yards plot available for sale.
Email: 98153-70115. C3-16789

Hot Sale: 10 marla three storey with basement modern fully marbled very good corner house.
Sector-42, Chandigarh. Most suitable for Advocae/Boctor/NRI. Only genuine purchaser contact Col. Ahluwalia, 98765-58145. C3-21045

Cheema Associates: 98720-02729. Industry Shed 5000, 3000, 3500 sq. feet
for IT Companies, Industrial Area, Phase 9, 8, 3, Mohali. NA3-19193

Cheema Associates: 98720-02729. Industrial Shed for rent 1 kanal, 3800 sq. feet RCC shed ground floor, 95 kg load Industrial Area, Phase 8, Mohali. NA3-19194

Cheema Associates: 98720-02729. Industry Shed for rent 5000 sq. feet with 100 kg load Industrial Area, Phase 7, Mohali. NA3-19195


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