Blogs for the cutting-edge tourist
Vibha Sharma

Blogging is a boon for those who travel and chronicle their experiences as well as those who want to follow them

While travelogues have enjoyed a sincere fan following ever since, travel blogs have managed to create their own niche readership too. Well-chronicled and updated blogs have a clear edge over the rest of the resources in a very significant aspect that the information is almost live on them.

Blogs are the individual creative spaces and creators get the liberty of recording and showcasing their jaunts to various places in the ways it catches their fancy. Food, lodging, transport, shopping, sightseeing, events, treks, hiking, sports, activities and much more, you name it and you are almost sure to find a blog where you’d be able to find relevant and updated information about any place on the same.

Homestay or regular hotel stay, lazing over a hammock or shopping for souvenirs on a crowded street, local food or same comfort food, nature appreciation or meeting new people, sitting by a gurgling river in solitude or enjoying the daring rides in a fun park, bird-watching or book reading, meeting locals or solitary confinement — whatever may be your preference, you are sure to find someone like you who must have blogged about the best option to (not) engage in exactly the same activity.

In fact, blogging is a boon for many in a sense that those who earlier used to capture the beauty of various places that they travel to in their eyes or in the shutterbugs now have an option to share it with the world and their ardent followers are not complaining either. They are the ones who stand to benefit from these travellers’ records.

These are just a few from a long list of extremely interesting and worth following Indian travel blogs. The descriptions of their travels are fascinating and the photographs that accompany almost lyrical descriptions of a place are breathtaking. These blogs are true celebration of the wandering and vagabond spirits and we wish their tribe grows with each passing day and year.

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The volume of information does overwhelm the users many times. Here are some websites that you must absolutely bookmark as guides to plan your trip within India and abroad: