Karuna Goswamy


1. Ricky Ponting is one

5. Strong cord, often twisted

7. Group of countries of which India and Brazil are members (inits.)

8. How our foreign ministry is called (inits)

9. Ancient practice of widow burning

10. A rolling stone gathers none

11. Throw slowly in an arc

12. Greasy; also, fawning

14. Popular south Indian snack

16. Division into two parts



1. Entrance to a house or building

2. Something given to pacify; bribe

3. How the Indian rupee is called (inits.)

4. Is said to be the mother of invention

6. __ Bronte, famous English novelist

7. Familiar name for a baby deer

13. Line that demarcates one land from another, often military (inits.)

15. Forest officer of high rank (inits.)