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A perfect 10 for 1,369 tricity students
Number of students with 10 CGPA in CBSE Class X examinations up from last year
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
As many as 1,369 students from the tricity have scored a perfect 10 CGPA in the CBSE Class X examinations, the results of which were declared today. As many as 852 students from Chandigarh have hit the bullseye as compared to 351 students from Panchkula and 166 students from Mohali.

This is the fourth year in a row that students have got grades instead of marks. “There were many practical issues in implementing the new continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) system initially, but now the system has sunk in well and results are getting better by the year,” said RJ Khanderao, Regional Director of the CBSE. There has been a considerable rise in the number of students who have got a perfect score as compared to last year from the tricity. As per rough estimates, approximately 35 per cent more students have entered the 10 CGPA bracket than last year.

With more an more students getting a perfect 10, many people are blaming the “possible liberal marking” by schools following the internal exam system for this. St Kabir School administrator Gurpeet Singh Bakshi, whose school had opted for the board exams, said any progressive good school would not look for easy ways just to be ahead in the rat race for a better CGPA card, but if it was happening, it was detrimental to the students.

Shashi Banarjee, Principal of Bhavan Vidyalaya, Panchkula, however, says there is not much of a difference between the board exams and the school-based exams. She says the new system of the CCE has actually moved students away from books to all kind of activities. Over 20,000 students appeared for the board exams from the tricity and over 99 per cent of them qualified for admission to higher classes.

With 99.45 per cent students qualifying for admission to higher classes, the Panchkula region, comprising Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh and Jammu and Kashmir, has ranked second in the country in terms of the overall qualifying percentage.



Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh, leads the chart
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
With nearly 50 per cent of its students getting a 10 CGPA, Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 27, has topped the chart in the tricity in the CBSE Class X examinations. Of the total 150 students who appeared for the exams from the school, 74 students (49.33 per cent) have got a perfect 10 CGPA.

However, in terms of the highest number of students getting a perfect score, Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 15, Panchkula, leads the chart with 95 of its students having hit the bullseye. The percentage works out to be 46.56 as the number of students who appeared for the exams was more. This feat has put the school in the second spot in the tricity.

Similarly, in the DPS, Sector 40, Chandigarh, 33.73 per cent students have got a perfect score. As many as 84 of the 249 students in the school have got a 10 CGPA. The school has been placed third in the tricity.

Carmel Convent School, Sector 9, holds the fourth position with 40 students (28.57 per cent) getting a perfect score. On the fifth position in the tricity is Manav Mangal School, Mohali, with 53 students (27.74 per cent) of the 191 coming out with flying colours.



Govt schools fare poorly
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
Compared to private schools, government schools have faltered in the Class X examinations as only a handful of students have achieved a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 10 in Chandigarh. More than 10,000 students appeared for the board exams in nearly 80 government schools in Chandigarh.

Last year, Government Model Senior Secondary School (GMSSS), Sector 16, was on top among the government schools with 17 of its students scoring a perfect 10. However, this year only five students from the school could secure a 10 CGPA. No government school in Chandigarh managed to reach the double-digit mark as far as securing a 10 CGPA is concerned. Both model as well as non-model schools have fared poorly in the Class X examinations.

For instance, in the GMSSS, Sector 35, only eight students have got a 10 CGPA. In the GMSSS, Sector 37-B, only five students managed to hit the bullseye. Other government schools have also reported a poor result. In the GMSSS, Sector 23, the GMSSS, Sector 33, and the GMHS, Sector 38, only one student each has got a 10 CGPA. In the GMSSS, Sector 28, four students have got a 10 CGPA, while in GMHS, Sector 26, two students have got a 10 CGPA.



Girls outperform boys yet again
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
After Class XII, now girls have outperformed boys in the Class X examinations in terms of getting a perfect 10 CGPA. However, in some schools, boys have done well, but overall the results have gone in favour of girls in the tricity.

For instance, in St Anne’s School, Sector 32, 27 girls have got a 10 CGPA against 20 boys. In Shishu Niketan School, Sector 22-D, 14 girls have hit the bullseye with a perfect 10 CGPA against four boys.

In Manav Mangal School, Mohali, girls have outshone boys with 31 of them getting a 10 CGPA against 22 boys. In Mount Carmel School, Sector 47, 15 girls have hit the bullseye against seven boys. In Moti Ram Arya School, Sector 27, three students have got a 10 CGPA and all of them are girls.

In some schools, there was a tough competition between girls and boys. For instance, 48 girls secured a 10 CGPA in Bhavan Vidyalaya, Panchkula, against 47 boys. In Manav Mangal School, Chandigarh, 19 girls hit the bullseye against 17 boys. In St Kabir School, Sector 26, 14 girls got a 10 CGPA against 13 boys.

CBSE Regional Director said girls continued to do well in the CBSE examinations. At the national level, the percentage of girls who had qualified for admission to higher classes was 98.94 per cent as compared to 98.64 per cent boys. The overall qualifying percentage of girls was also high in the Panchkula region, comprising Punjab, Haryana, HP, Chandigarh and Jammu and Kashmir. Against 99.30 per cent boys, 99.68 per cent girls had qualified for higher classes.

Sanjay Sardana, Director, Manav Mangal School, said girls were doing well in academics for the past several years and this year was no exception. Boys had a tendency of getting involved in activities like sports and Net surfing more than girls, which often affected their performance on the academic front, he said.

However, girls have not outperformed boys in all schools. For instance, in Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 27, 42 boys have secured a 10 CGPA against 32 girls. In KBDAV, Sector 7, there are 24 boys against 15 girls in the 10 CGPA slot. In Vivek High School, Sector 38, boys have done well as compared to girls.



Evasion of VAT
Elante Mall comes under Excise Dept scanner
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
Elante Mall, one of the most prestigious projects of L&T in the Industrial Area, Phase 1, here, that opened last month, has come under the scanner of the UT Excise and Taxation Department.

Suspecting evasion of value added tax (VAT) in the buying and selling of commercial cooking gas, the department has issued a notice to two companies, L&T Realty Gas and Ayaan Foods, seeking an explanation as to why tax at the rate of 12.5 per cent was not being paid on the sale of gas.

UT Deputy Commissioner-cum Excise and Taxation Commissioner Mohammed Shayin said the issue of VAT was being examined.

Awadh Vashishta, COO, Elante, said they were just facilitators in the entire exercise. "We are a law-abiding company and will pay whatever is due. We have recently paid property tax to the MC."

Sources said after buying cooking gas from oil companies, L&T Realty Gas was selling the product to Ayaan Foods, which was further selling it to establishments operating from the mall. According to provisions of the Excise Act, VAT has to be paid whenever any product is sold. The prevailing rate of VAT is 12.5 per cent.

Officials of the department are learnt to have procured bills showing the sale of cooking gas. L&T is registered as a large commercial consumer, but it is not authorised to sell the product further, say officials.

The officials are also trying to find out whether there has been any violation of the norms of the Food and Supplies Department.

Yet to get power supply from UT

The UT Administration is yet to provide electricity supply to Elante Mall. According to officials of the UT, it will take at least five months for it to meet the infrastructure requirements. Officials in the electricity wing of the UT Engineering Department said the mall had asked for a 15 MW power supply from the Administration, which the former was not able to provide as its own infrastructure was being upgraded.

The officials said even if the mall authorities wanted to purchase power directly from the Northern Grid, they would still require the UT infrastructure. At present, Elante Mall is daily spending Rs 2.5 to Rs 3 lakh on diesel to run generators for the power supply.



Motorcyclist dies in mishap
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
In a hit-and-run accident, a motorcyclist died after being hit by a rashly driven truck at the Sectors 45/46/49/50 intersection early this morning. The victim, 35-year-old Suresh Rai, succumbed to his injuries at the Government Medical College and Hospital in Sector 32.

The mishap occurred in the wee hours when Suresh was heading towards Mohali.

The accident occurred when the truck, coming from the Sectors 45/46/49/50 intersection, hit the motorcycle (CH01AL 7762).

Suresh fell on the road while the truck driver fled from the spot and nobody could note down its number. The victim received severe head injuries. Passersby called the police.

A PCR vehicle took the injured to the GMCH, Sector 32, where Suresh succumbed to his injuries at 6 am. The victim worked in a factory in the Industrial Area. The police has registered a case of causing death due to negligence under Section 304-A of the IPC.


Records of patients
PGI’s computerisation process tardy
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 29
Even as the PGI has woken up to the need of computerisation to maintain centralised patient records, 15 years after receiving the grant, the project is moving at a snail's pace as its staff is reluctant to use computers.

Sources in the IT Administration revealed that the Computerisation Committee had directed the reception staff to provide a sample for the admission discharge transfer (ADT) module for updating records of patients’ movement and treatment status two months ago. The latter, however, has failed to do so, till date.

In fact, a visit to the Nehru Hospital at the PGI on Tuesday revealed that attendants had a harrowing time locating their patients. A number of attendants visited the reception to track their patients, both inside the Emergency Wing as well as at the main entrance to the Nehru Hospital. Upon being told the name and date of admission of the patient, the staff could be seen turning pages through several registers, yet being unable to precisely identify the location of the patients.

The purpose of computerisation is to take away this limitation of manual search and guesswork by the staff.

Madhavi Devi, the attendant of a 53-year-old patient of liver cirrhosis from Rajiv Colony here, said: "We have been trying to locate our patient for the past one hour. We first went to the reception. They told us that we should look for the patient at Emergency in Ward Number 4. When we managed to reach there, nobody knew where our patient was. The nurses in the ward suggested that we check on the extreme end of the floor. I could not understand the name of the ward, but there also, nobody had heard of our patient's name. We then returned to the reception and the person again asked to check in Emergency Ward 4 or meet the doctor concerned."

The ordeal of several other attendants was similar, as they could be seen constantly talking to the other attendants on the phone to understand the exact location.

Rajjo, mother of a 32-year-old patient who underwent a surgery in the abdomen, from a remote village near Haridwar, said: "My daughter's mother-in-law took her to the hospital. For the past 45 minutes, I have been looking for her on the fourth floor, as told by the receptionist".

Sources in the PGI Administration also said there was a lot of resistance and lack of cooperation from the paramedics. The nursing staff prefers to make manual entries while shifting the patients.

According to the sources, the nursing and paramedical staff often take the plea that they were preoccupied with the manual tracking of patients' records, refusing to make online entries.

The Rs 25-crore project of the Hospital Information System (HIS) has been aimed at launching a lab module for patients and doctors for viewing the test reports of patients online. The modalities of the ADT module will be placed first in the order. There are a total of 21 modules in the entire project.

More than 6,000 patients visit the new OPD block everyday. There are more than 2,000 indoor patients admitted to various centres and wards at the PGI.

At present, computers are being utilised only for the purpose of registration at fee counters and accounting. While there is no availability of computer for registration and locating a patient at the new OPD reception, the computers available at the reception of the emergency wards have been lying defunct.



Special drive to check snatching incidents
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
To curb the snatching incidents during the peak hours at busy markets, crowded parking lots and vital installations, a special drive, from 11 am to 2 pm, was carried out at 41 locations in the city.

The barriers were put up jointly by the officials of the local police, Home Guard volunteers and IRB jawans.

During the checking, as many as 1,611 vehicles were checked, 75 challan were issued for various traffic violations and 11 vehicles were impounded.

During the morning hours, traffic drive was conducted from 7 am to 9 am. Special focus was laid on overspeeding and black filming. Barriers were put up at seven locations in the city.

A total of 260 challans were issued which included 210 for overspeeding, six for black films, 44 for other miscellaneous offences. Two vehicles were also impounded. An amount of Rs 25,000 was collected on the spot as compounding fee.

Similarly, during the evening hours, 42 joint barriers of 114 officials of the local police and 141 jawans of the IRB were deployed in different locations of the city.

During the checking, 1,665 vehicles were checked, 65 challan were issued for various traffic violations and three vehicles were impounded.

Chain snatched

Despite so many barriers installed by the city police, snatchers had a field day today. Santra Devi, a resident of Sector 41B, Chandigarh, alleged that two persons on a red Pulsar motorcycle fled after snatching her gold chain.

The incident occured when Santra Devi was standing outside her residence.

The police has registered a case against unidentified miscreants.



panchkula mc poll
Liquor seized from Saketri area
Was being transported to hutments to woo voters
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 30
On one hand, candidates have not shown details of liquor expenditure given to the observer while on the other hand, the Panchkula police seized four cartons of liquor that were being transported to the hutments in the Saketri area by a candidate today. The police said that candidate of Ward No 8 had sent it to woo voters.

It was on a tip off that the Panchkula police came to know that liquor was being transported in an A-star car to the Saketri area near Mansa Devi Complex. The owner of the car was nabbed on the spot.

The accused, Hari Krishan Bansal, after being arrested said that he was carrying liquor in his car since it was his son’s birthday. A case has been registered against him at the MDC police station.

“We will be informing the Excise and Taxation Department and will also write to the State Election Commissioner about the same,” said Ashwin Shenvi, Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Expenditure observer Rajeev Chaudhary said that not even a single candidate had shown expenditure on liquor in his records.

The Panchkula police is conducting raids at different places. The police will be standing in civvies and also plant their informers to check the supply of liquor.

Rival turns supporter

In a U-turn, a candidate, Sadhu Ranbir Singh Malhi, a Congress candidate, who was earlier contesting against another Congress candidate Pritam Singh Lubana from Ward 8 withdrew his candidature and came in support of Lubana.

Two cartons of liquor seized from Another candidate

Two cartons of liquor were also seized from another candidate of the same ward late this evening by the police. So far, no candidate has shown any liquor expenditure in Panchkula. It was on a tip off that the Panchkula police came to know that liquor was being transported in an A-star car to the Saketri area near Mansa Devi Complex. The owner of the car was nabbed on the spot.

Candidates told to show daily expenditure

Expenditure observer issues notices to candidates, tells them to show the register of their expenditure every second day. Expenditure observer issued notices to candidates saying that they were required to show the details of the expenditure being incurred on campaigning every day. “I visited the sites also and have issued notices to candidates who have not shown their daily expenditure. Now they have started coming to my office ever second day to show the expenditure,” said Rajeev Chaudhary, expenditure observer.



Know your candidate
Women power at its best
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 30
Wards 15, 16 and 17 are the wards where women power will rule as these wards are reserved for women. While ward 15 comprises Sectors 10 and 11, Ward 16 comprises Sectors 2, 4, Haripur and the Majri area and Ward 17 comprises Sectors 3, 21 and Devi Nagar.

Ward 15

As many as six candidates are contesting from Ward 15. Some of the strong contenders are:

Tara Ahuja

Beautifying vacant areas top of her agenda

Tara AhujaTara Ahuja is contesting the municipal corporation elections on the BJP party symbol, Tara Ahuja is the mother of Sanjay Ahuja who has been active in the sector for long. “We don’t believe in showing off but have been working consistently for the people of our ward. Since our ward consists of the busiest sectors, a large number of visitors visit these sectors,” said Ahuja. She further added, “Providing playing ground for children, cleanliness, construction of smooth roads will be our on our priority list.” Beautifying the vacant areas will on top of Ahuja’s agenda. Contesting the elections for the first time, Ahuja said that even if she does not win, she would continue to work consistently for her ward residents.

Archana Sanghi

Keen to make ward a safe place for women

She was the first one to come up with an all women society in Panchkula and now is now, contesting the elections. Sanghi aims to work for women. She said that women were constantly being targeted in every sphere of life.She aims to make here ward a safe place for women to live in. “Crime against women has been on the rise and I believe this is the first and the foremost issue which needs to be tackled urgently,” said Sanghi. She said development works in the sector would be given the priority and she would make sure that people were satisfied with her work. Other candidates contesting the elections from this ward are OmVati Punia, Rani Sharma, Ritu Gupta and Kiran Kakkar.

Ward 16

Ward 16 which comprises Sector 2, 4 and the Haripur area has five candidates contesting the elections. They are Sakshi Bhandari, Veena Soi, Mamta Mittal, Rimpy Gulati and Sharanjeet Kaur and Harmesh Rani Sharma

Sakshi Bhandari

Promises to work consistently

Sakshi BhandariShe is the wife of Tarun Bhandari, a former councillor, Sakshi promises to work consistently like her husband. She said she too would live up to the expectations of the people. “While we were campaigning, we came to know about a number of problems which the people are facing, some of which were solved by us on the spot. I have a political background and know the ground reality. I am aware of the problems being faced by the people,” said Bhandari. She further added, “My husband has been a Mayor and solving problems of the people in the ward has always been the agenda of our family.” Bhandari is contesting the elections independently.

Sharanjeet Kaur

Will expedite work taken up

Sharanjeet KaurShe has been the sarpanch of Haripur village and also the member of the District Planning Committee. She said that she had won the elections four times and that itself spoke of the work she had done in the ward. “Agendas have been the same - construction of roads, cleanliness, maintenance of parks and other issues but we aim to get the work done soon. This time our priority will be to get each and every work expedited so that people do not have to wait,” said Kaur. She further added, “People have faith in me and they know that I will get the work done.”

Ward 17

Ward 17 which comprises Sectors 3, 21 and the Devinagar area also has women contesting the elections. As many as four candidates are contesting the elections. They are Rita Aggarwal, Sumitra Narwal, ArunLata and Dalbir Kaur Punia.

Sumitra Narwal

Law and order is her priority

Sumitra NarwalSumitra Narwal is contesting the elections on the INLD party symbol. She said that the ward has always been craving for attention and no one has listened to the problems of the people. “There has been no proper water supply, sewerage system, electricity in our area and residents have always been at the receiving end,” said Narwal. She further added, “We do what we say, that is also the motto of our party. Law and order problem also needs to be looked into.” Narwal said that the Jyoti’s murder also took place in the area. She also said that she would fight against crime against women.

Rita Aggarwal

Rita AggarwalStray cattle menace needs to be solved

Rita Aggarwal, wife of Suresh Aggarwal, who took up the issue of Zirakpur-Panchkula highway with the National Highway Authority of India and also filed a PIL said that she would live up to the expectations of people. “Stray cattle, stray dog menace, damaged roads and parks have always been the important issues in the sector,” said Aggarwal.



Online shopping: Chandigarh among top 12 cities
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
Defying the common perception that women are addicted to shopping, a survey conducted by a leading online shopping website in the top 20 cities, including Chandigarh, recently found that the number of men online shoppers was much higher than that of women.

The study found that 70 per cent of the shoppers online were men as against 30 per cent women shoppers. Among the men shoppers, footwear was the most commonly picked up item, followed by sports apparels.

A majority of the shoppers were youngsters. The cause for the high number of men going in for online shopping is the natural inclination of men towards the use of computers and the Internet and also the facility to shop from home.

“While it has been a common perception among Indians that a trial is a must before purchasing footwear, the youngsters, especially men, have started realising that the footwear comes in standardised sizes,” said Ashutosh Lawania, co-founder, Myntra.

Among the women shoppers, ethnic wear, including kurtas, followed by party wear, is the favourite item.

Chandigarh currently ranks among the top 12 cities in India in terms of online shopping, found the survey conducted by the company.

It was also found that people living across Punjab, Chandigarh and Haryana order in bulk and more than 600 orders are shipped to Punjab and Haryana everyday.



mc house meetings
Ban entry of outsiders without passes: Oppn
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
Councillors of the BJP, SAD and the BSP today submitted a memorandum to the MC Commissioner, in which they have demanded a ban on the entry of outsiders in the MC House meetings through the Mayor's room.

The Opposition councillors demanded that persons without visitor's passes should not be allowed in the MC hall during a house meeting. They alleged that in the recent house meeting, certain Congress leaders entered the hall through the Mayor's room and attacked the Opposition councillors with water bottles.

They also alleged that the Congress leaders, including former Mayor Ravinder Pali and former Deputy Mayor HS Lucky, attacked the councillors of the BSP and the BJP with water bottles after entering the hall where the MC house meeting was going on. They entered the hall along with Mayor Subhash Chawla through his room. Only the Mayor and the MC officials are allowed to enter the hall during an MC house meeting through the Mayor's room, they stated.

Councillor of the BJP Arun Sood, who is also the Leader of the Opposition in the House, said the MC should take action against the Congress leaders who entered the hall without visitor's passes. In the house meeting held on May 24, a ruckus was created after the BJP demanded a discussion on the railway bribery scam in which former Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal's nephew was held.



29 vanity Nos. auctioned
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
Out of the 30 unsold vanity numbers of the CH-01-AT series, the Registering and Licensing Authority today auctioned 29 numbers. A revenue of Rs 4.96 lakh was generated through this auction.

An official said the department had conducted the auction for this series for the second time. The number CH-01-AT-0060 and CH01-AT-0100 got the highest bid of Rs 70,000 each while the second highest bid of Rs 44,000 was made for CH-01-AT-0030.



Crime tracking system installed at police station
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
The UT police today installed the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS) at the Sector 31 police station. The project was formally launched by SP City Shiv Charan.

This is the fourth police station where the crime tracking system has been installed to meet the objectives of a nationwide programme in the country. The project will help the police in tracking crime and criminals.




Lecture on ills of smoking

Chandigarh: India is facing a smoking death crisis and it has been predicted by a research study that one million people will die every year from tobacco smoking in India in the next 10 years. This was stated by Dr Zafar Ahmed Iqbal, Associate Consultant, Critical Care and Pulmonology, Fortis Hospital, Mohali, while addressing over 300 inmates and staff of the Burail Model Jail on Thursday, on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day. "A puff of cigarette smoke has more than 4,000 chemicals. Of these, 10 per cent are carcinogens, i.e. cancer causing agents or they are poisonous chemicals like tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide. Nicotine is a very addictive psychoactive substance which causes a change in the person's mood or behaviour," said Dr Iqbal.

Campaign against tobacco promotion

To mark 'World Tobacco No Day', the UT Health Department is going to promote this year's theme "Ban Tobacco Advertisement, Promtion, and Sponsorship". The administration had earlier directed that no food substance should contain tobacco or nicotine as its ingredient. The Health Department had collected samples of various "guthka" and "panmasala" brands and sent them for tests to check the contents. The administration reinforced the notification prohibiting articles of food in which tobacco and nicotine are used as ingredients after the reports found presence of tobacco contents. As per the rules, there can be no display of any tobacco product at the point of sale. The Chandigarh Anti-Tobacco Cell had on May 21 received a notification reinforcing the prohibition on sale of food items containing tobacco or nicotine.

Poster-making competition

To sensitise school children about the harmful effects of tobacco, the Sahayta Charitable Welfare Society organised a poster making competition .The response was overwhelming. About 70 schools participated in the competition. Posters were adjudged by Jasbinder Kaur and Ridhi Bhan, a graphic designer. Sixteen prizes will be given away Friday to mark 'World No Tobacco Day' in three age groups. Lalita Prakash, principal, Ashiana School, will give away the prizes. Dr Sethi will show the children slides about the harmful effects of tobacco.

Lecture on brain attack today

The eighth public lecture in the Golden Jubilee Public Lecture Series will be on 'Brain Attack' by Dr Manoj Goyal, Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology, PGIMER, on Friday at 12.30 pm on the ground floor of New OPD Block, PGIMER. Stroke or brain attack occurs whenever there is either blockage of blood supply to brain or there is rupture of blood vessels causing hemorrhage in the brain. Brain attack is currently the third leading cause of death and a major cause of disability. As per estimates, every minute 4-5 new cases of stroke occur in India, said experts at the PGIMER. As a result of either decrease of blood supply or hemorrhage in brain there is damage to cells in the brain and depending upon the site of damage, patients may present with weakness of one side of body, loss of ability to speak, visual abnormalities, confused behaviour or loss of feeling in different parts of body. The main warning signs that a patient may be having stroke include sudden onset weakness or speech abnormalities, headache, vision problems, and dizziness. Otherwise relatives may notice deviation of angle of mouth or dragging of either foot or clumsiness while walking. — TNS



Braving all odds, they make a mark
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
Braving all odds, Lokesh Kumar, son of a security guard, secured a CGPA of 9.4 in the Class X exams conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, results of which were declared today.

Student of Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 16, 16-year-old Lokesh attributed his success to his parents and teachers. Lokesh’s father, Rakesh Kumar, earns a monthly income of Rs 8,000. “My parents’ hard work has always motivated me to put in best of my efforts,” said Lokesh, who has secured an A+ grade in both mathematics and Sanskrit. He said regular studies were the mantra for his success. “I did not waste my time. I made sure that I studied everyday,” he said.

Lokesh did not get enrolled for any private coaching. Preparing to pursue non-medical, he said he hoped to see himself in one of the Indian Institutes of Technology, but eventually aimed at cracking the civil services examination. Lokesh’s father said he wanted his son to do well in future, and would bear all the expenses for his studies.

Besides Lokesh, Neeraj Kumar, son of an artisan, also secured a CGPA of 9.4. An economically weaker section student of St John’s High School, Neeraj (16) said he was not expecting such a good result. “My father always motivated me to perform well and keep my focus on studies,” said Neeraj, a resident of Manimajra. He wants to pursue the non-medical stream.

St John’s High School, Sector 26, has four more students who secured a CGPA of 8 or above. Among them, Mohit Kumar who has secured a CGPA of 9 is the younger brother of Vikas Kumar, who had recently topped the school in the CBSE Class XII exams. Mohit, a son of roadside vendor, said he had always seen his brother working hard in studies and also looking after their father’s work. “This was a major encouragement for me to work hard as well,” he said.

Among other students, Amit, a gardener’s son, scored a CGPA of 8.8. He wants to pursue commerce. Pawan, a son of a labourer, and Puneet, whose father is a salesman, shared a CGPA of 8.6 in the Class X exams.

From Sacred Heart School, Sector 26, five EWS students performed well in the exams. Chandini, Afreen, Sunaina, Meenakshi, and Pooja made the school proud. Daughter of a plumber, Chandini, who secured a CGPA of 8.4, said the school helped her a lot in her studies. She achieved this feat without attending any private tuition. Besides her, Afreen and Sunaina secured a CGPA of 8, and Meenakshi and Pooja got a score of 7.8.



Budding players shine on academic turf
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
Budding players from the city aced the CBSE Class X exams, with many international players hitting the bull’s eye with a perfect CGPA of 10. Ismat Gill, a national-level fencing player of Sacred Heart School, Sector 26, is one such student who scored a perfect 10.

Ismat has participated in the School National Games and also represented the UT in inter-school competitions. She said sports helped her in having a focused approach towards her studies as well.

Another sportsperson from the school, Kavleen Kaur, a national handball player, too has secured a CGPA of 10. Kavleen said she had no problem handling both studies and sports. “I managed my time well,” she said.

There are as many as six other players from the school who got a CGPA of nine or above. International football (under-16) captain Soumiya Ravi and state-level crickerer Mansha Arora got a CGPA of 9.8. Ivy Raina, an international football player, scored 9.6, followed by Hasrat Kaushal, a national handball player, who got a CGPA of 9.4.

Athletes from St Kabir School, Sector 26, also performed well in the exams. Gautam Sharma, a national football player, scored 9.8, while Shrishti Jain, who is an international-level chess player, got a perfect 10 CGPA. She is the only girl from North India who has entered the ranking chart in the under-19 category at the world level.

Shrishti said playing chess improved her mind skills, which helped her a lot in studies. “It has also taught me how to manage time,” she said.

Alish GrewalCarmel Convent girls make school proud

Table tennis player Alish Grewal, a 15-year-old student of Carmel Convent School, has scored a CGPA of 9.8. She has been playing the game for the past six years and has participated in the senior national table tennis tournament. Two more students of the school, Jaspreet Kaur and Sharika Kaul, scored a perfect 10. Both are football players and have represented India at the Asian Games.



Twin delight for Gupta family
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
Gupta family has two reasons to celebrate after the Class X exam results were declared by the Central Board of Secondary Education today. Twin sisters, Srishti Gupta and Rishti Gupta, have secured a perfect 10 CGPA.

Other than this common feat, Srishti and Rishti, both students of Sacred Heart School, Sector 26, have little in common.

Starting with the conversation, Rishti, who is older by 45 seconds, says, “We don’t have a common favourite when it comes to colours, and have different hobbies as well. But there is something that keeps us connected.”

Srishti chips in, “We are getting same grades for the past three years, and we were not surprised to see a similar result once again.”

“It might be due to the fact that we share the same notes,” says Rishti, adding that she has a great influence on her ‘younger’ sister. Rishti has been planning to pursue the non-medical stream, and Shristi too has adopted the same stream.

Daughters of a gynecologist, both the sisters want to get admitted to the Indian Institute of Technology. The twins sign off by saying they love each other and are best of friends.



Even illness could not dampen their spirit
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
Ashutosh Kaushal, a cancer patient, had lost all hopes of passing the CBSE Class X exams after he could not complete a paper as his health deteriorated. The system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE), however, ensured that he passed the exam with a CGPA of 7, based on his earlier performance.

Ashutosh’s father, Satvinder Kumar, said his son was very delighted after clearing the exam.

“Ashutosh went into depression as he could complete the final exam, but the result brought a great relief to him,” he said. Ashutosh is suffering from blood cancer, detected when he was in Class VIII. “With so many chemotherapies, he has not been feeling well; but he is a strong boy,” said Satvinder Kumar. When asked what he wanted to become in life, Ashutosh said a medical professional. “Not because I am not well, but because I love sciences,” he said.

Besides Ashutosh, there are other students too who have done well despite their illness and chronic problems. For instance, Atharv Vashishth, a 17-year-old student of St John’s High School, is a dyslexic, but he managed to score a CGPA of 7.8; that too without the help of a writer. Ashutosh has also been doing well in other activities. For instance, he has black belt in kick boxing.

“I chose not to take a writer’s help, because I want to be self-reliant,” said Atharv. He now plans to pursue his future studies in computer sciences. His mother said that he had being doing well in academics and hoped to continue performing well.

Lavanya, a student of Class X at Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 15, Panchkula, did not ever let dyslexia be a stumbling block in her studies. She scored a CGPA of 8.6. A resident of Sector 9, her father runs a restaurant. Lavanya said no problem remained a problem if children got the support of their teachers and parents.

Similarly, Mallika Khaneja, who is suffering from cerebral palsy, also scored a CGPA of 8.6. Although Mallika faces problem in speaking, she faced all the problems with determination and came out with flying colours. (With inputs from Hina Rohtaki)

Ratanjot SinghPerfect 10 despite fractured wrist

Student of St Kabir School, Ratanjot Singh’s achievement is worth mentioning. He had his right wrist fractured just before the exam while playing football, and had to appear for it with the help of a writer. Despite this, he managed to score a perfect CGPA. He plans to get admitted to the non-medical stream.



Panchkula schools record good results once again
Hina Rohtaki
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 30
After leading the tricity in the Class X and XII exams conducted by the ICSE and ISC respectively, Panchkula once again faired well in the Class X exams of the Central Board of Secondary Education, results of which were declared today.

Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 15, produced as many as 95 perfect scorers, i.e. students with the CGPA of 10, the highest in the town.

A total of 351 students scored the 10 CGPA in Panchkula district, out of which 160 are girls and 151 boys. Panchkula-based Bhavan Vidyalaya has bagged the second position in the tricity.

The tricity topper in the Class XII CBSE exams, Aakriti Goel (98.2 per cent), is also from the same school. Meanwhile, the ICSE topper, Rajat Bir Singh Bajwa (96.8 per cent), is a student of city-based Little Flower Convent School, Sector 14.

Out of 204 students of Bhavan Vidyalaya, 95 scored perfect 10 CGPA. Girls narrowly outdid the boy students, as 48 of the perfect scorers were girls, while 47 were boys. School principal Shashi Banerjee attributed the good results to the hard work put in by the students with the support of the teachers.

Going by the percentage of students getting the perfect score, Bhavan Vidyalaya topped the schools in town with a figure of 47. It is followed by Satluj Public School, Sector 4, with 27 per cent of its students scoring the 10 CGPA, and Hansraj Public School, Sector 6, with 24 per cent students.

“We are proud of our students who have faired so well in the exams. We will continue to give such results," said Krit Serai, principal of the Satluj Public School. Manav Mangal School, Sector 11, meanwhile, has 17 per cent students with the perfect CGPA, while DAV School, Surajpur, has 16 per cent students with the CGPA of 10.



Better show by Mohali schools
Kulwinder Sangha

Mohali, May 30
The performance of Mohali students showed an improvement in the CBSE Class X examinations with those securing a CGPA (cumulative grade point average) of 10 showing a rise, particularly at Manav Mangal Smart School.

Among the top three institutions in the town, the first slot went to Manav Mangal School, second to Lawrence Public School and the third position went to Shivalik Public School. Last year, Shivalik was placed first, Manav Mangal second and the third position went to Lawrence.

A total of 166 students from 11 schools, whose results were available this evening, obtained a CGPA of 10. As many as 1,035 students appeared for the examinations from these institutions.

It was time for celebrations at Manav Mangal Smart School, Phase X here, as 53 of its students secured 10 CGPA. Last year, only 20 students had hit that mark.

The students who made the institution proud are Abhishek Bhatia, Aditya Aggarwal, Chirag Gera, Harmanjot Maangat, Parth Sharma, Rajat, Sweety Baliyan, Utkarsh Rana, Angad S Bajwa, Guneet Kaur, Harshita Rao, Jasleen Kaur, Karan, Kritika Puri, Mehak, Parth Choda, Pragya Paul, Rudra Raina, Subhanshu Sareen, Shubham Bansal, Sumit Dureja, Vaishnavi Kapil, Vipul Gupta, Siddharth Sharma, Manjot Kaur Rekhi, Dapinderjit Singh, Garima Arora, Gurshan Singh, Ishnoor Kaur, Nitika, Pahulpreet Kaur, Ramneek Kaur, Shireen Kamboj, Tarundeep Kaur, Varinda Sahni, Yuvraj Arora, Avleen Kaur, Japleen Kaur Shinh, Megha, Pooja Nitesh Jasani, Sakshi, Tanveen Kaur Gill, Divgian Singh Sidhu, Navdeep Kaur, Manmeet Kaur, Archita Sharma, Jaishree Saharan, Parminder Singh Bains, Shreya Guleria, Siddharth Sachdev, Sidhant Dhawan, Samnpreet Kaur Bhandhol and Simran Kalsi.

As many as 27 students of Lawrence Public Senior Secondary School also attained the 10 CGPA mark. Last year, the figure was only 18. This year’s toppers are Shubham Bandha, Mridu Sharma, Deepika Nanda, Inayat, Jasmine Kaur, Urvi Garg, Riya Mittal, Rishabh Gupta, Sobia Siddique, Gurjot Kaur, Jagbir Singh, Tarveen Kaur, Himmank Gupta, Rajat Singh, Mansi Saroj, Bhavjot Singh, Parneet Chadha, Nitika, Simarpreet Singh, Udayveer, Risham, Mehak, Vyoyeetri Ghosh, Vishav Anmol, Chintan Lamba, Jasjot Kaur and Jivtesh Singh.

At Shivalik Public School, Phase VI, there was also an improvement in the results with 26 students scoring 10 CGPA against 23 last year. The students who scored 10 CGPA are Abhishek Saini, Alok Verma, Raman Kumar, Amanpreet Kaur, Bharvi, Isha Dhiman, Isha, Jasmine Bamba, Jaya Sharma, Saranjot Kaur, Shivani Khosla, Simran Kaur, Sukhmanjeet Kaur, Arshit Jamwal, Harmandeep Singh Jeji, Harman Sood, Mukul Garg, Reetendra Singh, Rishab Singh, Rohit Gupta, Sudipta Pati, Tarun Mehta, Jaskiranjit Kaur, Aman Verma, Rajbir Singh and Shashi Kant Kushwaha.



Financial constraints no barrier for them
Our Correspondent

Mohali, May 30
Despite financial constraints in their families, two students of Shivalik Public School here made it to the top by scoring a CGPA of 10 in the CBSE Class X examinations, results of which were declared today.

Shashikant, whose father is a quality worker in a private company and lives in Sector 56, Chandigarh, said he used to study for nine to 10 hours daily.

Shashikant said he wanted to go in for the non-medical stream as maths and science were his favourite subjects. His dream was to join the IAS.

Saranjot Kaur, the other topper, said her father was a service adviser and she was getting a fee concession in the school.

Saranjot said she devoted a lot of time to her studies. Her inspiration had been her mother and her teachers.

She said she wanted to opt for the non-medical stream and obtain the BTech degree from either Thapar University or Panjab University.



All CTU, school buses to have speed governors soon, says UT Adviser
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
By the next one month, all the schools buses and the CTU vehicles will have speed governors with a speed limit of 50 kmph. This was directed by the UT Adviser to the Administrator, K K Sharma, at a meeting with the officials of the Transport Department today.

The Adviser asked the officials to review the status of all the buses plying in the city in the light of the speed governor proposal.

The Director, Transport, and the Secretary, State Transport Authority, were directed to take necessary steps to make sure that speed governors (with a speed limit of 50 kmph) are functional in all the buses of the CTU and schools.

The State Transport Authority and the UT Traffic Police were directed to conduct regular inspections to detect the cases of speeding by the CTU and school bus drivers due to lack of speed governors and the non-functioning of these equipment for any technical reason and take appropriate action against violators.

The officers who attended the meeting included SP (Traffic) Manish Chaudhary, Director (Transport) TPS Phoolka, Joint Secretary (Transport) MM Sabharwal, Registering and Licensing Authority Mahavir Kaushik and CTU General Manager SP Parmar.



Student designs green mobile phone charger
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
In an attempt to save power and utilise the readily available sunlight, a Class X student of the city has designed a solar mobile phone charger based on the concept of photovoltaic.

The solar charger has been designed using cells available in calculators. The cells have been connected to make a solar array (panel), which is then joined in a serial connection with a multi-charger used in cars.

Nidhi Sharma, a student of Stepping Stones Senior Secondary School, Sector 37, has designed this charger and her project was displayed at an exhibition at the State Institute of Education.

The universal charger can come handy in places getting irregular power supply, said Nidhi. “You can find the sun pretty much anywhere on the earth during daytime,” said Nidhi.

About the model

When the sun rays hit the solar panel, photons absorbed in the panel transfer their energy to electrons. The electrons, which are set free, then move in one direction. This creates a current, which can then be captured to generate power. In this way, light energy is converted into electrical energy.



‘Super Achiever Scholarship’ scheme launched

Mohali, May 30
Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today launched a “Super Achiever Scholarship” scheme, initiated by Chandigarh University, Gharuan, under its scholarship policy for brilliant aspiring engineers of the country.

Disclosing this here today, a spokesperson of the Chief Minister’s office said that Chandigarh University had earmarked Rs nine crore to provide Super Achiever Scholarship to 630 meritorious students.

Badal said that all educational institutions should inculcate a sense of accomplishment among the bright students that would further encourage them to achieve their goal in life. On the occasion, Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor, Chandigarh University, apprised the Chief Minister that under the scheme students would be eligible for 100 per cent fee waiver along with other benefits like free books and uniform besides placements in top multi-national companies and higher education opportunities in the university after the successful completion of their course. — TNS



Stationery distributed among children
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
A Chandigarh-based NGO, Love All Foundation for Development and Rehabilitation, distributed stationery items like notebooks, registers, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and pen among the poor and needy students of Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 15, Chandigarh.

NGO president Sneh Lata, secretary Ramesh Kumar, cashier Nachiketa, Rakesh Kumar and other members were present on the ocassion. School principal Amarjit Kaur cooperated in the endeavour. The foundation is dedicated to the uplift of human beings.



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