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Grooms Wanted

Suitable Khatri/Arora/Brahmin match preferably employed in tricity for Khatri girl, fair complexion, July 1976 looks younger, 5'-3", MBA, Ph.D. Permanent Panjab University Assistant Professor, 55,000/-.  Box 1580F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well Settled Professionally Qualified match for Hindu Arora girl 26/ 5'-2'' M.Tech (CSE) working as Assistant Professor in Govt. Engg. College. Status family. E.Mail:  C3-61699

Match for smart Hindu Khatri girl 25.10.1989, 5.35 pm Chandigarh born, 5'-3", Graduate/B.P.Ed. Vegetarian family.  C3-61917

Suitable match for beautiful Ramdasia sikh (weaver) girl, 5'-6", February, 1986, B.Tech. (Computer Science), M.Tech. Lecturer in private engineering college. Send biodata with recent photograph on Email:  Contact: 09418124990. C3-60165

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh Weaver fair girl, 23/5'-6", B.Sc. Nursing. Preferred equally qualified NRI/Govt employee. Contact: 9417648213. E-mail:  C3-60525

Suitable match for smart, well placed Sikh girl, 5'-5", 30. From respectable family. Boy main consideration. Contact 97797-11201. C3-61997

Match for beautiful Sikh issueless legally divorced MBA girl, Feb. 82/5'-1˝", employed in NCR. Caste no bar. Contact: 098880-53114. Email:  NA3-53836

Canadian Jat Sikh parents seek suitable match for their daughter, professionally qualified from Canadian University, well employed, good looking, 5'-2", 27 years, well versed in both the cultures. Match from Canada preferred. Please respond with recent photo and biodata  C3-48694

Looking for a PQ modern Jat Sikh boy, 25-29, 6' or taller, Western born, preferably USA. Student/H1-B Visa candidate can be considered for pretty Jat Sikh girl, born in San Francisco, CA 25, 5'-7", UC Grad, pursuing law degree. Send pics, with details to  C3-54973

Chandigarh based Jat Sikh Mann family seek suitable match for their tall and sober girl 1985, 5'-7", B.Sc. Nursing.  C3-55462

Beautiful Canadian PR 5'-5" 1985 born Jatt Sikh P.G. in Project Management (Canada) B.Tech. (India), for their lovely & intelligent daughter, interested nice Jatt Sikh families please contact with boy's professional qualifications, biodata and recent pics at , only serious enquires please. Divorce case/greedy please excuse. C3-55547B

Professionally Qualified Match for Jat Sikh 33/5'-4" convent educated, M.A. (English), slim, beautiful, fair, working as Project Lead in IT company, Panchkula. Well educated family settled near Mohali, Punjab. Marriage bureaus please excuse.  C3-57007

Professionally qualified match from India or abroad for a smart, slim, fair, Nov. 81 born, 5'-4", B.Com MBA, working from reputed Jat Sikh family, widowed shortly after marriage, issueless, visited US/Canada multiple times. Issueless match only. Contact with Bio data and photo at  C3-57067

Medico/Non-Medico match for a Doctor girl, 5'-3"/31 years from a family of Doctors, completed Residency in Internal Medicine USA, doing Fellowship Oncology 3rd year USA. 98151-80893. C3-58935

Jat Sikh parents seeking a suitable match for their beautiful and simply innocent, educated only daughter, 1986 born, 5'-6" tall. Father is Two Star Serving General. Email biodata and recent pictures to:  Box 1581F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Affluent Jat Sikh NRI Business family seek matrimonial alliance for their very beautiful slim 31 years 5'-6" tall daughter running her own business and financially very sound. The girl may or may not be able to bear a child normally and might require medical support. Will appreciate serious and understanding alliance. Please contact with complete details and pictures at  C3-60249

Only sincere, gentle, qualified, handsome match for Jat Sikh girl, 27˝, 5'-6", M.Sc., B.Ed., pursuing Ph.D. Working Physics Lecturar, innocent divorcee, issueless, belong Ludhiana city based. Industrialist businessman family. Rural/urbanised status family. Mother, Father retd. officers. Upper caste no bar. Contact Mob.: 95018-32727,  C3-60417

Match for Jat Sikh M.Tech (Comp. Sc) girl, April 1989/5'-4", working as Assistant Professor in Engineer College. Email:  C3-60421

SM for beautiful Jat Sikh Sidhu BDS girl 24/5'-8", Canadian visa for 10 years Preliminary exam for DDS of Canadian, USA cleared. Respectable educated family. Presently in Punjab. 98724-20315. C3-60579

Suitable educated, well settled match for Jat Sikh beautiful girl, born 84, 5'-5", MA, LL.B. doing practice. 9815993296. E-mail:  C3-60811

Highly qualified Jat Sikh match for Australian PR holder girl, 14 May 1985 born, 5'-3", Post-graduate in Multimedia Design from Monash University Melbourne, cultured with high moral values. Non-drinker, turbaned boy preferred. 99887-31222, Email ID:  C3-60945

Suitable well settled, educated match for Jat Sikh 26/5'-1", Lecturer, M.Sc., M.Ed. Preferred landlord family. Contact: 9464338604. E-mail:  C3-61057

NRI Jat Sikh match for beautiful Post-graduate, 26/5'- 6", US Citizen from highly educated family.  98889-60797. 82848-70059 (After 5 P.M.) C3-61115

Jat Sikh August 81, 5'-3", Ph.D, MBA, working Assistant Professor, fair, cultured defence officer's background rural/urban property. 94650-95844. Email:  C3-61715

Vancouver-based, Kahlon, Jat Sikh, educated, influential, reputed, Khandani landlord family of Doctors and Officers seeks exceptionally smart MD Doctor, match from similar family background, preferably from British Columbia area, for their daughter, 35/5'-4" MD specialist Internal Medicine, born and raised in Canada, India well-versed both cultures. She is intelligent, smart, committed, compassionate, slim, sweet, beautiful and young looking girl. Please respond with recent photo and complete biodata of boy and family.  C3-62141

Alliance invited for an educated professional 23 yr Jat Sikh girl, fair, beautiful, 5'-8". Father retd. Army Colonel and the family is well-settled in New Zealand. Looking for a professionally qualified Jat Sikh boy. Please Email profile and photograph to  at the first instance. C3-62223

Well settled match for beautiful Jat (Gill) Sikh girl, 28, 5'-6",Ph.D (Panjab University), working. 8059300380,  C3-62513

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Canadian citizen girl, born and studied in India upto Grade XI, Engineer. Earning $80K PA, 26/162. Only Jat Sikh boy well-educated and settled in Business/Job need respond by Email to:  C3-62647

Match for Jatt Sikh green card holder, slim, beautiful, fair girl, 5'-4", July 78, M.S from USA, working in reputed company in Los Angles. Parents well-educated & USA citizens, H1/GC/citizen/from I.T. preferred. Please respond with biodata and recent photograph. Contact: 96466-01002, Email:  C3-62651

Wanted Jat Sikh Punjabi cultured USA(CA) settled Software Engineer of Malwa region for 27/5'-2", beautiful and intelligent daughter, B.Tech Thapar University, M.S. California, Software Engineer in Silicon Valley USA on H1B Visa. Early marriage in India or USA. Contact US: 510-824-5708 or mail biodata & snaps at:  C3-62667

PQM for 5'-8"/1986 born fair, slim, urban MBA Jat Sikh girl hailing from Defence background, working with reputed Org. Seeking 5'-11"+ tall, cleanshaven, Jat- Sikh, urban match from respect, well-educated family. Marriage Bureaus excuse. 98888-85724.  C3-62709

Status match for Jat-Sikh Medico girl 5'-3", 27 years, convent educated, sober, caring, respect social value, owning property. Father Ex-PCS, mother Ex-PES. E-mail:  Box 1593F Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM for Jatt Sikh beautiful well qualified 5'-8"/84 born, B.Tech. Comp. Sc., schooling DPS, working in one of the best MNC's in NCR Delhi.  C3-62739

Jat Sikh Mohali girl, 27/5'-6", MBA, working Bank. Tricity preferred.  C3-62793

Well-educated Jat Sikh family seek highly qualified professional match for their Australian citizen daughter 34, 5'-4", fair beautiful and possess strong family values, highly educated with double Master's IT & IS, working as Program Services Manager in top MNC Sydney. Respond with biodata and pics. at  NA3-52253

Saini Sikh beautiful girl 31/5'-3", MBA, Hotel Management. Legally divorcee issueless. Upper caste no bar. Email:  Mob: 80544-24266. C3-59885

Professionally qualified match for beautiful Saini girl April 84/ 5'-4" B.Tech. (Textile Tech) PGD in Fashion Designing from reputed Institute. Well educated family. Upper caste no bar.  C3-62441

Suitable match for Saini beautiful, slim, fair girl 12.10.88, 10:50 am Delhi, 5'-4", B.Sc. MD (Delhi). Working Samsung, 3 LPA. Email:  Contact: 98915-30303. C3-62511

Match for fair Hindu Saini girl, 10.4.89/5'-2", MCA. Working as Junior Programmer (Contract basis) in Haryana Govt at Chandigarh. Haryana, Chandigarh preferred. Mobile no. 89680-42269. Email :  C3-62685

Match for Shimla based status Sood family girl, convent educated, MBA, 80 born, 5'-4", Officer in Govt. Deptt. status match preferably in and around Shimla. 094189- 50247.  C3-61447

Suitable match for Canadian citizen Jat Sikh girl 86 born, 5'-1", Diploma in Medical Office Assistant and Diploma in Nursing unit clerk recently educated and well-placed family. Only Jat from Canada, USA.  0017785529636. A3-42977-OL

Match for India born and brought up Australian Citizen Punjabi Brahmin PG girl professionally settled 5'-5" born 1976. Separated after three weeks. Caste no bar. Preferred match settled in Melbourne only. Contact with photo and biodata at E mail :  C3-44404

Seeking suitable match for Manglic 25, 5'-7", USA citizen. Cultured, slim, beautiful. B.S. Biology. Caste no bar. prefer IIT/IIM. Please contact  C3-57307

NRI (USA-Canada) MD/MS/DM/MCH/doing residency match for Dhiman beautiful MBBS girl 5'-1", 09:20, 14-05-1982, Chandigarh. Canadian PR, doing 1st year residency Paediatrics (USA). Upper caste no bar. Send photo. 094174-95588.  C3-62535

Suitable match for Ghirath/Bahti /Chaudhary girl, 24/5'-5", M.Sc. Bio-technology. Father, Mother Govt. employee. 9625298202, 8263870062. C3-60397

Suitable match for fair beautiful Himachali Ghirath/Chaudhary girl 5.9.1983, 3.31 PM, 5'-4", MBA, M.Com, doing job. 98159-17108. C3-61739

Suitable match for Hindu Rajput giel, fair complexion, 26/5'-2", ITI, NTT, JBT. Mohali based family. 9646075207, 8968568608. C3-60383

Suitable match for beautiful Sikh Rajput girl, 27, 5'- 6", Ph.D (Panjab University), working.  C3-62507

Suitable match for Punjabi Brahmin girl M.Pharma 5'-5", 11.12.1986, 3 a.m., doing job in MNC Chandigarh. 98551- 69944. C3-60115

Match for MCA Gaur girl, 27.5.87/5:00 p.m./Delhi. 5'- 1". Engineer in Noida. , 98140-81778. C3-60117

Medico/Non medico match for Saraswat Brahmin never married girl. Permanent HCMS Doctor, fair, 5'-5", 1975 born. Tricity preferred. Unmarried issueless divorcee can apply. 9872711459.  C3-60593

Well settled match for Sarswat Brahmin beautiful, fair complexion slightly Manglik girl, 31.05.86, 8:34 p.m., Paonta Sahib, 5'-4", M.A. (Music Vocal, English), M.Ed., Rattan Bhardwaj & Vashishta. Contact: 94180- 73701. Email:  C3-60603

Match for beautiful Saraswat Brahmin Punjabi Anshik Manglik girl, 87 born, 5'-2", MBA, LL.M. Diploma in Cyber Laws, presently pursuing company secretaryship. Father Central Govt. officer. Contact: 9855224545. E- mail:  C3-60607

Suitable match for slightly Manglik Saraswat Brahmin Himachali girl, 14.4.1990, 05:45 a.m., Una (HP). B. Pharma. Not doing job, dowry seeker excuse 97365-84110, 97366-17070. Please contact after matching the kundli  C3-61033

Gaur Brahmn girl, age 16.12.1984, 5'-8", M.A. Hindi, Fashion Designing. Contact No. 9996689077. C3-61167

Wanted well placed boy for Saraswat Brahmin fair, smart, convent educated MBA girl. PO in Nationalised Bank. 5'-4", 31.08.1987, 12 noon, Chandigarh. 9888062049.  C3-61911

Medico, Dentico, Attorney in USA, Software Engineer match for V. beautiful Saraswat Brahmin, 5'-5", 27, US citizen Juris Doctor student. Send biodata, pic, kundli.  C3-62373

Match for beautiful Saraswat Brahmin girl 24.01.1976, 5'-5", M.Sc. Maths, B.Ed., PGDCA, 95821-58807.  NA3-52268

Tricity based Govt/Bank employee match for fair, beautiful, Sood girl, 07-08-1989, 03:25 pm, Mohali, 5'- 3", MFC, Assistant in SBI at Chandigarh. Only Child. Father also SBI employee. Dowry seekers may kindly excuse.  C3-60401

MCA/MBA/B.Tech match for Khatri slim girl, 11.1.88, 2.20 am, Jalandhar, 5'-1˝", MCA, working MNC. 9815630553. E-mail:  C3-60623

Suitable qualified well settled match preferably Khatri for beautiful girl, 1984 born, 5'-4", doing Ph.D. College lecturer. Contact: 9888119244. E-mail:  C3-60897

Highly placed professional cutsurd/trimmer Khatri/Jat Sikh/Arora match for beautiful girl convent educated MBA from reputed College 5'-7", Aug. 88, working MNC Pune. Father Senior Serving Army General. Reputed professional family. Email  C3-62707

Match for punjabi Khatri, fair, beautiful girl M.Sc, doing MBA. Working MNC Gurgaon, 5'-3", 01.02.87, 5:00 pm, Solan. Email:  C3-62860

Highly respectable and well connected family seeks alliance for 5'-5", beautiful MBA, 15.06.1988, 3:00 AM, Hansi born working girl. M: 80593-31111.Email:  C3-62866

Gursikh educated, well settled match for Ramgarhia Sikh girl, 1982, 5'-4", M.A, B.Ed. Teacher private school. NRI preferred. 98154-53210. E.mail:  C3-60455

PQM cleanshaven/trimmer tall boy well-settled in India/NRI for Sikh Khatri girl 29/5'-5" fair, smart, beautiful, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Govt. University. Status family. Contact with full detail & photo. E.mail:  C3-61245

Professionally qualified match for Mazabi Sikh girl, Asstt. Professor, 1981/ 5'-2". Settled around Chandigarh preferred. 9814802247, 9915484482. C3-60213

Match for Chandigarh based Balmiki girl, 34/5'-2", B.Ed., Private job, fair complexion. Early marriage. Educated family. Mob. 89687-77035. C3-60723B

Professionally qualified match for SC (Mazbi Sikh) beautiful, slim girl, 28/5'-5", B.Tech. (IT) Solftware Engineer in MNC. Father Class I Officer. Small family. Send biodata alongwith photo to  Mob: 99150-29829. C3-61587

Suitable match for beautiful Chamar girl, 30 years, 5'- 4", MCA. Doing Job in computer institute in Chandigarh. Family Ambala based, settled in Chandigarh. Mobile 94179-90766.  C3-62013B

Suitable officer match for Ad-dharmi/Ravidasia smart girl, 5'-2", 1985, Permanent Govt. employee as Assistant Professor (Class-I Officer) in Chandigarh, belongs to well educated family. Mobile: 98148-06977, 98559-09977, Email:  C3-62551

Looking for Radha Soami Schedule Caste match for good looking 5'-1"/1981 born, well-educated girl. Divorced and having one son 7 years old. Contact :  C3-62623

Doctor, Engineer, Professor, Officer (Govt. job) match for Ravidasia girl 1988, 5'-3", M.Sc., JAIIB, CAIIB, Asstt. Manager (Govt. Bank). Father, mother, brother in Govt. job. Email: , 098166- 32686. NA3-51970

Match for Ravidasia Sikh BDS, IELTS girl 25/5'-3", Parents Govt. employees. Doctor, Engineer preference NRI.  94171-62954, 001-571- 233-5092. NA3-52281

Qualified NRI cleanshaven match for Punjabi fair SC girl 1985/5'-2", PGDM (Tour and Travels), currently on study visa to Canada. Educated and well-settled family. 099589-99677.  NA3-54013

Suitable match for Manglik Khatri girl, fair complexion, slim, beautiful, 08.05.1987, 7 pm, 5'- 2"/Derabassi, Graduation, NTT. 96465-02406. C3-61093

SM4 Pb. Khatri Manglik girl, tall, fair slim, 5'- 8"/18.01.87/Amritsar. Working Public Bank in Chd. Family well-settled in Gurgaon. Prefd. match in Chd/Delhi NCR. Email:  Mob: 97171- 98292. C3-61201

Suitable match for Tonk-Kshtriya (Chhimba) preparing for IELTS an MBA MA English 5'-2", 24 daughter of Pb. Govt. Headmaster. Elder married Brother settled PR in Australia. Kindly contact 9417053080 or email at  C3-60837B

PQ cleanshaven match for Tonk-Kashatriya, beautiful girl, 1986, 5'-4", MCA. Contact : 98725-39368, e-mail :  C3-62661

SM4 5'-6", 2 April 1984, b'ful, divorcee Pun. Saraswat MA, M.Sc. MCA, wkg. Pub. school. E-mail:  Mb: 09828608951. C3-60157

Looking for well settled, qualified, tall boy from tricity for legally mutual divorced, BA, B.Ed, girl, 5'-8", 04.04.1983. Working teacher reputed school. Dowry seeker excuse. 7508994911. Email:  C3-60885

Suitable match for very beautiful Saraswat Brahmin girl M.A, B.Ed. 5'-7'', 32 yrs., Divorcee with female child. Contact 98149-52915. C3-61041

PQM4 Aggarwal issueless fair, slim, 06.02.1980, 16:50, Chandigarh, 5'-2", M.Tech, SW Enginer, Noida. 094639- 02013. Email:  C3-61803

Seeking professionally qualified decent family gentleman willing to settle abroad with 5'-5", Aug 71 born New Zealand citizen professionally qualified running her own business much younger looking attractive female. Photo and CV must. . 099148-87000. Box 1584F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable Sikh turbaned boy for Arora Sikh girl 24, 5'- 6", fair, beautiful, doing Masters in Radiology, family based in Chandigarh. Preference for tall, handsome boy in Civil Services or Judicial Services or Post-graduate in Medical Sciences.  C3-62639

Suitable match for fair, beautiful Goyal girl, 29/5'- 2", working as B.H.M.S. Doctor. Seeks well settled boy preferably Doctor in tricity. Caste no bar. E-mail:  C3-62321

Professionally qualified match for Garg girl, 14.6.1986/5:10 p.m./Ferozpur, 5'-3", B.Tech. ECE. Working TCS Pune, Package 8 lakhs p.a. Simple middle class family. Early simple marriage. Contact : , 097790-92661, C3-62435


Chandigarh: Marble Duplex approaching park Sec-33D. 10 Marla beautifully built Sec-35C GF. Mohali: 16 Marla built-up corner Double Phase-VII, single line facing park Phase-X. 8 Marla facing park Sec-69 2˝ storey marvellous house, 3 BR 1900 sq.ft. Regency Heights Sec-90-91. Shoroom: 63 Phase-2, Bayshop Phase-X built-up, Booth Ph-IX. Plot: 12 Marla 213 Sec-80. “Quality Services, Direct Deals” Grewal Enterprises 9316000119, 9872491110 C3-62501

35 acres Agriculture land in Bassi Pathana near Bijli Board Main Road, good
front suitable for commercial use. Contact: 094252-04668. C3-60241

28 Kanal Agriculture land Yamunanagar. Contact: 9996689077. C3-61161

209 acres agri-culture land Raipur Rani, Distt. Panchkula. Contact: 099966-89077. C3-61163

Required full time/part time Entry Level Marketing Executives at a Tech start-up serving Restaurants. Job location is Tricity, flexible timings and competitive compensation. For further details please contact at:  Visit us at:  C3-60821


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