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Grooms Wanted

Jat Sikh reputed family of Doctors well settled in U.S. seek 
alliance from US/Canada professional only, for their beautiful daughter 28/5’-4”, completing Medicine Residency in 2014. Send picture and biodata at A3-28072-OL

Well settled businessman/ professional match for beautiful 
local Pbi. Khatri Anshik Manglik fair girl, 5’-3½”, 05.07.1990, 9:41 p.m., Ludhiana, BA (Hons), MBA. Father reputed businessman. Contact after matching Kundli. 93572-12948 Email: C3-27945

Suitable match for Punjabi Khatri innocent issueless divorcee girl 41 years (looks 35), 5'-4", slim, fair, caring BA + Diploma in Computers. Contact: 76960-12544. E-mail: C3-40642

USA-based Gursikh parents invite match for their daughter, born 
July '85, 5'-6", fair complexioned, working as Nurse in Cardiac ICU in a US hospital. Parents employed, elder sister is an IT professional and married, younger brother studying in College. Seeking Gursikh turbaned boys with uncut hair settled in USA as Citizens, H1B Visa or Green Card holders. Please send biodata and a recent photogragh. Box 1360F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Prof. Qualified match for Saini Sikh Australian citizen girl, Double Honours Engineering Degree, MBA Melbourne University employed with 6 figure salary, Aug. 83, 5'- 3", fair, slim, family well settled in Australia. Australian resident, cleanshaven preferred. Respond with biodata & photo. Email: C3-38991

Professionally qualified, cleanshaven match for Canadian citizen Punjabi girl, Oct. 84/5'-5", B.Sc. Nursing. Please send biodata and pictures to C3-39810B

Sikh Rajput family seeking educated, tall, professional match from moderate Sikh educated family, for beautiful, daughter, 29+, 5'-6", MBA, serving in England, as business administrator, recently acquired UK Citizenship. Please contact with biodata and Photo. Phone 098207-00088. C3-40846

American/Canadian Jat Sikh professional match for a beautiful 5'-6", 
working lawyer 27 born and raised in Canada. Father Manager in Canada Revenue. Mother housewife, sister, brother & brother-in-law Doctor in Canada & USA. Looking for good suitable match. Email: A3-27327-OL

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Manglik, fair, slim, 27/5'- 3", M.Com. Contact: 98146-35118. A3-27869B-OL

Seeking a well placed groom pref from Jat Sikh family for a 23 yr 5'-4", b'ful, prof. qualfd (working with reputed MNC) daughter of a serving defence officer. Affluent/Defence bkground family need apply. Please contact 94081-02204. C3-28141

PQM for Jatt Sikh Vancouver based Canadian citizen girl, 30/5'-4", convent educated, CMA from Canada, B.Eng. and MBA from India. Working as Sr. Financial Analyst with the Govt. Born & brought up in India. Respond with bio data and recent photographs. Divorcees please excuse. C3-35380B

Well educated Jat Sikh parents seeks professionally qualified match for their daughter, 82 born, 5'-3", beautiful, slim, smart, MBA (IMI Ghaziabad), working as Officer in SBI. Father retd. Sr. Class-I officer Punjab. Brother, sister well settled in Canada. Contact with biodata & pictures: 94174-48005. C3-35767

Match for well qualified Lecturer 37/ 5'-5'' looks 30 very beautiful, slim, sober, sweet natured girl issueless brief marriage annulled. Father Class-1 Officer. Well educated urbanised status family. Email:, 99159-21950. C3-38246

Jat Sikh convent educated, 1984/5'-4", USA Software Engineer, MBA, employed Multinational New York. Father Army officer retired. 09872775788. C3-38302

Suitable match for very beautiful, fair, slim & homely girl, 28/5'-3", working as Software Engineer, earning 10 Lac per annum. Father SDO, brother Advocate, having substantial rural and urban property. No bar to any profession. Respond with photos & biodata on: 98881-38115. C3-38399

Professional Jatt Sikh match for Jatt Sikh Canadian PR girl, 5'-3", 1986 born, beautiful and slim, MA Economics and Diploma in International Business from Toronto. Working as Officer in Calgary. Canada and USA residents preferred. Share biodata and pics. Email: Phone: 97292-41361. C3-38657

Well-educated Jat Sikh family seeks alliance for their daughter, 1979 born, 5'-5½", Dentist, settled in US. Boy must be professionally qualified. Reply with complete biodata and photograph. Email: C3-38661

Canadian Jat Sikh family seeks professionally qualified, tall, handsome Doctor, Engineer match for their Canadian PR beautiful, fair, slim daughter 84 born, 5'-5", Dental Hygienist. Only serious inquiries should contact with biodata and recent picture at or Call: 94179-14868 (India). C3-38685

Jat Sikh match for very beautiful 23/5'-3" convent educated B.Sc. Nursing girl from high status, educated, landlord family. Preferred US/Canada citizen boy. 99146-17322. E-mail: C3-38727

31/5'-6" beautiful, smart, Jat Sikh Doctor girl, settled & working in USA, looking for well-settled educated professional in USA. Did her Medicine Residency in USA, currently doing Fellowship in USA. Innocent divorcee, having 5 years old son. Parents Doctors settled in India. Only Brother & Sister in law Doctors, doing Medicine Residency in USA. Email: C3-38929

Professionally qualified serving Jat Sikh match having rural/urban property for beautiful girl, March 1987, 5'-5", B.Com., MBA with Distinction. Father Senior Class-I officer. Decent marriage. C3-39093

Jan 1982 born 5'-6" beautiful fair intelligent homely girl; Masters in International Business from UK, currently working as HR Head with American IT MNC in Mumbai. Looking for Handsome Jat Sikh boy above 5'-10", between 32-36 from only urbananized, sophisticated families please! Mail profile with photo to C3-39359

Suitable match for Jat Sikh PR Australia girl, 5'-4", 1985, B.Sc. Nursing, M.Sc. Nursing in Australia, employed registered Nurse. Preferably match should be non-drinker, non-smoker. Contact: 9646160521. E-mail: C3-40070

Chandigarh based well educated family invites Doctor/Engineer/highly qualified Professional handsome match for their very beautiful daughter, Aug. 84 born, 5'-6", convent educated, Dr. Physical Therapist, M.S. (Neuro) from Ivy League Univ., USA. Currently working in a presitigous hospital in USA on H1B Visa. Father retired officer. Only younger brother Engineer. Send biodata, latest photos: 09814885832 C3-40109

Match for Jatt Sikh, July 82/5'-5", IIS Officer, Assistant Director, Press Information Bureau, Delhi. C3-40244

Professional cleanshaven match for beautiful 28, 5'-4", Jat Sikh girl, B.E.,MBA, Senior Financial Analyst, Canadian PR. C3-40888

Jat Sikh PQM for Gill Mar. 86 born, 160 cm, fair, B.Sc. Zoo (Hons.), (DU), GNIIT, PGDM-IT, working as Test Engineer in Noida, family from Moga Distt. settled NCR. Contact 099119-63211. Email: NA3-30784

Canadian PR Jat Sikh girl M.Sc., B.Ed., 27/5'-3". Wanted Canadian PR 
qualified boy. 99880-44881. NA3-33745

Saini family seeks professionally qualified match for their beautiful and 
smart daughter born April 84 /5'- 4", B.Tech. Textile Tech., PGD in Fashion Designing. Well educated family. Upper caste no bar. C3-39363

Sood parents seeking a professional match, willing to settle abroad for their UK born Pharmacist daughter, August 1981/5'-3". Contact with recent photo and full biodata. Email: C3-33752

PQM for Parhar Rajput, Dec. 83 born, 5'-2.5", slim, smart, family oriented, M.Sc. (Math), B.Ed. Canadian immigrant. Canadian PR or prepared to relocate to Canada belonging to upper caste educated family may correspond. Dowry seekers please excuse. Contact: 9872623367. E-mail: C3-39251

Seeking PQM preferably Doctor/Engineer for Doctor girl 78/5', doing Residency in US on H1B Visa. She is fair, beautiful, homely and career oriented. Issueless innocent divorcee belongs to highly educated Sikh Khatri family. Contact: C3-39772

Suitable match for beautiful Sikh girl, 1987 born, Architect, working with multinational company, hearing impaired. Caste no bar. Contact: 9888482036, C3-40060B

Professionally qualified match for Ghirath girl, 16.04.1986, 23:40, Chandigarh, 5'-6",, MBA, Bank officer. Preferred tricity. 98153-15173. C3-38651

Suitable match for slim, fair, beautiful, homely Mazhbi Sikh girl, 36/5'-3" Graduate, working as Teacher. Looking for good suitable match. Please send your bio data with recent pics. Ph:-9463764301. Email: C3-38901

Suitable match for fair beautiful Himachali Ghirath/Chaudhary girl 5.9.1983, 3.31 PM, 5'-4", MBA, M.Com, doing job. 98159-17108. C3-39690

Doctor, Engineer match from America for beautiful 84 born, 5'-5", Ph.D. girl, working Senior Analtical Supervisor in America. 98781- 84085. C3-40754

Suitable well settled match for Hindu Rajput (Bhatti gotra) Manglik homely girl, 25 Feb. 1983, 9.12 pm, 5'- 5". Preferred Doaba. Contact: 0181-2266151, 9888670626. C3-38240

Suitable match for Himachali Rajput girl 28.1.83, 5'- 4", M.Com., M.Ed., M.Phil. Working as Lecturer in education college. Contact: 098822-37716, 094189-40155. C3-38461

Doaba Sikh Rajput beautiful girl, 5'-3", Feb. 1986, M.Sc. (IT), B.Ed. Teaching Jalandhar. Seeks cleanshaved, educated Canadian boy. All family live Edmonton. 9041761343. E-mail: C3-38755

SM for Kashyap Rajput girl, M.Sc. Maths, B.Ed., 21.1.1984, 9.15 pm, Jalandhar, 5'-5", fair, reputed school teacher. Father officer in Central Govt. Upper caste no bar. 09463075539. C3-38955

MA English, PGDCA, working IT Chandigarh, 7.5 lakhs, Thakur girl, 5'-1"/36, requires compatible match. Upper caste preferred. Small, educated, settled family. 94635-94556, 0172-2216426. C3-39349

Maid Rajput girl 43/5'-5¿, fair, graduate unmarried Punjabi vegetarian below 50 preferred. Mob: 98963- 76306, Email: C3-39461

Manglik/non-Manglik match for Himachali Rajput girl 5'- 3", 03 May, 1982, Time 09:10 am, B.A., Diploma Mass Comm. Father and brother Army Officers. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 098150-10582, Mail ID: C3-39694

Match for Rajput girl 28.8.1984/5'/3:35 am. MA. B.Sc (Optometry). Job on contract basis, Chandigarh. 94179- 36498. C3-40574

Professionally qualified match for slim, beautiful, cultured Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin girl M.Sc., M.Phil Maths, B.Ed. 5'-3", April '83 (Nangal), working as Asstt Professor in reputed institute. E-mail: , 90346-46123/75893-97568. C3-38397

Match for Manglik Sarswat Brahmin girl, born 2.6.83, 7:43 p.m., Jallandhar, 5'-5", from a respectable family. Looking for a well educated and well settled boy. Hindu Khatri and NRI's also welcome. Box 1388F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Saraswat Brahmin girl, 02.02.1987, 4:55 am, Chandigarh, 5'-3", MBA, working MNC Mumbai. 8 LPA. Partial manglik. Caste no bar.Email: C3-39205

B.Tech, MCA, MBA match for Saraswat Punjabi Manglik Brahmin girl, 13.2.85, 4:25 a.m., Ambala, 5'-2", MBA HR, working Delhi. 084270-10052, 094163-93958. C3-39427

Professionally qualified match for good looking Saraswat Brahmin girl, 25.3.81, 8:28 a.m., Amritsar, 5'-1", M.A. (Psy.), M.Ed. (PU), P.G. Diploma in Guidance and Counselling, 94171-87204. C3-39636

Officer/Pharma match for beautiful Gaur Brahmin girl 2.1.1989, 7:30 pm Ambala/5'-3", M.Pharmacy. Kundli must. 094662-14441. C3-39960

Saraswat Brahmin Manglik working Govt girl, 7.9.78, slightly handicap (temporary) seeks working boy, around Chandigarh. Preferred Govt. Email id : C3-40450

Suitable match for Dubey Manglik girl B.Tech. (CSE) Chandigarh, 24/5'. Preferred Eastern UP in Tricity. 98888-05044. C3-40676

Suitable match for slightly Manglik Saraswat Brahmin girl, 14.04.1990, 05:45 am, Una (HP), 5'-7", B.Pharma & 2 year Laboratory Diagnostic Techniques. 98175-35062. Box 1400F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Hindu Walia non- manglik girl, beautiful 5'-2", July 1984 born, Masters English French, working MNC Banglore, 6 LPA. Cultured family near Chandigarh. Father retired S.D.O. Chandigarh. Email: Mob: 94170-10600. C3-38264

Professionally qualified match for Punjabi Khatri Anshik Manglik very beautiful, intelligent girl, 5'-5", 5.1.1988, 9.30 pm, Jalandhar, M.A. English. P.U. Chandigarh Assistant professor college. E-mail: 9814674464. C3-38445

Match for Hindu Khatri girl, MCA, 5'-2½", 1987, middle class, 2 yrs. job experience in college. Service class/NRI preferred. Dowry seekers excuse. Contact: 9872975745, 8699737040. C3-39652

Suitable match for fair, beautiful, non-manglik, Khatri girl, 29.04.1981, 09:42 am, Chandigarh, 5'-7", M.Com, B.Ed. Father (retired) Gazetted Officer. Reputed Panchkula based family. Contact: 98158-65066. C3-39778

SM for Maini Khatri girl, B.Tech, MBA, working as SW Engineer in Gurgaon, package 8.4 LPA, 5'-3", 20.2.1986 (11.30 am), Udhampur. Parents settled in Amritsar. Software Engineer working in Gurgaon/Noida preferred. Contact after matching Kundli. E-mail: C3-40200

Match for smart LL.B (Chandigarh), Director with educational organisation Chandigarh, 5'-1", 16th May 1983, 2.16 am Chandigarh. Father Doctor, mother Lecturer. Early marriage. 94184-76623, C3-40524

Professionally qualified match for Australian citizen Sikh Ramgarhia girl, 
1977 born, 5'-1", B.Pharma, Masters of Accounts from Australia. Working Australian big concern. Looking for handsome boy, preferably working in Australia. Upper caste no bar. Contact with full biodata and photo. Phone: 98155-36660. A3-27345-OL

Beautiful Ramgarhia Sikh girl 26/ 5'-5½, B.Tech. pursuing MBA, Software Engineer (MNC), Chandigarh settled family. 98760-92040, C3-39059

Wanted well settled match for Sikh convent educated girl, M.Sc. IT, June 1986, 5'-5½", working reputed Company Delhi. Father Ex Class-I Officer. Ramgarhia cleanshaven settled abroad preferred. Early marriage. Mobile: 98780-09372. E-mail: C3-39161

IAS / IIT /IIM/ Defence Officer boy for Ramgarhia Sikh girl, Dentist, 
beautiful, very fair, 25, 5'-5". Father Defence Officer. Boy from Defence background preferred. Caste no bar among Sikh. Foreign country excuse. Send biodata photo on - Mob.: 078758-17397. C3-39353

Doctor, B.E., MBA, status businessman match for Ramgarhia Dhiman, beautiful, unmarried girl, B.Tech. (Computer), P.S.U. Executive, Shimla. Nov. 78/5'-3". Upper caste no bar. 98766-11948. Eail: C3-39599

Suitable match for Hindu Dhiman beautiful girl, 26.12.1984, 9:05 a.m., 5'-3", B.A., working at Chandigarh. 94647-92055, 99145-59167. C3-40614

Suitable cleanshaven match for slim, fair, beautiful Sikh Khatri girl MBA, 29.9.87, 5'-4". E-mail: Mobile 96468-88697. C3-38477

Match for fair, beautiful Sikh Khatri girl, 5'-1", 5.1.1986, 7:45 p.m., Chandigarh, M.Sc. IT, Pb. Semi Govt. regular job at Mohali. Father Punjab Govt. Officer at Chandigarh. Caste no bar. Preferred Govt./Semi Govt. employee Mohali/Chandigarh. C3-39125B

Looking for Gursikh ND/NT boy working around Chandigarh for smart Gursikh '89 born, 5 ft 2½", B.Tech. working Chandigarh. 78376-15966. C3-39696

Punjabi cleanshaven, vegetarian, handsome suitable educated match for Ad-dharmi, 31/5'-4" fair girl, MA (Eng.), M.Ed. NET, Asstt. Professor in College. E-mail: Contact: 9878045397. C3-36715

Match for beautiful Ramdasia girl, June 85, 5'-4", BAMS, private job. Reputed family. 98722-16128, C3-38693

Professionally qualified match for smart, sharp featured, SC girl, 26/4'-9", MD (PAED, pursuing). Doctors family. Contact: 9815308444, 9815753444. C3-39415

Suitable match for Ramdasia girl, 17.3.1989, 5'-2", (B.Tech. IT), now working in MNC as a Software Engineer at Bangalore. Mobile: 9814743679. C3-40024

Professionally qualified match for Ad-dharmi B.Tech, 5'-7"/28, beautiful girl, serving in IT Company, Mohali. Well settled educated family. 98880-49081. C3-40618

Suitable match for fair Ramdasia Sikh girl 26/5'-5", M.Tech., CSE, working as Asstt. Professor in Pvt. University. Tricity preferred. 98150-84850. Email: C3-40730

Qualified NRI cleanshaved match for Punjabi fair SC girl 1985/5'-2", PGDM (Tour and Travels), currently on study visa to Canada. Educated, well-settled family. 099589-99677. NA3-32415

Teetotaller match for Tonk-kashtriya Sikh girl, 5.10.82, 5'-3", B.Com, PGDCA, doing job. Caste no bar. Contact: 9465673857. E-mail: C3-37208

Match for Sikh Tonk-Kshtriya beautiful Canadian citizen girl 29 yr., 5'-7" ht. having very good job. Only Canadian citizen, having good family background & having good job can contact to 78096-57513. Caste no bar. C3-40582

Medico match for Tonk Kashatria MBBS girl 1982, 5'-5", Govt. job. 87259-00324. Canadian match considerable. NA3-35303

Match for Aggarwal issueless divorcee 1979/5'-6", MBBS girl, preferred well-settled businessman industrialist issueless boy. 98141-60044, 80544-72811. C3-39552

Suitable match for beautiful Himanchali Saraswat Brahmin, 5'-2", 
23.11.1972, 2:20 am, Chandigarh, MA. B.Ed, divorcee girl. Contact: 0172-2653000. C3-39844

Manglik/non-Manglik match for beautiful Mangla (Gotra) girl 21.7.1986, 11.35 am, Ambala, 4'-8", B.Pharma, MBA. Contact: 098961-31274. C3-38054

Suitable match for beautiful Goel Manglik girl, 25.2.1988, 3.35 a.m. Ambala, 5'-7", MBBS, serving Cancer Hospital, preferred MD/MS. Contact 093154-42990. C3-38711

Suitable match NRI/Indian for beautiful Arora Sikh girl, 82/5'-2", Graduate (Self employed). Well settled businessman family. Email : , Mobile 95017-36688. C3-40744


Chandigarh: Kanal Marble double Sector-33. Mohali: Kanal 2447 corner, B-road, Phase-X. Double marble. Duplex Phase-7, Ten Marla 1232/68, double marble, 80’ road. HM Marble four bedroom 3B1 Industry: 1 Kanal F-128 8B, 869 corner 800 sq.yds. Sec-82 “Quality Services, Direct Deals” Grewal Enterprises 9316000119, 9872491110 C3-40264

ZIRAKPUR 3000 Sq. Ft Commercial Space for Banks/MNC Chd-Ambala Road, Opp. Best Price. 94172-00812 C3-40588


Ten marla house Ist, IInd floor by owner, Sector 21-A, Chandigarh. For more
Contact: 98885-64009. C3-38619

8 marla house Sector 71 Mohali. Excellent location, facing park. Hot sale. No brokers. 8968124066. C3-40108


Modern Housing Complex, Chandigarh, Category-I, ground, corner, prime
location, commercial value, 2100 sq.ft. approx. Dealers excuse. 9855612864. C3-40704


One kanal (FF) two bedroom D/D three bathrooms large terrace fully
furnished with AC's Sector-36. Col Ahluwalia, 98765-58145. C3-40742

One kanal FF two bedrooms large D/D big terrace. Sector-36A. 
Rent 25000/-. Company/executive preferred. Contact: Col Ahluwalia, 98756-58145. C3-40746


Office Administrator required. Must be Graduate with Computer skills. Office location is Mohali - Punjab. Please send CV to:  C3-38907B

E-MAIL. C3-41377


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