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As high fashion goes green, from its techniques to the warp and weft of the organic fabric, we try and find out how India’s ace designers are promoting sustainable fashion in their own way
Swati Rai

Eco-friendly is more than just a password to the exclusive club or a mere fad for some designers. With their avant garde ideation, metods of production, sourcing and ethical eco-friendly practices, these designers and houses are clearly a sign of the changing times.

An architect remembers
Balkrishna Doshi’s engaging book of memories brings Le Corbusier, the master architect who was a major influence in his life, as a warm and humane being, aware of himself but divested of any aura

Francois Truffaut, the great filmmaker, once said: "Every film should have a beginning, middle, and an end. But not necessarily in the same order." One could say this of Balkrishna Doshi’s highly engaging, inward-looking book of memories, ruminations, self-examination: Paths Uncharted. That it has a movingly simple beginning is clear: "I grew up in a joint family in a modest house in Pune", the famous architect says.

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Feel-good habit
The secret to being physically and mentally fit is to stay active and work out regularly. The key to stay motivated is making exercise a pleasure rather than a chore
Everybody knows the practice of productive physical exercises is great for your health and wellbeing. It can boost your flexibility, strength, stamina and metabolism and put a smile on the face.

Skin saviours for a rainy day
During the monsoon, humidity can play havoc with your skin causing many infections. All these problems can be avoided by following a few simple skincare guidelines
Dr Anup Dhir
Showers, heat and humidity during the monsoon can make the skin prone to infection and irritation. The humidity increases sweat and oil secretions and raises the risk of skin problems. The basic texture of the skin also gets considerably changed. The normal skin becomes oily and the oily skin gets oilier. Whereas the dry skin has its own complications, because dryness is a sign of dehydration, the problem of lack of vitamins needed for skin repairing gets worsens.

Vanishing Great Indian Bustard
Population of the Great Indian Bustard worldwide has been put at less than 300, making the majestic bird the rarest among all bird species inhabiting the Indian subcontinent. ‘Let me fly’, says the bird and we should listen
Lieut-Gen (retd) Baljit Singh
Encouraged, no doubt, by the Supreme Court judgment of April 16, 2013, which is loaded in favour of implementing such conservation-enabling, management practices which will staunch the decline in and eventually stabilize the populations of all critically threatened species of our wildlife, the gutsy Bina Kak, the Minister of Forests, Rajasthan, moved with alacrity. Within days, she put in place "Project Great Indian Bustard" (GIB), a bird endemic to India whose numbers have dwindled abysmally to about 200, only. It was but natural that Rajasthan should have taken the lead as currently the bulk of surviving Great Indian Bustards inhabit that state. The project launch was conveyed through an excellent photo-image of one majestic-looking GIB female, taking up one half page of The Hindu (June 6, 2013), showing the bird pleading as it were, with her fellow countrymen: "Let me Fly", that is, asking simply for the fundamental Right to Life.

Towering glory
San Gimignano, with its lofty towers, has made its way to the Unesco heritage list as well as the itineraries of most tourists travelling to the Tuscan region in Italy
Tanushree Podder
The tiny town with a few thousand inhabitants was teeming with as many tourists that weekend morning. Brandishing cameras, using their umbrellas as walking sticks, they clambered the steep, cobbled lanes echoing with the babble of tongues.


Women’s inner yearnings
Female characters in European cinema aim to move beyond their confines, seeking answers to some universal problems
Ranjita Biswas

Eyes are the window to the soul, a tool for a perceiving the outer world. For Pilar, a rather unobtrusive homemaker of Toledo, Spain, in the film Take My Eyes, her world revolves round her husband Antonio and seven-year-old son, Juan. Even then, she is compelled to flee her home with Juan, even forgetting to change her bedroom slippers, to her sister’s place, unable to bear the repeated physical and mental abuse of Antonio. She discovers a new world as she starts working in a museum. Her sister pleads her to leave Antonio. Yet Pilar retains hope, her love for Antonio still intact. So she gives in when he cajoles her, asks for forgiveness; he even goes to anger therapy sessions. But it takes only a short time after return for Pilar to discover that Antonio was as he was, still abusive, still inhumanly possessive — not allowing her to work, not allowing her to find her space. It opens her eyes, and she, at last, dares to defy him, leaves her home forever.

Chang pas revisited
Filmmaker and biker Gaurav Jani’s latest docu-drama Motorcycle Chang Pa depicts a year-long journey across the high altitude Changthang desert in the Himalayas
Surekha Kadapa-Bose
Living for nearly a year with the nomadic tribe Chang pas of Changthang, in the high altitude desert of the Himalayas where wind speed reaches 70kmph and the temperature plummets below -15º C, filmmaker and biker Gaurav Jani has done it all. He has documented the everyday lives of a nomadic tribe who live in the world’s most inhospitable abode and move from place to place in search of grasslands with their brood of yaks.


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FRUIT FACTSMuseum of labels on fruit crates
Dr Chiranjit Parmar

Webside HUMOUR: Serial punishment
by Sunil Sharma

by Karuna Goswamy

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Too many turning points
The narrative does not follow a chronological order but continuously tosses back and forth. It also contains some pen-portraits of places and events and people that played a role in Habib Tanvir’s life
Reviewed by Suresh Kohli
Memoirs: Habib Tanvir
Translated from Urdu by Mahmood Farooqui
Penguin Viking. Pages 345. Rs 599.


A new perspective on the Sino-Indian war
Reviewed by D S Cheema
China’s India War 1962
Ed Air Commodore Jasjit Singh, AVSM, VrC, VM (Retd)
KW Publishers, New Delhi. Pages 332. Rs 920

The music that tugs at heart strings
Reviewed by Nirupama Dutt
Light of the Universe: Essays on Hindustani Film Music
by Ashraf Aziz
Three Essays Collective. Pages 184. Rs 350

Glimpses of deceit and wafts of irony
Reviewed by Geetu Vaid
Shoes Of The Dead
by Neelima Kota
Rainlight/ Rupa Pages 274. Rs 495