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GLADA officials act tough
Slap show-cause notices on more than 700 defaulters
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, June 7
The Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA) has taken a tough stand against default in payment of balance amount of residential, commercial and institutional properties sold through public auction. In the wake of mounting arrears of 75 per cent balance payment of properties, which the buyers are to pay in installments, GLADA has issued recovery, show-cause notices to more than 700 defaulters while outstanding amount of Rs 11.16 crore has already been recovered during the past two months.

The fact that GLADA had failed to recover balance amount of sold properties or initiate action for recovery, or else cancellation of allotment, had come out in the audit report for 2011-12.

The report had recorded that buyers of residential and commercial sites and properties owed Rs 16.05 crore against sale of properties made till March 2012.

As per the report, an amount of Rs 1035.65 lakh was outstanding against sale of residential flats, Rs 165.10 lakh against sale of residential plots, Rs 173.80 lakh against sale of commercial sites, Rs 98 lakh against sale of institutional sites and Rs 132.50 against sale of land under the "optimum use of vacant government land" policy.

GLADA Estate Officer RK Popli told The Tribune that recovery notices had been issued to buyers of 413 properties/sites under Section 45 of the Punjab Regional and Town Planning Act 1995.

Under the said provisions, the defaulting buyer has to make payment of the outstanding amount with interest within 30 days of the receipt of notice.

"In such cases where the buyers have failed to respond to the recovery notices, show-cause notices have been issued for cancellation of allotment. The buyers will, however, be provided an opportunity of personal hearing before cancellation of allotment of sites/properties," Popli said.

The GLADA Estate Officer further said that allotment of 469 properties stood cancelled due to various kinds of violations or default in payment of balance amount for years together. In most cases, no follow up action was taken to resume the properties and put these up for resale or fresh allotment, which was now being initiated.

"Resumption notices have been issued to more than 300 buyers of residential, commercial and institutional properties under Section 46-1(c) of the Punjab Regional and Town Planning Act. After following the procedure laid down in law, the allotment of these properties will be cancelled, and these will be put up for resale," Popli added.

Recovery notices issued

RK Popli, GLADA Estate Officer, told The Tribune that recovery notices had been issued to buyers of 413 properties/sites under Section 45 of the Punjab Regional and Town Planning Act 1995.

Authority cracks the whip

  • Tough stand taken by GLADA against defaulters leads to recovery of Rs 11.16 crore in April and May 2013.
  • Recovery/show-cause notices issued to 413 defaulters who had failed to make payment of balance 75 per cent of the cost of property.
  • Final notices for resumption of site/property issued to more than 300 buyers for violations, change of land use or non-payment.


Fogging machines not given to us: Councillors
MC refutes charges, says 73 distributed among them
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
With the city receiving its first showers yesterday, the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (LMC) is yet to intensify its fogging operations in the city. Though the civic body has already started fogging in the city, but there are many councillors who are complaining that they have not been re-allotted the hand-held fogging machines.

However, the MC Health Department officials claim that 16 of their fogging machines (mounted on tractor-trailer) are carrying out fogging in all parts of the city daily. They also claim that barring two faulty hand-held fogging machines, all 73 have been distributed to the councillors in the city.

Councillors have another grievance that whenever a mounted fogging machine is sent to their area, fogging is being carried as per the original schedule prepared by senior MC officials, while they are not consulted on which areas require fogging.

Congress councillor Gurpreet Singh Gogi rued that whenever mounted fogging machine was sent to his area, the MC officials carried out fogging as per their own schedule. “Each councillor would know more about the high-risk areas of his ward. I appeal to senior MC officials that they should direct their fogging staff to consult the councillors before carrying out fogging in any area,” he said.

It was in 2011 that cash-strapped MC purchased 75 hand-held fogging machines (one for each ward) by spending Rs 50 lakh. Since then, these machines are handed over to the councillors whenever fogging is to start.

Akali councillor Tanvir Singh Dhaliwal claimed that the hand-held fogging machine is yet to be re-issued to him. “Though the mounted machine does visit my ward, but the hand-held machines were taken for repair a few months ago, but I am yet to get my machine back,” he claimed.

Dr Vipan Malhotra, Health Officer, MC, claimed that they had started fogging in the city a few weeks ago. “We are presently carrying out fogging on rotational basis in all wards.

The fogging operations start at 6 pm and continue till late in the evening. Out of the total 75 hand-held machines, 73 have already been handed over to the councillors while two are to be repaired,” he claimed.



wrong parking
Residents challaned at Ghumar Mandi
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
The city traffic police today conducted a challan drive at Ghumar Mandi against wrongly parked vehicles.

Women who were purchasing vegetables while sitting in their vehicle also become a target of the traffic policemen. Traffic inspector Raj Kumar said the motive behind the drive was to clear the road from erratic parking of vehicles.

Besides, vends and kiosks were also removed from the roadside. Raj Kumar said similar drive would be conducted in other parts of the city.However, the move of the traffic police did not seem to go down well with the shopkeepers. A majority of the shopkeepers at Ghumar Mandi resented the move."Where should the customers park their vehicles? The MC has not made any adequate parking arrangement at Ghumar Mandi. If the police will be strict with us then we are going to lose out on our business. Why doesn’t the police conduct similar challan drives outside shopping malls," said one of the shopkeepers requesting anonymity.



Six samples of eatables collected from factory
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
A team of the District Health Department collected six samples of eatables from an eatable factory and karyana stores in the city.

Dr Avinash Kumar, District Health Officer, Ludhiana, Food Safety Officers Harpreet Kaur and Manoj Khosla collected the samples on the instruction of Dr Subhash Batta, Civil Surgeon, Ludhiana.

The collected samples include samples of matthi, baalushahi from a factory at New Moti Nagar in Vishwakarma Colony, salt samples from a karyana store at Cheema Chowk and Campa Cola Chowk and juice and water samples form a restaurant at Clock Tower Chowk.

Bhatta cautioned those indulging in adultration of eatales, He said strict would be taken against violators under the Food Safety and Standard Act. The District Health Officer said “We will continue the routine sampling of eatables to curb the menace of adultration. The Health Department has become strict on adultrated food items and thay have been taking samples of eatables on a regular basis.



water-borne diseases
Be ready for monsoon, Mayor to MC officials
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
In view of the approaching monsoon season, Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria, has written to the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation Commissioner as well as the District Administration to gear up for tackling problem of water borne diseases and mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water
Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. A file photograph

The Mayor has asked the officials to make sure they are all geared-up for the monsoon season and in case of any shortage of medicines or any other such deficiency, they should intimate him in advance.

Sadly, each monsoon season, the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, district health department and district administration officials are caught ‘napping’. This is so because whenever there is any outbreak of water-borne diseases such as gastroenteritis, MC as well as health department officials, start the blame game by passing the onus onto each other.

This not only worsens the situation but even leads to tough time for the residents of areas where there is outbreak of such diseases.

“That is why, I have shot a letter to all of them so that they remain vigilant and are not caught napping. I have also asked them to prepare a list of medicines as well as other necessary equipment so that in case we require them, they should be available in adequate numbers,” informed Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria while speaking to The Tribune.

The Mayor has also asked the MC as well as district administration to prepare themselves for all kinds of flood control measures. “The officials should take my letter seriously because if, at later stage, they tell me they are short of medicines or any such thing, I would deal with them strictly. They should all understand that it is due to such poor planning on their part that the residents suffer. If they feel there is shortage of any thing, they should intimate be beforehand so that we can maintain a stock,” Gohalwaria informed.



dengue & malaria cases
Health officials issue guidelines to private practitioners
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

District epidemiologist Dr Puneet Juneja addresses a workshop on dengue and malaria in Ludhiana on Friday
District epidemiologist Dr Puneet Juneja addresses a workshop on dengue and malaria in Ludhiana on Friday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, June 7
After instructing Christian Medical College and Hospital and Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana, for following the guidelines of Government of India in case of dengue and malaria, the district health department today instructed the private practitioners regarding the same issue.

While issuing these instructions to the private practitioners at the IMA House, Civil Surgeon, Ludhiana, Dr Subhash Batta, said, "As per the guidelines of the Government of India, always conduct slide test for malaria and Mac Elisa test dengue. As far as NS1 Antigens test is concerned, it should be done for dengue in case a patient is seriously sick and is bleeding. With this one can get to know about dengue positive within first five days, however, with Mac Elisa tests one gets to know about dengue after 5 days."

The doctors were told in detail about diagnosis, treatment and preventive measures of both these diseases. District Epidemiologist, Ludhiana, Dr Puneet Juneja said, "For Malaria testing, slide test should be done. In case of dengue, suspected or confirmed patient’s bed nets should be used. "He also requested the doctors not to create panicky situation whenever, any dengue suspected or confirmed patient comes. It was also told in detail as which patient should be transfused platelets or whole blood. For patients suffering from Malaria, the doctors were instructed to complete the 14 days course of chloroquinine and primaquinine and asked to use combination of drugs in case of felsiferum malaria."

District Immunisation office Dr Sanjeev Hans, District Tuberculosis Officer Dr Ashish Chawla and IMA, Ludhiana president, Dr Karamvir Goyal, were also present there.



Health Dept to open de-addiction centre
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
To treat and rehabilitate drug addicts, now the district health department will have its own de-addiction centre. The centre will come up near Lord Mahavir Civil Hospital, Ludhiana.
The site where the de-addiction centre is set to open in Ludhiana
The site where the de-addiction centre is set to open in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Disclosing this, Director Health Services, Punjab, Dr Ashok Nayyar, said, "The state health department is opening these de-addiction centers at each district headquarter. These will be from 10 to 30 bedded in different districts depending on the size of district. In Ludhiana also we are going to start one."

De-addiction centre in Ludhiana will be opened near Lord Mahavir Civil Hospital in the building where earlier, there used to be Community Care Center for HIV positive patients. This centre was being run by Punjab State AIDS Control Society and District Red Cross. Later, PSACS handed it to some NGO. A few months ago it stopped working.

Civil Surgeon, Ludhiana, Dr Subhash Batta, said, "The de-addiction centre will be opened here in this building. Funds for construction have already come. The tenders have been called for the construction. It will be a 10-bedded indoor de-addiction centre, where both treatment as well as rehabilitation of addicts will be catered to."

Dr S S Dhir In charge of Opioid Substitute Therapy Center running at Civil Hospital Ludhiana said,"In our center we cater to Opium addicts in the OPD. Once this de-addiction center will come up, it will be easier for us to treat serious opium addicts as it will bee indoor."



CIPHET training comes as rescue for farmers
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
The training programme initiated by the Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET) for processing of haldi (turmeric) has come to the rescue of farmers of Gurdaspur, who had lost lakhs of rupees after a steep fall in prices of turmeric crops last year.

Dr DM Kadam, senior scientist at CIPHET, said by processing the raw crop, turmeric growing farmers could get value addition of more than double. He added that Punjab farmers would also get the benefit of saving transportation cost as processed turmeric powder used to come from the Southern states earlier.

Dr Prasoon Verma, Head of Transfer of Technology Division, said Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology had initiated turmeric processing training to save the farmers from distress sale.

Dr SN Jha, Director (Acting) Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology , said farmers and entrepreneurs can contact the institute for various training programmes to get the benefit of value addition in post-harvest sector.



Training centre for women to come up in textile park
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
At present, the participation of women in textile industry is a meager two per cent and with an aim to take that percentage up to 25 per cent, the Textile Integrated Park (TIP) will start special training classes for women.

The TIP will be setting up a training institute at the textile park where special emphasis will be given to the training of women. For women, emphasis will be laid on training in three fields flat knitting, linking and stitching.

"We have received grant of Rs 24 crore while will be getting Rs 16 crore more from the Central Government for the textile park. Stress will be laid on imparting training to women. We are expecting to give training to nearly 400 women in the first slot," said Darshan Dawar, director of Integrated Textile Park.

He further said instead of giving sewing machines or ration to women, we aim to make women economically independent. Training in fields like knitting and stitching will be given to women.

Dawar further said that women are already doing works like knitting, stitching at home and want them to adopt them as profession.

Textile industry does not have night shifts for women and a very congenial environment will be provided to them at workplace once their training is finished. Ludhiana is known for textile industry and they will not find any difficulty in finding work and will be easily absorbed in the city.



Villagers gherao Civil Hospital
Hold protest against woman’s death during delivery
Our Correspondent

Manupur(Khanna), June7
Residents of Manupur village gheraoed the Civil Hospital, Manupur, and protested against the death of a pregnant woman and her child during delivery at the Community Health Centre, Manupur village, Khanna. The protesters alleged that both died due to the negligence and apathy of the hospitals staff. The deceased has been identified as Kamlesh, a resident of Manupur village, Khanna.

According to Maya Devi, the victim's mother-in-law, her daughter-in-law had labour pain when she was brought to the hospital at about 12 noon . She alleged that no one from the hospital staff attended to her. Maya Devi said when they brought the Kamlesh's condition into the notice of the hospital staff, they send them from one room to other. Meanwhile, the victim's condition deteriorated and soon she fell unconscious, Maya Devi alleged.

She alleged that Kamlesh bore the severe pain for 10 hours and bleeding started, but still there was no body to listen to them and eventually her daughter-in-law died.

As soon as the news of the death spread in the village, the villagers gathered on the premises of the hospital and started raising slogans against the functioning of the hospital staff .They protested against the non-availability of doctors in the need of the hour. The hospital administration called up the police so that any untoward incident could be prevented.

Harjinder Singh, SHO, Samrala, said the police had recorded the statements of the victim's guardians and it was only after the post-mortem report that they would be able to initiate an appropriate action. He said the situation was under control.

Meanwhile, Lachhman Singh, SMO, Government Hospital, Manupur, refuted the allegations of negligence and apathy . He claimed that the deceased's relatives brought her to the hospital at 11 am and had taken her back to the home in the late evening.The SMO claimed that there was a doctor on duty and they gave possible medical aid to her, but she collapsed during the treatment. He said that a post-mortem would be conducted at the Civil Hospital, Samrala, and the real cause of death would come out after the autopsy report.



‘Protest after newborn’s death fuelled by docs’
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
Death of a newborn that had sparked a protest against a pediatric Yogesh Khanna at the Civil Hospital was allegedly fuelled by the doctors who wanted to settle personal score with the former.

The sources inside the Civil Hospital confirmed the development. The incident had yet again brought to fore the petty politics which is causing disrepute to the premier hospital institute of the district. Sources said Yogesh had not taken leave for the past one week and was on duty round the clock.

The parents of the newborn did not complain about the line of treatment prescribed by the doctor. It is learnt that the relatives of the newborn were returning peacefully following the death, but a doctor with the help of scribes from vernacular newspapers instigated the parents. All attempts to contact Yogesh Khanna failed. He did not come to duty today. Khanna had recently earned accolades for his hard work in pediatric care.



Toor elevated to IPS cadre
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
The elevation of police officer Gurpreet Singh Toor to the IPS cadre has brought cheers to his family and friends. He is a former alumnus of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) and served as an Assistant Professor of agronomy.

Besides writing on social issues, he had also written two books- Sambhlo Punjab and Jive Jawani- on the drug menace of drugs in the state.

Toor spend the whole day with his family members. His elevtion has been hailed by many.



Three-day Rice Pro-Tech Expo kicks off at Sahnewal
Over 100 firms from India and abroad showcasing their machinery at the event
Our Correspondent

Sahnewal, June 7
Over 100 rice mill manufacturing companies from India and abroad will showcase their latest rice processing machineries during the three-day trade fair, Rice Pro-Tech Expo, at Sahnewal,. The exhibition, organised by the Business Empire Exhibitions in association with the Punjab Rice Millers' Association aims at promoting the latest technology in the rice industry of Punjab.

Tarsem Saini, president of the Federation of All-India Rice Millers' Association, while inaugurating the expo urged the rice millers from Punjab to adopt the latest milling technology to improve their rice quantity and quality.

Tarsem Saini said the country was facing a shortage of foodgrains and the better use of technology could do wonders in increasing the foodgrain quantity as well quality. “More than 10 per cent of paddy in the country getting lost during processing, mainly due to the old practices adopted by the rice millers. The exhibition will provide a big opportunity to over 4,000 rice millers of Punjab and Haryana to have access to the latest technology that will help them in improvising their rice milling operations, reduce post-paddy procurement losses and increase the quality of rice”, he said

Tarsem Saini, who will also chair a general house meeting of the Punjab Rice Millers' Association tomorrow at the Jifco Resorts, said the Punjab rice industry was reeling under a crisis because of the wrong policies of the Food Corporation of India (FCI).

"The rice millers of Punjab are facing huge losses because the FCI is refusing to take our rice stocks due to the space constraints. All these issues will be discussed at the meeting tomorrow and a strategy will be prepared to confront the FCI," he said.

Meanwhile, the exhibition will remain open till June 9 (Sunday). Besides machinery manufacturers from Delhi, Chennai, Karnataka, manufacturers from Canada, Germany, Spain, China and Japan are also participating in the event. The latest rice machineries, including colour sorter machines, air compressors, silos, rice husker, de-stoner, and rice seperator, induction motors, flour and Dal milling machinery will be on display during the event.



‘Access to legal services fundamental right’
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
The District Legal Services Authority (DSLA) held a legal literacy seminar at Gill village, Ludhiana, on Friday. It was organised in association with the Jeet Foundation Self-Help Group Society.

Chief Judicial Magistrate KK Singla said as per the constitution, it was everyone's fundamental right to have access to legal services and justice. the role of the Legal Services Authority had become very important these days, he said. He apprised the participants about the welfare schemes, being run by the authority for the needy people.



BCom examination
Neha Jindal tops Panjab University
Tribune News Service

Neha Jindal; and Puneet Singh of Arya College celebrate with their parents in Ludhiana on Friday
Neha Jindal; and Puneet Singh of Arya College celebrate with their parents in Ludhiana on Friday. Tribune Photographs
Neha Jindal; and Puneet Singh of Arya College celebrate with their parents in Ludhiana on Friday

Ludhiana, June 7
Students of Arya College brought laurels to the college by getting top positions in the Panjab University B Com III examination. Neha Jindal of B Com III secured 1541/1800 (85.6 per cent) marks and stood first in Panjab University. Puneet Singh secured 1534/1800 marks (85.2 per cent) and stood third in the university. Suraj Kumar secured 1506/1800 (83.7 percent ) marks.

He secured seventh position in the university. Out of 280 students of the college, 241 passed the examination with first division while 70 Students of the college secured above 70 per cent marks.

Ekta, a student of B Com I at Arya College secured 461/550 (83.8 per cent) marks and got ninth position in the university. Meanwhile, Jyoti Jain of Master Tara Singh College secured eighth position in the university B Com III exam. She got 83.55 per cent marks.



from colleges
Job fest

More than 120 students of Bhutta Group of Colleges were short-listed by reputed industrial houses during the two-day job fest today. According to Mandeep Bhullar, convener of the event, over 250 B Tech, MBA, BBA, BCA, B Sc ( IT) students of various colleges of the group had participated in the festival, which was inaugurated by Johny Garcha, managing director of the trust, running the institutes. Employment officials of various renowned groups, including Avon Cycles , Simens ,Videocon , ESS, CMC Ltd. , Om Satyam , Sopra Group , Avenir Web Tech and Sakshay interviewed the candidates and short-listed over 120 for appointment.


The Summer Internship Programme (SIP) for M.Com (business innovations) students of SCD Government College, Ludhiana, began excellently this year as the college students got placed in the leading companies and financial institutions. This year public sector banks like State Bank of India has come forward with a number of innovative and imaginative projects and absorbed 14 students of M.Com. —TNS



from schools
Puppet show
Students of Ryan International School on an educational tour to NASA, USA
Students of Ryan International School on an educational tour to NASA, USA;

During the ongoing Puppet Summer Camp-2013 at Maple Bear Canadian Playway and Nursery School , renowned artist Madan Lal Nagoi from Rajasthan showcased his talent through a puppet show. Through puppets, the puppeteer told the stories of legendary heroes and various historic events were narrated through it. The show spread awareness regarding various issues among citizens besides entertaining them.

Schoolchildren visit NASA
Children enjoy a puppet show at Maple Bear Canadian Playway and Nursery School in Ludhiana
Children enjoy a puppet show at Maple Bear Canadian Playway and Nursery School in Ludhiana. Tribune photographs

It was a novel experience for the students of Ryan International School, who went on an educational trip to NASA, USA. Visit to the Kennedy Space Centre, Orlando, was an ultimate learning experience for the students. The students learnt about space science, space exploration and the history of space travel. They also interacted with the famous Astronaut, Glen of NASA. The students visited rocket garden, launch pads, Cape Canaveral and had a wonderful photography session. The students also visited the vehicle assembly building and were amazed to see the huge building where space shuttles and rockets assembled. The students also enjoyed a 3D movie on the construction of the first space colony made by man at the NASA’s IMAX theatre.



ludhiana scan

SC Ralhan of Sri Tools Industries has been appointed as the regional chairman of the Federation of Indian Export Organization (FIEO). The organisation plays an important platform for the industry. People from the region hailed the

Prize distribution function

The Punjab Agricultural University Employees' Union and PAU IVth Class Workers' Union jointly organised a prize distribution function at the Wheat Auditorium to honour the winners of the sports event, orgtanised from April 10 to 17. Vice-Chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University Dr BS Dhillon congratulated the winners and said sports were a noble way to eradicate social evils.

Verification of ration cards

To bring transparency in the subsidised food delivery system, verification of ration cards was being carried out by the Food and Civil Supplies Department, said Sona Thind, District Food and Civil Supplies Controller and Consumer Affairs Officer. All card holders need to submit photocopies of ration cards, Aadhar card , bank account, LPG connection.

Sai sandhya

A Sai sandhya was organised at Durga Mandir, Field Ganj, on Friday. Devotional songs like "Baba Teri Sharan Vich Aye" were sung on the occasion. — TNS



3 industrialists booked for assaulting fellow businessman
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
The city police has booked three industrialist brothers for allegedly assaulting a businessman at Nehru Rose Garden. Monetary issue is stated to be the reason behind the alleged assault.

The trio have been identified as Sunil Maria, Satish Maria alias Judge, and Naresh Maria, all residents of Kitchlu Nagar.

Complainant Vinod Gupta, a resident of Agar Nagar Enclave, said the incident took place on June 4 when he had gone on a morning walk along with his friends Girdhari Lal and Raj Kumar Dara.

He said when he reached near a water tank at the Nehru Rose Garden, the trio overpowered him and thrashed him.

Vinod said he was rescued by his friends Dara and Girdhari Lal. He later reported the matter to the police following which a case was registered against the trio under Section 423, voluntarily causing hurt, 341, wrongfully restraining a person and 506, criminal intimidation.

Vinod further said that the trio had taken iron bars worth Rs 16.29 lakh and promised to make the payment in the schedule period. However, they did not make ant payment, following which, Vinod had sent his employee to their office to ask for the payment, said Vinod Kumar.The issue had become the hot topic among the morning walkers at Nehru Rose Garden.

Sources said Vinod and Maria brothers were often seen entering in to a verbal spat over the issue. All efforts to affect a compromise between the two failed.

On the other hand, Sunil Maria has claimed that he along with his brothers were implicated in a false assault case. “It is a pressure tactic by the police. Instead Vinod's company had taken material worth Rs 40 lakh from us and was not returning the amount of Rs 25 lakh," claimed Suil Maria. He further stated that Vinod concocted an assault story.



crime briefs
Woman booked for manhandling MC employees in Haibowal
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 7
A woman has been booked for manhandling Municipal Corporation (MC) employees while they were conducting an anti-encroachment drive in Haibowal. A complaint has been lodged by Rajidner Sharma, ATP Zone-D in Municipal Corporation. He stated that the woman, identified as Gorkha, manhandled the MC employees when they were removing the encroachment from a plot following the orders of the High Court.

Two booked for cheating

The city police has booked two persons for formulating a fake mutation of a land. The accused have been identified as Chanan Singh and Baldev Singh. The case was registered following an inquiry.

The complainant, Dhanwant Singh, a resident of Shakti Nagar, and Gurmel Singh, a resident of Sangam Vihar, Batra Road, stated that the accused had formulated a fake sale deed and mutation of the complainants plot and further sold it to a builder.

The police has registered a case under Section 420 of the IPC for fraud and started the investigation.

Two held with sharp-edged weapon

The Division No 1 police has nabbed two persons for possessing sharp-edged weapons from different areas here last evening.

The accused have been identified as Manpreet Singh, a resident of Dehlon, and Varunjit Singh, a resident of Payal.

In the first case, Manpreet was nabbed during a police checkpoint. The police suspected his activities and stopped him. But he tried to flee from the spot. Later, he was nabbed the scene. Similarly, the police nabbed Varunjit. The police recovered sharp-edged weapons from both the accused.

A case under Section 25-54-59 of the Arms Act has been registered against the accused.

One nabbed with habit-forming drugs

The Division No 5 has nabbed one person and seized huge quantity of pharmaceutical drugs from the possession of the accused. The accused have been identified as Iqbal Singh, a resident of Sangrur. He was nabbed near the ESI hospital at Bharat Nagar Chowk.

On spotting the police at the checkpoint, he tried to flee. The police found his activities suspicious and got hold of him. After searching his bag, the police recovered a huge quantity of psychotropic drugs including injections, cough syrups and tablets. A case under Sections 22-61-85 of the NDPS Act has been registered against the accused.

Minor girl kidnapped on pretext of marriage

Sahnewal police has booked Gopal, a native of Bihar, who is currently residing at Dhandari Kalan, for kidnapping a 14-year-old girl on the pretext of marrying her. The incident took place on May 28. Sources said that the victim went to school but did not return home.

Victim's mother said the residents told her that her daughter was kidnapped by a man named Gopal. The police has registered a case under section 363-366 A IPC against the accused who is still at large.

23- year-old dies under mysterious circumstances

The city police today booked four persons, including husband and mother-in-law, in a dowry death case. The police has booked them a day after the 23-year-old woman identified as Puja, who was found hanging under mysterious from a ceiling fan at her house in Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar near the Chandigarh road.

The accused have been identified as Rakesh, husband, Kamlesh, mother-in-law, Prince and Deepak, brother-in-laws. The case has been registered following the complaint of victim's father.

Husband, mother, two brothers booked

It was yesterday that Kamlesh Rani and Prince, brother-in-law spotted the body of Puja hanging from a ceiling fan.


Two persons were injured in a pile up on Chandigarh road. The incident took place this afternoon when a over speeding pickup truck driver lost control over the vehicle and rammed into on coming truck and Indica car. Truck driver, Sandeep Kumar, and car driver, Upinderjit Singh, were injured in the incident.

Shiv Sena leader booked

A Shiv Sena leader, Perminder Singh Pappu, and his accomplices have been booked for assaulting a doctor.

According to the information, Pappu has been apprehended by police in connection of Wednesday night's assault incident. Dr Satish Noria of Nauria Hospital in Jamalpur said Pappu and his men vandalised the hospital and assaulted him and his wife. Dr Narotam Dewan and other doctors took strong exception of the incident and demanded the registration of police case against Pappu and his aides.

40-year-old booked on attempt to rape charge

A 40-year-old man has been booked for an attempt to rape on a four-year-old. The accused has been identified as Kaidar, a resident of Sherpur Chowk.

The incident took place during last night when Kaidar picked up a four-year-old girl from outside her house and tried to rape her. When the girl screamed for help her mother woke up. Kaidar was nabbed and thrashed black and blue before being handed over to the police. — TNS



2 traders held for violation of Copyright Act
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, June 7
The police has arrested two prominent electronic traders of Jagraon for allegedly violating the Copyright Act by illegally manufacturing and selling duplicate ceiling fans of two separate electronic companies - Usha Electronics and Polar Electronics.

The traders arrested by the police have been identified as Madan Lal and Kuldeep Singh, both residents of Jagraon.

The police seized 195 ceiling fans bearing the forged labels of Usha Electronics and Polar Electronics.

According to sources, both the accused were arrested during two separate raids at two city-based fans manufacturing units following a complaint by Satwinder Rana, field officer, Speed Limited Tower, Mohali.

Giving details of the incident, CIA staff Jagraon In charge, Inspector Prem Singh, said the first raid was carried out at Friends Electronics, Rajiv Gandhi Market, while the second raid was conducted at Chana Mechanical Engineering, Nehru Market, Jagraon.

" During the first raid, the police team recovered 85 ceiling fans bearing forged labels of Usha Electronics and a large number of fake stickers of the company while 110 fans bearing fake labels of Polar Electronics besides several stickers were recovered during the second raid," said the Inspector.



Two arested for murder
Our Corespondent

Khanna, June 7
With the arrest of two persons, including a woman, the Khanna police claimed to have solved a blind murder case, in which a man's body was found on the way from Rajewal village to Ikolaha in 2012. According to the information, one of the accused had contested 2012 assembly elections from the Khanna Assembly constituency as an independent candidate.

The accused have been identified as Darbara Singh of Baghour village and Jaswinder Kaur, a resident of Dhamot village. The motive behind the murder is said to be an illicit relation and the victim's property.

S Bhupati, SSP, Khanna, while giving information, said after the recovery of an unidentified body, they had given an advertisement in newspapers so that the identity of the body could be established. Later, during the investigation, the police succeeded in establishing the victim's identity. The victim was identified as Gurnam Singh of Raiya village. The villagers had revealed that the victim had purchased a house at Ajner village and had started living there.

The SSP said during interrogation the accused confessed that the victim was a frequent visitor to a brothel where he came in contact with Jaswinder Kaur. She left the flesh trade and started living with him. Amidst this, they came in contact with Darbara singh, who allegedly lured her.

Later, they hatched a conspiracy to eliminate Gurnam Singh. The SSP added that the accused had an eye on the victim's property. After killing Gurnam, they threw the body on the road and burnt his clothes so that the body could not be identified.



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