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Brides Wanted


Dehradun highly reputed family, hotel business Khatri Punjabi boy for their very smart fair and slim boy 24 years 5’-10”, Graduate Hotel Management course, looking for a smart educated girl for very established family. Mob.: 099174-72455. Send details & photo to Email: C3-42851

Affluent, modern Indore- based Punjabi Agrawal industrialist family,
invites alliance for their very handsome son (28, 5’-7.5”, B.E-BITS, MBA-MDI Gurgaon. Working in MNC in G’gaon, soon to join family b'ness). Looking for a beautiful, slim, well-qlfd girl from a respectable family. Email-id: C3-42017

Wanted fair, suitably employed bride, preferably in Teaching for Chandigarh based Engineer, 35/5'-11", 10 LPA. Upper middle class Senior Officer in a reputed Company. Caste no bar. E-mail: 93161-31924. C3-29548

Match for fair, handsome, Punjabi Hindu Nai (NP) MCA boy, Sr. Software Engineer in Centre Govt., 31/5'-8". Upper caste no bar. 8968444755. C3-42537

Maid Rajput (Rana), born 02.09.84/ 4:50 am Amritsar, IT Professional in Canada, 6'-2", athletic, clean-shaven seeks beautiful, educated, cultured family girl. Respond with Bio-data & recent photograph at: Call: 96349-96148. C3-41170B

Wanted a suitable girl B.E./MBA/M.Sc. for handsome Himachali Raput boy, Born 17.03.1986, Time 4.38 am, height 5'-8". Employed Asstt. Commandant. Contact: 096502-02372, 088005-41251. C3-42069

Running own English medium school, Distt. Panchkula, B.Sc. IT, 6'-8", 25.8.1981, 00:33 am, Una (Himachal). C3-40494

Professionally qualified match for Dubey boy, Regular Asstt. Professor
(PEC), Chandigarh. 29/5'-5". Preferred Eastern UP in tricity. 98888-05044. C3-40674

Gaur brahmin Bhardwaj boy, 26th October 1982, 5'-8", 5pm, Kurukshetra, BA, pvt. job. 092174-65945. C3-41925

Delhi based parents seeking match for Punjabi Sarswat Brahmin son 24, 6', B.Tech. (India) Master Engineering Western Ontario, working as Electrical Design Engineer in Mississauga Canada. Desire tall, beautiful girl preferably B.Tech./M.Tech. Engineer. Email: Tel: 98916-77830. C3-42263

Simple homely girl for legally issueless divorced Advocate of 32 years
Gaur Brahmin unmarried and working preferred. Mobile: 09992600963. Email: C3-42655

Well educated match for Hindu Khatri handsome boy, 1986, 5'-7", B.Tech, study base Australia doing Master Degree. Australian citizen considerable. 94652-7100, Email: A3-29750-OL

Professionally qualified employed, Manglik/Non-manglik match for
handsome Khatri boy, 05.06.1986, Jalandhar, 5'-10", B.Tech (NIT), MBA from reputed institute, Product Manager, MNC Noida, 10+LPA. Parents Govt employee, one elder sister married. Contact: 9915415720. E-mail: C3-41375

Medico match for Khatri MBBS boy, 1987/6', own Hospital, Landlord, own Resort at Chandigarh. 08958300002. E-mail: C3-41841

Class match for very handsome B.Tech, MBA, Arora boy, 24/170 from
family of Builders and Colonisers. Apply Post Box 178, Karnal. Id: C3-42377

Professionally qualified slim, beautiful, fair, match 6' tall boy B.Tech./CS pursuing MBA (IFT Delhi) born 14th July 1984, 7.30 a.m. Panipat. wkg. US based MNC Noida, pkg. 10.4 Lac. Contact: 099961-60294. Email: C3-42883

Professionally qualified and well educated match for a Sikh boy/Jat,
Never Married, 37, 5'-9", Athlete build, educated, US Citizen, IT Biz owner. Visiting India in Sept. No response from divorcee, annulled or with issues will be entertained. Serious inquirers send bio- data and few pictures before calling at: or at (347) 709-4023. C3-37872

Suitable match for Kamboj Sikh handsome boy 28 years 5'-7", Engineer in USA with H1B visa. No bars. 99996-00703. C3-41174

Alliance for handsome 6'-2", Australian citizen Lubana Sikh boy, earn
AUD 70000/PA. Tall educated girl required. Caste no bar. Mob: 09897642248. C3-41593

PQM for handsome Sikh, cleanshaven, US citizen, Ivy league Dentist, 32/5'-11". Running own high volume dental practice seeks beautiful, educated, cultured girl. Medico/Dental/other professionals from USA/Canada preferred. Caste no bar. Email photographs/biodata: C3-42268

Tall, educated, homely girl with good family background for a B.Com.,
5'-11" handsome, teetotaller, trimmed Sikh boy, Born 01.12.1978, in Real Estate in Delhi for 7 yrs. Father retired Colonel. Caste no bar & no demands. Contact: C3-42921

NRI/Professionally qualified match for Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) boy
30/5'-6", MBA (UK & Canada) Full time permanent job in MNC Canada. Handsome package/salary. Well settled family in Chandigarh. E-mail: Mob 98720-44845. C3-43013

Singapore well-settled teetotaller Jat Sikh handsome, fair complexioned boy born 1983/6ft., M.Sc. Govt. employee in Singapore University, getting 2 Lac. per month seeks suitably beautiful BDS, Ph.D., M.Sc. (Science), MCA, MBA, CA, khandani match. Only girl's merits main consideration. No dowry. 98885-35359. Email: A3-29527-OL

Well established Canadian Jatt Sikh family who owns their own business
who seeks a suitable match for their very handsome Canadian son 35/5'-11". Girl should be slim and beautiful with strong family values and educated. Please have bio data and recent photographs Emailed to C3-35745B

Suitable match for Jat Sikh boy handsome, teetotaller, US citizen 1978 6'-1½", BE (IT), Software Engineer, well-settled in USA. Family well-settled USA/India. Require beautiful, professionally qualified slim girl 5'-5" plus. Respond with recent picture/biodata at Box 2279M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Jat Sikh cleanshave 23 years, 5 ft. 8 in. born 1990 Canadian
citizen studying Mech. Engg., having urban and rural property near Chandigarh. Send biodata and photo. C3-39239

Suitable match for Dhillon, Jat Sikh boy 02.09.1985/6'. M.Tech. IT,
Australian PR. Seeking professionally qualified (IT/Eng/Medical background preferred), min 5'-6" girl. Send recent photos and biodata to C3-39374

Suitable educated match from Canada/USA for Canadian citizen Jat Sikh 39/5'-8" (divorcee issueless), well educated from Malwa region. Caste no bars. Contact: Email: and Phone 403-620-6008. C3- 40934

Qualified match for 6'/ 28 yrs clean shaven Jat Sikh Canadian Resident Dentist doing Residency in Canada. Respond with biodat and picture. Email: C3-41119

PQM for Jat Sikh turbaned boy, 1983/6'-1", never married, BCA/MCA
from India. Professionally employed at an IT position with Microsoft in Seattle, Washington on H1-B Visa. Seeking 5'-6" + tall Jat-Sikh professionally educated, slim, beautiful, family oriented and US/Canada resident. Highly qualified matches from India may be considered as well. Please respond with recent photo and complete bio data of the girl and family at Email: or Call: +1-206-661- 4400. C3-41158B

Match for Jat Sikh boy, USA Citizen, 34/5'-9", only son, B.Tech. M.Tech. (India), M.S. (USA), Plant Engineer in USA, divorced. Email: 97798-98754. C3-41525

Match for U.S. citizen, non-smoker, drug-free, handsome Manglik Jat Sikh boy, 27, 6', Graduate from U.S. & well settled. H1B and student visa welcomed. Marriage Bureau can contact. Please respond with bio-data and picture @ C3-41583B

Seeking beautiful, professionally qualifed Jatt Sikh girl for Jatt Sikh, 29 yr, 5'-10" boy. B.Tech., M.Tech., Working as permanent Asstt. Prof. in PAU. Brief marriage, legally separated, issueless. Father in Govt. Service, Ludhiana based family. Contact: C3-41589B

Educated, well established Jat Sikh parents seek alliance from tall, slim educated match for their son, handsome clean shaven, 1978 born and raised in Canada, 5'-11" tall. He has B.A. and M.Sc. and working as a teacher. He is coming to India in the first week of August. Please contact C3-41591

Seeking well educated, tall , beautiful girl for Chandigarh based, handsome Jat Sikh Advocate, 31 years/5'-9½". Highly influential & well educated family. Respond with Photograph at C3-41915

Professionally qualified match for highly qualified handsome Jat Sikh
M.Tech. Engg., 31/6'-2", working in leading MNC in Singapore with PR status. Boy from high status family of Sr. Class-I Officer with U/R property. C3-41949

Wanted a beautiful professional Jat Sikh girl for a 28 years/6'-2",
handsome Engineer boy, having just completed his MBA from a top B-School in USA. Father recently retired IAS Officer. Please contact 99154- 72616. E-mail: C3-42043

High status educated Jalandhar based landlord business class family
seeking slim, beautiful match for cultured son, 5'-8", 1986 born, B.Com, MBA, involved in family business, having large scale agriculture, urban, rented income and properties. Doaba preferred. E-mail: C3-42077

US Citizen Jatt Sikh Engineer height 5'-11", age 32 years, born and grew
up in India, earning $ 250K, own properties in India and US. Legally divorced after paper based marriage. Interested families please contact. C3-42271B

Looking for a suitable match for Jat Sikh boy, Canadian citizen living in Vancouver, June 83 born, 6 ft. 1 in. height, very handsome and Athletic build. Engineering Degree from UBC, running his own successful business. Well established, well educated family from Nawanshahr. All near maternal/paternal relatives are well educated and highly placed. Looking for a beautiful, tall, slim girl, preferably MBA or Pharmacist with excellent communication skills in English. Pls send latest pictures with details. Email: Tel: 011-1604-321-0068. C3-42299

Jatt Sikh parents soliciting PQM for their only son, 32/5'-11", MBBS
(India), Masters Hospital Administration (London), innocently divorced. No child/encumbrances, UK citizen. Presently in India. Well educated family, having U/R properties. E-mail: Phone: 9815805856. C3-42350

Professional match for well settled smart Mechanical Engineer 26/5'-7",
Jat Sikh family, MNC employed, six lacs. 98156-91150. C3-42441

Jat Sikh parents seek a match for their Son, 31 years, 6' tall, born and educated in Toronto, Engineer and working with a large Corporation, Girl should be from Canada and educated in Ontario with good family values. Please respond with recent picture and bio-data to Email or contact at: 905-301- 7422. C3-42827

Qualified/good-looking match for 28½/6', very smart/handsome, non-drinker, IAS-Officer son of high- status, educated, landlord-business Chandigarh-Delhi based family having 150 acres rural land and substantial Urban/Commercial property. Late Father was University Professor; only brother well-settled in USA. Photo must. Contact: C3-43307

Professionally qualified cultured match for Jat Sikh handsome teetotaller, Canadian citizen, 29/6'-1", B.Tech India, MS Engineering top university Canada, professionally employed at Senior IT Position with IBM in Edmonton, Alberta. Girl should be slim, beautiful, family oriented, minimum 5'-5" and US/Canada resident. Relocation in North America may be considered. Contact with recent pictures: Phone: 98761- 54113. NA3-35603

Suitable match for Sandhu Jatt Sikh boy 1981 born, very handsome, non-drinker, tall 6'-2", M.Sc. IT Networking, Diploma in HR from Canada, now settled in India. Parents & siblings American immigrants, having R/U property, looking for tall, beautiful, professionally educated girl from decent & educated family. Send biodata with photograph at: 94179-11045, 80549-85889. NA3-36045

Beautiful educated slim family, oriented girl from educated family for Jat Sikh cleanshaven 1983/5'-8", PR Canada as Veterinary Doctor. Upper caste Brahmin Hindu also welcome. No dowry. Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, NCR preferred. 99152-68312. NA3-36489

Jalandhar based Jat Sikh parents seeks professionally qualified match for their only son 1986/5'-10", Doctor BAMS own clinic. Good urban property. Mother retired teacher. Vegetarian family. Marriage Bureau excuse. Email: NA3-37517

Professionally qualified match for Senior Doctor Arora Sikh cleanshaven 44/175, issueless divorcee, working Govt. Hospital Singapore. Educated family. Visiting Delhi early October. Contact: 006566461020. Email: A3-29160-OL

SQM for UK born, 26 years, 6'-1", very fair, clean shaven, Civil Project Engineer with MNC and own Property Development. Well-settled, vegetarian, teetotaller family, owning an established school. Elder of two sons a Doctor. Girl's achievements, family background, main considerations. Email: Tel: +447950 495 755. C3-31372

NRI slim qualified match for clean shaven Arora Sikh issueless divorcee 40/5'-10", US citizen, BE (India), MBA (USA). 6 figure salary. Email biodata, photo to: C3-41833

NRI Doctor match for Saraswat Brahmin MBBS, MS Clinical research all steps USMLE Cleared, Doing job U.S. 76 BORN, 5'-8'' handsome fair vegetarian status family. 98151-70796, C3-42481

Seeking suitable match for divorced 37 years old Jat Sikh cleanshaven
boy from well to do family, height 5'- 8", weatish colour, settled in USA for past 18 years. Also have 30 acres of city and rural land in Jalandhar. girl must be educated, tall, slim, fair, good looking from good reputed family. Divorced without kid is considerable. 001-480-287-4053. NA3-34736

Professionally qualified match for Punjabi Hindu handsome Khatri boy 32/6' Manglik/non-Manglik MS (America). Fortune 50 Company. 1,05,000 Dollars on international assignment in Germany from America. Caste no bar. Early marriage. Contact 001-405-762-1425. Email:- NA3-36214

Suitable match for settled handsome Khatri boy 5'-6", 19.1.79, Chandigarh, Graduate, doing own business in U.K. 90234-40444, 98888-55114. C3-41389

A beautiful and highly qualified match for Manglik Khatri boy, 26 years,
5'-8", teetotaller. Own profession and businesses from very high status political family. Caste no bar. Mobile : 090414-09087. C3-41831

Suitable match for Hindu Khatri Graduate boy 77 Born, 5'8", early/simple marriage, No demand of Dowry, Chandigarh/Tricity, preferrable working girl (nurse, teacher, employee) Boy CTC 2 Lacs year, having own house. Email: C3-42803

Slim, beautiful, educated girl from simple family for NM 5'-6", 10.1.85,
1:45 a.m., Ludhiana, B.Tech., Builder & Govt. Contractor Mohali. Purely vegetarian, non-smoker, non-drinker. No demands. Horoscope match must. 9988186129, 9888407499. C3-43300

Professionally qualified match for Hindu Arora, Non- manglik boy, 11.03.83, 1:15 pm, Chandigarh, MBA (IIM), B.Tech. Working as Deputy General Manager, Mumbai, 24 LPA. Contact with biodata and photo. Email: C3-41148

Match for Ramgarhia Sikh boy, 25/5'-5", Delhi based Software
Engg. Box 2297M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Ramgarhia Doaba based family seeks educated, beautiful NRI girl for their cleanshaven son 12.7.81, 5'-8", B.Com, M.Sc. Computer Science, Bank job (Dubai). Contact: 9876312886. E-mail: C3-43199

Sikh Khatri boy non trimmer non drinker 22.12.85 MBA 5'-9'' working with father transport business. Simple small family. Email: 9356013700. C3-30344

Suitable educated match for Manglik Gursikh Ahluwalia handsome boy,
5'-7", 29.10.1985/9:59 p.m./Chandigarh, MCA and Software Engineering, working in Mohali, 3 Lacs P.A. No liability. Own house. Please reply with Photo to E-mail: 98728-83768. C3-41669

Match for Ad-dharmi B.Pharmacy MBA, 1984, 6', very smart, Radhasoami, New Zealand PR boy, well educated family. Preferably MBBS/BDS/M.Pharmacy, M.Sc./B.Sc. Nursing, B.Tech/M.Tech, Indian/NewZealand girl. 9779585068. E-mail: C3-41671

Match for Ravidasia boy, 1980 /5'-7", M.Sc., Ph.D., Permanent Asstt.
Prof., Panjab University, Chandigarh. 84270-61780. C3-42075

Handsome, brilliant Brahmin boy, Director Software company Chandigarh, 35, 5'-8½", daughter 2½ yrs. Reputed family. 98766-95797. C3-42755

Sikh MBBS/MD/BDS/DDS/ Pharma/Professional match, working/studying in USA/Chanda, for handsome (Ahluwalia), turban wearing, Oct. 73/5'-8", Canada upbringing, dual USA/Canada Citizen, MBA (Health Services Management), holding Senior Administrative Position, California. Ph: +9162240170. C3-42041

Smart manglik Mair-Rajput boy 24/ 5'-9'' Post Graduate permanent
Resident Canada. Working in bank salary around 3.25 lacs monthly. Upper caste no Mobile 09779356422. C3-41126

Hindu Saini 34/5'-11" divorcee, issueless, Mechanical Engineer. Manager automobile company, Luckhnow, 9 LPA. Upper caste no bar. 98154-47007, 98558-55007. C3-42531

Gursikh Engineer MCA, BDS, beautiful match for handsome turbaned Gursikh non-trimmer non-drinker vegetarian 32/ 5'-5½'' MBBS Doctor Kamboj boy, doing Central Government job 98150-01078, 0183-2222133. C3-42597

Match for BDS Manglik, Mangal (Gotra) handsome boy 5.12.1987,
3:15 pm, Ambala, 5'-2", own reputed clinic at Pinjore. Preferably equivalent qualified, beautiful employed. Contact: 093189-07414. C3-40954

SM4 MBA Jindal Anshik Manglik boy 06.06.1988 Ambala, 7:05 p.m., 5'-9", serving private college, own business. Contact: 94160-94102. C3-41104

Suitable match for Mittal manglik boy, July 1985, 5'- 10", working as IT professional, Banglore. 7.8 LPA. 9465218633. Email: C3-41188

Match for Non-Manglik Garg boy 18.4.83, 5'-8", Graduate, working IT company Chandigarh, salary 4.50 LPA, own residence. Preferred employed at Chandigarh. Send photo, biodata. 99155-86164. C3-41871

Professionally qualified pretty match for Singal gotra handsome boy
5'-11", November 1980. Working top MNC Singapore package above dollar 1,20,000 yearly belong to status family settled Panchkula. Upper caste no bar. Mobile: 89682-17127. C3-42793

Professionally qualified employed match for Kamboj Sikh boy, 5'-8", 25 yrs., B.V.Sc & A.H. Veterinary officer, Govt job, well educated status family. E-mail: Box 2308M Tribune, Chandigarh.


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