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A dream come true
PM hands over house allotment letters to beneficiaries at Dhanas
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 14
A slum dweller of Sector 52, Ranjit Singh, who works in a private printing press, had never dreamt of being the first person in the city to receive the allotment letter of a dwelling unit at Dhanas from the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh.

For Ranjit and his wife Raksha Devi, it was the joy of not only sharing the moment with the PM, but also seeing their dream of owning a house come true. Hailing from Himachal Pradesh, they had been living in a local slum for the past many years.

For Akhtar Ali and his wife, Laiylaiytoon Nisha, another lucky couple to get the allotment letter from the PM, it would be a complete transformation from the miserable life of slums where they had to go outside to fetch water.

But many others were not lucky to get their possession letters from the PM. Sanjay Kumar and his wife Sharda were seen inspecting the flats and discussing the arrangements they would have to make after shifting to the complex. "We are happy as we will get rid of the slum. Our three children will get better environment," they said.

Another couple, Inderjeet and his wife Kamlesh, who have been allotted a flat on the first floor, wished they could have been allotted a bigger flat so that they, along with their four children, could live comfortably. "In Colony No. 5, there was no bar on creating additional space. But here the space is limited. We can't alter it," said Inderjeet.

Soon after the ceremony, many of the beneficiaries were seen inspecting the flats.

According to the allotment conditions, the flat would be transferred in the name of the allottee after 20 years, provided they do not sell it off or did not rent it out.

During the PM's address, the beneficiaries were seen praising the UPA government.


To ensure beneficiaries reach in good numbers, 20 CTU buses were pressed into service to ferry them to the venue

There was some malfunction in the sound system during the PM's address. Moreover, the PM was speaking at a very low pitch.

Initially, 12 beneficiaries were identified to receive the possession letters from the PM. But at the last moment, the SPG cut down the list to 10

UT Administrator made the Punjab CM sit next to the PM. Union Minister Girija Vyas was asked to shift her seat

UT Administrator praised MP Pawan Kumar Bansal for his good work and the MP reciprocated

As soon the MP stood to address the gathering, his supporters raised slogans in his favour. The MP sought a general housing scheme of the CHB

CHB officials faced an embarrassing situation when the curtains on the plaque did not move despite PM pressing the button. The live telecast through an LCD screen installed at the pandal was resumed after the curtains were moved manually

The X-ray machine installed at the media gate malfunctioned after some time

There was some confusion over allowing the Mayor to sit on the dais

Jhuggi dwellers were offered packaged lunch by the Sai Trust

4,000 policemen were deployed during the PM's visit

Traffic on different roads was blocked by the police for around 15 minutes.

Confusion prevailed till last minute between the Chandigarh police personnel and the PGI security head over the issue of shutting the main gate of the PGI

Before the arrival of the PM's convoy, there was a curfew-like situation near the PGI and PU gates as nobody had been allowed to even wait at the bus stand and auto-rickshaw stand till the convoy passed.



VVIP convoy: Confusion prevails at PGI
Chandigarh Police closes main gate of hospital for 12 minutes, security staff object to it
Aarti Kapur
Tribune News Service

After the police closes it before the passing of the Prime Minster's convoy on its way to Dhanas in Chandigarh on Saturday.
After the police closes it before the passing of the Prime Minster's convoy on its way to Dhanas in Chandigarh on Saturday. Tribune photos: Pradeep tewari

Chandigarh, September 14
Confusion prevailed till the last minute on the issue of closing the main gate of the PGI during the passing of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh’s convoy on the way to Dhanas.

After the red flag vehicle passed the PGI, the security guards of the hospital put barricades at the gate and near the office of the Director to divert the traffic. The Chandigarh Police personnel, however, closed the gate.

Opposing the police action, the PGI security staff argued that their top brass had not issued any instructions to close the main gate. The PGI security staff, in fact, had been deployed on Sectors 14 and 15 light point and the Panjab University gate to divert all the emergency vehicles to the gate opposite Sector 11. The police, however, said it had already been decided by the UT Administration to close the main gate. The argument continued for a few minutes.

The main gate was opened for the public only after 12 minutes, when the convoy had passed the area.

Official spokesperson for the PGI, Manju Wadwalkar, said the authorities had made all arrangements to avoid any inconvenience to the public during the passing of the convoy by deploying their staff to assist the patients. She said that the commuters were held back for a few minutes to avoid any problem to the VVIP convoy.

Before the arrival of the convoy, there was a curfew-like situation outside the PGI gate and the Panjab University gate opposite it, as noone was allowed to stand at the bus stand and the auto-rickshaw stand there.



No major snarl on city roads during PM’s visit
Tribune News Service

Vehicles stuck for some time in a traffic jam at the Sector 26 transport light point in Chandigarh on Saturday. Many commuters, on realising the roads had been blocked, returned or took alternative routes to reach their destinations.
Vehicles stuck for some time in a traffic jam at the Sector 26 transport light point in Chandigarh on Saturday. Many commuters, on realising the roads had been blocked, returned or took alternative routes to reach their destinations. Tribune Photo: Manoj Mahajan

Chandigarh, September 14
Although the traffic moving on roads connecting to the route taken by the Prime Minister’s convoy today was stalled for around 15 minutes, the city roads did not witness any major snarl-up.

The traffic on the road near the airport light point, Tribune Chowk, Sector 26 transport light point and all the roads connecting to this route was stopped for around 15 minutes, leading to long queues of vehicles. However, soon after the convoy left, the flow of traffic resumed.

The Prime Minister arrived at the Air Force station at around 10.30 am, following which the traffic was stopped at the airport light point for around eight minutes, leading to long queue of vehicles till the Zirakpur barrier. The traffic on the Tribune Chowk was stopped for 12 minutes at 10.36 am. Similarly, the traffic moving towards Panchkula and vehicles coming towards Chandigarh were stopped at the Sector 26 light point for around 15 minutes.

Being a Saturday, the traffic was less, avoiding chaos on the city roads. The convoy, after taking the road opposite the lake and reaching the Madhya Marg at the Sector 15/16/10/11 roundabout, left for the Mullanpur barrier, crossing the PGI road on its way to Dhanas.

It took around 20 minutes for the convoy to reach the venue. During the PM’s return, there was a traffic snarl near Tribune Chowk and the airport Light point in the afternoon. It took around 10 minutes for the traffic flow to get back to normal. The PM reached the Air Force station at around 2.25 pm. 

Manmohan singh stops for a ‘simple lunch’ at Raj Bhawan

While returning from Dhanas through the same route taken by the convoy on its arrival, the PM halted at the Punjab Raj Bhawan for lunch. Two halls were set up for the lunch of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other dignitaries at the bhawan on Saturday. In the first hall, sitting arrangements were made for the PM besides Union Minister Girija Vyas, Punjab Governor and UT Administrator Shivraj Patil, Haryana Governor Jagan Nath Pahadia, Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, local Member of Parliament Pawan Kumar Bansal, Punjab and Haryana High Court Chief Justice SK Kaul and others. The other hall was occupied by UT Adviser KK Sharma and other UT officials, PGI Director Dr Yogesh Chawla, Panjab University Vice-Chancellor Arun Grover, Mayor Subhash Chawla and others. According to sources, after having a simple lunch, the PM met with the officials present at the Punjab Raj Bhawan, before leaving for the airport.



Was it a security breach?
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 14
An hour before the Special Protection Group (SPG) took control of the dais from where Prime MInister Manmohan Singh was to address the gathering, a woman, dressed in a white shirt and jeans, was seen accompanying Mandeep Kaur, secretary of the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB).

Enquiries revealed that the woman, identified as Niranjan Kaur, though a private person, was on a list of government officials who were to accompany the 10 beneficiaries to be presented with allotment letters by the PM. Mentioned as a personal staffer of the CHB’s secretary, the office of the ADC had issued her a duty pass.

Sources said according to the security arrangements, the list of the officials to be present in the close cordon of the PM has to be sent to the SPG.



Police picks up BJP-BSP leaders
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Policemen drag BJP councillor Satinder Singh at the Sector 26 light point on Saturday.
Policemen drag BJP councillor Satinder Singh at the Sector 26 light point on Saturday. Tribune photo: manoj mahajan

Chandigarh, September 14
To make sure that the BJP and BSP leaders and their supporters do not succeed in showing black flags to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the Chandigarh police launched a ‘secret operation’ to arrest the BJP and BSP leaders from 9 pm on Friday night. The police also picked up certain leaders on Saturday morning before the PM’s arrival.

Barring former Union Minister and senior BJP leader Harmohan Dhawan and BJP councillor Satinder Singh, the UT police managed to detain Dhawan’s supporters.

The police picked up BJP vice-president Ramvir Bhatti, former councillor Anil Dubey and Harishankar Mishra from their homes on this morning. The police also detained 11 members of the Ekta Samiti, which had announced that its members would show black flags to the PM, from their houses on Friday night. Besides, many other supporters of Dhawan were picked up from their homes and shops.

Sources said the police targeted only those leaders and supporters of Harmohan Dhawan, who were given the responsibility to mobilise supporters at the Transport light point in Sector 26. These leaders were detained at the police station and police posts of their respective areas and were let off around 3 pm when the PM had left for New Delhi.

Earlier, the police had hold a number of meetings with these leaders and and had even asked them to withdraw their protest, but when these leaders refused to relent, the police took them in preventive custody.

Not only the BJP leaders, the police also picked up BSP leaders Jannat Jahan-ul-Haq, Anwar-ul-Haq, Jagir Singh, Sanjeev Babbar and Salim Khan. The BSP had planned a protest at the The Tribune roundabout on the PM’s arrival.

Murder of democracy, say leaders

Condemning the action of the UT Administration, former Union Minister and senior BJP leader Harmohan Dhawan said Saturday’s action reminded him of the days of the Emergency in the country. It was the murder of democracy. They only wanted to lodge their protest before the PM against poor facilities in the flats allotted to slum dwellers, but the police picked up his supporters from their houses.

Satya Pal Jain, former MP and National Chairman of the BJP’s Committee on Legal Affairs, condemned the detention of hundreds of residents of Chandigarh by the police ahead of the Prime Minister's visit. He said it had never been witnessed in the history of Chandigarh.

BSP’s Lok Sabha candidate Jannat Jahan-ul-Haq said though they lived in a free country, the action of the UT Administration and police proved that still residents had no right to speak against the government. 

Dhawan, councillor manage to show black flags at light point

While many BJP leaders were detained by the police, senior leader Harmohan Dhawan, BJP councillor Satinder Singh and others managed to reach the Transport light point. Dhawan was arrested along with his supporters from the light point but the police found it difficult to handle councillor Satinder Singh. Before the police dragged him, Satinder Singh waved a black flag. Before the PM’s arrival, the police detained all the supporters of Dhawan from the light point and shifted them to the Sector 26 and Industrial Area police stations. 



rehabilitation project
Local BJP unit highlights shortcomings
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 14
As the city BJP unit leaders could not meet the Prime Minister to submit a memorandum highlighting the shortcomings of the rehabilitation project, they made the document public.

The memorandum stated that two-room tenements should have been constructed instead of a single room for the slum dwellers being rehabilitated in the complex at Dhanas. The BJP also demanded that the beneficiaries should be given the ownership rights, rather than being given the flats on a 20-year lease. The party also quentioned as to why it took a year for allotting the houses after the completion of the construction.

Besides the project the BJP also raised issues of accommodation for the tenants, workers, lower middle class and villagers, who are yet to receive any support from the Administration.

Chandigarh Beopar Mandal (CBM) too forwarded a memorandum to the PM, demand a rollback of the Rs 500 per sq ft per month penalty charges that is “uprooting age-old traders from the city to nearby states”.

The Dal Khalsa, meanwhile, registered its opposition to giving settlement rights to around 8,400 migrant families at the one-room tenements complex in Dhanas. The organisation accused the authorities of “changing the demographic face” of the state capital.


SBOP opens all-women branch
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 14
The State Bank of Patiala on Saturday opened its first all-women branch in Sector 35 here. The regional director, Reserve Bank of India, MK Singh, was the chief guest.

While inaugurating the branch, MK Singh said women had been playing a vital role in the society since the Vedic times. “Women have been great scholars, philosophers and seers,” he said.

Congratulating the bank authorities for opening an all-women branch, he advised the staff to be customer centric while designing products and taking other initiatives. The regional director of the RBI also told the staff to change their mindset to keep up with the changing scenario.

“The State Bank of Patiala was the first bank to computerise its branches and also to introduce the core banking facilty,” said MK Singh.

“Now the bank has started the first all-women branch in Chandigarh,” he said.

Managing director of the bank Achal Kumar Gupta said it was the third all-women branch of the bank. The bank has earlier opened such branches in Bhatinda and Patiala.

“The bank plans to open twelve more branches in near future for providing best customer service,” said Achal Kumar Gupta.

Gupta said the all-women branch will help in attracting more women customers to the State Bank of Patiala.



BJP announces election campaign committee
Dominated by city chief Tandon’s supporters; senior leaders Dhawan, Jain’s cohorts sidelined
Rajinder Nagarkoti
Tribune News Service

Sanjay TandonChandigarh, September 14
The city BJP president Sanjay Tandon and the central in-charge of the party for Chandigarh, Aarti Mehra, today announced the names of members of the election campaign committee for the Chandigarh constituency during the upcoming General Elections.

Supporters of former Union Minister and senior BJP leader Harmohan Dhawan and former city MP Satya Pal Jain were completely sidelined.

Not a single supporter of Dhawan featured on the list of panel members. Only three supporters of Satya Pal Jain--Ramveer Bhatti, Davesh Moudgil and Mukesh Kaushik--were included in the list.

Three MC councillors Satinder Singh, Davesh Moudgil and Saurabh Joshi have also been included in the committee.

The list is dominated by Tandon’s supporters. He announced the appointments of Jairam Joshi for the manifesto committee, Davesh Moudgil for the vision document, Raghuvir Lal Arora for the publicity and propaganda committee, Bhimsen Aggarwal for the rallies organisation, Ramveer Bhatti for the parliamentary cell, Satinder Singh for category-based conferences, Mahesh Inder Sidhu for the new voters-related committee, Saurabh Joshi for conventional campaign committee, Tarsem Garg for the intellectuals conference, Kamla Sharma for the specific contact committee, Ajay Jamwal for the electoral organisation, Kailash Chand Jain for the Congress-UPA misrule campaign, Satywan Shera for the public participation and opinion assessment committee, Dharinder Tayal for the committee of literature preparation, Girdhari Lal Jindal for programme and transport committee, Jitesh Pandey for the North-East committee, Mukesh Kaushik for the election law and other legal matters, Ramesh Sharma Nikku as the booth coordinator, and Ravindra Pathania for the media campaign.



Teachers’ union stages protest at Kharar 
Blocks Chandigarh-Kurali highway, commuters harassed
Tribune News Service

Mohali, September 14
Members of the Sikhiya Providers Union today staged a dharna on the Chandigarh-Kurali road in Kharar. Hundreds of people were harassed for hours after being caught in a traffic blockade here.

About 1,500 members of the union, who came from various parts of the state to press for their demands, today sat on a dharna in the middle of the Traffic Chowk at Kharar, resulting in a huge traffic jam on both the sides of the Chandigarh-Kurali highway for more than six hours.

The protestors sat on the dharna at around 2.20 pm and blocked the highway. Though the police started diverting the traffic from Kurali, Ludhiana and Chandigarh, hundreds of people were still stranded for hours.

Ravinderjit Singh, who was coming with his family from Ludhiana in his car, said he was waiting for lifting of the blockade for past four hours. “My children have started crying but I am helpless. Why doesn’t the police take action against the protestors who have been bothering the public,” he said.

A Kharar resident, Sumant Kumar, said he had been stuck in the jam at Phase VI for the past four hours. “I don’t know what to do”, he said.

The administrative and police authorities, which included Mohali ADC Parveen Thind, Kharar SDM Sukhjit Pal Singh and SP (Headquarters) Darshan Singh Mann, reached the spot but could not pacify the agitators, who were demanding a meeting with the Punjab Chief Minister, Parkash Singh Badal.

There was no let up in the traffic blockade till the filling of this report.



Pneumonia a major threat to children in India
Tribune News Service

Dr Ajay Khera, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in Chandigarh on Saturday.
Dr Ajay Khera, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in Chandigarh on Saturday. Tribune photo: Pradeep Tewari

Chandigarh, September 14
Around 24 per cent deaths below the age of five years in India are due to pneumonia as per a report of the Child Health Epidemiology Research Group (CHERG).

Dr Ajay Khera, Deputy Commissioner, Child Health and Immunisation, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, who is in the city to attend a symposium, said the maximum number of cases was reported from the northern and central states.

A study released by UNICEF this week called upon the members to commit to the survival of children. An inter-agency group report estimates that India has the highest number of deaths below five years in the world, with as many as 1.4 million deaths in 2012.

Dr Khera said in India, on an average around 4,000 children below the age of five were dying daily due to pneumonia. Diarrhoea posed a similar threat, he said.

Dr Khera said the Centre was adding an additional antigen to the pentavalent vaccine to protect against pneumonia and meningitis.

“The pentavalent vaccine is now available in nine states of the country. We expect to scale up the use of the vaccine across the country in phases,” he said.

The PGI Director, Dr Y K Chawla, said the disease not only affects the health of children, but also have an impact on their future prospects as they get hospitalised and miss out on crucial educational opportunities.

Former Director General of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Dr NK Ganguly said it was important to address the issue of pneumonia and diarrhoea in India to reduce the child mortality by two-thirds.

India’s neighbours, such as Bangladesh and Nepal, having introduced the pentavalent vaccine have fared better in terms of child health indicators, he said.



French film screened
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 14
A French movie “Les Beaux Gosses” (The French Kissers) was screened as part of the weekend movie festival here at Alliance Française in Sector 36. This French comedy was shown with English subtitles. This wild and raunchy French farce was a representation of what teenage boys experience in high school.

The movie followed trails and tribulations of Herve (Vincent Lacoste) as he struggled to deal with bullies, homework, family and hormonal changes. The females did not respond favourably to him either. He suffered rejection after rejection, until he drew some attention from his popular classmate Aurore. The film was released in 2010 and was well received by critics, who particularly praised the humour, the acting and the cinematography of the movie. It won the 2010 César Award for the Best First Film.

On September 20, another French movie La Princesse de Montpensier will be screened. The festival will conclude on September 28 with French comedy Louise-Michel.



Panel to inspect schools from next week
Vivek Gupta
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 14
The three-member committee looking into the fee hike issue in private schools in Chandigarh will start inspecting the schools from the next week.

The committee, headed by Justice (retd) RS Mongia, visited Bhavan Vidyalaya School in Sector 27 last month, but it could not visit other schools as one of the members of the committee was not available.

Since that member has joined back, the committee will start inspecting the rest of the schools.

The committee members said during their visit, the schools would be asked to justify the hike in their fee for the sessions 2012-13 and 2013-14. They would be asked to produce their financial details. Besides, the information submitted by the schools to the committee in response to its pro forma would be crosschecked through the physical inspection on the day of the visit.

Justice (retd) RS Mongia said the schools would be duly informed before the committee’s visit. They would be asked to keep their staff ready with the schools’ financial details and other information as desired by the committee.

“The committee is hoped to cover all private schools in the next one or two months, following which it will prepare its report and duly submit it to the High Court,” he said.

The committee, it is learnt, had to struggle to gather information from private schools. The members said all private schools had submitted the information as asked by the committee through the pro forma sent to them.

“We are at present compiling the information sent by the schools. This information will form our base during the investigation in the schools. On the basis of the details sent by the schools, the committee will visit the schools to corroborate their claims and probe whether the hike in fee is justified or not,” said one of the members.



From Schools
Hindi Diwas

Chandigarh: The Hindi faculty of Sharda Sarvhitkari School, Sector 40-D, organised a number of activities and competitions during the week, which culminated with a special programme on Hindi Diwas on Saturday. A poetry recitation was organised for the Pre-Primary and class I. The students from classes VI to VIII participated in a slogan-making and writing competition. Collages made by the students of classes IX and X were put on the notice boards of the school and echoed the theme of the importance of the Hindi language. Principal of the school BS Kanwar gave away prizes and applauded the efforts of the Hindi faculty. He said though knowledge of more languages was an asset, students must be fluent in at least one language.

Slogan-writing activity

A slogan-writing activity was held at St Joseph’s Senior Secondary School, Sector 44, on the theme “depletion of Ozone layer”. The aim of the activity was to enhance awareness among the students about the depleting Ozone layer and its harmful effects on earth. The students were sensitised to the alarming situation and they were encouraged to stop pollution and stressed on the use of recycled products. The students participated in the activity wholeheartedly and took a pledge to do their part in order to save the environment.

Orientation programme

Principals, senior teachers and counsellors gathered for the one-day advocacy-cum-orientation programme at KBDAV-7. The workshop began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by chief guest RJ Khanderao, Regional Officer, CBSE, Panchkula. He told the teachers about the Students' Global Aptitude Index, an assessment programme, especially designed for the adolescents, who are always in the doldrums after Class X while choosing a particular stream.


Panchkula: A seminar-cum-workshop on “skills to maintain interpersonal relation in the corporate world” was held on the premises of DAV School, Surajpur. In the interactive workshop, many teachers were made to give vent to their personal views and feelings regarding the importance of interpersonal relations at the workplace and society. The workshop concluded on a successful note as it left an indelible impression on the minds of teaches awarding them of the unique tools and techniques required to form sound interpersonal relationships.

English dramatisation

Mohali: Nursery students of AKSIPS Smart School enthusiastically participated in English dramatisation of “Goldilocks & the three bears”. They came dressed up in colourful attires for their respective roles. Cute and sweet lines delivered by the tiny tots stole everybody’s heart. Director-principal Jamine Kalra and administrator Sidhant Kalra appreciated the efforts of the students.

Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas was celebrated with fervour by the staff and students of St Xavier’s High School, Mohali. The students of classes IV to X participated in various activities like Hindi elocution, Hindi song and Hindi declamation. Participants surprised everyone with their recitation of varied Hindi poems based on social issues. Hindi declamation gave a chance to seniors to express their views on the current situation of Hindi and how it can be improved. — TNS



Multi-Theme Expo begins

Chandigarh, September 14
The first Pakistan company to have joint venture in India, Interwood Mobel Pvt Ltd, is among 100 odd companies participating in the Paramount Exhibitors’ Multi-Theme Expo 2013, which began at the Parade Ground, Sector 17, Chandigarh, today.

The three-day exhibition is showcasing technology, products, equipment and services in six different categories - automobiles, industrial technology and machinery, real estate, banking and finance, architecture, building and construction, medical equipment, and office and IT products.

Farooq A Malik, president and CEO of Lahore-based Interwood Mobel Pvt Ltd, said the company was showcasing its wide range of world-class wood and wood-based products in eight different categories - doors, kitchen, wardrobes, office furniture, home furniture, kids furniture, flooring and education furniture.

In the automobile section, Renault, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Mahindra (two-wheelers), among others will participate. In the office and IT category, Intex is the major participant. The architecture, building and construction space will be taken up by companies like Ecological Buildings, Marshal Wallpapers and Cosmic Structures.

There is also a stall from Chandigarh Pollution Testing Lab, showcasing its hi-tech equipment in testing all types of pollution. — TNS



College notes
Hindi Diwas celebrated

The Department of Hindi at Post Graduate Government College (PGGC), Sector 46, organised a poetry recitation competition on the occasion of Hindi Diwas. More than 30 students participated in the competition. Speaking on the occasion, Head of the Department Dr Sukhdev Singh Minhas motivated the students to explore the possibilities in the field of the Hindi language. He expressed hope of becoming Hindi the global language in the near future. Cherry Kushwaha of BA-II got the first prize, Ajay Singh of BA-II got the second and Ravi Kumar Thakur of BA-III got the third prize.

Dev Samaj College of Education

The Dev Samaj College of Education, Sector 36, celebrated Hindi Diwas. The celebrations began with a patriotic song “Bharat Humara Desh Hai”, followed by doha and poetry recitation competitions reminding us of the fact that Hindi is the only 
language that binds all Indians. A moral-based skit emphasising the usage of the national language was immensely enjoyed by all. The college also organised competitions based on the theme - “Bharat ka Setu- Hindi” in essay, poetry and story writing, which was a literary feast of finest pieces of Hindi creative writing. — TNS



Panjab varsity releases counselling schedule

Chandigarh, September 14
Panjab University has released counselling schedule for various departments at the university. The second counselling for 219 vacant seats in BEd (Correspondence) will be conducted on September 18 at the University School of Open Learning.

The counselling for admission to first semester MPhil Music (Vocal and Instrumental) will be held on September 23 in the Department of Music. The last date for the submission of application form is September 20.

The interview for admission to Post-MA Diploma in Psychology will be held on September 23 from 9.30 am onwards in the Psychology Department. For further details, candidates should contact the office of the Department of Psychology on the working days. PU officials said the candidates would have to furnish original documents at the time of the counselling. — TNS



Day 2: UIET tech fest witnesses interesting events
Tribune News Service

Students display their models at the University Institute of Engineering and Technology in Sector 25, Chandigarh, on Saturday.
Students display their models at the University Institute of Engineering and Technology in Sector 25, Chandigarh, on Saturday. Tribune photos: Parvesh Chauhan

Chandigarh, September 14
The second day of the University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) annual tech fest “Aavishkar 13 - The Renaissance” witnessed various interesting events, including robowar, robo-ball and telephonic line. In the evening, the laser show attracted hundreds of students.

With the participation already crossing 3,500 on day one, including online participation, and on the spot registrations of approximately 1,000, the second day was no different with teams from Rajasthan, Bhubaneswar, Allahabad, Dehradun, Delhi, etc, reaching the UIET for participating in various events.

Among the events, the second round of vengeance, robo-ball and telepathic line follower, the first round of robo-war and others, including lan-bash, prastuti-model exhibition competition, quizzes, etc, drew the audience towards them. In the evening, a laser show was a treat to watch.

September 15 that is celebrated as Engineers' Day all over the country will be the concluding day of the tech fest.

A social initiative “engineers against illiteracy”, which began on Illiteracy Day and will continue till Engineer’s Day, has received an overwhelming response from the students.

“A large number of students are contributing a mere sum of Rs 20 for stationary that is to be provided to the underprivileged and orphan who cannot afford education. The cause of many problems is illiteracy, and the UIET students have pledged to help eradicate it,” said one of the students.

The concluding day will see some more technical events, including second round of submerged and robo wars, innovatica, colour detector, etc. “Idea Adda” will be set up in the college itself. Fun events like Ad Mad, DJ evening, etc., will end this technical fest on a playful note. 



Canadian education fair today
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 14
As many as 21 Canadian colleges and universities will converge at a day-long Canadian education fair at Hotel Taj tomorrow. The fair will offer a lively and interactive environment to prospective students.

All institutes coming to Chandigarh are members of the Association of University and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC).

Information related to studying in Canada was shared with the media by senior officials such as Peter Ashby, Director of Admissions, Columbia College; Alex Dimas, Student Recruitment Coordinator, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey; and Dr Bill Mucklow, Indian Liaison, Grant Mac Ewan University, Edmonton.

According to them, the event would provide a golden opportunity to students to enroll for the January and May 2014 academic sessions. They said 13,000 study permits were approved in 2012 by the Canadian government. The acceptance of foreign students is highest in Ontario Province, followed by British Columbia and then the French speaking Quebec.

At the education fair, all admission-related queries of the students would be answered and holistic latest information on pre and post-visa processing for students will be shared.



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