Sunday, June 2, 2013, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

SM4 Parjapati Hindu Kumhar boy June 1982, graduate, 5'- 8", fair, smart, established business. Educated family. 094175-58035, 085916-76715.  NA3-22974

Seeking suitable qualified match from Australia or India for Mair Rajput boy
28/5'-10". Presently in India. Stayed in Australia for six years and considering to go back soon. Parents retired from Gazetted post from Chandigarh. Only sister married and settled in Australia. Contact: 098146-78143, 0061430139003. E.mail:  NA3-22219

Suitable Saraswat Brahmin Manglik boy Parashar gotra, 5'-9", 8 July 82,
3:14 pm, Bilaspur (Yamunanagar) B.Sc. IT, Diploma in Electronic and Communication, MCSE employed MNC, earning 5 lakh package. Khatri/Arora are welcome. Email:  Mob: 92549- 10925. C3-24347

Match for lower Himachali Saraswat Brahmin handsome boy, 5'-6",
28.12.1982, 11:00 am, Chandigarh, LLB, LLM (pursing). Well established practice. Tricity employed preferred. Contact after matching kundli. 7508929394,  C3-24497

Match for Brahmin boy, Dec.1985/5'-9", Graduate, pursuing MBA, Associate
Manager in Ltd. Company at Chandigarh and reputed side business, income 5 lac/p.a. Father Xen, mother Architect, elder brother Australian citizen. 094165-00808. E-mail:  C3- 24609

Match for handsome Saraswat Brahmin boy 6ft, 26.11.85, 22.26 Tundla (UP)
Mechancial Engineer Merchant Navy pkg. 15 Lac. Preferred beautiful, educated, employed, upper caste no bar. 093555-46543.  C3-24815

Saraswat Manglik match 4 B.Tech. SWE top MNC Banglore (12.01.82 Jaipur,
3:47 pm, Ht. 5'-11"), only B.Tech./MBA/M.Sc. (P/C/M/B), match from Kangra, Hoshiarpur (Dasuya, Talwara and adjoining areas pfd.) Contact: 99102-49243 after matching kundli. C3-25143 

Suitable match for handsome 5'-11", fair, Engineer, Brahmin, Belongs to
Chandigarh based family. Postgraduate, Calgary University, Canada. 12.2.1983/11:27 p.m./Chandigarh. Employed in Canada MNC. Desire Good looking, well educated girl, Technically qualified from Status family. 98151-92877. C3-25527

Well qualified match for Arora manglik boy Sept. 77, 5'-10", CA working MNC
drawing + 15 Lacs. Marriage dissolved. Box 2188M Tribune, Chandigarh

B'lore settled Pb. Khatri Fly seek SM below 28 yrs. for their MBA son,
29.7.81/12:30 pm, Delhi, 5'-9", horoscope must. Contact: 098452-72149. Email:  C3-24799

PQM for Manglik/non-Manglik Hindu Arora boy 06.07.84, 05.35 p.m.,
Bathinda, 5'-7", B.Tech., Software Engineer MNC Noida pkg 7-8 lac send BHP.  94179-97386. C3-24909

Suitable match for American citizen Lubana Gursikh employed (Prof.) boy.
M.Sc. Bio-Chemistry. June 85/175. Well settled business family. Preferred America, Canada. Boy coming soon. 94650-28815.  C3-24205

SMF very handsome Canadian citizen Punjabi Sikh 35/6'- 0", graduate,
Master in Hotel Business Management and Bachelor in Business Administration. Owns well- established Transport business. Issueless divorce (brief marriage). Small educated Canadian family. Canada/USA preferred. Caste no bar. Early marriage. Apply with photo. E-mail:  Phone: 2042278072. C3-25151

PQM for Doaba-based Ravidasia Sikh boy 30/5'-11", fair handsome,
C/shaven, premier institute educated and working in USA with handsome salary. Caste no bar. Respond with biodata/recent photos.  C3-25475

PQM for handsome Sikh, cleanshaven, US citizen, Ivy league Dentist,
32/5'-11". Running own high volume dental practice seeks beautiful, educated, cultured girl. Medico/Dental/other professionals from USA/Canada preferred. Caste no bar. Email photographs/biodata:  C3-25923

Match for Canadian citizen 1985/5'-7", BBA cleanshaven Sikh boy. Caste no
bar. Educated and well settled family. Girl must be beautiful. Photos must on first communication. Contact: , Phone: 9779591321, 0014164564156. NA3-22652

Jat Sikh 85/6'-1", only one son, non-smoker, non- drinker, PR Canada and
citizen Australia. Rural/Urban property. Father Govt. job. Girl should be cool minded, beautiful, BDS, B.Tech., M.Sc. Nursing etc. Mohali, Fatehgarh, Patiala, Ropar preferred. Early marriage. E- mail:  98156-81282. A3-18276B-OL

New Zealand (PR) Jatt Sikh boy, 27/5'-8", IT Engineer seeks slim, fair,
beautiful and well educated girl from status, cultured family. Please respond with biodata and recent photographs. Marriage Bureau excuse. Majha preferred. Contact: 99149-77006, 0064277427499. Email:  A3-18350-OL

Jat Sikh family seeks suitable NRI match for their son 29/5'-11",
cleanshaven teetotaller, B.Sc. IT (Diploma) from Queensland University Australia. Now own business in India. Father Class-I Officer (retd.) R/U property. Send biodata with photo. E-mail:  75084-56749. A3-18535-OL

PQM for 27, handsome 5'-11" Jat Sikh Chemical Engineer, very well-settled
US citizen. Non-vegetarian, visiting India soon. Please contact with bio-data and recent photograph only. Contact at: 0019188137904.  C3-21530

Suitable match for a highly qualified, professional, smart handsome Jat Sikh
Australian citizen boy, 26 years 6' tall, salary $ 150K + p.a. Educated and status family in Sydney. Looking for tall, beautiful and highly qualified girl from a respectable family preferably from Australia. Respond with photos:  C3-21906

Jat Sikh parents seek a Jat Sikh Really beautiful and well educated around
26 years old girl from a decent family for their Turban son 30 yrs, 6' tall. Working as Associate Director in a reputed Investment Bank in Singapore. Please respond with recent photos and biodata at  C3-21932

Canadian PR, US Green Card awaited, Jat Sikh boy, Feb. 84 born, 5'-11",
handsome, tall, fair, Working in Silicon Valley, California, USA with a Top Tech company. B.E. (E&EC) from PEC, Chandigarh. Master's from L.A., California. Family well settled in USA and Canada. Seeking Professional match. Email :  , Phone (001) 425 738 1100, 213 361 0161. C3-23714

Educated Jatt Sikh family from Toronto invites matrimonial alliance for their
son, Jan 1980 born, cleanshaven, elegant looking. Girl should be beautiful preferably professionally qualified. Boy working as a Technical Lead with a Canadian Bank. Own property in India and Canada.  C3-24377

Professional slim, beautiful girl for handsome Engineer 26/5'-10". US
citizen, Graduate from IIT working with multinational company in US. Simple highly educated and cultured family of professional from Chandigarh, Ludhiana. Expecting same family status.  C3-24863

Jat Sikh, 1984, 5'-9", professional business owner, well settled in US.
Belongs to well educated/settled family. Email:  C3-25139

Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh very handsome, cleanshaven USA
citizen 33/5'-9", divorcee, BE, MS (Mechanical Engineer). Working with reputed MNC. Annual income in six figures. Well educated small family with urban/rural property. Contact: 92161-50042 or  C3-25141

US based Jat Sikh parents seek professionally qualified beautiful Doctor,
Dental, Engineer match for their handsome, 33/5'-9", US citizen, Doctor son. Status educated family. Early marriage. Correspond with particulars and recent pictures of the girl at . Contact 0014089914249. C3-25367

Beautiful, well educated (professional) Jat Sikh girl from an honest,
educated & well-to-do family of status, for an innocently divorced, tall, handsome US citizen Jat Sikh (Grewal) 31, B.Sc. (Nursing), BA (Psychology), earning over $100K as RN belonging to affluent, well educated parents. Girl's merit only consideration. Girls currently in US need apply only at E-mail:  C3-25373B

Affluent well-settled educated Jat Sikh family seeks a professionally
qualified match for their only son born 1986, Canadian citizen, grew up in India, very handsome, clean-shaven athletic 5'-11", B.Tech., Computer Engineer from top North American University, working with an American MNC in Silicon Valley California. Please respond with resume and picture to  C3-25595

Jat Sikh Brar Australian PR, MBA, B.Com., cleanshaven, vegetarian, 28,
6'-1", boy seeks slim beautiful well- educated, minimum 5'-6" height girl. Arts subject and marriage bureau excuse. Malwa preferred. Early marriage. Boy is in India. Contact: 95922-82755, 98150- 12854. Email:  C3-25625

Alliance invited for handsome, turbaned Canadian Jat Sikh, 33 year 6'-1"
boy. Boy and family works for the Canadian government. Girl should be 5'-6" + tall, educated in Computing, Commerce, Physiotherapy or Nursing with good command on English. Respond with recent photo/biodata at:  C3-25913

PQM for handsome cleanshaven, US citizen, Jat Sikh, born-raised India,
Masters Engg. from top US Univ., 33/5'-8". Engr. Mgr. in renowned US company. Innocently divorced very brief marriage belongs to highly educated family. Contact: EMAIL.LIFEPARTNER@GMAIL.COM   C3-26503

Well-established Canadian Jat Sikh family having own business seeks a
suitable match for their Canadian very handsome 1986 Born, 5'-9", tall Engineer son. Girl should be slim and beautiful, Canadian with strong family values/education, willing to settle in Calgary, Canada. Please send bio data and recent photograph at E-mail:  C3-4736

Wanted Jat Sikh US Citizen MD girl for 26 years, 6'- 2", Handsome Canadian
PR boy in MD Programme. Completed Masters in Bio-medical from USA. Both sisters Engineer and Doctor, well settled in USA. Parents own property in India, USA. Father retired high ranking Army Officer. Contact E-mail:  C3-6864

Professionally qualified cultured match for Jat Sikh handsome teetotaller,
Canadian citizen, 29/6'-1", B.Tech India, MS Engineering top University Canada, professionally employed at senior IT position with IBM in Edmonton, Alberta. Girl should be slim, beautiful, family oriented, minimum 5'-5" and US/Canada resident. Contact with recent pictures:  Phone: 98761-54113. NA3-22532

Mahajan family invites alliance for their professionally qualified fair
handsome 28/5'-10" Software Engineer son, working in US. B.Tech., Masters (from US). Girl preferred in US. Caste no bar. Send bio data & pic. . Cell +919888638232. C3-21005

Beautiful, professionally qualified match for fair, smart, handsome, cultured
38/5'-11", teetotaller, cleanshaven Jat Sikh American citizen, well-established Engineer in USA from respectable family. Parents visiting USA. Caste no bar. E-mail:  A3-18545-OL

Suitable match for Saini Engineer in MNC, Canadian Citizen, 18.6.74, 23 hrs.,
Gurdaspur, well settled widower, with 7 + years daughter. Seeks issuless well educated girl. 01762-295251, 84277-23187.  C3-21031

Handsome, UK born, turbaned Sikh Khatri, 5'-7", DoB 08.03.1984,
Accountant based in London. Jalandhar based family now well-settled in UK since 1970s. Seeking beautiful, slim, Sikh girl from decent family (caste no bar). Please respond with bio-data/photo: Email:  Ph: 044 1582 527707. C3-21939B

Australian PR, 5'-11", very handsome, smart Sikh boy Goldsmith Suri. Only
son, born 23-6-1980, Electronic Tele-communication Engg. 3 yers, B.Sc Computer Science & Tech., working as a Telecom Professional, Very decent package. Seeks beautiful, slim, professional educated girl. Khatri Arora welcome. 9815759751.  C3-24181

Well settled Ramgarhia parents seek suitable match for their son,
cleanshaven, Nov. 84, 5'-8", B.Tech (Thapar), MS (US), working in US as Consultant in reputed company in US, Handsome salary. Caste no bar. Mob: 9888486853. E-mail:  C3-24787

Sikh MBBS/MD/BDS/DDS/Pharma/ professional match, working/studing in
USA/Canada, for handsome (Ahluwalia), turban wearing, Oct. 73/5'-8", Canada upbringing, dual USA/Canada citizen, MBA (Health Services Management), holding Senior Administrative position, California.  Ph.: +91 62240170. C3-25457 

Professionally qualified match for handsome Punjabi Hindu Saini, 28/5'-8",
BE, MBA (Schulich) Financial Analyst Toronto. Parents Specialist Doctor. Caste no bar.  C3-25917

Educated, homely, beautiful matches for Hindu Nai (NP) U.K. citizen
brothers, 36/5'-8", self employed, 33/6'- 2", Degree Holder, working Reputed Company. Early, simple marriage. Caste no bar. 09779424459. Box 2198M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Canadian citizen handsome Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin boy 32 years, 5'-7",
own well-settled business Canada. Preferred educated residing in Canada on Work Permit, Vistors Visa, Student Visa, PR Canadian citizen girl. Caste no bar. 0014169951562. NA3-23514

Beautiful alliance invited for handsome Khatri boy, 5'- 10", 04.07.1982, 7.40
am, MBA, presently deployed in Australia. Contact: 0181-2670622, 7837527707. C3-23624

Suitable match for Hindu Khatri Kapur fair boy, 26 years, 5'-10", MCA,
Software Engineer, earning five figure, working in Mohali. Good landlord family near Ferozepur. Working MCA, M.Sc. (IT) preferred. Early marriage. Apply with photo & biodata. 94173-58974, 94176-61962. E-mail:  C3-24183B

Match for Punjabi Hindu Khatri teetotaller boy, 28, 5'- 8", M.Tech, own well
established business at Chandigarh, one factory in Malwa region. Decent income. Send biodata, horoscope, photograph. , 98553-78640. C3-25521

Hindu Khatri New-Zealand citizen boy B.A., 13.1.1982, 10.45 night, 5'-11".
Girl Australia or New-Zealand PR or live in study visa. Caste no bar. Contact:- 84374- 00973. E.mail:-  NA3-22536

PQM for Ramgarhia/Rajput boy, 35 yrs, 6 ft., MBBS, Government job. From
high status Chandigarh based family. Upper middle class families preferred. Early marriage. NRI please excuse. Email:  C3-21614

Match for Amritdhari, tall, smart, BP.Ed., B.Ed. Yoga, 26.5.87/5'-10", Sports
Teacher reputed School. Matharoo, Salh. Around Chandigarh. 99145-89873, 94652- 27310.  C3-24351B

Canadian/ American/ Indian Doctor Dentico professionally qualified match
for Ramgarhia Sikh cleanshaven boy 5'-10", 1975 born, Dentist in Canada (DDS), Divorced, separtion after 2 weeks of marriage, No Issue, Upper caste no bar. Early marriage. Contact Ph. 9417227785. E-mail:  Box 2186M Tribune, Chandigarh.

England returned smart slim Ramgarhia, 5'-10", 29 yrs. Diploma Business
Management, London, full UK Driving Licensee. Seeks NRI girl from USA, Canada, Australia, UK. 9815850428, 8146156905. C3-24899

PQM from status families for handsome, fair, clean shaven Sikh Ramgarhia
boy, April 1984, 6'-2", B.E. Working as Vice-President in a top Investment Bank in USA. Send biodata and latest photos to E-mail:  C3-25557

Preferably beautiful, slim, educated, Registered Nurse USA, UK, Canada PR
match for Ramgarhia vegetarian, NT/ND boy, M.Sc/Lecturer, 25.3.1985, 5'-8", 4.45 am, boy in Medical line, having relatives in USA. Please send recent photos and biodata. E-mail:  9779687671. C3-26005

Suitable match preferably tricity for handsome Hindu Ravidasia boy, 1981,
5'-11", B.Tech, doing business. Educated & settled family at Chandigarh in own house. 094171-60930,  C3-24493

Match for Centre Government (KV) Teacher, 12 Sept. 1983, 5:24 a.m., Koli
Kangra (HP). Preferred Govt. job in or around Chandigarh.  C3-25959

Handsome, brilliant Brahmin boy, CEO Software company Chandigarh, 35,
5'-8", daughter 2 yrs. Reputed family. 98766-95797. C3-25075

Professionally qualified match for handsome Bansal boy 5'-8" (DoB
27.07.1987/10.04 a.m. at Muktsar) BE from DCE, working as Scientist in DRDO in Pune, parents in Chandigarh. M: 98780-41502.  C3- 24417

Morinda (25 Kms Chandigarh) based fair high status business boy, 86,
5'-11", M.Tech., having good property. Required tall, beautiful girl from reputed family. Upper caste no bar. Send biodata with snap.  8872429234, 8872412409. C3- 25043

Australia PR Aggarwal/Mittal boy, 30/5'-10", B.Sc. (Med.). 9417305238.
Upper caste no bar. E-mail:  C3-25589

Professionally qualified match for NT/ND Arora Sikh boy (only child) May
1986/5'-8", BE, MNC Noida, 10 LPA. Father class-I officer. Chandigarh based family.  C3-24755

Alliance invited for Gursikh boy 31/171, MBA & BE, 40+ LPA, wkg. top co. in
Mumbai. Email biodata & pics to  M: +91-98186-07440. C3-25565B


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